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Review #1, by 800 words of heaven Eel Slime

30th April 2014:

I reviewed this story because Fred and George and prank shenanigans, but also no reviews on a story kinda makes me sad :(

I love your characterisation of the twins! It's totally spot on. The prank they played was rather clever, and showed their ingenuity and their mile-wide streak of mischief, but it wasn't overtly harmful - all in good fun. No one really likes Mr Filch, and it was just such a happy bonus that Mrs Norris got drenched! She's one creepy kitty. Their dialogue was actually fantastic - probably my favourite aspect of this little fic. It was very realistic and quite natural.

Your descriptions were also lovely. They fit in well with the tone and style, but offered the right amount of visualisation to make the scenes come alive in my head. That little side story about Filch and Snape and the soot was totally awesome!

And of course, Dumbledore. Slightly scary, as always, randomly turning up when you least expect it in dead silence. I think you really captured his wisdom, as well as the obvious fact that he understands young people quite well. I loved how he acknowledged that the twins were clever, but still advised them to be mindful of the ramifications of their pranks.

Overall, awesome stuff! I'm really glad I read this :)

Author's Response: Thank you for such a lovely review, and for commenting in such detail on this short little story. I'm glad you picked this one to read, because one-shots don't get as many reviews as chaptered stories even when they're obviously enjoyed by readers, and I really appreciated all the great feedback you shared.

The hardest thing for me about writing Fred and George is keeping the humor at the needed level - so when I run out of humor, the story needs to end. I hoped the readers wouldn't be disappointed that the mischief-makers got caught, but that was the easiest way I could think of to bring the story to a tidy end when I ran out of humor for the twins. But I also wanted it to feel like a satisfying end and not just an abrupt stop, so finding the right ending was the hardest part for me.

I'm always delighted to hear that my characters are in character, because that's one of the main things that make me enjoy (or not enjoy) the fanfic stories I choose to read. That and well-worded vivid descriptions, so I was glad you mentioned that as well. And I'm really glad you thought Dumbledore was okay. He's one of the characters I love to write - and read - so I really try to give him the proper feel.

I'm glad you enjoyed this story, and thanks for such a marvelous, thoughtful, and detailed review. I really enjoyed reading your response!

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