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Review #1, by melian water's edge

4th April 2017:
Ah. What a fabulous story! The hopelessness of Andromeda comes through tangibly, like I can almost hold it in my hand. And the missing time! I thought at first it was a perspective thing - time on Apple Island moves at a different pace to that on the rest of the world - but then I realised it was just symptomatic of Andromeda's daily struggles, her being lost in the past. Yes it had really been eight years since Teddy and Victoire went missing; yes Molly really had been dead for a year; and yes poor Audrey was sick of telling her that her grandmother (not mother) was dead. Magical Alzheimers, if you will.

I also liked the characterisation of Teddy and Victoire as free spirits, going to wherever their whim took them at the time and forgetting to get in touch with anyone who might have missed them. I haven't read a lot of next-gen stuff and as such I dont' have a very solid idea of their personalities, but that really works for me. I have no idea why, but it does.

And Andromeda. Poor Andromeda. Making tea for people who will never come; losing touch with reality as she falls further and further into her own head. The kelpie was a nice touch too. I thought at first it was a Thestral but the kelpie really worked, and the idea of Apple Island intrigues me. I'm fascinated that this is the translation of Avalon - something else I know very little about, I"m afraid - and the way you took this little-known fact and built this whole story around it is incredible. I think this is how I will see the elderly Andromeda from now on. Brilliant job.

cheers Mel

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Review #2, by krazyboutharryginny water's edge

4th April 2017:
Hi teh, I'm here for CTF.

This really blew me away (as usual, since all your writing is fantastic). The descriptions were incredible and so vivid. I'm always so impressed and excited by your descriptions!

I want to know more though! Andromeda is obviously a very unreliable narrator, and I don't mind that - I think it served to heighten the sort of suspense and desire to know what was really happening, and was behind some of the best moments in this - but I still really want to know what happened to Teddy and Victoire! How heartbreaking for their families. I mean, you can obviously sort of see the effect on Andromeda and that was just so crushing - to think of her alone in her house, having lost track of time, replaying the same sequences and looking at the same photos over and over. I really think I might cry :( And it also really got to me that Molly had died, and Andromeda didn't remember and kept writing and hoping she'd show up.

I think you did an especially fantastic job with Aequin, making him sort of a frightening and ominous figure (with Andromeda remembering the things her mother had said about selkies) and yet making him obviously the key to satisfying the reader's curiousity about what was going on, as Andromeda was so unreliable.

From your AN I gather that there's supposed to be more of this - I hope you'll update at some point because I'm honestly burning with curiosity!

Great work!


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Review #3, by ♥ Secret Cupid ♡ water's edge

15th February 2016:
Hello! I'm pretty sure I read the first version of this years ago, and loved it, so I'm glad to see you've resumed working on it again! I really do love it. This story is such an interesting one (as is everything you write - you always write such interesting styles and topics and so masterfully.) and in this one particularly, the uniqueness comes from Andromeda's incredibly unreliable narration. I don't know how much of this chapter is real and how much Andromeda fabricated, whether dreaming or... I honestly don't even know if she's really alive. I mean, I assume so, but I wouldn't put it past you to have her narrating from beyond. :P

This is really heartbreaking though, how she's lived so long and everyone she ever loved is dead. You said it perfectly with one line - she had "outlived [her] happiness", living long enough to see her husband die and her daughter and even her grandson and his wife. Gah, that one really got me - they're so young :( There is a bit of hope in it though, that maybe they are still alive, since no bodies were ever found and Aequin acts as if Teddy, at least, is alive. But I don't know whether I should trust Aequin or not because he might be a figment of Andromeda's imagination!

You wrote her faulty memory really well, too, in a way where you didn't have to say anything, and as a reader, the confusion created by her conflicting accounts of things is actually great, because I imagine it parallels the confusion Andromeda feels at not knowing what's right. Her thoughts about Audrey summed this up perfectly - it was weird when Audrey wrote the letter for Molly, and I figured something weird was up, but didn't work out what exactly until Aequin said what had happened. And that made me even more sad, because by this point Andromeda has outlived all her friends, is alone except for her memories, and she's starting to not even have those anymore. Just some, and no recent ones.

