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Review #1, by TidalDragon Chapter Nine

4th January 2015:
Howdy Amanda! It's good to see another update, I'm only sorry it took me so long to get to it.

I thought this chapter was really interesting because you did such a good job handling Ginny's instability by showing us how someone dealing with what she is can really blur the line between reality and delusion with dangerous potential consequences for themselves and those around them - especially children.

I find myself sad that Ginny's been committed though. She definitely seems to pose a risk to herself and others in her current state so it seems justified, but just so sad, especially the way you contrasted her break with such positive memories and intimacy. I'm also sure the separation from Harry and the children will make her angry as Ron says and will probably be all the more upsetting that Harry made it happen. His heart's in the right place, but often people can perceive it as a betrayal and it will be interesting to see what happens to them.

Well, one of those kids (Jason?) is a creepy little dude. He seems quite selfish and emotionless about what he's helped cause and I wonder how that story-line will evolve as well.

I'm sorry your inspiration's been taking a hit lately. I definitely know how hard it can be balancing a heavy workload and trying to not just write, but be involved here too - that's the source of the epic delay in getting you the reviews I owe you for winning my challenge too. I'll try to make it up to you her shortly!

Hope all is well!

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Review #2, by Fonzzx Chapter Nine

10th August 2014:
Poor Ginny! But I'm glad there's a reason behind all this, and it's not just PTSD. Those kids seem awful though.

Author's Response: Hey! Yay, I'm so glad you haven't abandoned my story after I took so long to update :)

Yeah, it's not just PTSD, though that is partly to blame for Ginny's struggles. The kids really are terrible! There's more to come, just as soon as I get to work on writing some more chapters...

Thanks so much! This review really brightened my day!


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Review #3, by patronus_charm Chapter Eight

13th March 2014:
Ooh this chapter was really creepy! Iím still not certain about Bree and her form of therapy in this only highlighted why I wasnít sure about her. I can understand why drawing out Ginnyís fears of Bellatrix might prompt her into revealing her secrets and recovering but Bree just seems to be a little too mean and too intent on causing Ginny pain. I donít really know what her motive for it could be whether itís purely because sheís a sadist or she has links with former Death Eaters, but either way Iíll be watching her.

The therapy scene in general though was really brilliant and you wrote it really well. I could definitely tell you have a background in psychology here because the manipulation of Ginnyís emotions was fantastic especially when the world of pleasure with France was destroyed so brutally by the arrival of Bellatrix. Even if the therapy scenes put me on edge because of Bree, they are worth reading purely to get into Ginnyís mind and seeing how much she was suffering.

I really loved the nod towards Fred and how he and George were always protective older brothers to her as it was so rarely done. It was just so moving to see her go to him for reassurance that the demons of her past were truly dead and she wasnít just imagining in it. It almost seems that Ginnyís getting more and more paranoid and doubting everything so it will be interesting to see if it worsens or not.

Ooh the ending! I donít really know what to think because I just didnít see it coming so Iím still trying to register as to what it could be. I have a feeling Ginny might somehow be involved in this passage as it might be either a deluded middle of the night thing she made or a purpose built secret escape place. Or it could be Bree and the reason as to why sheís so creepy!

Author's Response: Hey Kiana :) You always leave such lovely reviews for me!

It is so interesting to see what people think about Bree as her therapy with Ginny continues! I don't want to give anything away, though, so I won't say too much about her, except that Ginny's case is an exceptional one and it would be hard for anyone to get a handle on the problem.

I do try to draw on my experience and write all the beautiful awkwardness and raw emotion that you'd see in a real therapy session. It's a privileged place to be and yet it always leaves a mark on everyone in the room. Glad it felt realistic to you!

I really wanted to pull Fred into the story somehow because his loss was obviously devastating to all members of his family. He seemed like he would be a good safe space for Ginny, someone withdrawn from the situation and unable to say the wrong thing. You can tell she's really getting desperate, running to a grave instead of her husband.

More will be revealed about the passage in the next chapter (if I ever get around to writing it... sigh). Thanks so much for your thoughtful review!


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Review #4, by Courtney Dark Chapter Eight

12th March 2014:
Wow, this was another great chapter! The whole thing was so suspenseful and well written, I just wanted to read more!

Before Bree's special form of therapy started, this knot of anxiety unfurled in my stomach and I knew something was going to go wrong - I was literally so nervous for Ginny! I loved the way you described the eerie quiet of the French/mind scene, I really felt like I was there along with the characters. And then when Bree turned into Bellatrix...there were shivers up my spine!

Aw, the graveyard scene was so nice! And sad, i still miss Fred:( And those bloody reporters, following Ginny around! I would get so mad!

Aw, Harry:) He seems to be the perfect husband!

I really liked the cryptic ending, and I am more eager than ever to read more! What does this hole/tunnel have to do with the plot, i wonder?


