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Review #1, by TreacleTart Broken: Rose POV

29th March 2015:
Hello there!

I'm here for our review swap!

Wow! What a first chapter! I feel really invested and drawn into this character that I barely know yet. The voice you've given her is superb. She sounds very authentic to a young woman.

Based on the memories of when she was attacked, I'm going to assume she was raped. The after affects and how she is dealing with them seem pretty spot on to me. The just wanting to move on, but having panic attacks from internalizing everything is heartbreaking. I hope at some point she is able to get some help coping with everything.

The repetition of "Get up. Wash. Get Dressed. Class. Rounds. Study" was very effective. I could see her repeating that mantra to herself to get her through the day.

And finally, I really respect that you're dealing with a tough topic here. A lot of people kind of beat around the bush when dealing with subjects like sexual assault because it can be so tough to deal with, so kudos for this.

I'm definitely adding this onto my currently reading list, so I can see where it goes from here!

Thanks for the swap!


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Review #2, by Anie Betrothed: Rose POV

28th March 2015:
I got worried that you had abandoned this story.
I was so relieve to see that you updated! And what an update it was.
Poor Scorpius. Poor Rose!
I understand his anguish. He could justify raising a child that was evil because of the father being evil. But when he found out it was actually himself that fathered the child...oh boy (or girl...hehe)! Keep up the great work! I hope everything is OK and that the break wasn't because of anything bad.

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Review #3, by RupertsPheonix Betrothed: Rose POV

28th March 2015:
Baby Malfoy - how sweet. :) I enjoyed Scorpius' reaction and over-enthusiastic questions at the first appiontment at St. Mungo's!

YES! I knew that Scorpius could be the father in the prophecy! I feel like a Seer myself!

Poor Scorpius... He's taking this really hard. He's not evil though, just his family tree. Hopefully Rose and Al and the gang can help him understand that.

Cliffhanger at the end there. Whoa. Eagerly awaiting the next chapter!


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Review #4, by RupertsPheonix Bound by Blood: Rose and Scorpius POV

27th March 2015:
The Rose and Hermione heart-to-heart was beautiful. I think they both needed it. It's also interesting to see the parallels you're drawing between the two couples - Ronmione and Scorose.

Prophecy?! Whoa, there's a plot twist I was certainly not expecting. And, oh my d*mn, another one with the prophecy not being about her, but about her future baby! Wow. (Also, props to the reaction James has "the f**k, you say" - there's always that one undiginfied but perfectly accurate reply in the room).

Okay, I KNEW that L'erge Stannous was too close to the last name Lestrange. Now I see what you did there - very clever!

Wait, why aren't they considering that it could be Scorpius as the father? I mean, it could be, right? The Malfoys were in the inner circle...? Or does it have to specifically be the child of a death eater, not the child of a child of a death eater?

Proposal - aw. How sweet!

Wait, proposal AND pregnancy?! The pass out was scary, but I'm so glad Sels was there, and she kept Al busy, too! What a good friend!


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Review #5, by RupertsPheonix Beloved: Scorpius POV

27th March 2015:
So glad that Rose finally opened up to Scorpius and they moved forward in their relationship!

Whoa, that action scene in the pub was itntense. Loved the moment afterwards with Ginny, Rose, and Hermione!

I love Sassy!Rose. There's that sarcasm again - "James and Fred aren't aurors." LOL. So glad that Scorpius recognizes this quality and appreciates it, too.

Oh, no, Ron's outbursts... Yikes. When Harry said "administrative action" I literally felt my eyes grow wide. But, oh, be still my heart, when you went into a third person point of view about Ron. His thoughts about post-Bellatrix's torture and how he cared for Hermione...And how that mirrors how Scorpius took care of Rose after the break in at the flat... Oh, Lawd, the feels.

The moment between Ron and Scorp in the forest. Yes. Perfect.

Onto another few chapters,

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Review #6, by RupertsPheonix Befuddled: Rose AND Scorpius POV

27th March 2015:
Chapter 6 & 7: I love how Scorpius handled the duel between father and son, and I really enjoyed seeing the interaction between the dark-headed Potters and Scorpius. Oh, and Rose is cute - I also loved reading a bit about her relationship with Harry.

Chapter 8-10: Oh, wow! That action scene moved quickly, and it was intense! Poor Scorpius and Al, not knowing how to deal. I'm really hoping that Scorpius finds a way to show or tell Rose that this doesn't scare him off, so to speak. Poor Uncle Harry - what a good bloke, but what a hard thing to hear about, especially after the fact. You do a good job of writing Harry's character while highlighting his intense need to save people and be in control and at the same time, fiercly loving his family and friends.

Chapter 11: Yikes - what an intense moment with Scorpius in his towel. Every love story needs a good shirtless boy moment. ;) I loved that Rose literally couldn't form words - hahah!
Evo lym fo srac seh tesre ver = reverse the scars of my love. Right? Cool trick. :)

Onto another chapter! :)

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Review #7, by RupertsPheonix Bereft: Scorpius POV

27th March 2015:
Loved reading these last two chapters from Scorpius' point of view. I feel like you just gave us a little treasure into better understanding him and why Rose referred to him previously as "often angry."