I think I mention this every time I leave you a review, but your descriptions are truly one of a kind. You put words together in such unique ways and it makes you such an effective writer. And this one seems to be particularly abundant in beautiful nature descriptions. Like this: The summer heat has stripped away most of the water, and the remnants of the stream are turning mossy in the hardened scars of the streambed.

Or THIS: The trees twist into each other, growing in crisscross, into a breathing latticework. The foliage and the luminous fruit like lamps and the rafters and vaults of branches like the ceiling of a cathedral woven from fragrant trees. -- GORGEOUS.

And Avalon! Oh I am so excited to read on and see how you incorporate that in the story, and maybe some new info about Teddy and Victoire's disappearance - I hope you do continue this story, as reading this new version of this chapter has reawakened my excitement about this fic and I'm just so eager to read on. Beautifully done, teh.

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Review #4, by Anon water's edge

10th November 2015:
I - I can't even write a coherent review. Wow. That... that was beautiful.

Author's Response: Thank you so, so much for taking the time to read! You're amazing! ♥


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Review #5, by Seasons_Greetings water's edge

13th October 2015:
Hello dear Teh!

I'm SeasonsGreetings and I'm here visiting HPFF from now through the New Year in an attempt to spread joy and cheer through the holiday season!

This was a beautiful start to this story. As soon as Audrey responded for Molly, I knew something was off. The way you captured Andromeda's memory issues was beautifully done. It comes in these little brief moments where she's doing something normal, but something just seems to be amiss.

The Kelpie was an interesting choice and I'm not quite sure what to think about it yet. I don't quite trust it, but I'm not certain that it's completely bad either. I suppose only time will tell.

The concept of Teddy and Victoire disappearing is heartbreaking. After everything Andromeda and Molly have been through, the idea that there was more for them to lose really just kills me. I'm going to need a hot mug of Mulled Wine to cheer me up after this.

I do hope that Andromeda finds some solace on Apple Island and that maybe her family is there, but I imagine it won't be quite that straightforward. I do really hope that you'll continue to write this because I think there is a lot of promise for an incredible story here.

With that, I leave you with wishes for a happy holiday season!



Author's Response: Hello dear Seasons Greetings!

I love your idea of spreading holiday cheer throughout the archives and forums, and I think it's very generous of you to do so! ♥ Also, thank you so so much for this totally unexpected and very wonderful review! I'm glad you chose this fic; I'm always interested to read about readers' impressions and reactions to the first chapter. I do plan to take up this story again soon, and I actually have a basic outline of all the chapters.

Andromeda's little memory lapses and obliviousness to the passage of time was something I tried to convey but I'm not sure how successful I was. And you're right, something is amiss with her life.

Something is amiss about the kelpie as well, and I'm hoping to explore a lot more of this and reveal other things about Andromeda as the fic progresses.

And Apple Island will definitely be revealed in more detail, and of course things will not be so straightforward. You're onto things!

Thank you once again for your review! When I get back to this story, I'll definitely be rereading your comments to get a better idea of the direction of this fic. ♥


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Review #6, by nott theodore water's edge

28th June 2015:
Nicole ♥ It's been far too long since I reviewed anything at all, let alone any of your wonderful writing, and Adi has told me so many times how much she loves this story so I couldn't resist coming to check it out - stories like this make reviewing so much easier!

Except that I'm not really sure where to start with this :P You've stunned me, once again - as you always do - with the quality of your writing. It's just so clear that you put so much thought and care into crafting a story, into every single word that you choose, and that makes your writing such a pleasure to read. I really can't praise you enough on all of this but it is lovely and wonderful and amazing and you should never stop ♥

The imagery... every single sentence was incredible. I can't even pick out my favourite parts because I'd just be quoting most of the chapter back at you and I feel like that isn't necessarily the best use of the characters that I have left for this review. But you're amazing at it, and I want to read this and take notes for how to write so impressively. Everything here just evoked so many images in my mind and that was beautiful.

