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Review #1, by TreacleTart Bent: Rose POV

4th May 2015:
Hey there Beth!

I'm here for our review swap! I happened to read chapter one of this awhile back and was really happy with it. I've had it on my currently reading list since then, but haven't had a chance to really sit down and have a go at it. You know life seems to want to get in the way. Anyways, I'm so glad that I've finally made it to chapter 2!

I'm not sure if you remember, but in my review of the first chapter, I said that I thought Rose had been raped due to her reaction to things. After the way she reacted to the guy grabbing her, I couldn't help thinking that again, but you've told me that that wasn't what happened. When you finally did reveal what happened at the very end, it really started to make sense. I don't want to blow the reveal for others, but suffice it to say that the symptoms of PTSD that she was exhibiting seem quite realistic to her experience.

Scorpius seems a bit damaged himself. I wonder what it is inside of him that makes him so angry as Rose points out. Her certainly seemed to be her Knight in shining armour throughout the party. I was glad to see that he was helping her since she certainly seemed to need it.

I will say that making someone who's gone through what she's gone through go to a massive party like that seems a bit insensitive. I know that she states that she just wants to be there for a bit to show her face, but her family should realize how difficult that is for her. PTSD is awful and it is usually exacerbated by large crowds, so it isn't at all unlikely that she would react as she did, finding a corner to sort of hide away in.

The ending gave me a bit of hope for her and I had to chuckle when everyone barged in as her and Scorpius changed shirts. I'm sure it definitely looked a bit different to them than it actually was. I definitely cheered for her when there was a moment of human connection. I hope that something grows from that, for both of their sakes.

As always, you've written a beautiful chapter here. I wish I had some constructive feedback to give you, but you know what you're doing. Excellent work.


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Review #2, by TearsIMustConceal Broken: Rose POV

4th May 2015:
Hi Beth, I’m here from the BvB review battle!

I have to admit, I am not the biggest Rose Weasley fan, I think because there are that many versions of her on the archives, I feel like they’re all the same but I have to say, your version of Rose is amazing. I suffer from anxiety and I am very familiar with panic attacks and your description of her and the detail of how she suffers is completely spot on and realistic. I think it’s interesting that she is the way she and I want to know why – you’ve given us hints as to something has happened to her but now I want to know more!

And I like how the first chapter is solely about her and her interactions. Sometimes in Next-Gen fics everyone tries to introduce the whole Weasley-Potter clan as soon as possible so I love how it’s just about her – it means we really get to know her.

And you’re writing is flawless, just incase you didn’t already know that! The whole chapter flows smoothly and again, your descriptions are beautiful and honest!

I can’t wait to read the next chapter.


Author's Response: Vicki!

Wow. Thanks so much for this review! I'm smiling like an idiot right now (I'm at work, so people are gonna start to wonder - hee hee).

I was really concerned about getting the description of the panic attack just right - and I'm so glad that it didn't come off as fake or contrived. *breathes a sigh of relief*

I know what you mean about the next gen Rose/Scorpius stories - there are so many and it can be a turn off to read the same thing over and over again - so Thank you sooo much for giving this one a shot!

I'm glad you felt that it was different - I really was going for that. I wanted to write an action/adventure/recovery story. I think the next-gen kids would have their own dark wizard to overcome.

Thanks again!

♥ Beth

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Review #3, by Flower n Prongs Bent: Rose POV

3rd May 2015:
Hi Beth, I'm stopping by for the BvB review battle.

I didn't think I would get to read this again this fast but, once again, I posted after you so I'm back! I was so interested by the first chapter that I just had to move onto this one to see where it was going.

Rose's social anxiety was spot on again. As somebody who had (okay, has) issues with crowds the mantra to stay focused rang very true to me. Focusing on one particular thing and trying to get some physical space is my coping mechanism when possible too, so I'm already feeling a connection to your Rose.

I love the fact that James is part of the Chudley Cannons... his Uncle Ron must be so proud. The fact that you had a party in this chapter didn't seem at all like a fill in because a) Rose's confrontation added to her character development and b) we got to see more personality for all of the cousins. There is a huge Weasley clan in this generation but you are doing a good job at keeping them clear. Introducing a friend & Dominique along with Rose in chapter one and then a handful more of the clan here has helped me actually keep people and personalities somewhat straight.

With Rose being grabbed by the drunk guy (poor girl) you have continued to set up the back story for the kidnapping well. I'm still curious to see how this unfolds.

Having Rose and Scorpius graduating without getting together is something rare (all the ones I have read have them still in school). I think having more mature characters who have already "found themselves" (ah, so corny!) at least somewhat helps keep this from feeling cliche or like just another Rose/Scorpius.

Another interesting chapter. =)

- Rhaenyra

Author's Response: Hiya!

So happy to see you're back for more of this story.

Gah! Sooo relieved I got the anxiety right. I also have a bit of that - for whatever reason there seems to be a "critical mass" of people that make me nervous. I'm completely fine up until a certain number (probably around 30 or so). After that, I can be a real wreck. Unfortunately, my job requires me to talk to larger groups of people from time to time and I have to really gear myself up for it. I've never been comfortable at parties, so I could totally relate to Rose here as well.