Author's Response: Hey Courtney :)

I'm so pleased the suspense worked and you really felt for Ginny during that difficult therapy scene. Poor Ginny is just really confused and lost, and the dark road she's on isn't yet ended, unfortunately.

Glad you're curious about what is to come, and thank you for this very kind review!


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Review #5, by Ree Chapter Eight

11th March 2014:
Really enjoying this story, and esp this chapter. Kutgw and post more soon PLEASE!!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your kind comments! I am going to start work on chapter nine soon and I will be excited to hear from you again once it's posted :)

Thanks again for your lovely review!


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Review #6, by TidalDragon Chapter Eight

11th March 2014:
Hello again!

I was definitely looking forward to the legilimency scene and I thought you set it up nicely. I thought you developed the scene that Ginny experienced with Bree really well, setting up a positive mood to start with and then having it subtly turn darker before everything went haywire.

I am intrigued by how it worked. I had always gotten more the access to memories and information side of legilimency, but I do remember it is also said that the witch or wizard can access thoughts. I suppose that is how they are able to make it a fluid experience that Ginny and Bree can share and explore rather than just reliving the memory she "chose"? Perhaps that is also how the process was able to be poisoned by the appearance of Bellatrix? Also, since Ginny has been focused on Voldemort, what made Bellatrix appear this time (perhaps because Bree is female)?

I also thought the scene in the cemetary with Fred was touching. While it plays on the closer connection from the books that Ginny seemed to have with the twins and on Fred's loss, I thought it also explored just how unhinged Ginny is getting, actually voicing her fear that Voldemort and Bellatrix aren't actually dead. Did the reporters hear that I wonder?

The last scene was also well done. I thought Harry's sense of resignation after the events in Bree's office was so sad. I would have liked to see Harry try to comfort her despite that. I think it seems like something he would have done and could even have magnified his emotions, especially the way you pressed it up against memories of a much happier time.

The basement thing is a creepy cliffhanger! Who made this passage? Is someone using it to "mess" with Ginny, perhaps to actively try and unhinge her? If not, is someone going to?

I feel like great work always leaves these great questions, so overall I really liked the chapter, especially the way you painted everyone's moods and Ginny's experiences. Keep it up!

Author's Response: Hello again! Nice to hear from you :)

I'm glad you enjoyed the Legilimency scene! I wanted it to be kind of an interactive experience and to give Bree and Ginny the potential to work together, even if things didn't work out so well. My thought with Bellatrix is partly based on the fact that Bree is female, but mostly based on the idea that Tom isn't Ginny's only source of trauma. His most loyal follower was also a couple inches from killing her if it weren't for her mother's bravery and quick reflexes.

Yes, Ginny is very scared at this point. She was banking a lot on therapy, since Hermione recommended it and seemed to benefit, and now she feels kind of lost. She wanted Fred to somehow prove to her that Voldemort and Bellatrix are good and dead, but she can't even grasp that peace of mind. As for the reporters, they just seem to show up at her worst moments, unfortunately :(

Harry, I think, is just really tired. He's not superhuman, despite the fact that he was forced to be throughout much of his childhood. I think one message that came out of some of the latter books was to emphasize that--he was just a kid in the wrong place at the wrong time, and he had to shoulder burdens that were too big for him. Remember, though, just because he needs a break now doesn't mean he won't be there for her later.

I'm happy you've still got some curiosity about what is to come, and I really appreciate your commentary on my chapters. Thanks so much for your lovely review!


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Review #7, by TidalDragon Chapter Seven

24th February 2014:
Decided to check out your WIP after reading your one-shot Two Sides of the Coin. It's great to read your descriptions again!

Thus far, I like how you've meshed some of Ginny's fears with plausible real-world events to create a bit of an atmosphere of paranoia, especially re: the potions and ingredients. Having the dreams escalate into consequences in the waking world helps with that too I think.

I also like the idea that you are going to incorporate legilimency as a form of therapy. I'm extremely interested to see how this goes because I have a short-story plot bunny hopping around my own head about using something similar, though not exactly legilimency, in either a marriage prep fic relating to Harry and Ginny or marriage/relationship counseling for them. My biggest hold up has been how difficult I think it will be to write, so it will be nice to see how someone with your descriptive skills tackles it.

So far, only a few, minor things struck me as a bit odd. Ginny's self-admission that she is "so weak" seemed out-of-touch with her strength and toughness that seems to be on display in canon. I totally get that we're dealing with "broken Ginny" in this story and that she is perhaps still vulnerable to the Riddle memories specifically, but that thought just hit me as a bit OOC for her to have. The only other thing is Molly and Hermione pressuring Ginny at the end of this chapter. It doesn't seem like something Molly would do to her daughter (at least for me) and given that Hermione is going through similar struggles, it doesn't seem like something she would do in this story.

Overall though, I think you have a good thing going. It's bold of you to take on such a tough topic with a character you mentioned not having much affection for in one of your A/Ns. Looking forward to the next chapter!