Rose is/was such a good friend. How sweet to stay with him and always know instinctively when he needed her. Seems like you're writing her with a mix of attributes from both her parents - compassion of Hermione and loyalty of Ron with the determination of them both.

Rose's accusation to Ron - "accuse me of doing something untoward with the toilet" - is hilarious. Another flash of sarcasm in the midst of a real-life difficulty.

And, again, onto the next few chapters!

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Review #8, by RupertsPheonix Bent: Rose POV

27th March 2015:
Okay,so I probably won't comment on every single chapter as I read all 31 posted chapters, but I wanted to go ahead and say some stuff after reading these first two postings.

First off, wow. So I have a day off work and wanted to find some good Scorp/Rose to read. I didn't realize I was stumbling into such strong writing and unique characterization - I am so pleasantly surprised! I love that I can already, even after only 2 chapters, feel a dynamic building between this friend group. I feel like I can already identify with this Scorpius and this Rose.

Even though Rose is obviously suffering some type of PTSD and/or emotional crud (for lack of a more eloquent term there), she is still a very intriguing and dynamic character. I love her mental reply to her friends/family bursting into Scorpius' room - "call it Christmas" - it's exactly how I (and lots of others) think in situations, finding the funny irony to cope with what's actually going on - that is so relatable.

I also really enjoy that you're teasing us a little with Rose's past. If I'm not mistaken, the second to last line of this chapter is the first time you even use the word "kidnap." This little-by-little revelation is definitely keeping me hooked.

I can't wait to read more and learn more about these fascinating characters! Onto chapter three!


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Review #9, by alicia and anne Broken: Rose POV

26th March 2015:
That is a very great start to the story, beginning with a panic attack. It really drew me in and I couldn't help but wonder why, and how often it happened. And they way that you describe them sound terrifying, I would hate to go through one myself.

:( She's been numb for two years? This made me so sad for her. And I'm worried about her, and how she's managed to convince her family and friends that she's fine. I'm scared to know what happened. :S

:O someone pointed their wand at her? But, why?! Who is this Stannous? And can I kill him?!

I love how you continute her mantra through the story, it makes me connect more with Rose, it makes me want her to get better. It makes me wish that I could help her as her mantra is.

This was such an epic first chapter, so full of information that has kept me on the edge of my seat and I am dying to find out more! I can't wait to find out more! Such brilliant writing, it's so easy to get lost in your beautiful words!

Author's Response: Hi Tammi!

Thank you so much for this review! You've totally made my day with this. I was so excited that you were posting for reviews as I didn't get there fast enough the last time you posted.

I think I might be even more excited that you like my story! I know you've been writing for a long, long time and it really means a lot to me that you felt all those emotions while reading this.

I hope you continue reading it - and I'd love to hear what you think of other chapters!

Thanks again!

♥ Beth

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Review #10, by Magarie298 Betrothed: Rose POV

26th March 2015:
This was my favorite chapter by far! Scorpius' reaction to finding out he is the father in the prophecy was not at all what I was expecting. I thought he would be more happy. Through the chapter I was with Rose in feeling like poor Scorp was being a jerk! But Albus really set it straight. I thought that the information coming from Al was great also. Al has a really close relationship with both of the characters and having it come from anyone else would have made it feel less sincere.

My favorite quote from the chapter was '“You’re angry?” His voice was full of surprise. “You don’t ever get angry.”'. I think this really shows how far Rose has come from her anxiety riddled self. Before this she had always felt like she owed everyone something for protecting her, or helping her, or even just being there for her through her attacks. Here she seems to really be putting her own feelings before everyone else's and it's awesome!

As always you writing is captivating! I can't wait for the next chapter. (I mean this literally, I'm on edge.)

(ps. just realized I did this from my author account by accident)


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Review #11, by CambAngst Betrothed: Rose POV

24th March 2015:
Beth! What are you doing, leaving unresolved relationship drama dangling at the end of a chapter? And it isn't even a cliff hanger.

Actually, I have to say, bravo! I think -- maybe I'm just not remembering something -- that this is the first time you've let problems between Rose and Scorpius spill over from one chapter to the next. In a story that you're telling serially, that adds some depth and a more realistic feel to things. Problems don't wrap up neatly in 5,000 words in life.

It took me a long time to get my head around why Scorpius was acting the way he was in this chapter. Longer than normal, I'd say. Al didn't just have to spell it out for Rose's benefit. ;) Once it was laid out, though, it clicked with me. Maybe it's just because it's been a while since I read the actual prophecy. Maybe it's also partly because I read Emma's new chapter of Complicated right before I read this and I'm getting two different versions of "moody Scorpius" a little mixed up in my head. Either way, I spent a lot of the chapter in the same mental place as Rose. "What is this guy's problem???"

Scorpius cleared his throat, but still sounded a little hoarse when he spoke. It brought tears to my eyes and I was glad he couldn’t see my face. "A-and what about the 'lost soul?'" -- You know, with the benefit of hindsight and knowing the answer, this one passage actually says a lot of about what's going on with both of them. Scorpius has a somewhat different read on the prophecy and he's very worried about it. Rose is also hiding her feelings from him a bit. As I think back over this chapter, there were several places where Rose sort of avoids dealing with Scorpius's feelings. She seems to feel like she's giving him room, which isn't bad in and of itself, but I wonder whether she let it go on a little too long.