The Andromeda that you've captured here in this story is honestly not like one that I've ever seen before. You take her character and make so much use of it - there are all the details that we do know about her: the compassion, the loss, the love that she had for Ted, the family that she came from - and then you've uprooted her, placed her in a situation I've never seen her in before now and it's just so intriguing. Her character has been developed automatically because of it, and although at the beginning of this chapter I was so sure of who Andromeda was and what was happening, I had so many questions by the end of it.

Is Andromeda still alive? Is she ill? Is this really happening or is she imagining it?

I feel like you're going to make me wait quite a while for the answers to any of these questions...

Part of me is wondering right now whether any of the things that have happened in this story have actually happened, or if Andromeda is suffering from some form of dementia and this is the reality that she's now living in. And at the same time, part of me wonders if it has all actually happened and she's suffering so much from her losses that she has lost all track of time and can't make sense of what's happening. Her narrative was so unreliable and I'm kind of confused because of it, but you have me asking so many questions about this story already that I'm definitely going to be reading on (please keep writing this, and updating - I need to know now!).

There's definitely something strange been happening, though, with the disappearances that seem to have become part of life in the wizarding world and then Molly dying and Andromeda not really knowing what's happening. I'm so confused about how much of this is real and what happened with all the disappearances, but it's so heartbreaking to think that Andromeda would have to live to see her grandson die before her - or at least be presumed dead - when she's had to go through so much loss and suffering already. And it's heartbreaking to think that such a young, adventurous couple would go missing so soon after their wedding and nobody that's left behind can find them or even really mourn for them properly, the funeral without coffins.

As far as the island is concerned, I'm so intrigued about it! I wondered at first when I saw the title 'Apple Island' if it was going to be a reference to Avalon, and I'm so excited to see how you use it in this story! There seems to be a special sort of connection with Andromeda's family and the island, if what Aequin said to her is right - Teddy seems to be there, still fighting; she's able to see it, and Ted couldn't. It makes me wonder whether she'll see other members of her family there - if maybe Tonks has survived in some way - and if the island is, to them, what Avalon was to Arthur and Merlin. I'm so intrigued to see if you'll bring the Arthurian legend into the story as well!

The use of the apple imagery and all the different connotations that it has - religious imagery, amongst others - was so interesting and put to such good use. The apple was like a temptation for Andromeda and none of us really know where it's taken her... I'm so curious to find out more about this island!

I really could ramble on much more about this story, but I already feel like I'm not making much sense :P I did love this, though. There are so many details that you've included that build up an image of what life has been like for Andromeda, but the unreliable narrative makes me question everything. Add to that your gorgeous description and writing and the mysterious Apple Island... I'm pretty hooked on this story right now. I really hope you still have inspiration for it and will continue writing, because I really want to find out what's going to happen!

Sian :)

Author's Response: Sian! ♥

It's been far too long since you reviewed anything at all??!! Psh. After what you did for Gryffindor in HC 2014 you could go several years without reviewing and you'd still be a queen. ♥ BUT ASDALKSFJLK THANK YOU FOR YOUR LOVELINESS. And this amazing review that came out of nowhere (I am so undeserving of this, gah).

Honestly, you left me so many gushing comments that I don't really know what to do but flail uselessly and type words that don't even express a tenth of the happiness and gratitude that I feel. It's an awfully special feeling when someone keeps coming back to your work, and you make me feel really special. ♥ Sorry for getting overly sentimental and a bit teary. :P

Andromeda is a very unreliable narrator, indeed. I do try to write as closely as possible to her perspective so the reader doesn't quite sense anything is amiss until she comes into contact with others outside of her private sphere of existence. Like in the conversation with Aequin. When I was writing her, I envisioned her in her present state as being somewhat dreamy, finding life a bit laggy and unexciting, and realising time to time that she's lost track of time. Only to forget all over again and re-realise (if this is even a word).