Author's Response: I'm glad you like my descriptions! I've worked hard on them over the years as I've been writing.

Yeah, I meant for there to be a palpable dichotomy between Ginny's apparently calm, happy outer world and the struggles she's dealing with in her inner mental world.

The idea for using Legilimency just kind of popped into my head, so I'm curious to play with it (in the chapter I'm currently writing) and see how it could potentially be "used for good," so to speak. I guess we'll have to see how it goes.

Well, to me, anyone dealing with this kind of stress and trauma would feel very weak at times. Ginny is already dealing with a lot, having had to quit a job she loves to focus on being a mother, which is wonderful but not the action-packed life she dreamed of, and she's probably feeling a little depressed and stressed out even without taking into account her nightmares and visions. I know Ginny usually presents as a strong character, but I wanted to go deeper and explore how hard it would be for someone like that to admit a sense of weakness, and to emphasize how difficult this is for her.

I agree that Molly and Hermione pushing Ginny a bit is kind of a stretch there at the end. I wanted to show that Ginny's perception may be a bit distorted in terms of how connected she is to reality and everyday events, and to explore the consequences of not fully opening up to her family about what she's going through. I would like to go back and revise that scene in the future, though, to potentially soften the other women's treatment of Ginny.

Thank you for your kind review! Like I said, I'm working on chapter eight now and will have it up as soon as work lessens up and gives me a chance to write.


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Review #8, by Infinityx Chapter Two

16th February 2014:
Hi there! Here for the BvB battle.

I loved this chapter. I really admire the way the plot just flows seamlessly and so effortlessly. Your writing style is brilliant and it's wonderful to read your story.

The way this chapter begins makes Ginny's character all the more interesting to me. She's naturally the type to feel frustrated about staying at home and taking care of the kids but her thoughts about having another baby who might take after Ginny shows how much she loves motherhood as well. I think that complexity in her character is a nice touch. I'm also curious about how these two conflicting sides to her will affect her mental state later on.

when they were young, she had never been able to talk to Harry about her problems because he already had too many of his own.
There's a lot of light shed on the type of relationship that the two have with each other. She seems to put her own troubles behind Harry's and feels this responsibility to support and take care of him. Once again, her motherly nature is prominent here. Sometimes it feels like she's completely changed after the war and getting married.
But there's the line which Harry says "At one point I even got up and moved your wand over to my side, just in case you sent a Bat Bogey Hex my way by accident." I don't know if this was your intention while writing it, but I felt like it was a subtle indicator that Ginny hasn't completely changed. She's still that hot-headed, fiery person that she was when she was young. I hope that side of her is seen more in the coming chapters.

Her dreams are really unnerving. Her calmness about the whole situation just shows how close to the edge she is. I hope she gets better soon.

I love all the little details you've added in this chapter. It gives the story a very realistic feel.

It's nice that they're maintaining a good friendship with Luna as well. It seems like a given that Hermione and Ginny would become much closer now that they're practically family, but I love how there's that bit about the two sharing a secret cup of tea in the kitchens. It shows how their friendship was something that grew over a period of time, and not just because of proximity.

Poor Hermione. I'm glad she opened up to Ron about her problems. I hope Ginny does so soon with Harry. I'm interested to see how this therapist will handle Ginny's situation. I'm sure it's not going to go away very easily and I'm curious to see how the plot will progress from here.

Another thing that I found incredibly interesting is why the dreams suddenly started again. Ginny tells Hermione that they were reducing as she got older and now she had them two nights in a row. I wonder what triggered them again.

Beautifully written chapter Amanda! I absolutely love your writing. Great work!

Author's Response: Hey, thanks so much for stopping by! I'm sorry it's taken me a while to respond :)

Yeah, I think Ginny would naturally mature when she became a wife and mother, but it would be wrong to just erase her whole personality, so I would say she definitely still has some hot-headed moments. She's very independent and hates the thought of anyone having to take care of her, especially Harry, despite the fact that she really does need him right now.

I wanted to juxtapose that sense of eerie calm, the calm before the story, with the darkness in Ginny's dreams. On the surface, she's relatively happy with a family of her own and--as you pointed out--some good friendships. But she's obviously dealing with something big that she keeps inside.

I have my theories about what brought the dreams back, which I'll explore later. But I'm always curious to see what readers think :)

Thank you so much for this lovely review!


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Review #9, by Courtney Dark Chapter Seven

8th February 2014:

Oooh, this chapter was just fantastic! I get so excited every time I see that there's an update, and when I saw you on review tag, I raced to make sure I posted below you!

I really enjoyed the therapy scene, especially the interactions between Ginny and Harry - I loved all the memories that they shared, they made me feel all warm and tingly inside. I especially enjoyed reading Ginny's memory about the birth of James, and Harry's comments on it. I don't have any children, but I think you described all those feelings so well!

Haha, I just can't imagine Harry doing a photoshoot! I imagine that he'd feel pretty awkward.

