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Review #1, by oldershouldknowbetter Engaged?!

31st October 2014:
What a lovely little slice of surrealist nonsense. A thoroughly satisfying read over a bowl of weetbix during breakfast.

I like the way you play with he usual tropes of the threads of the next gen plot points - play with them, break them and put the pieces back together in unusual ways.

I was wondering what the Rowena Ravenclaw scene truly meant (did it really imply what it seemed to?), but upon finishing reading the entire story I found that the answer was unnecessary.

It was a wonderful flight of fancy.

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Review #2, by Gaius Scipio Engaged?!

19th September 2014:
Hi Adi,

Ah those pesky biscuit eating unicorns. Someone needs to make a spray for them. So this was so twisted and ambiguous that I felt it was right up my alley.

Any plans to further the story or was this strictly a one shot deal? I think the readers wouldn't complain if a chapter 2 were to magically appear.



Author's Response: Hello again, Gaius. This was very vague and weird, so I'm glad you enjoyed it, despite that :) I'm also very flattered by how you're reading and reviewing all my work. It means a lot, really! Thank you so much :)

The chances are not tipped in the favour of a sequel, I'm afraid. If inspiration ever strikes, I'll give it a go :)

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Review #3, by awesomepotter Engaged?!

14th April 2014:
So I'm here from the review thread on the forums :)
I really liked this story, I thought all the characters were written really well, and they interacted beautifully. I'm still trying to work out what exactly happened in the end, and I thought the way you did that was very good, giving us just enough information to know something strange was going on, but not quite enough that we knew exactly what it was ;)
I did find the Ravenclaw incident very funny, as well as the unicorn - although I'm still trying to work out where it came from...
I liked that you included the ghost of Colin in it, as I thought he was a very sweet character in the books, and I was always miffed they didn't include his death in the movies.
I'm sorry, I know that I'm not the best at reviews, but all I can say is that I was impressed by your writing and found it very enjoyable to read :)
Keep it up!
awesomepotter xxx

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Review #4, by Cannons Engaged?!

25th October 2013:
mwahaahahaha back again with the 'I think I'm crazy' review.

I've read this before and found it particularly amusing, you must have had quite the prompts!

The Ron and ' Rowena Ravenclaw ' got to me, just like *burst out laughing* - and that's after I laughed the first time I read it!

Other favourite lines include -

'Mistress would like to know when Master Scorpius will be coming down to eat. Mistress is making fried chicken as Mistress is aware that Master Scorpius loves fried chicken.'


'What do you think of Rory Finnigan?' asked Ron, rather suspiciously'


'There was a jet of blue and the lion leapt out of the banner and began running across the room. An alarmed looking Fred was controlling it using his wand while screaming, 'I meant to make it snow. I swear. I only meant to make it snow,' in a panicked voice.'

This was just so out there and confusing and didn't-really-make-sense-but-still-brilliant!

Author's Response: Hello :) Here with an incredibly late response. So sorry about that! Now I think I'm crazy. Lol :p What you did was too sweet! :)

Yes, actually we did have the most ridiculous prompts, but they were so much fun to use. I know how bizarre this is, but I had a blast writing it! :D

Haha, I'm glad I made you laugh. Shows that I can do "laugh out loud" kinda humour then!
I'm glad you liked all those lines. I was hoping to get a good reaction! :)

Rofl, I completely agree with you on the last sentence, but it was meant to be... so I guess it worked? :p

Thanks for this, and once again, I am so sorry about how late I am!

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Review #5, by bri_5_stars Engaged?!

1st October 2013:
Oh gosh I thoroughly enjoyed this story. Drunks and cliches make for very funny story's. I must ask that you continue this story cuz I would love to read it. I loved Rose and the prank. Good work. :D
brithewriter from the challenge, I'll be posting results soon. Good Luck!

Author's Response: Hi again :)

I'm SO glad you enjoyed it so much :D Yes, drunks make the best funny stories, and cliches make the best parodies! So I combined both :D If something strikes me, I will continue :) I'm happy you liked it THAT much!
Thanks for the challenge and the review! :)

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Review #6, by CambAngst Engaged?!

28th September 2013:
Tagging you from the Review the Person Above You thread in the common room.

You say in your author's note that this story was monumentally weird, and I would be hard-pressed to argue with you. I'm really curious as to what prompts you received from your challenge and how many of the story's wild changes of direction had to do with them.