As for Teddy and Victoire, I'll see what I can do with these two. :P There's a bit of mystery that I haven't sorted out properly (I'm a terrible planner, and sometimes an over-idealistic one).

I'm not going to reveal much about Apple Island (I actually don't know a lot about it BAHHAHA I'M TERRIBLE and did I mention I'm an awful planner? I mean I have a basic outline of the story, but not everything makes sense yet...not even to me). I love reading your guesses and assumptions, though, so keep them coming! ♥

I do love some legends and myth and folklore, but I'm also super interested in local myths - the kind of stories that arise in small communities and are indigenous to those areas. Like one particular haunted house in town. Or something like that. I apologise if I'm not making sense, but this is what I'm hoping to do with Apple Island: not work on a grand mythological scale, but on strange and localised events (even though I suppose I do evoke Arthurian legend with the Avalon references :P ). I'm extremely muddled.

Anyway, thank you so much once again and forever for your loveliness, for your patience with my writing (and my non-writing), and for coming back time and again to read my work. It's always a pleasure to receive your reviews and you're just a wonderful friend. ♥ ♥ ♥


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Review #7, by rosiful water's edge

20th June 2015:
My goodness, that was beautiful.

I don't think I've read any of your stories before, and I definitely didn't read the first version of this story, but I'm very glad I have read this one! Your writing is stunning and the imagery is just amazing. There are so many beautiful lines in this story!

The story itself is so interesting too. I'm not used to reading a story where the main character is quite so unreliable and can't grasp the time that has gone by.
I was honestly so heartbroken when it was revealed Teddy and Victoire had actually disappeared, and Aequin revealed that Molly had died -that was so sad.. and Andromeda was still sending her letters and believing she was okay. Just like you say 'she outlived her happiness'.

Aequin is very interesting.. I'm not really sure what's going on there, but I'm definitely intrigued.

Slytherin House Cup 2015

Author's Response: Hiya rosiful! ♥

What a lovely review! ♥ Thank you so much for stopping by and for reading and reviewing; this story really needed feedback, as I'm starting it again from scratch. Aww, glad that you like the imagery; I sure did have some fun playing around with description and prose.

Andromeda's POV is indeed very unreliable, but I hope it doesn't throw you off too much. I will not always be writing from her viewpoint, and I'm hoping things will gradually become clearer as the story progresses. Hopefully. :P

Thank you so much once again for your wonderful review, lovely! ♥


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Review #8, by ANightingaleInAGoldenCage water's edge

20th June 2015:
Hi there!

I'm here to review for the House Cup 2015, Amazing Race challenge no. 2 for Ravenclaw!

First of all I must say that this story has confused me somewhat at certain points, but at the same time, I'd like to think that's something that was done on purpose. It really seams to me that Andromeda has some kind of Alzheimers' disease and the forgetting, things not being clear and the vague, curt responses, contribute to that very well. And while it does make it confusing to read at times, it really does make the overall story work.

That being said - great story overall, and I really wonder what eventually happened with Victoire and Teddy, and what made them disappear.

Love, Ineke

Author's Response: Hiya!

Thanks for stopping by and reviewing! :) I hope the story wasn't too confusing! Andromeda isn't meant to be reliable as a narrator, and I kept quite strictly to her POV, which began to become a bit less stable as more things were revealed. Or perhaps...Aequin is lying. Who knows, really. :P

I'm glad you think the overall story works. I fiddle about with time and stuff in this story, so things may be a bit hard to pin down. Hopefully everything will come together tidily in the end!

Thanks for your review. :) Good luck in the HC.