Nobody throws a party like the Weasleys. If your plan was to have the party introduce a lot of extra time for Rose and Scorpius to put off their moment of reckoning, it worked well.

I'm curious as to why Harry wanted to issue a press release about the prophecy. In the books, prophecies were always made to seem like closely guarded secrets. I assumed that's why the prophecies in the Ministry were protected so that only the people mentioned could obtain them. Was there a risk of the prophecy getting out somehow? Maybe Stannous?

Then there's Stannous. I have a weird feeling he's going to surface at some point during this party. Or perhaps when Rose leaves the party to find out where Scorpius went. Or maybe he actually kidnapped Scorpius from the party! As you can see, my imagination is running away with me. It happens. ;)

Wow. Al just doesn't handle change well. Or surprises. Or just about anything out of the ordinary. I was pleased that Dom was there to apply percussive negative reinforcement to the back of his head.

Going flying with James was about the lamest cop-out I've ever seen. Trust me, I've seen some lame ones. I was very annoyed with Scorpius after reading that. Strongly disapproved.

"I can't tell you how much stress this takes off of me – and Dad – and your Mum and Dad – you get the picture." His voice was kinder now. Was he close to tears?

"But," he began, steadier, "Scorpius is a different story. He didn't see this coming and he's devastated."

Just like that, you slip a "redeeming Al moment" in on us. He's such an emotional guy. And sensitive. If being an Auror doesn't work out, he'd make a great soul singer.

I have a weird feeling that something big is coming up in the next chapter. I hope it's something big. I'm eager.

Great job!

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Review #12, by Lostmyheart Besieged: Rose POV

23rd March 2015:
Wow, Beth, I'm... what just happened?!
My heart is beating so fast! I can't believe that just happened! Poor Rose, and I'm SO happy that Dom and Selenia were there to help her.
How on earth did Stannous come in?! And it seems like the other two wizards could apparate in? Oh my god.

You started this chapter in the sweetest way possible, and again, I LOVE YOUR SCORPIUS! I can't say it enough. I love them, both, together, 4eva.
How he kissed her when he came in, *swoon*
When they said goodbye, *even more swoon*
And then - BAM - creepy guy in her room in the middle of the night and I felt my heart ache with fear.

Now I really need to read the next chapter.
Beth, you're brilliant!


Author's Response: Hi there Avi!

Haha! I'm glad to see you've made it to the part where there's some action. Sorry to drop it on you like that, but it had to be done.

Yes, there are a lot of questions. It IS weird that he got in, isn't it? Hmmm...

Haha - I'm a little bit in love with Scorpius too. He's so head-over-heels for Rose, it is quite sweet.

Thank you again - SO MUCH - for these awesome reviews.

♥ Beth

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Review #13, by Lostmyheart Better: Rose POV

23rd March 2015:
This was a rather short chapter, but still an important one! I loved to see Rose's side of the story, I love how shy they are around each other. Or maybe it's awkwardness, or a mix of the two. But seriously, you're making my heart melt when you make Scorpius beam up like that!

It must be weird to have your uncle see something like that, but they're adults now - it had to come sooner or later.
The beginning with how Harry came up with her name teared me up a bit. Of course they wouldn't take Lily as the name for their child, it was wise to keep it in case he got a girl one day.

Again, a short review because I must go on!


Author's Response: Hi again!

Yeah, this chapter wasn't too long. I still grapple with chapter length and they end up all different. Haha - Scorpius is completely beside himself here. He wants to be there for Rose so badly, but just doesn't know what exactly to do or say.

Thanks again!

♥ Beth

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Review #14, by Lostmyheart Bitter: Scorpius POV

23rd March 2015:
Beth, you make me fall more and more in love with Scorpius with every line I read! He's adorable!

I loved this chapter, are you crazy your characterizations are just perfect. You've done so much work on your chapters, with the way the think, act and respond.

I hope it's okay that I give you this short review, I just really want to move on and see what happens with Scorp and Rose!


Author's Response: Avi!

Wow! This was such a nice surprise to log in and see these reviews. This was perfectly lovely - and I'm so excited that you want to read on!

Thanks again!

♥ Beth

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Review #15, by MargaretLane Betrothed: Rose POV

23rd March 2015:
LOVE the way Rose cannot bring herself to believe it true, as she's been so worried about the other possibility that it seems she didn't even consider that it might NOT be accurate. I think that's pretty understandable.

This line sounds a little awkward: " I think the absolute look of disbelief on mine and Scorpius’s faces had shaken her." I'd be inclined to write something like, "then stopped, possibly shaken by the looks of disbelief on my face and Scorpius's." This is REALLY nitpicky though. But "mine and Scorpius's faces" doesn't sound quite right, as you wouldn't say "mine face."

Oh gosh, I didn't even think about that. I was wondering and wondering what it was that didn't seem quite right to Hermione, but I couldn't pin-point anything. You write prophecies well, having something that gives so much information, but that isn't obvious until the relevance is pointed out.

This should be all one sentence, not two: "Even though we now know that he isn’t the father from the prophecy. He is probably still going to think he is.”