It did seem like you had a lot of fun with this one. I liked the way that you start out by sending up some of more over-used Next Gen cliches: Rose and Albus leading the Gryffindor Quidditch team to the cup, the ensuing wild party in the common room, the fact that people from other houses are inexplicably there, the jealous Slytherin girl who happens to be Zabini's daughter... You did a good job of making them all seem like the ridiculous and unlikely events that they truly are. The only thing that rang perfectly true was McGonagall breaking up the party.

The thing with Ron polyjuicing himself to look like Rowena Ravenclaw... wow. We need to talk. I have personally always imagined Ron and Hermione having a rather non-vanilla love life, but that's hilariously far out there.

Poor Ron. He's so not subtle.

I almost laughed out loud at the idea of Astoria Malfoy making fried chicken. I guess we can't rule out Narcissa, but that would only make it funnier.

The ending scene was a bit hard to follow. Near as I can tell, George pretended that the entire kidnapping of Rose when she was a baby was one of his pranks that went terribly, terribly wrong. At least that's what seems to happen. It also seems possible that Rose simply daydreamed the entire story because of her uncle George's potion. This is giving me weird deja vu for that entire season of Dallas after Bobby died. You're probably too young to know anything about that, but suffice it to say that it was a real head-scratcher.

So a few things I noticed while I was reading:

On the other end of the Common Room, Gryffindor team Captain and Seventh Yeah Rose Weasley held the cup high over her head and gave a dazzling smile as everyone around her began to chant a personalized rendition of 'Weasley is Our King'. -- Seventh Year

Ever since Rose had read that letter from her mum, she hadn't been able to stop think about what it may be. -- stop thinking about

When you were two days old, we were about to leave the hospital, but when I was amking thr final arrangements, somebody had kidnapped you. -- I was making the

Scorpius Malfoy sat at his desk, going through the pile of letters that lay in front of him. In front of him, the window was open, giving him complete view of the clear sky. - You end one sentence with "in front of him", then start the next with the same four words. It reads really awkwardly.

but he was subjected to one of Ron's ineffective death glares. Just as he was about to make a statement about how he loved Chuddle Cannons, Ron's favourite Quidditch team, George interrupted. - Chudley Cannons

This was really weird, but I enjoyed it. Definitely got a chuckle out of it here and there. I hope you did well in the challenge!

Author's Response: Hello, thank you for your lovely review! I found it quite helpful and I've made the changes in the mistakes that you've pointed out. I get over-excited sometimes and don't proof-read the chapter properly before posting, which is quite shameful, because in reality, I'm a complete walking, breathing
Grammar Nazi :P

Dallas, well. I am probably young enough to not have watched it, but old enough to have heard of it *shrug* University student. So :P

This story is entirely weird and it really must have left you feeling quite dazed and confused. I wrote it and I kind of felt a bit confused myself :P But honestly, this was one of the hardest challenges because the prompts were quite out-there and I really had to come up with quite wacky to include as many as I could. I managed eight, by the way :P And I had quite a lot of fun doing it.

The whole unicorn, the Rowena Ravenclaw thing, The Patented Day Dream Charms, Puking Pastilles, Fried chicken, Armchair on fire, Ghost of Colin Creevey and getting locked out were few of the things that happened due to the prompts!

I'm glad you found bits of it funny. Well, that was the intention :P
Thanks for the review. Trust me, it was helpful. I managed to correct a lot of mistakes!

Thanks again :)

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Review #7, by Remus Engaged?!

24th September 2013:
Heya! Perelandra here from the forums! So sorry that I took a while to get here! Better late than never, no? :D

This was...a bizarre! Haha! But it was funny! I absolutey loved your description. Specially at the beginning with the Gryffindor banner and when it was scaring the first years. I think I too would've been scared of something like that if I had been 10/11 years old! And of all the 'adults' around me acting like crazy.

By the way, the name Jessica Rowbottom made me laugh...I had a Despicable Me 2 moment. You know that part with the Minions laugh at Silas Ramsbottom? Yeah, that was me. Hahahaha! I have a mentality of a boy, I'm sorry! XD

"All of a sudden, Scorpius Malfoy, Rose's boyfriend declared that the giant squid was actually Hagrid in disguise." ---that line made me laugh and yet part of me, if I had been totally drunk like they were, would've believed it too and would've gone with the group to find out.