Yeah, I made a definite decision to hold of on the pairing and write the story post-Hogwarts. I wanted them to be a bit more mature (they did have a few things to work through - haha). And I really felt like making them older gave me a bit more freedom with other parts of the story - they weren't bound to Hogwarts and professors and such...

Thanks again - I love hearing your feedback!

♥ Beth

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Review #4, by AdinaPuff Besieged: Rose POV

3rd May 2015:
Hi Beth!

This story ran away for a bit. I've been working on it piece by piece and I've gotten to this point :p it's AMAZING so far. You do the alternating POV's really well. I'm not a large fan of that all the time. Sometimes authors aren't very good at it, but I really like how you write it.

Poor Rose is such a mess. I know I would be too. Paranoia would be my largest issue. And this time he was actually there. It wasn't a nightmare or hallucination. He was there in the flesh, which is really scary. He's still after her! What are they going to do? They have to hide her somewhere safe, keep her guarded and under protection of Aurors.

Scorpius and Rose moved along really quickly. I don't know why, but again, even though I usually don't like rushed relationships, I really love your story. I know that especially after this attack I feel like Rose is going to be more hesitant with being touched or around people. I feel like they're in for a really rough relationship. Until her captor is put in Azkaban, I could never see Rose fully settling and relaxing. She'll be in a constant state of paranoia. I really hope they work out though. I love them together!

I hope we get to know everyone else even more as the story progresses. I feel like some of the minor characters aren't well known yet. I can't wait to read more and more about them!

Great chapter, as always! Loved it!

- Leigh xxx

Author's Response: Leigh!

Gah - thanks so much for offering reviews and thank you so, so much for your kind words with this one! I'm so excited that you like this story. This is a really tense chapter and I think all of the things you mentioned are answered in the couple of chapters following this one :) (hint, hint)

I did make it seem like Rose and Scorpius were moving a bit fast - and that was intentional. Rose wasn't being completely hones with Scorpius about her past and I wanted to sort of include that in the story - that at some point (sooner rather than later, in this case) her past would have to be discussed. And you're very insightful about Rose and how this attack will set her (and their relationship) back.

Thanks again - you're so kind to offer reviews!

♥ Beth

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Review #5, by Flower n Prongs Broken: Rose POV

3rd May 2015:
Hi Beth, I'm here for the BvB review battle. =)

Last time I read your Minerva fic because I was worried about starting something this long. I really enjoyed the other story though so I figured that this would be worth a shot.

I must admit, I am not a huge Next Gen reader. Despite that, this pulled me in. Like Rose, I suffer from panic attacks and the way you described her feeling, the nausea that comes with it, and the "triggers" of it was spot on. It is a very different take on what you usually see, which definitely caught my attention. Learning about her being held made me want to keep reading to figure out more of how things played out.

The fact that you are starting after Hogwarts is something I have not seen often, so I like that you did this as well. The fact that you referenced major events and will touch on those things as needed vs. covering them all in detail in chronological order really piques the reader's interest (or at least mine!).

I know you already have a lot of reviews on this chapter (50!? Holy moly girl!) so I hope you don't mind I selected this one to read.

- Rhaenyra

P.S. This was your first fic? That is amazing! (I won't tell you about mine *shudder* lol.)

Author's Response: Hi hi!

Yay! I LOVE it when someone gives this story a shot! I *know* the next-gen Rose/Scorpius thing has been done and done and done - but I really wanted to take it from a different angle. Basically, I felt like they had their own, real story to tell - complete with a mystery and evil and their own lives to sort out. I specifically chose to set the story post-Hogwarts because I wanted a more mature group to write about - hee hee!

Thank you SO much for the compliment about the panic attacks. I do not have them regularly, and I was very concerned about being accurate - so I'm really relieved when someone takes the time to note that I did alright with that :)

And haha - yeah, this chapter does have a lot of reviews (I've done quite a few review swaps, a few review requests and the story has been up on the archives for over a year and a half - so that all plays into it :D)

Either way - I can't tell you how incredibly excited I am that you felt drawn in to the story. Thanks for taking a chance on it - and I'd love to hear what you think about the rest of it!

♥ Beth

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Review #6, by Claire Evergreen Broken: Rose POV

2nd May 2015:
Hey, Beth! Here for the BvB Battle!

This is probably one of the best introductory chapters for a story that I've read. There's so much information thrown in here, but it never feels like too much. From this, we get a good idea of each of the characters without evening having to meet any of them. Relating Al to Ginny and highlighting the fact that Dom is very much like the Weasley side of the family. Even with never meeting Selenia, we still know a lot about her from the descriptions that we got through Rose's thoughts.

And speaking of Rose's thoughts, the constant repetition of Get up, wash, get dressed was really powerful. It's gives an idea of Rose's mental state without having to say flat out what is bothering her. The different formatting of each repetition made it that much strong, especially he bold. It made it apparent that whatever was bothering her was getting stronger at that particular moment. It was really really well done.

I also love Rose's characterization in this. I don't really know how to explain it, but her mannerisms and thought processes are fascinating and I can tell she's already going to be an extremely interesting character to get to know as the story progresses. She seems like she's really complex and she comes across as a real person, not just some flat character.