And yes, I don't think Stannous is going to give up this easily.

Uh oh, it's just occurred to me to wonder what he'll plan next. Yeah, I can see two possibilities. He MIGHT realise his mistake, but I don't think he's going to take it that easily. I could see him trying to end this pregnancy, so her first child would be with him. He might not yet realise the details that specify Scorpius and might think the prophecy could refer to either of them, as the one in the books could refer to Harry or Neville and that he could get rid of this threat.

After Hermione suggests they announce the engagement and pregnancy tonight, the part where she lifts her head should be a new sentence, with a capital "s". Same with "She seemed less confident."

Hmm, I wonder if part of Scorpius's problem here is because it's a reminder of the part his grandfather played in the Death Eaters. Probably not a nice thing of which to be reminded.

The part about Ron grumbling about Ravenclaw decorations amused me. In some ways, he has NEVER grown up.

I really love the way you are continuing to show the possible disruption to Rose's career, and Scorpius's and the confusion that is causing her. A lot of stories seem to just have a baby solve everything, but no matter how wanted a child is, and how much support the parents have (like in this case), it's bound to cause adjustments.

Oh gosh, I wonder how Hugo'll feel, missing out on his sister's engagement party. It can't be helped, but he's bound to feel a little left out.

And due October 31st - a celebration in the wizarding world and the anniversary of Harry's parents' deaths. What a perfect date! It'd be great if the child was born that day.

I think if the memories are now doing no more than making her shudder, it's a good indication of how much she has recovered. Considering what she's been through, that's quite a mild reaction.

Yeah, Scorpius is going to have to grow up, now he's about to be a father. I can understand why this is stressful for him, but there will be stressful moments as the child grows up too and he can't just withdraw during them, as his child will need him.

Coming from a neutral country, the reference to Switzerland amused me.

Scorpius is starting to remind me of Remus here - reacting irrationally to the thought that he might be a father, because he is worried that he will somehow be bad for the child.

Poor Rose. It seems like she goes from one difficulty to another. Just as she began to recover from the effects of her trauma that had basically lost her two years of her life, Stannous reappears and her life is placed in danger, and then just as she is resuming her life after being on 24 hour protection and her relationship seems to be going well, all this stuff is stirred up, placing stress between her and Scorpius. She can't seem to catch a break.

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Review #16, by crestwood Breakdown: Rose POV

13th March 2015:
Hey, here for review three out of three!

Have I mentioned how interested I am in the idea of there being therapists in this story? We never see any in canon, but I like to play with the idea in my fics. I'm sure that the wizarding world has them, or will eventually.

I'm surprised to see that Rose is okay with showing Ruth her scars. It seems as though she's slowly getting more and more relaxed about them. Very slowly, but still moving forward.

I'm so fascinated by Scorpius' family magic. It seems as though Ruth knows something that she's not letting on. I'm hoping that it's something that can only be activated by truly loving someone or something similar, rather than something that would be cause for concern.

I wish Ruth was my therapist honestly. I feel like she could have saved me from a lot of grief in my life. She gives Rose the best advice ever. I completely forgot who exactly she is until she mentioned her trip to Bulgaria and now I am so sad. They didn't even get a proper goodbye :(

I was really not expecting the second scene of this chapter. I wonder how you always have the EXACT right scene for everything you're trying to do. Like, I totally get this and what it does for the narrative and it all fits together so perfectly.

A large part of me is kind of chuckling at Cormac getting yelled at by Healer Lawrence because I just hate him so much and like to see him humiliated, I guess?? (I have serious anger toward this fictional character) Of course he is most concerned with not going down in history and not all of this pain he caused. *sigh*

I'm endlessly intrigued by this 'half portkey, half apparation.' I'm coming up with all sorts of theories about how this would work. In my head, it's like the Knight Bus, but it teleports, which would, admittedly, be really awesome.

Internal splinching?? Where do you get these ideas? That is genius and also, gruesome. I am so jealous that you thought of this before I did because, wow. It's so cool that Rose was the one to figure it out!

But her losing her patient was horrifying. This is one of the saddest chapters in a story full of some pretty acute sadness at times. All of Healer Lawrence's lines at the end of this scene are golden. Especially 'If it gets easy to lose someone, then you know you have been doing this too long…' I just can't deal with how GOOD.

Everything with Scorpius is amazing in this chapter as usual. Having their first time after a day like that has some kind of sad undertones, I think. You write bedroom scenes so, so well. There's this gentleness of the words you use in those scenes that just changes the entire mood. I don't know--I don't even know how you do this, honestly. I still can't believe that this is the first thing you've ever written because like, how??


Rose getting done up and wanting to go out was a super quick change in mood...should I be worried? Maybe not. We'll see.

This might be my new favorite chapter so far. Although, the standard is so high that it's safe to say every chapter could be my favorite. Amazing, mind-blowing work yet again. Thank you for the swap ♥

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Review #17, by crestwood Breakthrough: Scorpius POV

12th March 2015:
Hi Beth, I'm finally back to finish our swap.

I really like this chapter because I'm getting to meet some characters that I haven't seen much of so far. I didn't expect to have a chapter so heavily focused on the mentees, but I think they're such interesting people, even if they aren't main characters or anything.