I loved that we got to see some more of Hermione and Molly in this chapter - the description of Hermione with formula in her hair made me laugh. And you got Molly's character absolutely perfect. And there seems to be a lot of tension between Ginny and Fleur - I know they never really got along, but I wonder if something else happened between them that we don't know about it!

And I just realized that all this time I have been pronouncing 'Louis' as 'Lewis' rather than the French way! Silly me!


Author's Response: Hey Courtney, thanks for the lovely review! I always love hearing from you :)

I don't have children yet either, so I'm glad you felt like Ginny's experience of being a motherhood sounded realistic. I wanted to give her and Harry a chance to bond because they've been through a lot lately. It was neat to write about their special love and deep connection.

I'm sure he would! But of course he has certain expectations, being a celebrity...

I wouldn't say anything in particular happened between Fleur and Ginny; it's more that Fleur has the closest thing to a "normal" life out of all the women Ginny interacts with and she's jealous that she can't have that kind of simple happiness, worrying about things like a baby shower.

Thanks again for your wonderful review!


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Review #10, by kenpo Chapter Two

5th February 2014:
Here for the BvB battle!

Wow. I wish I'd kept reading this sooner. You write so clearly and smoothly, and you manage to portray the struggles that your characters are going through with fantastic eloquence.

I love the little details. Ginny adjusting the straps of the nightgown, opening a recipe book, Hermione's garden, Luna's engagement. You add so many little details that pull the story together and give it a sense of realism that it often missing from fanfics.

I can feel Harry's tension and apprehension, and I can totally relate to him. When somebody you love is obviously going through something but just refuses to open up and share, it takes a toll on you. I imagine that he's already got post-war traumas to deal with, and they could both improve their conditions faster is they went to each other for support and comfort.

I also really like the way you portrayed the tension between Ginny and Ron.

This is just written so well. The pacing and flow give a sense of lethargic motion and suspended time. They're in real life, but not quite living in it yet.

I love that you gave Hermione and Ginny a friendship, and I think it's great that Hermione is supportive and non-judgmental.

I'm happy that Ginny is taking the first steps to getting help. It's so sad to hear that she's been struggling with this for so many years. I think people tend to forget that she was in the Darkest corners of the world before even Harry was introduced to it. I think that's one of the things that makes their ship believable. They have the very rare and very unique experience of being subjected to Voldemort's mind in common. That's a strong bond.

Really, this is just fantastic.

Author's Response: Glad to see you again!

Details are a big part of my style as an author and I'm always happy when people appreciate seeing them dotted throughout. I try to think through every aspect of every scene and anticipate wonderings or questions that my readers might have.

Yeah, there is a lot of emotional tension in this story. I think you captured it quite well--almost everyone has been visibly traumatized in one way or another, and yet Ginny feels like she has to fight her battles all on her own, at least for now. Of course that would be challenging for Harry, to see his poor wife in silent suffering.

I'm glad to hear you liked seeing that sort of sisterly bond between Hermione and Ginny. Like Harry, she shares a sense of trauma with Ginny, particularly given her experiences at Malfoy Manor. I agree that the bond is trauma is one of the most beautiful things about Harry/Ginny, too.

Thanks so much for your lovely review! Hope to see you again here soon!


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Review #11, by Infinityx Chapter One

5th February 2014:
Hey there! Here for the BvB review battle!

I love your writing style here. It totally captures the different tones of the story, and it has left me curious about what will happen next.

You've characterized Ginny brilliantly. One moment she's just doing her normal routine, and then suddenly it's her nightmare being portrayed. Wow. This was such an eerie chapter. I think it's great that you're writing about her nightmares and the demons that haunt her. This is the first story I've come across that focuses on Ginny's mental disturbances and I think you've done an amazing job at the first chapter.

You've captured the mom essence here really well. It's hard to imagine Ginny staying at home and being a mom though. She always seemed like she wouldn't want to stay indoors. I love all those moments with James. It's incredible, the way you've shifted the mood from something so light and warm, to something dark, and then back.

I like how Hermione and the other Weasleys have also been mentioned in this chapter. I hope there'll be more of an interaction between them in the coming chapters. I hope Ginny will tell someone about her nightmares. Poor thing. :(

I'll definitely be reading on. Great job!

- Erin

Author's Response: Hey, thanks for stopping by!

I'm very glad you like my style and Ginny's characterization. It's been interesting "getting to know her," so to speak, and trying to connect with her character during this tumultuous time. I agree that more people definitely need to tackle this issue!

Oh, yeah, I think she's definitely discontented with having to stay at home and play the domestic role. She's more of an action-seeker and she obviously misses her old life on the Quidditch pitch. Unfortunately, right now her life calls for her to stay at home and be a bit calmer, or at least she tries in spite of everything going on in her head. I'm happy you liked the light/dark contrast I described here.

You will see more of Ron, Hermione and the others in the next few chapters, so I hope you keep reading and see what comes next!

