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Review #1, by Leonore According to Severus...

26th October 2013:
Definitely not bad for your first story. I'm sure as you write more you'll develop the characters more and build a good plot. One thing I find a bit odd - haven't you marked this as a one-shot? A one-shot is a story only intended to be one chapter long, and judging by your summary you intend it to be a lot longer than that. You label your story depending on how long you intend it to be, not on how long it is right now (just in case you hadn't realised - it is your first story).

You could do with a little more description, and also try to get some action in immediately to get readers interested. But definitely not bad for a first try, so keep writing.


Author's Response: Thanks, and no I didn't know that one shot meant that so thanks

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Review #2, by hpffisawesome According to Severus...

7th September 2013:
No! It was just getting somewhere haha. "Spidery handwriting"...very good description for someone like Severus. Update soon!

Author's Response: THANKS!!! for the review and I'll try to update with changes or new chapters at least once a week but as it says (once the chapter is validated)that I have exams this year and I'm freaking out for them :( but thank you so so so so much for reading and reviewing... I'm surprised that anyone was reading this story. Thanks :)

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