I have no idea how you manage with this story--the storyline is so dense and complicated. I couldn't keep up with all the ways they're approaching this case all at once as a writer. (although, as a reader, I soak it up fine :P)

I don't think I've ever known the hard facts about Rose's abduction. This chapter told me a whole lot that I wasn't aware of before. I really like the 'putting the timeline on the wall' thing. It makes it easier to follow because I'm picturing it as visual now.

I had a feeling that Stannous would have falsified all sorts of things at Hogwarts. They really should work on better background checks. I can't wait until the day I get to find out where he really came from because I have been wondering since he was introduced.

I'm glad that Scorpius comes to his senses so quickly about blaming himself for what happened to Rose. I really don't think Stannous was going to let him get in the way of his kidnapping.

I understand why Stannous didn't kill Rose since I've seen so far ahead in the story, but I don't exactly understand what motivated him to kidnap her in the first place. Like, what did he get out of it? Sick joy? Or something else? And why did he just return her as if nothing had happened? I have a lot of questions :P

I also really wanted to know how Stannous got into their wards. I don't quite understand yet but I have a feeling that won't be answered for a while.

I'm so invested in the mystery of this story. You've written one of the best that I've come across and also one of the best romance stories I've read here. It's incredible that you're able to balance those genres so skillfully. You're really so amazing

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Review #18, by crestwood Befuddled: Rose AND Scorpius POV

9th March 2015:
Hi Beth! I've taken a ridiculous amount of time to get to this. My weekend was much crazier than I expected. (not that this week is any better :P)

I'm so excited that everyone's moving into Grimmauld Place! The chapters that take place there are some of my favorites. I think I'm almost caught up to the point when I began beta reading for you, but I can't remember which exact chapter that is. I don't get to really take in chapters that I beta though, so it'll be great to finally read them for pleasure when I get there.

I'm a really big fan of the Fidelius Charm. I've considered writing an action novel just so that I could have an excuse to make use of it. It's just such an awesome plot device and cabin fever and capers and everything associated with it are just so much fun.

It's kind of funny how Ron totally misses the gravity of the situation and is upset that Rose will be living with Scorpius haha. I feel kind of bad that he's out of the loop here.

I forget that Scorpius is related to the Blacks so often. And the fact that Teddy and Scorpius are distantly related completely escapes my mind all the time. And it's so weird how Teddy is considered a Next-Gen character even though he's technically a part of Harry's generation. These family trees are SO weird.

It's really sweet that Scorpius doesn't try to spin this sleeping in Rose's room thing in that way just yet. The fact that he sleeps on the floor in her room to support her and be there for her is amazing.

I can understand how helpless Scorpius must feel about not being able to prevent or fix Rose's panic attacks. I've never been in his situation, but I've been in Rose's and I know that it wears on your support system as well. It's almost inevitable that at least once you're going to feel horrible for putting everyone through so much and get upset about how much pity everyone is showing you and then have yet another panic attack about that. Panic attacks about having panic attacks are particularly bad because explaining them just sounds so silly.

I'm so glad that Albus and Harry have worked out a better way of communicating than they had before. That ended up rather explosive...literally.

I can imagine that with Harry's hero complex, (for lack of a better phrase) he wouldn't be taking kindly to the thought that all of this happened to Rose without his knowledge. I think you've really nailed him as an adult, by the way. He seems to have progressed in exactly the way I'd imagine him to based on the books. It's funny that people write adult Harry in such wildly different ways, even though we all read the same books told through his perspective and theoretically should agree on his personality more than anyone.

Colleen Creevey makes me weep a little because Colin is one of my favorites. (now i'm thinking about it and have planned out a Colin Creevey story that fits in with my Kaleidoscope Love spin-off. i can't stop having ideas)

Scorpius saying weird stuff whenever Rose is around is so perfect this could not get any better i promise you.

It makes me sad how they both have the complete wrong idea here. It's so awesome how you make use of both of their POVs in this chapter. It wouldn't have the same impact with only one because this gives us the full story of how misled they both are. Miscommunications like this cause nothing but problems, but talking about your feelings is hard. It kind of reminds me of my Rose and Scorpius from WUR, but less...hatred filled.

I am so glad that Rose's therapist is nice and that she finds her helpful. I've had some bad experiences with some but I am excited about the fact that she's having such a good one.

Rose's gibberish is SO GREAT. This is so awkward and I love it.

I want to send Rose a letter just to tell her that, I too, like and notice soft hands.

Dom is one of my favorite characters. Dominique as a wise cracking Auror is basically everything that I could ever ask for.

I'm so relieved that they finally realized that they should just be together. You wrote this so skillfully. The initial realization and the moment when Rose pulled away, their conversations about it all; everything is just perfect.

I'm really into the idea of a Greengrass specific magic. I've seen people give the Malfoy's magical secrets of their own, but I've never seen the other side of his family get much attention.

I'm so satisfied with this chapter. It was practically everything I wanted it to be and more. Such excellent work, as always. Thank you for the swap, I hope I can get to the rest soon :)

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Review #19, by horcruxxx Broken: Rose POV

7th March 2015:
Hello, I'm here for the BvB Review Battle!

