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Review #1, by SunshineDaisies water's edge

18th May 2015:
Woah. Woah.


I am like, speechless. I read some of your stories around Keckers time, and none of your stories have ever failed to leave me absolutely breathless. Your writing is stunning. I donít think Iíve ever read an author who has the same talent for description that you do. You create such vivid images with such beautiful words in such creative ways, itís amazing.

Back in the kitchen, the sun is rubbing colour off the tiles and the gingham and the wallpapered flowers and the tea-towel on its hook.

Iím so amazed by this sentence. Who thinks to describe light this way??? Who??? You.
That is so beautiful, and itís describing such an ordinary situation. Youíve brought beauty to the mundane. The whole piece is that way. Every single sentence seems so elegantly crafted, itís like youíve weaved together these words to create intricate lacework. So beautiful. So nice to read.


So now that Iíve raved enough about your writing, Iíll get to the actual story.
Iím not very well versed in mythology, so I think Iím missing a couple of references, but it hardly matters. (Are you referencing mythology? Iím not entirely sure and I do not have internet right at this moment to check.) Everything is just as unfamiliar to me as it is to Andromeda, and youíve explained it in such a way that it makes sense. The way you wrote Andromeda remembering the island very much felt like I was remembering it with her, the knowledge came to me at the same time it came to her. Itís such a good exposition technique.

I love how we see everything from Andromedaís perspective just in general. You use this technique super effectively in a lot of different ways. The passage of time, for example. The reader, like Andromeda, has no idea that itís been eight years since Teddy and Victoire disappeared or that Molly died. Itís given Andromeda a sense of unreliability which makes the story so much more interesting to read. I think that quite often, unreliable narrators come off as self-serving, or bad in some way. It feels like the reader is being lied to. In this case, youíve made Andromeda sympathetic in just about every way. It isnít her fault sheís not telling the truth, sheís basically gone mad with grief. She outlived her happiness. (WHAT A GREAT LINE LIKE FOR REAL THE WHOLE THING IS FULL OF THEM AND I CANíT GET OVER IT.)

And the fact that youíve made us question Andromedaís grip on reality makes the whole thing more mysterious. Is this real? Or is it just happening inside her head? Why should that mean itís not real? (Iím not sure why Iím quoting things today. Itís been a weird day.)

Essentially, youíve crafted an interesting enough first chapter that Iím pretty much dying for more. This whole thing is just fascinating and engaging and absolutely wonderful. Iíve never read anything even remotely similar to this and I am so excited to read more!

This is really, truly excellent writing. Good work doesnít even begin to cover it. :)

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Review #2, by The Summer Snake water's edge

12th May 2015:
Greetings from The Summer Snake! I have recently slithered out of hibernation and discovered this amazing place with such amazing stories, so I want to read and review as many as I can before I go back into hibernation!

My, my. Your writing never fails to astound me. This was an incredible start to your story and I'm so intrigued, I just want to read more! Your hold on the words is just amazing. It's magical in the truest sense. I LOVED IT!

You know I made a bet with my fellow reptilian buddies that I could find at least 5 awesome piece of works upon slithering out of hibernation and reading stories - and you will surely make me win this bet because YOUR STORY IS AMAZING.

I loved the descriptions here. There was so much of imagery and such beauty. I could honestly feel as if everything was happening right in front of my eyes. Personally, I enjoy descriptive stories a lot so this was a huge treat for me.

Your characterisation of Andromeda was brilliant as well. I have not read much of her but you really nailed it. I can now imagine her the way you've described her. The fact that this is a revamped version of an abandoned story is even more awesome because it's so inspiring! You're an amazing author!

The whole concept itself is something I find very interesting. This Aequin is very intriguing and I'm so curious to see which direction the plot is headed in and what turns come in the story. You have a great plot going here.

All in all, I don't have much to say except I really, really loved reading this. You were great with your characterisation, plot and descriptions. The narrative flowed smoothly and I was sucked right in. I hope I can come back to read the next chapter and see what happens next because I really want.

Oh and see, I got so lost in the brilliance of this story, I forgot to do my job - the one I'm here for. To spread summer cheer! *showers confetti and flowers* There xD

Keep writing such amazing stuff. Now, I'm off to explore more of this wonderful sun! See ya!

With love,
The Summer Snake

Author's Response: Hello, dear Summer Snake! ♥ I have a sneaking suspicion who you are but hmmm I will keep my mouth shut. :P

I am so flattered that you describe my humble AP as an "amazing place with amazing stories"!! Thank you, lovely Snake! And ah, all your compliments! ♥ ♥ THANK YOU SO MUCH!

I'm glad you like the imagery/descriptions. There was more in the original version, but I scaled back a bit, so I could improve the flow of the story a bit, and hopefully focus more on character. But I'm glad you enjoy descriptive stories, because this is probably going to be one!

I'm glad you like Andromeda's characterisation! I hope I did justice to her. I'm a bit nervous writing her, actually, and it's probably because she's so different from me. She's lost so much - pretty much all of her family and she's becoming a shell of a person sitting in her house all day and night and not really doing anything, or remembering much, not even being able to keep track of time.

I'm so glad you enjoyed this story, my dear. I really, really hope to get the next chapter up soon. I have an idea what to write next and what goes in the next chapter, and I certainly hope I don't take another two year hiatus. :P

Thank you once again for your lovely review, and yay for summer cheer! Though it's becoming winter where I am now...


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