Thanks for your kind review, Erin :)


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Review #12, by keyty Chapter Seven

2nd February 2014:
Oh no, I can't believe this is the last chapter! Please update soon!

I really liked the therapy scene. It was so sweet and it showed that Harry and Ginny can still make each other happy. I'm nervous about the Legilimency though. I hope it goes well.

Can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: I'm afraid I don't update often because I'm a busy graduate student. But I'll try my best to get the next chapter up soon!

Glad you liked the therapy scene. It'll be interesting to see how the Legilimency plays out when it's "used for good," so to speak.

Thanks for all of your sweet reviews!


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Review #13, by keyty Chapter Six

2nd February 2014:
Oh my goodness what in the world is going on. I am so confused. This was an amazing chapter but I must leave a short review so I can read the next!

Author's Response: Haha, thanks! I appreciate your kind review!


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Review #14, by keyty Chapter Five

2nd February 2014:
Yay! I'm glad Ginny is finally strong enough to confide in Harry. Hopefully now he can help her. I hope she continues to go to therapy. Maybe if Bree makes her uncomfortable she should see someone else? I just hope this all works out!

Author's Response: I thought maybe this chapter would bring you some relief :) You'll just have to stick around to see how things develop with Harry, Ginny, and Bree!

Thanks for your sweet review :)


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Review #15, by keyty Chapter Four

2nd February 2014:
With every word I read I feel more and more for Ginny. I am so afraid that she will give up therapy, but I'm glad she's decided to continue. I feel so sorry for Harry, he is so out of the loop. But I can understand where she's coming from. She's used to him being the center of attention, and now that he isn't, she's not ready to take that place. An excellent chapter, as expected. On to the next one!

Author's Response: Your opinion is so different from many others I've read; a lot of people are really suspicious of Bree and doubt the effectiveness of going to see her, but you seem to be rooting for Ginny to find her way in a therapeutic setting. It's interesting. I'm glad to have the diversity there.

Glad you're still enjoying the story, and thanks for your very kind review!


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Review #16, by patronus_charm Chapter Seven

2nd February 2014:
Hi Amanda!

I really enjoyed Harryís perspective in this chapter itís always interesting when we see his thoughts and I found it just as interesting here. He really is so lovely and I really like how you showed how he could keep that sort of pure aspect of his character because I have seen some characterisations of him when he goes off the rails after the war. There were so many little bits of his personality which were so him and that really made me smile. I think it was the way he just went out of his way to avoid the press and the small thought about his parents which really did it for me.

This meeting with Bree had a sign of hope and calm which hasnít really been present in most of the other sessions so it was really nice to read it here. I think it was just the way Ginny was thinking about her happier moments such as Jamesí birth and their honeymoon which made it so sweet because it shows that happy moments can be possible in her life. I really enjoyed hers and Harryís interactions in that section, and I have to credit you for really making me warm to this pairing. It was simply the little nudges they had and the way Harry cheered her on which really made me want to aw.

Hmm Ginny and Fleurís relationship is intriguing me. Obviously there had been some tension between the two before, but it seemed to be really highlighted here even though Fleur didnít feature in the chapter. First there was Harryís mention of her and the honeymoon and then Ginnyís reluctance with the baby shower. I made be reading too much into this and for it to turn out to be innocuous but I canít help but wonder if something has happened between the two.

I really loved the appearance of Molly in this chapter it was so much fun to read as her worrying self always does make me laugh. Though having her coupled with Hermione whoís also prone to worrying, I did find myself feeling sorry for Ginny with the barrage of questions about her life. You are certainly right about things not really going well for her so far, but I canít wait to read in the hope everything works out! Great chapter, Amanda!


Author's Response: Hi Kiana, thanks for coming by! I always look forward to your commentary on my chapters :)

I think the characterization of Harry where he goes off the rails could definitely be realistic, but I chose to make him a bit more stable here because I wanted to keep the focus on Ginny and I know she would really benefit from having his support.

I tried to really focus on Bree and her therapeutic style in this case, because I don't want people to judge her too harshly based on her slip in the first session and Ginny's general distrust of everyone. It was nice to be able to talk about some happier times with Ginny and Harry and to show that they really do have a strong foundation of love despite their recent troubles. I think it shows the contrast between the tabloid stories and what's really happening between them.

Yeah, Ginny and Fleur's personalities are really different and I think Fleur's happy lifestyle digs at Ginny a bit given her current circumstances. She's got the package Ginny always wanted--a nice home, healthy kids, and a quiet life punctuated by a bit of fun now and then. I don't think it's really personal about Fleur, but Ginny's jealousy is getting the best of her.

We'll have to see how the first Legilimency session goes for Ginny in the next chapter :) Thanks for your really lovely review!


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Review #17, by keyty Chapter Three

1st February 2014:
No, Harry, don't be so oblivious! Oh god, this is so frightening to me. I guess I shouldn't be one to talk, I'm making a character in my story be completely oblivious as well... But I don't mind being a hypocrite, Harry, open your eyes!