Even though Post-Hogwarts era is not my favorite to read about, I thought some diversity would do me good, because 90% of the stories on my reading list are everything but Post-Hogwarts stories.

And I'm really glad I chose this story :)

First of all, you manage to switch mood from really sad and depressing to cheerful very well. When I started reading about Rose's ride to Hogwarts I was immediately there, not the smallest part of me was left with the other, older Rose. I hope it makes sense :D

Also, I like yours little humoristic additions now and then. I actually laughed out loud when I read about McGonagall's reaction to Scorpius' sorting. And suggesting that the Sorting might have had one too many before sorting the first years was so funny!

And I really want to find out what happened in Rose's life, so I'll keep reading your story for sure.


Author's Response: Hi there Monika!

Eeep! I'm so glad you picked this. It is the story that I've put the most work into so far and as such, I let out a little squee with every single review. Thanks for the compliment about how the story can switch emotions. I worry about how that comes off. I also worry that my humor isn't as funny to others so yay!

Thanks so much for this review!

♥ Beth

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Review #20, by oldershouldknowbetter Bereft: Scorpius POV

2nd March 2015:
OK, here for the review swap, but going into this I feel like I might be cheating you with my review. I don't know whether I'll have much to say about what you've written because you have done such a superb job - your words speak for themselves and there is not much more I can add. The way you handled Scorpius' grief was so real, his emotions are so starkly laid for us that there is not that much more to add.

I will try and do a review of a standard that this chapter warrants.

The way you had Daphne marry a muggle was a nice touch. It sets the tone for Scorpius' estrangement from what's left of his family and their past. Not in a nasty way, not at all, but as his Aunt said - she has chosen to live her life her way and it is obvious to her and to Scorpius that that is not the way in which he wants to live his. I know I'm skipping ahead of myself in this review, but it's hard not to.

He is numb from his grief and the matter-of-fact way you present the events at the start of the chapter (a chapter seen very much from his perspective) speaks to his mental fatigue. His survivors guilt you outline well, as I mentioned in the last chapter he would feel so guilty not only in the way he left them but also because 'if he'd only been there...'; he might have smelt the gas, his presence might have meant his father might not have been there and thus ensured his father's survival. Yes hindsight. And in his deepest, darkest moments he might also think that if he'd been there then it would have only meant that there would have been three bodies lying on the floor and he is secretly glad he wasn't there.

Ugh, such a mess, such a burden for a young man. At least his aunt is leaving him alone, but then she knocks on his door to ask him to greet visitors? But it's not - it's Rose and Albus.

I very much like your characterisation of Rose. The words you put into her mouth, the almost verbal diarrhea that comes out to say anything, anything other than what is upper-most on all their minds, is so well done. In just a few words you also fill us in on a lot of relevant details of their parent's character. And the comfort that both of them give him and the breaking down of the 'Malfoy reserve' that he was possibly erecting around himself was magnificently done.

Then good old Ron barges in in just the wrong way. The way a father should, given what his paranoia tells him may be going on, moreover, what his eyes tell him is going on. You have a good grasp of storytelling technique - the pathos of this scene, almost ludicrous in it's nature, manages to pull us all back from the despair and the loss. Daphne's muggle husband is a great comedic touch.

All the characterisation is just so spot on. Ron is belligerent and over-protective just as I imagine a father of his type to be. Harry is the peacemaker and a generous soul. Aunt Daphne has some wisdom about her and genuinely wants what is best for her nephew.

And then there is Albus. There is a very subtle flaw in his character that you explore here and in a previous chapter. He is a good kid and someone who makes his dad proud, but he does muddle through somewhat; he has a tragic sense of bad timing - barging in on the half-dressed Rose in a previous chapter and being out of the room when Ron barges in in this one. It speaks of his emotional immaturity, yes I know he is younger here, but in the previous chapters (set in the future) he remains largely unchanged. He is under the shadow of his father, not in an overt way, not trapped and certainly not from his father doing, but it is unconscious - his life is a little bit rudderless. I know it is a lot to draw from him not being in the room in one scene, but as I said it is subtle and it builds in chapters to come.

And finally there is Rose. Right in the story description, up front for all to see, you state that bravery is not the defining characteristic of Rose Weasley. It is why she wasn't in Gryffindor, like her mum was. But she does have enough spine to stand up to her father, enough intelligence to make him see the truth of the matter. She might not be particularly brave, but how much of that in the Rose to come derives from her basic personality and how much from a horrific incident that has left far more than just emotional scars. The caring that these two have for each other is deep and is only furthered by the continuation of it in the months and then the years to come. Rose's almost instinctual knowledge of when Scorpius needs her comfort the most shows us how deeply they are connected and also her eventual abilities as a healer.

We snap back into the present, to find a Scorpius who is going to try to 'forget about Rose' even though he knows he cannot. So at least we know that he knows just how much Rose means to him.

This is a very good chapter and something you should be proud of - it is no wonder to me that you won best new writer, if this is the caliber of the first story you wrote.