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Review #9, by ad astra water's edge

20th June 2015:
House Cup 2015 Review - Slytherin

Hi teh! I've been meaning to read your stuff for ages and have never gotten round to it so I'm glad the HC has given me the opportunity!

Your writing is absolutely stunning. You have an incredible gift for description that brings your settings to life, and your attention to detail is amazing - even tiny details like the flavour of Andromeda's tea give the whole scene a sense of realness and authenticity. You have some stunning lines in this chapter as well that stand out to me - She thinks of Audrey, and all she can conjure up is an irritable scrawl of a woman, her voice troubled with clots of ink is a prime example. You create such vivid images that ring with truth and I could honestly read your writing forever.

I didn't read the earlier version of this story but I know it by reputation, and you've already cemented it in this first chapter as an intriguing and complex story of unparalleled originality. You've set up a compelling mystery with the disappearances and Aequin and the loss of memory, and I can't wait to see where it goes.

Author's Response: Hi Lisa! ♥

Thank you so, so much for this wonderful, amazing review. I'm kind of really flattered that you've been meaning to read my stuff!?!? Thank you! This made my day. ♥ And I didn't know this story even had a reputation; it's fairly unknown on my page, compared to some other stories (though I'm aware that one or two members have been promoting this :) ).

Aww, thank you for your comments on the description and detail; this is definitely one of my more descriptive stories, and I had a bit of fun with this!

Thank you once again for your review, Lisa! Your kind words really made my day, and made me feel a lot better about writing. ♥


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Review #10, by SunshineDaisies water's edge

18th May 2015:
Woah. Woah.


I am like, speechless. I read some of your stories around Keckers time, and none of your stories have ever failed to leave me absolutely breathless. Your writing is stunning. I donít think Iíve ever read an author who has the same talent for description that you do. You create such vivid images with such beautiful words in such creative ways, itís amazing.

Back in the kitchen, the sun is rubbing colour off the tiles and the gingham and the wallpapered flowers and the tea-towel on its hook.

Iím so amazed by this sentence. Who thinks to describe light this way??? Who??? You.
That is so beautiful, and itís describing such an ordinary situation. Youíve brought beauty to the mundane. The whole piece is that way. Every single sentence seems so elegantly crafted, itís like youíve weaved together these words to create intricate lacework. So beautiful. So nice to read.


So now that Iíve raved enough about your writing, Iíll get to the actual story.
Iím not very well versed in mythology, so I think Iím missing a couple of references, but it hardly matters. (Are you referencing mythology? Iím not entirely sure and I do not have internet right at this moment to check.) Everything is just as unfamiliar to me as it is to Andromeda, and youíve explained it in such a way that it makes sense. The way you wrote Andromeda remembering the island very much felt like I was remembering it with her, the knowledge came to me at the same time it came to her. Itís such a good exposition technique.

I love how we see everything from Andromedaís perspective just in general. You use this technique super effectively in a lot of different ways. The passage of time, for example. The reader, like Andromeda, has no idea that itís been eight years since Teddy and Victoire disappeared or that Molly died. Itís given Andromeda a sense of unreliability which makes the story so much more interesting to read. I think that quite often, unreliable narrators come off as self-serving, or bad in some way. It feels like the reader is being lied to. In this case, youíve made Andromeda sympathetic in just about every way. It isnít her fault sheís not telling the truth, sheís basically gone mad with grief. She outlived her happiness. (WHAT A GREAT LINE LIKE FOR REAL THE WHOLE THING IS FULL OF THEM AND I CANíT GET OVER IT.)

And the fact that youíve made us question Andromedaís grip on reality makes the whole thing more mysterious. Is this real? Or is it just happening inside her head? Why should that mean itís not real? (Iím not sure why Iím quoting things today. Itís been a weird day.)

Essentially, youíve crafted an interesting enough first chapter that Iím pretty much dying for more. This whole thing is just fascinating and engaging and absolutely wonderful. Iíve never read anything even remotely similar to this and I am so excited to read more!