I busted out laughing when Ghost!Colin met his nephew and young Colin got freaked out. Nice touch there!

Your McGonagall was fantastic, just so you know!

Then the story got weird when Rose came home! I mean, Ron and Hermione...that was...bizarre and yeah... O_O I asked myself many times "what is going on here...?"

The end though!!! What was up with that! LOL!!! This story went from weird to a lot weirder! Hahaha! I felt like Rose towards the end when she saw the unicorn.

Overall this was good. I'm guessing the whole 'weirdness' is due to the challenge. It was well written so no worries there. And your description was great. The only CC I have is when Ron and Hermione are talking to Rose about the engagement, all you have is dialogue and not that much emotion/description of what its going on. Or going through Rose's head. That's it though, that's all the CC I have.

Good luck on the challenge! :D


Author's Response: Hi Rosie :)

Haha :P I'm glad you liked that bit and I know what you mean! Poor young first years would certainly be terrified, Gryffindor or not :P

Oh my gosh! I didn't notice the Ramsbottom/Rowbottom thing at all :O :P Hahaha! Have all the boy moments you want. I;m right there with you! :P

If I was drunk, I might have been the one saying it ;) But well, you can never say with such things :P Anyway, I'm glad you had a good laugh there. It's good to know I got the humour thing going :P

Thanks :) Colin meeting Ghost Colin would have been a pretty crazy sight, I think! Yay! Thanks :) I love Mcgonagall and I didn't want to mess her character up even though this IS a bizarre, parody-like thing :P

Hahaha :P I wrote this story and I haven't quite figured it out myself :P I agree with you. It just keeps on getting weirder :P

Thank you so much :) I'm glad you enjoyed it and had a laugh. The weirdness is definitely due to the challenge.

You have a good point there. I might just edit some more description into the bit. Talk about there emotions more :P

Thank you so much for the lovely review :)

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Review #8, by Erised Engaged?!

16th September 2013:
Well that was certainly an interesting and entertaining read! Haha. First of all my hat is off to you for including so many prompts in just one story, Adi. It's nothing short of a miracle considering we included some really hard ones!

I liked the scene of the party because it was a good way to get some prompts in under such a silly setting. All of the drunk students made me giggle! My favourite part of that scene is when Colin's nephew who also went by the name of Colin saw his dead uncle. Ghostception of some sort?! ;)

The second part with the arranged marriage, Patented Daydream Charms and a box of Puking Pastilles... wow! Lots of craziness there that worked together in the situation that you put it in. I thought the ending was really funny too with the unicorn and how confused Rose must feel haha. There was definitely a feel of 'and as if you thought this couldn't get any weirder'...!

Thank you for your great entry Adi, I had a great time reading it and I hope you had fun writing it too!

Author's Response: Jennyyy! Hi again :)

I'm glad this entertained you! Thank you :) I was quite pleased with myself for being able to somehow squeeze them in. I know that it didn't really make much sense, but oh well!

Ghostception? xD Oh Jenny! You've got me laughing! Yes, certainly. I imagined them looking similar too!! :P

I'm glad it worked for you! Even though, I bet it was in some twisted, weird way, I'm still glad it did :D Haha, that's EXACTLY how I wanted it to be. It is completely crazy and I wanted to end it on the same note!

Thank you so much for the great challenge, Jenny (and Claire!) :)
I had a lot of fun writing this and I'm glad you liked it!

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Review #9, by silverashes Engaged?!

14th September 2013:
Hello there!

I had some time on my hands, so I thought I'd tackle your story! Sorry my page hasn't been updated in a while. My reviews were piling up, but the second week of school is always so crazy! Enough about crazy reality! Your story is very interesting! It was a whirlwind of very interesting, crazy things, but I thought it as hilarious! It was so unique! I've never read anything like it before!

I thought it was cool that the reader kind of has to use their head to read the story -- well I mean in the sense that they have to concentrate and think about what's going on. I understood the whole story, and I thought it was wicked funny. I liked all the bizarre things that happened throughout the course of the story-line. I think the Gryffindor party in the Common Room, and then the entire house getting locked out was my favorite. The whole thing was so comical. Overall very nicely done!

xx Rachel

Author's Response: Hello again Rachel! :)

Thanks for reviewing this :) Don't worry about crazy reality! It strikes all of us all the time. No need to apologize!