I can offer you no higher praise than that your Scorpius influenced my own version. I had seen so many 'pureblood Malfoy' versions of Scorpius before, but when I came to this one I realised that what I was thinking should be the character of Scorpius was not only possible but was in fact desirable. I like to think that my Scorpius basically differs from yours in that in mine his father has been brutally honest with him - told him everything, all his bad deeds (even some of Lucius' too) and the shame he feels for them and the shame that this brought on an otherwise noble name. So thank you, thank you for showing me what was possible in the character of Scorpius Malfoy.


PS. I obviously cannot help myself and could write about a chapter that 'needed nothing more to be said' about it. ;)

Author's Response: Hi Andrew!

So I apologize for taking far too long to respond to this. I've been a little bit busy, but the real reason is that I keep re-reading this review with a goofy smile on my face. And I just did it again. I'm so humbled by this review, I don't know if I'll be able to properly respond to it, despite the wait.

I feel like, above all else, you really understand my characters. You've picked up on every detail that I left behind and, as a writer, I'm so appreciative of that.

Haha - I really loved writing Rose in this chapter - standing up to Ron (I actually had fun with him too). And I'm glad you mentioned the story summary. Rose doesn't think she is brave, but she just doesn't realize what is inside of her. I'm slowly trying to draw it out through the story :)

I did need to make it so that Scorpius was fairly alone after his parents' deaths. But I didn't want to demonize Daphne. That would've been too easy - to make her just like Petuna and Vernon. So, I choose to have her marry a muggle. Uncle Phil was a blast. I wish I had a reason to bring him back.

Gah! You've found things about Albus that I didn't even *intend* to be there, but you're right! He does have the tiniest bit of unrefinement (is that a word?!) in his character. Sometimes I know this group so well, I don't even notice when I put little nuances of them into the story - and thanks so much for pointing it out.

Yes! They *do* care for each other deeply - they just haven't realized it yet. Hopefully it will be obvious that it is even more than that - they need each other to be complete.

Geez - I'm so blown away by this - I am having a hard time coming up with the right words to thank you. I feel honored that you take the time not only to read my story, but write so thoughtfully about it.

Thank you so much,

♥ Beth

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Review #21, by pottered  Broken: Rose POV

22nd February 2015:
Hi! Pottered1 from the forums here (:
This was a good chapter, and definitely intrigues the readers to anticipate for the next chapter because of the question: what happened to rose which made her like this; broken, and on verge of panic attacks and to keep herself distracted by continuously repeating a mantra in her mind. Not sure why the reviewers count dropped, honestly because this seems like a good story and no, you didn't stuff up everything in the first chapter, it was a good and simple one with introductions and the beginning of the plot. I also really liked Rose, and also how Albus and Selenia had been in a relationship since their forth year; it's cute. And lol, also the way James thought the hat was somehow drunk, seems very James Potter like and ooo, the fact that Scorpius was in Ravenclaw; I liked it as not many fics have Scorpius in Ravenclaw so that was a change; a good one aha.
All together, a good chapter. The award for this story seems well deserved.
-m (: x

Author's Response: Hello hello!

Gosh - I didn't intend to take so long to reply to this. Sorry! Thank you so much for reviewing this and giving your honest opinion. I'm so glad you liked the first chapter. I'm wondering if maybe the review and read count dropping is a trend for most fics - not sure.

Thanks again!

♥ Beth

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Review #22, by crestwood Back to the Beginning: Rose POV

15th February 2015:
Beth! I always miss this story whenever I go a while without reading it, but really, it's been way too long.

I feel so bad for Rose at this point in the story. I can't imagine that I'd ever feel safe again after he got inside of their flat. Everything she'd been suppressing must just be coming back to her and that simply can't be easy. It was both sad and funny that she almost stunned Scorpius.

Scorpius and Rose are so sweet right now as usual. Of course Rose isn't going into training after the night she just had! I'm almost glad that everyone knows about what happened now. It might do her some good to accept help from her friends while she's going through all of this. I can't believe you write these two so well. This is possibly my favorite Scorpius/Rose ever and they're my OTP, so that's a pretty huge deal.

I'm still unsure of how Stannous got into their flat. He must be even more powerful than I realized he was.

So this is when they moved into Grimmauld Place! I totally know where this is going, but it's still awesome to see you pull it off. This chapter was amazing as always. Your writing is so good that you almost get too used to it. It's like you forget how well written it all is because you're so invested in the storyline. Great, great work Beth ♥

Author's Response: Hi there Joey,

I love, love, love when you review any of my stories, but I especially love when you review this one. OMG! I can't. Possibly your FAVORITE Scorpius/Rose?! Gah - you've reduced me to mush and now i cnt tpe fdkada... ... ...


I agree that it's better now that everyone knows the truth about Rose. She can't spend all her time and energy trying to hide it and although it might be a little unpleasant, she can begin her journey toward healing.

Thanks so much for this!

Love ya Joey.

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Review #23, by oldershouldknowbetter Blown Away: Scorpius POV

13th February 2015:
This is where we realise that you aren't going to spare either of your major protagonists.

Hi there, here for a bit of BvB action.

I have meant to come back and review this series since you changed and edited it. I first started to review your story when I had the idea to review every chapter of every story as I read it. Since I read a lot on my phone, it meant answering on my phone too - hence their brevity. I cannot look back on those tiny reviews without a massive sense of shame. This is why I didn't come back to reviewing your story, I wanted to give you the sort of detailed review that your story deserves.