I'm really excited to see where this goes, I'm especially excited to see what the event that triggered all of this. Fantastic story! I can't wait to read more!


Author's Response: Claire!

This review - gah! You're killing me.

I'm always excited when someone picks this story to review because I've put so, so much into it. And then I get even MORE excited when I get such a lovely review as this one! My hope with this first chapter is that people want to keep reading my story. (and I feel like you might want to continue it - hopefully)

I know that it is yet ANOTHER Rose/Scorpius story - and that may be a turnoff to some folks, but I did try to characterize Rose a bit different that I've seen her before - and you picked up on it. It's just so awesome to get a review where the reader found all the little details you put into your story!

Thanks so much!

♥ Beth

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Review #7, by Samantha Blackout: Rose and Scorpius POV

1st May 2015:
I'm obsessed with this! I've spent the whole day reading it, it's now 2am and I have a final in the morning (it's fine, i'm fine). This cliff hanger is killing me and I have this crazy feeling that the person at the top of the stairs was Samara, she gives me all types of bad vibes. Anyway I'm going to try not to freak out and hope you update soon!

Author's Response: Hi there!

Thanks so much! (But I'm worried about your final - I hope everything went alright...)

The next chapter is with my beta reader, so it shouldn't be too much longer. I really appreciate you taking the time to review!

♥ Beth

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Review #8, by alicia and anne Bent: Rose POV

29th April 2015:
I can only apologise for the wait for this! I'm sorry! I blame work and no internet at my other halfs house and *shakes fist at everything*

Aw Scorpius is all nervous and adorable! He totally likes Rose :P I can tell :D

They're so cute together! Mocking the others and pretending to know what they're saying. :D I love it!

Eurgh! Who is this guy! GO AWAY BEARDY! I hope someone comes to save her :( YES! SOMEONE CURSED HIM!

I'm really glad that she has his there for her, I can feel the bond between them already.

And kidnap?! I don't remember the word kidnap being used before!

I need to read more! I can't wait to find out more and more about what happened.

Keep up the fantastic work! You're such a brilliant and amazing writer :D

Author's Response: Tammi!

No worries about the time - I'm just so grateful you offered to do reviews for people - it is so incredibly kind of you.


Okay, calming down now. Haha - "go away beardy" :)

I'm so glad that it came across that Scorpius has it BAD for Rose. He is adorable, isn't he?

Also - you noticed their bond! Eeep! That comes up later in the story as well.

Thanks again!

♥ Beth

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Review #9, by Magarie298 Blackout: Rose and Scorpius POV

23rd April 2015:
This chapter made me really sad...
Poor Rose and poor Scopr! I think it's really easy to antagonize Scorpius and I want to blame him for the way he is acting, but at the same time, it's understandable for him to feel uncomfortable in this situation. He doesn't really understand what went on during the war. He doesn't really understand his own identity because he doesn't know all of his own family history. But still, poor Rose.
But oh man, that cliffhanger. It's literally killing. My first inclination was, that must be Stanous. But then again... Could it just be she fell and hit her head and the dark figure is really just Al? Either way, I'm slowing slipping into madness.
One last thought, I've noticed that as the chapters proceed, the other characters make less and less of an appearance. Is this strategic? I think it's interesting because you get to see the main characters with each specific character that they interact with on a personal level.
But as usual your writing keeps getting better and better! Can't wait for the next chapter!


Author's Response: Hi Jeannette!

Gah! This review was so awesome! It really made my day to know that you totally got what I was trying to convey with Scorpius. He really should just get over it - but in one sense, he is alone in this world. Without Rose, he's really lost. The idea that his family lineage could be a "bad" part of the prophecy is killing him.

I'm working on the next chapter right now!

I haven't strategically lessened the appearance of other characters in the story. I think that the plot has just gotten so complicated that I can't have too many people show up in a chapter or it will get too confusing. Maybe. I actually didn't do it on purpose at all!

Thanks again!

♥ Beth

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Review #10, by AdinaPuff Broken: Rose POV

20th April 2015:
Hi, Beth!

This was an AMAZING start to the story! Why haven't I read this before?! I've seen it, but I'm not a huge Rose fan so I don't read a lot of them, but I have read a few and loved them, like how I just fell in love with this novel!

Rose is amazing. I really like writing characters that are numb, that need to repeat things and stumble for words. I love the mystery of this as well. It sort of reminds me of one of my own novels. There's something affecting the main character but you don't know what and it kills you as a reader to find out. Which is why I'm currently dying over here :p I need to know what happened!

The background story to the characters was a great addition as well. It gives the reader a better understanding of exactly what they're dealing with here, and that is a tight-knit group of Ravenclaws who have been by each others' sides since day one.

Overall fantastic start to what I'm sure will be an AMAZING story! Guess who will be up reading this all night? :p

-Leigh xxx

Author's Response: Leigh!

Aaah! This review. Oh - thank you so much. I'm so glad you like the story. I'd love to hear what you think as you read it!