Anyway. I like this chapter a lot. I've been to therapists before and I can relate to how she feels on the first visit. It's so scary, you just don't know what to expect, or if you are even able to share what you need to talk about. I'm glad she's going back, though. That's a good choice on her part. At least she's being sensible about this.

On to the next one!

Author's Response: Hah, you're not the only one! Harry may get a clue later on, don't worry :)

Yeah, I based the first session a little off my experiences as a therapist and what I've observed with clients--though I would never make a faux pas like bringing up a tabloid story if I was given a celebrity client! I'm glad that you want her to go back and give therapy a shot despite her rough first session.

Thanks for your lovely review :)


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Review #18, by keyty Chapter Two

1st February 2014:
Oh, I'm so glad she's going to see the therapist. I was afraid she would be defensive and wouldn't want to go.

I love how calm everything seems to feel. There's no real 'drama' caused by pettiness, it's very similar to the books, instead of the YA novel feel a lot of fics have (not that that's bad, I just like that this is different). Everyone is starting their families, kind of in their little own worlds. It's very quaint. I wish we could have seen more of Ron, but maybe in another chapter.

Okay, I can't wait any longer, on to the next one!

Author's Response: Yeah, she's looking for a way out, and therapy seems like a good enough avenue. We'll have to see if it actually goes well...

I definitely agree; I felt like the calm was more realistic and actually heightened the creepiness a bit more because the transition is so drastic. Ron will crop up again in the future. I'll have to see if I can find a way to write him into a more substantial role later on in the story.

Thanks for another sweet review!


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Review #19, by keyty Chapter One

1st February 2014:
Hi! Here returning the favor from review tag. :)

This is very interesting. I've honestly never read a Post-Hogwarts fic, but this seems very realistic so far. It's very logical that Ginny would still be haunted by her run-in with Voldemort all those years ago. Harry had a very real resolution to end his nightmares, the connection was broken; but Ginny merely woke up and was suddenly okay. She never got closure.

I'm very excited to see where this goes. It's very intriguing, so I'm going to move on to the next chapter now! :)

Author's Response: Hey, thanks for stopping by and leaving so many wonderful reviews! I really appreciate it!

I love Post-Hogwarts, so I think it's cool that you decided to come check this story out as your first fic from that era. I'm happy to hear that you felt like Ginny's struggles were realistic and recognized that she never really found a resolution for what she went through. Her lack of closure is coming back to haunt her even years later.

Thanks again for your kind review!


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Review #20, by Pixileanin Chapter Six

1st February 2014:
There's definitely a lot more mystery in this chapter!

The way that Bree reacts to Harry's tone seemed professional, but a bit stilted, which leads me to believe that she can't entirely be trusted. I am quite suspicious of her. It really surprised me that she uses Legilimency in her sessions as a type of therapy. I can see how it would be beneficial, but it sounds so invasive. *is still very suspicious*

I liked the way you portrayed Ginny's nightmare. It felt very real, and I was almost convinced that it *was* real, up until she woke up. Quite terrifying, indeed! Looking over your shoulder and having Voldemort right there... *shudders*

Ginny's automatic denial in the morning was sad, but expected. She still wants to believe that she can handle this without anyone's help. Her guilty thoughts about Voldemort were interesting to read, and believable. The addiction she must have experienced when under Voldemort's influence must have been extremely powerful and alluring. And then afterwards, the remorse, but also the knowing that she had been powerless at the time to resist it. I liked the way you described what she was thinking. It gave me a better sense of where she was coming from, and made her inner conflict deeper than simply not wanting to bother Harry with her problems.

I'm happy to see Harry taking a more active role in Ginny's condition and accompanying her to a session. He came across as understanding and protective, but at the same time he wasn't going to allow Ginny to back out of the plans.

And oh, the twist at the end was nice and twisty! I can't wait to see what you do with all of this!

Author's Response: Oh, poor Bree. Girl can't catch a break! Haha.

I think of Legilimency as being a bit like exposure therapy (with a magical twist, of course). When you first introduce the idea to a client, they're positively revolted and want to run right back out the door. However, it's scientifically supported and it can change your life. It's interesting to think about ideas and concepts I use every day in a setting with magical elements.

Glad the nightmare worked well!

Yeah, Ginny still isn't ready to relinquish control and admit that she can't handle all this on her own. It's so fascinating to explore her complex emotions and think about the horror of what she really went through. The fact that she was even able to stay in school, develop a career, get married and have a family are just amazing to me. It was like she barely allowed it to hold her back.

Harry is going to take a bigger role in Ginny's treatment from here on out. I'm glad to see him at least trying to offer support.

Thanks for your awesome review!


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Review #21, by Pixileanin Chapter Five

29th January 2014:
Hey! I'm back for another chapter!

