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Review #1, by WIZARDCOP New Friends and Cruel encounters

7th October 2013:
You do know that Crucio is one of the unforgivable curses right? Lucius might be against muggleborns but he would be sent to Azkaban for casting that spell... So I think he would have been smart enough not to do that.

Author's Response: My story is AU and my deatheaters will use the unforgivables alot. They dont get in trouble because they have inflitrated the ministy. So they get away with alot. Especially since they have made it so that the ministry isnt aware of a lot of what they do.
Thanks for the critism.
Is their anything you like about the story?

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Review #2, by LynzG Being Lucky

27th September 2013:
You really need to look at The English schooling system we have preschool same as America however from there we go foundation then years 1 & 2 are infants years 3,4,5 & 6 are primary and years 7,8,9,10 & 11 are comprehensive or senior school years 12 & 13 are 6th form
As you are writing about English people in England you should know this

Author's Response: This is Au. I'm not trying to make it completly accurate. I know how the schooling is but I choose not to have it that way. I'm going by what I think makes sense with my story. I'm sorry if you dont like it. But thanks for the review I appreciate it. Please keep reading the chapters will get longer around the 5th and 6th chapter.

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