I'm glad you find it new and interesting. I think that's a huge compliment you can give a writer :)

I know it could be a little... well, it demands concentration in some ways. I know it's busy, and I'm glad you still liked it :)
Aww :) Thanks! I'm glad you found it funny. I was striving for that.

Thank you so much :)

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Review #10, by MissesWeasley123 Engaged?!

13th September 2013:
Such a big jumble of sheer crazzyness! But so well written! Yay for Gryffies!

I really just don't know what to say haha. Again, I loved the picture you showed of a "drunk" Rose, when usually she's either this really studious person, or when people portray her as this hardcore chick. Anyways, I liked this side of hers. Spot on and very hooking!

So much was going on and I think that added to the fun of it all! It was so much fun to read and the prompts were just so BAM and it was cool reading something someone else wrote, who had to use the same prompts.

I think it's awesome how we both did Scorpius and Rose :) Great minds think alike haha!

All in all, a really fun read - one I'll come back to whenever I'm feeling down! (This one also made me happier after the other story of yours.)

Author's Response: Nadia! One more from you! Whoop Whoop! :D

I tend to rely on drunk Rose a lot, I just noticed. Maybe I love the honesty and raw emotion that happens when one is drunk. And I think drunk people are funny people :P

Haha :D Thank you! I'm glad I had you hooked. I know this is a fun and light story, but it also requires you to concentrate because it's so... busy!

I know what you mean! I enjoyed reading your entry too. The prompts extracted SO much creativity :)

Haha, hi-five! :D Us, Scorpius/Rose lovers :')

Aw :) Well, I brought you down, it's only fair that I cheered you up! Thank you so much :)

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Review #11, by FredWeasleyIsMyKing Engaged?!

7th September 2013:

It's Lauren from the forums - I have a different pen name which I now regret haha! I decided it was about time I came and reviewed your work!

Okay so this was crazy and confusing but I really enjoyed it. There was so many things going off and we had so much to keep up with but it did work. You did a really good job of getting in the prompts so well done.

I liked the aftermath of the Quidditch match - go Gryffindor! It was a typical party in the CR and it worked well. The fact they were all drunk made the things like Hagrid being in disguise really funny and - of course - believable. Who wouldn't believe the giant squid might be Hagrid after a few? Your Quidditch song was really awesome too!

Okay - Ron using Polyjuice to be Rowena - so bizzare! It really made me laugh though. When I had a look through the prompts I never expected to read that!

I love that you completely took me by surprise with the engagement. I presumed it would be Rose/Scorpius when she mentioned him being her boyfriend but I loved the twist the story took! Again, completely bizzare but it worked in the story.

I thought the whole kidnapping story was strange but I thought the fact George had made the whole thing up funny. I was surprised Ron didn't kill George though! Imagine if you found that out!

The ending was clever. Very clever. Was the whole thing a dream? I don't know but the open ending was great. I actually had a few things to point out but after reading the ending it made things a bit clearer. I liked it.

That being said, I do still have few points for you. A couple of sentences could be cleaned up a tad like this:

"A giant banner with a picture of a lion hung from the ceiling of the common room, and every time someone walked past the banner, the lion gave out a fearful roar. I don't think you need 'the banner' twice. You could say it the second time maybe?

"Ever since Rose had read that letter from Hermione" This seemed a tad odd to me - surely she'd call her mum, well, mum? You also say Harry instead of Uncle Harry?

"The three of us stepped outside and stood in the cool air for a few seconds." You changed to first person here - "us".

"Of course, Viola had three drinks on her, and she was never too good at wand-work anyway." I think you mean 'in' her?

One other point - did you mean House Cup or Quidditch Cup? You just mentioned Easter which is usually April and the House Cup isn't given until the end of the year and it was also after the Quidditch match.

Only a few things - nothing major!

This was a good read, well done on a great entry!

Lauren :)

Author's Response: Hi Lauren! :)
I also have a different name on the forums, as you would have noticed, and I understand what you're saying!