"A tastefully arranged distance stood between her and Bree..." I loved this description of how she's getting along with her therapist. Poor girl! What I meant was, I loved how you described it... not that I love that she's not getting anything out of therapy... but you knew that, right? :)

I really liked the way you showed the interview disintegrate. Ginny's really in trouble here. I agree with her that it's more alarming that there wasn't anything specific this time to set her off. That would get to me immediately as well. She was able to write off (in her mind) the other experiences because there were connections, but it's hard to ignore something that comes out of the blue, something that has no reason for happening. It's her breaking point, and I was glad to see her finally arrive.

At the end of the chapter, I was much happier with Harry's reaction. This is what I'd expected from him the first time. He's concerned and supportive, and most of all, suspicious. I hope he goes digging, and maybe he can help Ginny to put her unfounded fears to rest, while also helping her (or at least helping her find someone to help her) get to the real issues... if there are any real issues... because that would be uber cool and magical... and also creepy...


Author's Response: That line was one of the first things that came to me when I started working on this chapter, so I'm pleased that you liked it. I have to confess that I've been in a situation or two where things just weren't jiving and I would describe it this way.

Yeah, things are getting worse for Ginny. Her troubles are invading more and more facets of her life and becoming pretty frequent. Hopefully, with Harry's help, she can learn to confront her fears and get to the bottom of what's really going on here.

Thanks for another fabulous review, Pix!


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Review #22, by True Author Chapter One

27th January 2014:

I couldn't resist reviewing this story, because the banner and the summary are so intriguing. I am a lover for mysteries, especially post Hogwrts and canon, so I decided to take a look! :)

First of all, I must say you have a very original plot. Ginny has survived a tough time and it is natural that it is having some effect on her. I'm not sure it's just psychological or it's something in reality, but I can feel the whole mystery right here and I loved that!

You have characterized everyone well and I hope we get to see a bit of Ron and Hermione too! Ginny seems especially canon and she's my favorite so far.

Great job! Can't wait to read more!

Ashwini :D

Author's Response: Thank you so much for stopping by!

I'm glad you like the mystery aspect and feel like Ginny's struggles are realistic and the plot is original. You will get to see more of Ron and Hermione in chapter two, so I hope you read on sometime and check out how Ginny interacts with both of them!

Thanks for your sweet review :)


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Review #23, by Pixileanin Chapter Three

25th January 2014:
Immediately, I like Ginny's humorous thoughts about her combined anxiety and her early arrival at the office. The Whispering Pixie sounds absolutely dreadful. How horrible that Rita Skeeter was lucky enough to piece her career back together after the war! The injustice!

I'm not too sure about Bree here. I don't know if her comment was an attempt to become familiar with her client, or a genuine slip, or something more sinister. I'm always looking for the sinister things around the corner, but that's just me. :)

I know that a journal is a normal part of therapy, but in this case, I think that's cutting it a bit too close for Ginny. I wonder how she will handle that. The symbolism seems too connected, especially for her character. There's gotta be a backlash from that in the future.

Oh, yes you did it. That was an excellent setup for the last part of the scene. I think you nailed the creepiness, so great job there! It felt like one of those moments in the horror movie where the deep dark bad is about to show its face. Lovely!

I do have some reservations though. In your last paragraph, you switch to Harry's pov (which is fine, I didn't have an issue with the switch). The only thing I wonder is how Harry's thoughts are so rational here. Why would he automatically think that Ginny's reaction is from stress? I'd like to believe that given his personal experiences and his job, that he'd suspect something darker is afoot than just his wife's sleep deprivation. I was expecting him to question everything from all angles, looking for the source of her hysteria. I guess his reaction was too "normal" for me. She might have been hiding her stress from him, and he might have noticed anyway, but still. He's trained to look for threats and dark things, and I believe he'd have made the connection to the diary faster than a blink of an eye. But he doesn't even think it. He, of all people, should have understood the implications here, even if they are disconnected as a couple.

Okay, so besides that last paragraph, I was into the rest of the chapter. I imagine that first therapy sessions might be a bit slow, and there's this "getting to know you" warm up period, I guess. The hour definitely didn't feel like an hour, it kind of flew by, and because this is fiction, I was sort of hoping that something more significant (or a hint of something significant) might happen in that scene. Maybe it did, and it was cleverly disguised and I missed it. Besides the journal suggestion. That was pretty big, but in the scene, I could tell that Ginny was putting all her energy into not reacting to it, trying hard to mask her uncomfortableness (making up words here) of the idea from the therapist, which fits with the characterization you've given her so far.

I still want to know what's going to happen next. I'll be back soon!

Author's Response: Have you ever heard the saying that after the apocalypse, only the cockroaches and Madonna will still be around? I think that applies to Rita as well. She's a slippery sort of person who I think will always find a niche, however slimy it has to be.

I'm always interested in how people react to Bree. What she said was completely unprofessional, but I think it's unrealistic to assume that it wouldn't be hard to see a celebrity in a therapeutic setting, with their problems plastered all over the magazine covers. I would never let on if I had suspicions about a famous client, of course, but Bree definitely got a little too starstruck and made a mistake there.