♥ Beth

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Review #11, by dracodarlingxx Blackout: Rose and Scorpius POV

18th April 2015:
Scorpius is such an idiot. I get where he's coming from, and yeah I can empathise, but he's still an idiot!
I'm hoping the answer to this question is no because it's just so gruesome, but . . . . . are the two murder victims in Rose's case Scor's parents? The blond hair and grey eyes?
I really REALLY hope Rose is okay and that the baby is okay too!

Please update soon!! I can't wait!! x

Author's Response: Hi there!

Thanks so much for coming back to this story! I love getting your reviews. And YES! Scorpius is being such a prat here. He needs some sense knocked into him!

♥ Beth

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Review #12, by MargaretLane Blackout: Rose and Scorpius POV

18th April 2015:
Oh, the summary for this sounds ominous. Hope Rose will be OK.

Aw, poor Rose, but it's hardly surprising she's so unhappy. She's dealing with so much. She's actually an amazingly strong person. I think most people would struggle to deal just with the idea that a guy who tortured them is not only still out there, but is still looking for a chance to hurt her again. And she's not only dealing with that, but also with Scorpius's issues and with an unplanned pregnancy, which, while it's very welcome, could have waited for a more convenient time. Considering everything, she's dealing really well, but it would be amazing if there wasn't some reaction.

I hope Scorpius cops himself on soon. I totally understand his immediate reaction, but not speaking to her for days or weeks on end isn't on. A few hours to get over the initial shock, yeah, but after that, he should deal with things like an adult. Of course, he's going to be upset, but avoiding Rose won't help him or her.

LOVE the reference to a vaccine for Dragon Pox. I always like these little details that show the world as a dynamic one. They add a degree of realism to a story. And I LOVE Charlie's involvement. I would never have expected him to discover something like that, but since he's in close contact with dragons, it's not exactly surprising.

I'd like that puzzle solving too. But then again, I would HATE to be a doctor.

That is a really interesting exam, but also a really tough one. If QUALIFIED Healers made mistakes, it's tough to expect trainees to do any better. But it would definitely be more fun than just writing what you've memorised. And it's a better test, as it shows they can apply their knowledge.

That sounds like a REALLY good idea, that she take a year off. Her maternity leave would probably be most of that anyway, if she were working. Not sure how long maternity leave is in the UK, but it's six months here, and I'm pretty sure that's considered rather short by the standards of most of Europe. Of course, it might be different in the wizarding world. And it would be better to take a break if she's not sure what she wants. It's an important decision.

Oh wow, I assumed you'd just included this as an interesting description of an assignment and to give us some insight into what her course is like, but if they were murdered, perhaps it has something to do with Stannous.

I've a feeling Rose has noticed SOME connection with her own experiences. OH! An idea has occurred to me. I was about to say I can't think what it could be, but while typing the first sentence of this paragraph, the way she was tortured occurred to me. The woman in this case has been tortured too. Maybe she's noticed some indication the same spell was used.

Oh gosh, I hope the baby is OK. I'm expecting it will be. I think this is probably a way to make Scorpius realise how much the baby, and Rose, mean to him. But you never know and this story has surprised me before. I really, really hope the baby'll be OK.

Three weeks is far too long for Scorpius to be behaving as he is. Not too long for him to be processing it, of course; that could take years. But too long for him to be treating Rose so terribly on the grounds that he's upset. None of this is her fault. It's just becoming selfish at this point.

To be honest, I sort of want to yell some sense into him. He's talking about how what he wanted was snatched from him, but the only thing that's stopping him from having it is himself. I'm sure it doesn't feel that way to him, but it's true.

He needs somebody to yell at him like Harry did at Remus. The situations are rather similar.

Author's Response: Hi there!

Gosh - you review so fast and I've taken so long to respond - sorry!

Yes! Rose *is* really strong! She still doesn't see it the way she should, but she's come so very far from the beginning of the story. I've really tried to make her recovery be at a pace that was believable - but she *has* gotten much, much better.

Scorpius, Scorpius - he really is being a fool, here. He's pulled himself away from everyone. The shock of his family's actions during the war is too great for him to bear. I know that is not always the way that other authors have chosen to portray him, but in my view, Draco -ever the coward - wouldn't have ever volunteered the information about the war. He also truly loved his son, and didn't want him to live with the stigma hanging over his head - so he took the easy route and never mentioned it to him.

:) Glad you like the dragon-pox... I originally had Hagrid as the discoverer, but I changed it to Charlie.

I should probably look at the requirements for that assignment. It would make more sense for the trainees to only have ONE unsolved assignment. You're right - if Healers with years of experience couldn't solve it - perhaps they dole out just one really difficult one in the hopes that "fresh eyes" might see something else.

Haha - I guess I should research what the maternity leave policy is for the UK. Here in the US, it's abysmal. The law states that an employer only has to HOLD a woman's job for six weeks - no pay at all. Even that law is dependent on the size of the employer as really, really small businesses aren't even held to the 6 week rule. Fortunately for me, I was allowed to use up my sick days for the six weeks, but any time after that I had to take without pay - up to a total of 10 months. In addition, I had to cover the cost of my family health insurance during the unpaid leave time - which is NOT CHEAP in the US. Also - when I returned to work, I had almost no sick days left (which had to be used for personal or family sickness) - so I had to cross my fingers that the baby didn't get sick - which is really unlikely when they are in daycare with other kids. Okay, I'm done with my rant about how archaic our maternity leave policy is in the US.