This is really, truly excellent writing. Good work doesnít even begin to cover it. :)

Author's Response: Hi Katie! ♥

My goodness I don't even know what to do with this absolutely amazing review!! THANK YOU. For making my day with your extremely kind words. I'm so so glad you like my writing and the language of this story - I did have a bit of fun with it, maybe too much fun with the descriptive language. Also, it's been quite a while since I wrote anything, and re-reading your wonderful review does indeed make me want to open up all my documents and get back to working on my stories.

Don't worry about mythology stuff - it does feature in this story, but not heavily. And ooh, I"m glad you thought that Andromeda's unreliable perspective worked! I was a bit worried about that, and was hoping it wouldn't confuse readers.

INdeed, everything about this story is now a bit of a mystery, but I hope everything will be revealed soon enough. I'm glad you found this chapter engaging; I wish I had more time to just sit down and grind out the next chapter, but I've been so very tired these last few days.

Thank you once again, Katie! ♥ Your words really do mean a lot to me, and they've reminded me how much I miss writing. ♥


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Review #11, by The Summer Snake water's edge

12th May 2015:
Greetings from The Summer Snake! I have recently slithered out of hibernation and discovered this amazing place with such amazing stories, so I want to read and review as many as I can before I go back into hibernation!

My, my. Your writing never fails to astound me. This was an incredible start to your story and I'm so intrigued, I just want to read more! Your hold on the words is just amazing. It's magical in the truest sense. I LOVED IT!

You know I made a bet with my fellow reptilian buddies that I could find at least 5 awesome piece of works upon slithering out of hibernation and reading stories - and you will surely make me win this bet because YOUR STORY IS AMAZING.

I loved the descriptions here. There was so much of imagery and such beauty. I could honestly feel as if everything was happening right in front of my eyes. Personally, I enjoy descriptive stories a lot so this was a huge treat for me.

Your characterisation of Andromeda was brilliant as well. I have not read much of her but you really nailed it. I can now imagine her the way you've described her. The fact that this is a revamped version of an abandoned story is even more awesome because it's so inspiring! You're an amazing author!

The whole concept itself is something I find very interesting. This Aequin is very intriguing and I'm so curious to see which direction the plot is headed in and what turns come in the story. You have a great plot going here.

All in all, I don't have much to say except I really, really loved reading this. You were great with your characterisation, plot and descriptions. The narrative flowed smoothly and I was sucked right in. I hope I can come back to read the next chapter and see what happens next because I really want.

Oh and see, I got so lost in the brilliance of this story, I forgot to do my job - the one I'm here for. To spread summer cheer! *showers confetti and flowers* There xD

Keep writing such amazing stuff. Now, I'm off to explore more of this wonderful sun! See ya!

With love,
The Summer Snake

Author's Response: Hello, dear Summer Snake! ♥ I have a sneaking suspicion who you are but hmmm I will keep my mouth shut. :P

I am so flattered that you describe my humble AP as an "amazing place with amazing stories"!! Thank you, lovely Snake! And ah, all your compliments! ♥ ♥ THANK YOU SO MUCH!

I'm glad you like the imagery/descriptions. There was more in the original version, but I scaled back a bit, so I could improve the flow of the story a bit, and hopefully focus more on character. But I'm glad you enjoy descriptive stories, because this is probably going to be one!

I'm glad you like Andromeda's characterisation! I hope I did justice to her. I'm a bit nervous writing her, actually, and it's probably because she's so different from me. She's lost so much - pretty much all of her family and she's becoming a shell of a person sitting in her house all day and night and not really doing anything, or remembering much, not even being able to keep track of time.

I'm so glad you enjoyed this story, my dear. I really, really hope to get the next chapter up soon. I have an idea what to write next and what goes in the next chapter, and I certainly hope I don't take another two year hiatus. :P

Thank you once again for your lovely review, and yay for summer cheer! Though it's becoming winter where I am now...


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