I've got to defend my Harry a little bit. A lot of his characterization is built off that moment in canon where Ginny had to remind him that he'd completely forgotten the trauma they shared, of their minds being invaded by Tom Riddle. I think he became quite inwardly-focused the deeper he got in with Voldemort (and understandably so) and was forced to kind of tune out what was going on with everyone else. Perhaps he would have learned his lesson by this point, but I still think a primary instinct for him would be putting everything right and trying to make Ginny feel better. I will take your thoughts into consideration as I plan out the rest of the story, though, because I agree that he's got a bit of sleuth in him.

I tried to keep the therapy session realistic; the first session can be a bit boring, but the hour can also go by quickly. The early chapters were spent trying to establish Ginny in her adult life, since I know many people have gone into the story with preconceived notions and opinions about her and I wanted to share my vision.

Thanks for another lovely review!


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Review #24, by Lululuna Chapter Three

24th January 2014:
Review tag! :)

This was a great continuation! I really like how the plot is moving along quickly, but with a great deal of detail and emotion packed into it. And the scene at the end gave me shivers! (though I'll get to that later).

I've only ever seen therapy sessions on TV shows before but I thought it was interesting - it felt like Bree didn't really do much, but that Ginny felt a lot better after which was interesting. I felt that Bree was quite unprofessional with believing Skeeter's nonsense and having preconceptions about her client, and it makes me trust her a little less about whether she's reliable in keeping Ginny's secrets. I suppose that being in the public eye would be quite a fine line to walk for Harry and Ginny, and any personal problems (real or fabricated) would be torn apart in the press.

The funny thing about this therapy session (and the ones I've seen on television for that matter) is how quickly they run out of time! I suppose that is the nature of having an appointment, but I did find it a funny idea. :P

I also really liked how Ginny cringed at the idea of a journal - how it's tainted for her. Another idea I really liked was how Dumbledore had kept the story away from the newspapers, as I have wondered about how the whole Chamber of Secrets fiasco blew over.

Gah, I honestly was really scared during the last scene. For real, like it's a good thing I have all the lights on and the forums open on my computer (the forums are the least ghostly thing ever :P). The idea of something slithering and reminding Ginny of the Basilisk was honestly terrifying, and I was shocked when Ginny actually went up to investigate the attic. Why, Ginny, why?!

It's crazy to think that mysterious writing has once again appeared in her journal. Ah! I am definitely staying away from all my notebooks tonight. :P The fact that whatever it was had dragged all the boxes away as well made the fear all the more tangible.

I wonder if Ginny did those things and then went back to bed without realizing... or perhaps, in some way, she's become a sort of Horcrux and Tom (as she calls him, interestingly) lives on within her? It wouldn't be the first time that happened, after all!

I'm so curious to find out what on earth is going on! Also, the last line was just perfect in rounding off the chapter and complementing the very creepy scene. Well done, I loved reading this! :D

Author's Response: There is something we've heard of in the mental health community that relates to your comments about the therapy session--it's said that just going to therapy, no matter the type of treatment used or the person assigned to your case, can sometimes have a placebo effect that causes you to feel better. I don't know if it's really true, but I do think it would be cathartic to Ginny to be able to divulge her secrets to someone else. At the same time, I totally understand her not trusting Bree at the moment, you know? And yeah, it did go a bit quick--you'd be surprised how much dead space there can be in a therapy session, or just small talk. I didn't want to bore the reader :)

Glad you liked the last scene! I really tried to make it scary but I didn't know if I could pull it off without mood lighting or creepy music. I love that it bled over into your present experience, though, if I can say that without sounding too cruel!

Glad you're curious! Thanks for another kind review!


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Review #25, by ReeBee Chapter One

22nd January 2014:
Hi Amanda!! :D Review swap!

This was super amazing! The characterisation was quite clear! I loved how u made it clear without just stating it :) Great job! I think I'm really going to like Ginny in this! :D But, I'm one of those people who like Ginny, so yeah :)

Okay, the description was quite good too! Loved how smooth it made the flow :) And then there was a sense of normal, everyday life, which I'm pretty sure was intentional. And loved the scene with Tom Riddle! :D So so interesting and curious! Would have loved to see a bit more description in that scene though, it seemed a bit fast compared to the other parts of the story.

The plot seems so interesting! LOVE IT! Really good! It was really creative and I cant wait to see what u do with it! :D

Great job! I think this is such an amazing beginning! :D Cant wait to read more! :D

-ReeBee :)

Author's Response: Hey there, thanks for the swap!

Glad you liked Ginny's characterization, the mundane feel of the piece, and the description!

As for the Tom Riddle scene, I meant for that to be a bit fast-paced in keeping with Ginny's anxiety and so I don't know that putting a lot more description in would work there. Glad it held your attention, though!

Hope you do come back for more later :)

Thanks so much for your kind review!


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