BUT - my intent with this story is to explore the pressures that Rose feels being torn between her family and her career - that will come a bit later :)

Yes, let's ALL yell some sense into Scorpius - he is being a complete prat!

Thanks again for this review! I smiled every time I read it (which was quite a bit)

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Review #13, by Nina Betrothed: Rose POV

2nd April 2015:
This may be much to ask, but I will prefer if you update more frequently,\(^o^)/★

Author's Response: Haha - I'll try! The next chapter should be up soon. Thanks for leaving a review!

♥ Beth

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Review #14, by TreacleTart Broken: Rose POV

29th March 2015:
Hello there!

I'm here for our review swap!

Wow! What a first chapter! I feel really invested and drawn into this character that I barely know yet. The voice you've given her is superb. She sounds very authentic to a young woman.

Based on the memories of when she was attacked, I'm going to assume she was raped. The after affects and how she is dealing with them seem pretty spot on to me. The just wanting to move on, but having panic attacks from internalizing everything is heartbreaking. I hope at some point she is able to get some help coping with everything.

The repetition of "Get up. Wash. Get Dressed. Class. Rounds. Study" was very effective. I could see her repeating that mantra to herself to get her through the day.

And finally, I really respect that you're dealing with a tough topic here. A lot of people kind of beat around the bush when dealing with subjects like sexual assault because it can be so tough to deal with, so kudos for this.

I'm definitely adding this onto my currently reading list, so I can see where it goes from here!

Thanks for the swap!


Author's Response: Hi there Kaitlin!

So sorry I'm just getting around to responding to this. I can't tell you how excited I am from your review! You picked up on all the little details I put in to this first chapter.

Just to clarify - and I know it isn't obvious from how I wrote this first chapter, but Rose wasn't sexually assaulted. The next few chapters reveal more about her story (so I guess I wasn't brave enough to tackle that topic - so sorry to disappoint).

But I don't want you to think that I didn't completely appreciate this review! We should do more swaps!

♥ Beth

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Review #15, by Anie Betrothed: Rose POV

28th March 2015:
I got worried that you had abandoned this story.
I was so relieve to see that you updated! And what an update it was.
Poor Scorpius. Poor Rose!
I understand his anguish. He could justify raising a child that was evil because of the father being evil. But when he found out it was actually himself that fathered the child...oh boy (or girl...hehe)! Keep up the great work! I hope everything is OK and that the break wasn't because of anything bad.

Author's Response: Hi there!

Oh my goodness - apologies are in order - I've waited far too long to reply to you! No worries though - I've every intention of finishing this story! It's outlined to the end, but I've got the next ten chapters typed up and ready for editing :). The reason for the lag was that my life sorta got really busy. I also felt like I was rushing to post chapters at the expense of proper editing.

Thank you so much for your concern - I hope all is well with you!

♥ Beth

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Review #16, by RupertsPheonix Betrothed: Rose POV

28th March 2015:
Baby Malfoy - how sweet. :) I enjoyed Scorpius' reaction and over-enthusiastic questions at the first appiontment at St. Mungo's!

YES! I knew that Scorpius could be the father in the prophecy! I feel like a Seer myself!

Poor Scorpius... He's taking this really hard. He's not evil though, just his family tree. Hopefully Rose and Al and the gang can help him understand that.

Cliffhanger at the end there. Whoa. Eagerly awaiting the next chapter!


Author's Response: Hi again Kate!

Great job with the predictions! Scorpius didn't see it coming, but the rest of us did! It might take Scorpius a bit to sort it all out - he's really taking this hard.

You shouldn't have to wait long for the next chapter - it's with the beta now!

Thank you so, so much!

♥ Beth

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Review #17, by RupertsPheonix Bound by Blood: Rose and Scorpius POV

27th March 2015:
The Rose and Hermione heart-to-heart was beautiful. I think they both needed it. It's also interesting to see the parallels you're drawing between the two couples - Ronmione and Scorose.

Prophecy?! Whoa, there's a plot twist I was certainly not expecting. And, oh my d*mn, another one with the prophecy not being about her, but about her future baby! Wow. (Also, props to the reaction James has "the f**k, you say" - there's always that one undiginfied but perfectly accurate reply in the room).

Okay, I KNEW that L'erge Stannous was too close to the last name Lestrange. Now I see what you did there - very clever!

Wait, why aren't they considering that it could be Scorpius as the father? I mean, it could be, right? The Malfoys were in the inner circle...? Or does it have to specifically be the child of a death eater, not the child of a child of a death eater?

Proposal - aw. How sweet!

Wait, proposal AND pregnancy?! The pass out was scary, but I'm so glad Sels was there, and she kept Al busy, too! What a good friend!


Author's Response: Hi there Kate!

Just a quick note - I think it's against the TOS rules to use curse words in a review - even if you * out some letters. IDK if this review will get removed, but I thought I'd mention it - sorry! because I don't want you to think I don't LOVE all of these (and I know you were just quoting my story - hehe)

Anyway, I'm So glad you mentioned the parallels between Hermione/Ron and Scorpius/Rose, because I will shortly have a new story coming out that tells the back story of Ron and Hermione mentioned in this (and earlier) chapters. I'd love to know what you think! :)

Haha - yeah a LOT got crammed into that chapter. It just sorta happened. Al is... very emotional and needs Selenia to balance him out for the most part.

