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Review #1, by fwoopersong8 The Plan

26th February 2015:
"This is how the characters wanted it..." That describes every second of my writer's life. I think it counts as a love triangle, especially since we didn't know Dom's motives at first. Just be sure to watch your commas... "I love you so much it hurts, Scorpius" is not the same as "I love you so much it hurts Scorpius." :)

Author's Response: Those pesky characters you try to tell them what you want them to do and they like nawww we going to go ahead and do this. I'm so happy it still comes across as a love triangle. Dang those commas and sentence structure they will be the downfall of my writing career lol. Thank you for the lovely review

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Review #2, by Secret Santa The Plan

18th December 2013:
This is honestly my favorite Next Generation fic yet! And to be honest, I usually don't like Next Generation.. so it's awesome that I love this one so much.
It made me laugh, it gave me goosebumps, and it honestly surprised me! I laughed so hard when I read that Scorpius was only with Dominique to make Rose jealous. Sooo typical!
By the end I really truly wanted there to be more! I might go looking for some more Rose/Scorpius now! It was written very well, I have already favorited it! Keep up the awesome work!
- Secret Santa

Author's Response: Yayyy! You liked it! I don't usually like writing Next Gen fics but I had so much fun writing this especially because the characters just took on a life of their own.

Scorpius sure did pull a typical guy move using Dom to make Rose jealous.

I might write a follow up one shot with this but I'm not sure.

OMG! A favorite that like totally made my night. Best Christmas present ever.

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Review #3, by True Author The Plan

26th November 2013:
Haha, this was quite a great love triangle!

Everything was so twisted and funny, it must have been really hard to write everything in a one-shot, but I think you've come up with a great story after all. =]

Ooh, I never though Scorp and Dom were doing the same thing the whole time! Haha, that was a great twist. ;) I did feel bad for Rose in the beginning though. I was just hoping that the plan was Lily's and Dom's together. It would've been a bit more fun, but that is just a suggestion that popped up suddenly. Ignore me... :)

I don't know if I'm right, but I think the name is spelled "Scorpius" not "Scorpious".

Anyways, this was a really nice read! Good job!

Ashwini =]

Author's Response: Aww thank you for the lovely review. Ooo it would've been more fun if Lily was plotting with both Rose and Dom...hmm I might have to revamp the story a little when I can some time. That is a good suggestion.

I think you may be right about the spelling thanks for pointing that out to me. :D

Thanks again for the review.-Crystal

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Review #4, by toomanycurls The Plan

24th November 2013:
OooOoOoooh, I like love triangles.

Aww, I feel bad for Rose. I do think it's interesting that she used veela as a slur against Dom.

Were Rose and Scorpius actually together or did Rose just have a very huge crush on him?

haha, of course it's not a good idea to love a Malfoy. :P

I quite like the plot to make him jealous. Oh okay, they're not together. I could see how much it'd hurt though to have her cousin hook up with the guy she likes. Why does she love him if they're not together. I mean, good looking and smart are nice for initial attraction but it's not a very deep basis for lurve.

I got a good laugh at the "ew, not Albus" comment. I mean, that's what I was thinking the same thing and got an ew reaction too.

Lorcan could be a good target. I just hope his heart doesn't get broken in the process. ooh, good, there's something in it for Lorcan too. :D

I'm such a Next Gen n00b - why are Rose and Lorcan the IT couple? Hmm, Scorpius' plan is back-firing a bit.

I just want to sit these four in a room and make them talk! grr!!

Oh good, they finally figured out their ruse.

This is quite a good love triangle! I got angry and wanted them to get together. You really conveyed how twisted love lifes can get!


Author's Response: What a lovely review. I'm so excited that you liked the story.

Can't you just imagine the picture of digust on Lily and Rose's face when they thought of Rose using Albus to make Scorpious jealous.

Love lifes are so complicated aren't they? Especially in school. I don't miss the days of high school at all.

Thanks again for the review

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Review #5, by milominderbinder The Plan

24th November 2013:
Hiya! Here from review tag :)

I liked this! Parts of it were very funny and the whole idea was funny as well, and I don't usually read a lot of humour fic so I thought this was well done.

A little bit of CC I have is that in some places, it seems a little too extreme? Like, with the exclamations of love all over the place, maybe you could either dim those down a bit, or maybe even play them up even more for laughs, but at the current level it seems a little unrealistic. Part of why it seems unrealistic is that I think you could try and 'show not tell'. That's a common bit of writing advice, but it really can make a lot of difference and I think using it more could make this a really outstanding story. So I mean things like, instead of saying "There was no way Dom could play ignorant either they just spent the prior night up talking about Roseís crush on Scorpious!" you could describe exactly WHAT they had talked about and how Rose knew she was in love with him, for example does her heart race when he's near? Does she become a stuttering mess because she's so nervous around him? Does she think about him constantly even when he's not there? Adding details like that will make Rose's love seem more realistic :)

A few of my favourite quotes were:

Rose looked at her cousin aghast and pushed her away nearly knocking her over the coffee table. Lily regained her footing and glared at Rose her brown eyes flashing dangerously.


Rose smiled and went to head back to the common room but stopped when she caught sight of Dom and Lorcan snogging against the entrance.

Overall I thought this was really good, and it definitely has the potential to be great, because you have a good plot and great characterisation! Well done :D


Author's Response: Thank you so much for the lovely review.

I completely agree with you that I should show not tell and that is something I'm trying to work on. It's one of the things I'm trying to grow on as a writer. I'll definitely take that into consideration and when I get the chance to edit this story I'll definitely try to show more then tell I already have a idea of how I want the scene between Rose and Dom going.

Yay you have favorite quotes that makes me so happy and I'm so excited you like the story enough to have favorite quotes from it.

Once again thank you for the review and words of advice.

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Review #6, by maraudertimes The Plan

23rd November 2013:
Hey hey hey!

So the premise of this was really funny and I loved how the plot played out. That said, I do have a few CCs.

One, your punctuation. You use a few semi-colons where I personally don't think there should be any.

Two, it seems a little extreme that Rose would 'love' Scorpius. Sure if she was saying it jokingly, then that would be understandable, but the fact that she's adamant that she loves him seems a little stalkerish. Change most of those 'love's to like, though, and you've got yourself something totally and completely believeable.

Three, verb tense. I'm not too sure if you're writing in past or present tense because it constantly intermingles. Perhaps you should look over this or consider getting a Beta.

Okay, I hope I didn't sound too harsh because this was actually really cool and really funny and I really liked it. Maybe you should consider making a sequel? Then we could see Lorcan and Dom's POVs? Pretty please? :)

This was really funny and it made me laugh in all the right places and it made me mad in all the right places and it made me smack my forehead when characters didn't know the people they fancied, fancied them back.

Great job!

Author's Response: Yay I'm glad you liked it. As for you ccs you did not come across harsh at all seeing as I am horrible with my punctuation and either add to much or not enough. I think I just like how pretty the semi colons and commas make the story look lol.

As for the love I personally use to swear that every crush I had in high school I was in love with and we were going to get married ( I was slightly insane during high school lol.) so I was trying to incorporate that into the story with the how every feeling of your crush is just amazing and it's love but it's not "love" if that makes any sense. I guess I didn't succeed in the way I wanted to so when I get the chance I'll probably go and change all the loves to likes.

A sequel? Hmm I never considered that since I wrote the story for a challenge but if the muse ever strikes I just might write one.

Thanks for the review :D

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