So, on with it.

Poor Scorpius, he obviously has it so bad for Rose and she is so obviously oblivious. I bet everyone else knows. I don't exactly blame her, her head is full of whatever it takes to just get her through the day - and to keep it full enough so that there is no room for old hurts to gain access.

The shirt he gave her, we knew, meant little to her than it was just some old Ravenclaw T-shirt. It does mean more than that to Scorpius though and triggers some old memories that he has tried to suppress.

I like your basic set up of his parents: his mother, kind and caring (exactly like I imagine her to be) who will allow Scorpius much but must stand beside her husband when push comes to shove; his father is not bad as such, but is cold, distant and cannot express his feelings properly (again, just how I imagine him).

He angrily leaves his father and mother; fifteen and hormones and angst.

Was his mother about to say it wasn’t safe?! With the little I know of the past events that I have read in chapters to come, this would be interesting indeed if information had come to Draco that foul deeds were afoot. Or, maybe I am making something that isn't there out of a mother's general warning to her only son.

And this must be one of the things that haunts Scorpius the most, in the end his defiance against his father's wishes was done for naught beyond the casual defiance itself. He didn’t really like the neighbourhood boy, Albus is his true friend. He befriended the muggle mostly for the annoyance factor that it would cause to his father.

The horror of the scene that he faces when he finally arrives home is conveyed well. That it occurred this room, the kitchen, that was 'home' to him moerso than anything else, makes it even more poignant. I cannot, need not, say anything further about the rest as the words speak for themselves. His confusion, his stunned incomprehension is superbly, wonderfuly portrayed.

The next chapter must speak to the aftermath and how deeply such a tragedy has affected him.

I would say wonderful, beautiful work, but it isn't - it's so harrowing and sad and the skill with which you write only serves to leave a deeper impression upon your readers.


Author's Response: Hiya Andrew!

Wow. You really know how to make me blush! You are too kind, but I'm so glad you're here to review the story and I love learning your thoughts as it develops.

Nope. I really didn't spare anyone in this fic. All the major characters are pretty much in for it - mwah mwah mwah (uh... that's my evil laugh).

Obviously oblivious - I love it! Yup, that is the perfect way to describe Scorp right now. EVERYONE else knows those two are into each other - except Rose and Scorpius - sheesh!

More on this shirt in the next chappie :)

Some readers have not been too happy that I killed of Draco and (especially) Astoria, but there is a way that she can live on in her son - you'll see that down the line.

Hmmm - what *was* she about to say? I'll never tell ;)

You're right about the next chapter. It's a little emotional - I can't wait to hear your thoughts.

Gah - thanks so much - this review really made my day and I apologize for taking so long to respond, but I wanted to give it its due.

♥ Beth

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Review #24, by toomanycurls Blown Away: Scorpius POV

9th February 2015:
Beth -

this chapter = amazeballs. I was leaning over, on the edge of my seat, trying to jump into the words. how do you do it!??!

Right-O: I could tell last chapter that Scorpius was quite tender and caring towards Rose. Now I know for sure that there's so much there between them (that at least one of them feels). When he had his flashback I never expected it to go like it did. I was thinking there would be a break up and we'd learn why he had her shirt but no - it was so much more than that.

I love the idea of Scorpius escaping to the Potter's for a bit of normality. Draco seems quite upset by that but I didn't catch if Harry was as well. I really like how you've written about Draco - it's quite believable. I'm glad that Scorpius is (rather was *glare*) closer to Astoria. I'm so sad that Scorpius left his father with such an ugly argument between them. Not that it happened but that it was their last interaction.

The idea that Scorpius is befriending the annoying Mason just to spite his father cracked me up. I am surprised that Scorpius didn't do more slip ups playing soccer with Mason. I suppose Mason being dull helped a bit with any that happeend.

Never in a hundred years did I expect Scorpius to walk ino that. Him not being able to refer to Astoria's body as being her really struck me. It's a very powerful feeling to see one's parent dead and not wanting to associate that form with their living self.

I've always thought you were more of a nice, kind author because I've been so involved with Hurricane Luna and your one-shots but this chapter alerted me to the fact that you're just as mean as the rest of us on here. :P I'm so scared you're going to rip my heart out in this story. o.O

-rose (bvb)

Author's Response: Rose!

This review is amazeballs! Scorpius had a pretty sad back story here - and now we can see why he's been so troubled. It's not just that he harbors feelings for Rose, he needs her just as much as she needs him.

He's carried the guilt from how he stormed out of his parents' house forever.

Haha - I guess I'm not so nice? That comment made me laugh out loud. I just *might* have some more mean things planned for this story...

Thanks so much for this super, fantastic, awesome review!

♥ Beth

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Review #25, by may_magnolia Bound by Fate: Scorpius POV

9th February 2015:
I totally knew that the prophecy was taking about Rose and Scorpius. I love that Scorpius stood up to Ron. I can't wait until you post your next chapter.

Author's Response: Hi there!

Thanks so much for the review! When I first wrote the story, I wasn't sure how obvious it would be that Scorpius is the father... but I'm glad you're enjoying it! ♥

I'm working on the next section now!


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