Thanks again!

♥ Beth

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Review #18, by RupertsPheonix Beloved: Scorpius POV

27th March 2015:
So glad that Rose finally opened up to Scorpius and they moved forward in their relationship!

Whoa, that action scene in the pub was itntense. Loved the moment afterwards with Ginny, Rose, and Hermione!

I love Sassy!Rose. There's that sarcasm again - "James and Fred aren't aurors." LOL. So glad that Scorpius recognizes this quality and appreciates it, too.

Oh, no, Ron's outbursts... Yikes. When Harry said "administrative action" I literally felt my eyes grow wide. But, oh, be still my heart, when you went into a third person point of view about Ron. His thoughts about post-Bellatrix's torture and how he cared for Hermione...And how that mirrors how Scorpius took care of Rose after the break in at the flat... Oh, Lawd, the feels.

The moment between Ron and Scorp in the forest. Yes. Perfect.

Onto another few chapters,

Author's Response: Hi again, Kate!

I'm so excited you've noticed the little points where Rose's real character is coming through. When she's healing others, she isn't focusing on her own issues, and is more herself. Haha - yeah, Scorp's in deep at this point.

Thanks so much for your comments about Harry and Ron. I've gotten a mixed reaction regarding my version of Harry, and I've taken a bit into consideration, but I do think he would've grown up a bit while Ron... is always going to be a bit clueless and passionate. I actually tried to leave Ron's POV out of the story, because it broke my pattern of Rose/Scorp first person POV. However, I'm glad I left it in. We needed to see Ron's perspective and redeem his character a bit. I didn't want Ron to only be seen through Rose's eyes - she's biased, having been raised by him. :)

Heehee - I love the forest scene too. Those two guys have a LOT in common - they just have to get past the fact that they don't like each other :)

Thanks again - I don't know if I mentioned it earlier, but these reviews were such a marvelous surprise and I can't tell you how much they mean to me!

♥ Beth

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Review #19, by RupertsPheonix Befuddled: Rose AND Scorpius POV

27th March 2015:
Chapter 6 & 7: I love how Scorpius handled the duel between father and son, and I really enjoyed seeing the interaction between the dark-headed Potters and Scorpius. Oh, and Rose is cute - I also loved reading a bit about her relationship with Harry.

Chapter 8-10: Oh, wow! That action scene moved quickly, and it was intense! Poor Scorpius and Al, not knowing how to deal. I'm really hoping that Scorpius finds a way to show or tell Rose that this doesn't scare him off, so to speak. Poor Uncle Harry - what a good bloke, but what a hard thing to hear about, especially after the fact. You do a good job of writing Harry's character while highlighting his intense need to save people and be in control and at the same time, fiercly loving his family and friends.

Chapter 11: Yikes - what an intense moment with Scorpius in his towel. Every love story needs a good shirtless boy moment. ;) I loved that Rose literally couldn't form words - hahah!
Evo lym fo srac seh tesre ver = reverse the scars of my love. Right? Cool trick. :)

Onto another chapter! :)

Author's Response: Hi there Kate!

Wow. I know it's taken me far too long to reply to these, but I wanted you to know that your reviews were so, so appreciated. The Scopr and Al moment was REALLY intense and I'm glad it came across that they really *didn't* know how to deal with Rose's situation. Harry is put in a tough spot here, as he would never want to betray Ron, but Rose really needed him, here.

Haha - yeah, Scorp in a towel and Rose speaking gibberish.

Also - you are the second person to notice (or at least comment) on my blatant plagiarism of JK from PS (hee hee)

Thanks again!

♥ Beth

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Review #20, by RupertsPheonix Bereft: Scorpius POV

27th March 2015:
Loved reading these last two chapters from Scorpius' point of view. I feel like you just gave us a little treasure into better understanding him and why Rose referred to him previously as "often angry."

Rose is/was such a good friend. How sweet to stay with him and always know instinctively when he needed her. Seems like you're writing her with a mix of attributes from both her parents - compassion of Hermione and loyalty of Ron with the determination of them both.

Rose's accusation to Ron - "accuse me of doing something untoward with the toilet" - is hilarious. Another flash of sarcasm in the midst of a real-life difficulty.

And, again, onto the next few chapters!

Author's Response: Hi again!

Eep! I feel like you're picking up on ALL of the little nuances I've put into my characters. I did want to make a *different* version of Rose from what I've seen portrayed in other fics, but I also wanted to combine characteristics of both Ron and Hermione. I can't tell you how excited I was to see you comment on that! :D

Yeah, Scorp had a raw deal with Draco and Astoria dying when he was so young. (hold on to that fact...)

And yes! I laughed so hard (this is embarrasing to admit) when I wrote that line about the toilet. I was jumping up and down when I saw you noticed it!

Thanks again!

