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Review #1, by mikala 2 a.m.

26th February 2017:
this was sooo cute. thanks for writing!

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Review #2, by AlexFan 2 a.m.

28th December 2013:
Hey there, i'm here for the 12 Days of Reviewing. But I'd still review this story even if it wasn't the 12 Days of Reviewing.

Moving on, this was so cute! I've never read a Jily story that was set for when they were younger so this was brand new for me. It was so nice to see the innocence around them and the sweetness between the two.

I really like your headcannon because it does make sense. I'm fairly certain that James started liking Lily around fourth year because I'm pretty sure that when they were younger they didn't know what having a crush was and that the opposite gender had cooties.

The display of affection from Lily though was something that I hadn't expected. I'm so used to her throwing spells at James that her doing something so nice and simple surprised me.

I'm fairly certain that James is going to be thinking about their little encounter in the morning. When it comes to Lily, I'm pretty sure that James remembers absolutely everything about her.

Absolutely wonderful one-shot!

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