♥ Beth

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Review #21, by RupertsPheonix Bent: Rose POV

27th March 2015:
Okay,so I probably won't comment on every single chapter as I read all 31 posted chapters, but I wanted to go ahead and say some stuff after reading these first two postings.

First off, wow. So I have a day off work and wanted to find some good Scorp/Rose to read. I didn't realize I was stumbling into such strong writing and unique characterization - I am so pleasantly surprised! I love that I can already, even after only 2 chapters, feel a dynamic building between this friend group. I feel like I can already identify with this Scorpius and this Rose.

Even though Rose is obviously suffering some type of PTSD and/or emotional crud (for lack of a more eloquent term there), she is still a very intriguing and dynamic character. I love her mental reply to her friends/family bursting into Scorpius' room - "call it Christmas" - it's exactly how I (and lots of others) think in situations, finding the funny irony to cope with what's actually going on - that is so relatable.

I also really enjoy that you're teasing us a little with Rose's past. If I'm not mistaken, the second to last line of this chapter is the first time you even use the word "kidnap." This little-by-little revelation is definitely keeping me hooked.

I can't wait to read more and learn more about these fascinating characters! Onto chapter three!


Author's Response: Hi there!

Gosh, I don't know what to say - these reviews are so amazing. I always get excited when someone finds my stories, but your words are SO ENCOURAGING! I must apologize for taking so long to respond, but I didn't want you to think that I don't completely appreciate every single one of them!

Okay, I think I'm done with my gushing (maybe, maybe not).

Haha - I'm the same way with finding a funny point in the face of extreme situations. I always would feel little guilty, but I can't control my thoughts - haha!

Yeah, I didn't want to give too much away in the first chapter - mostly because I wanted to keep it on the shorter side, but it worked out by (hopefully) keeping the reader interested enough to come back for the second chapter.

Thanks again Kate!

♥ Beth

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Review #22, by alicia and anne Broken: Rose POV

26th March 2015:
That is a very great start to the story, beginning with a panic attack. It really drew me in and I couldn't help but wonder why, and how often it happened. And they way that you describe them sound terrifying, I would hate to go through one myself.

:( She's been numb for two years? This made me so sad for her. And I'm worried about her, and how she's managed to convince her family and friends that she's fine. I'm scared to know what happened. :S

:O someone pointed their wand at her? But, why?! Who is this Stannous? And can I kill him?!

I love how you continute her mantra through the story, it makes me connect more with Rose, it makes me want her to get better. It makes me wish that I could help her as her mantra is.

This was such an epic first chapter, so full of information that has kept me on the edge of my seat and I am dying to find out more! I can't wait to find out more! Such brilliant writing, it's so easy to get lost in your beautiful words!

Author's Response: Hi Tammi!

Thank you so much for this review! You've totally made my day with this. I was so excited that you were posting for reviews as I didn't get there fast enough the last time you posted.

I think I might be even more excited that you like my story! I know you've been writing for a long, long time and it really means a lot to me that you felt all those emotions while reading this.

I hope you continue reading it - and I'd love to hear what you think of other chapters!

Thanks again!

♥ Beth

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Review #23, by Magarie298 Betrothed: Rose POV

26th March 2015:
This was my favorite chapter by far! Scorpius' reaction to finding out he is the father in the prophecy was not at all what I was expecting. I thought he would be more happy. Through the chapter I was with Rose in feeling like poor Scorp was being a jerk! But Albus really set it straight. I thought that the information coming from Al was great also. Al has a really close relationship with both of the characters and having it come from anyone else would have made it feel less sincere.

My favorite quote from the chapter was '“You’re angry?” His voice was full of surprise. “You don’t ever get angry.”'. I think this really shows how far Rose has come from her anxiety riddled self. Before this she had always felt like she owed everyone something for protecting her, or helping her, or even just being there for her through her attacks. Here she seems to really be putting her own feelings before everyone else's and it's awesome!

As always you writing is captivating! I can't wait for the next chapter. (I mean this literally, I'm on edge.)

(ps. just realized I did this from my author account by accident)


Author's Response: Hi there!

Gosh - I'm so sorry that I took so long to reply to this - but I was so happy to see you were back for the next chapter!

I'm really glad Scorpius's reasoning came across. He really is a lost soul. You're not the first one to notice Al's relationship with both parties. He plays his role really well - for being someone who is so emotionally charged himself.

Yes! I love that quote as well! I think his embodies the progress Rose has made along her journey to recovery. She isn't the same girl she was in the first chapter.

Next chapter should be up really soon!

♥ Beth

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Review #24, by CambAngst Betrothed: Rose POV

24th March 2015:
Beth! What are you doing, leaving unresolved relationship drama dangling at the end of a chapter? And it isn't even a cliff hanger.

Actually, I have to say, bravo! I think -- maybe I'm just not remembering something -- that this is the first time you've let problems between Rose and Scorpius spill over from one chapter to the next. In a story that you're telling serially, that adds some depth and a more realistic feel to things. Problems don't wrap up neatly in 5,000 words in life.

It took me a long time to get my head around why Scorpius was acting the way he was in this chapter. Longer than normal, I'd say. Al didn't just have to spell it out for Rose's benefit. ;) Once it was laid out, though, it clicked with me. Maybe it's just because it's been a while since I read the actual prophecy. Maybe it's also partly because I read Emma's new chapter of Complicated right before I read this and I'm getting two different versions of "moody Scorpius" a little mixed up in my head. Either way, I spent a lot of the chapter in the same mental place as Rose. "What is this guy's problem???"

Scorpius cleared his throat, but still sounded a little hoarse when he spoke. It brought tears to my eyes and I was glad he couldn’t see my face. "A-and what about the 'lost soul?'" -- You know, with the benefit of hindsight and knowing the answer, this one passage actually says a lot of about what's going on with both of them. Scorpius has a somewhat different read on the prophecy and he's very worried about it. Rose is also hiding her feelings from him a bit. As I think back over this chapter, there were several places where Rose sort of avoids dealing with Scorpius's feelings. She seems to feel like she's giving him room, which isn't bad in and of itself, but I wonder whether she let it go on a little too long.

Nobody throws a party like the Weasleys. If your plan was to have the party introduce a lot of extra time for Rose and Scorpius to put off their moment of reckoning, it worked well.

I'm curious as to why Harry wanted to issue a press release about the prophecy. In the books, prophecies were always made to seem like closely guarded secrets. I assumed that's why the prophecies in the Ministry were protected so that only the people mentioned could obtain them. Was there a risk of the prophecy getting out somehow? Maybe Stannous?

Then there's Stannous. I have a weird feeling he's going to surface at some point during this party. Or perhaps when Rose leaves the party to find out where Scorpius went. Or maybe he actually kidnapped Scorpius from the party! As you can see, my imagination is running away with me. It happens. ;)

Wow. Al just doesn't handle change well. Or surprises. Or just about anything out of the ordinary. I was pleased that Dom was there to apply percussive negative reinforcement to the back of his head.

Going flying with James was about the lamest cop-out I've ever seen. Trust me, I've seen some lame ones. I was very annoyed with Scorpius after reading that. Strongly disapproved.

"I can't tell you how much stress this takes off of me – and Dad – and your Mum and Dad – you get the picture." His voice was kinder now. Was he close to tears?

"But," he began, steadier, "Scorpius is a different story. He didn't see this coming and he's devastated."

Just like that, you slip a "redeeming Al moment" in on us. He's such an emotional guy. And sensitive. If being an Auror doesn't work out, he'd make a great soul singer.

I have a weird feeling that something big is coming up in the next chapter. I hope it's something big. I'm eager.

Great job!

Author's Response: Hi Dan!

So sorry I've taken so long to respond to this awesome review!

Haha - I think you're right. I did make a conscious decision NOT to do the "on again/off again" thing with my Rose/Scorpius. While those stories are exciting, they can also be frustrating to read. BUT, I sort of feel like I fell into that trap a little bit by default. I couldn't help it, sometimes the characters just do it to themselves.

I'm actually relieved to hear you say that you didn't quite get Scorpius's perspective at first, because I really thought I was being overly obvious about it. I'm still not confident that my mystery/drama will play out to everyone's expectations, but know that I'm doing my very best! :)

Yet again, you've touched on a key point - and I've updated to reflect that Harry decides NOT to publicize the prophecy. Ironically, that part was added in at the very last minute before I posted the chapter. The original story line did NOT have the prophecy being made public. My reason for adding that part in was because of the back story with Harry/Hermione/Ron from the days following the war. If you recall, I'd given Hermione her own bout of PTSD (possible, nay probable - accompanying short story coming VERY soon). That story has every would-be seer making prophecies all over the place about the Trio and Hermione finds it all too much. And I've just rambled a bit to make the point that I briefly thought Harry would try to circumvent the press by releasing the prophecy himself. However - I'm back to my original thoughts where it's kept under wraps.

Al can be a bit fiery at times. He must get it from his mother. Or father. Haha - and I LOVE writing Dom :)

A weird feeling something big is coming up? Why ever would you say that, Dan? Hmm...

Well, I guess you'll just have to see! Chapter is with the beta right now...

Thanks again - SO MUCH!

♥ Beth

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Review #25, by Lostmyheart Besieged: Rose POV

23rd March 2015:
Wow, Beth, I'm... what just happened?!
My heart is beating so fast! I can't believe that just happened! Poor Rose, and I'm SO happy that Dom and Selenia were there to help her.
How on earth did Stannous come in?! And it seems like the other two wizards could apparate in? Oh my god.

You started this chapter in the sweetest way possible, and again, I LOVE YOUR SCORPIUS! I can't say it enough. I love them, both, together, 4eva.
How he kissed her when he came in, *swoon*
When they said goodbye, *even more swoon*
And then - BAM - creepy guy in her room in the middle of the night and I felt my heart ache with fear.

Now I really need to read the next chapter.
Beth, you're brilliant!


Author's Response: Hi there Avi!

Haha! I'm glad to see you've made it to the part where there's some action. Sorry to drop it on you like that, but it had to be done.

Yes, there are a lot of questions. It IS weird that he got in, isn't it? Hmmm...

Haha - I'm a little bit in love with Scorpius too. He's so head-over-heels for Rose, it is quite sweet.

Thank you again - SO MUCH - for these awesome reviews.

♥ Beth

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