Haha, thanks :D It was really hard incorporating so many prompts, but I did want to challenge myself and try and use as many as I could. I know it's a lot to take in, but I'm glad you liked it :)

Haha :P The Hagrid thing is really random, but then again, everything is :P If it managed to make you laugh, I'm happy! :) And the song, well thanks :D It is adapted from JKR's version though!

Haha :D That part was SO much fun to write! You'd imagine Rose to have walked in on something quite different, but voila! it's Rowena Ravenclaw :P

Well, thank you again :) I'm glad it's all sort of come together finally! And I'm happy that it ended up surprising you because it was meant to :P

It is strange, I agree. Which is why I introduced George into that bit :D I love George and his prankster ways :P I should edit it a little to make Ron and Hermione's reactions more pronounced, I guess.

Thank you :) I wasn't sure how well the open ending would fare. I'm happy that you feel that it works here!

You're right about those sentences. And I think I'll edit those two when I get around to it... Maybe a couple more sentences could do with some revamping :P

Oh gosh :/ I am so used to writing in first person, it might have just slipped out. How embarrassing! I have to change that.

I meant Quidditch Cup... Have I said House Cup? :/ I'll check and change it if need be.

Thank you for the pointers :) They were really helpful!

Thanks again, Lauren! :) It was lovely hearing from you!

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Review #12, by nott theodore Engaged?!

6th September 2013:
Hi Adi!

Ah this was so funny! It is a little mind boggling, but I don't think it's possible to write an entry for this challenge that isn't completely crazy, with all the prompts that we had to include. I think you did a great job of working all the different prompts in and creating a story out of them at the same time.

The opening was brilliant with the stereotypical sort of celebration after a Next Gen quidditch match. I liked the way that you chose to include the song from the books as a reflection of the celebration. The dramatic tone of the events made me laugh because it fits in with the sort of ridiculous happenings throughout the story. I like the idea of the squid being Hagrid in disguise, although I think it would have to be quite hairy! The way that they got locked out of the common room was actually realistic - I wish I'd thought of it myself!

When I realised this was a Rose/Scorpius story I was sure it would be about them being engaged, which confused me a bit with the fact they're in school - but then you explained it brilliantly and turned it on its head. When Rose returned home to see her dad as Rowena Ravenclaw I laughed so much! The idea that someone kidnapped her as a baby and Ron promised her marriage to Seamus's son was great - it reminded me of fairy tales that I've read when I was younger.

The whole palaver that happened when Rose found out she was meant to be engaged to Rory was so funny; I could picture it all happening, especially George turning up with Puking Pastilles and the fact that he was the one who kidnapped Rose as a joke.

It might have been a little more realistic if we'd seen Hermione at least getting mad at that, but of course this story isn't necessarily meant to be realistic! There were a few little typos that I spotted as well, but nothing that another read through wouldn't sort out.

I actually really liked the open note that you ended it all on, when I wasn't really sure whether it was a dream or not. It was a brilliant way to end this story!

Sian :)

Author's Response: SianSian..SIAAANN!! :) Before I gush about the awesome-ness of this review, I have something else to say.

Overall, this is the ONE-HUNDREDTH review I've ever gotten! (cue showers of party celebrations and cake!) And I am beyond happy that it's from you! you are one of my most favourite people here, and this is symbolic, in a way. I was pleasantly surprised, and still am incredibly happy! :D I wish I'd seen this earlier.I'm so excited, forgive me if I can't leave a coherent response right now :P

Now, onto the response for the review. (I'm still smiling like a two year old on a candy overdose, btw). I know it is on the mind boggling side, and I completely agree with you! It's so difficult to come up with a serious story, or a story even. Because you have all these crazy prompts and you somehow have to string up as many of them as you can, while making sure that it makes sense in a twisted way, and still forms a story. And that's the best part! It's such a great challenge, and it is so SO innovative. I can't wait to read all the other entries. I'm curious to see how the prompts have been worked it.

Haha :D I'm glad you liked the idea. I often play on stereotypes while writing humour. And this was just too tempting to let go off. And I love it when people include small details from the books, so I decided to do that with the song! i know it's overly dramatic, but I'm glad to hear that it works! And, oh my god. You've got me laughing :D it would certainly have to be WAAY hairier then :P I'm happy that you liked it though. I know it's rather ridiculous :P

Haha, I intended to spring this up on the readers. I know that there's only a brief mention of Rory before this, and nobody would expect him to play an important role in the story. Explained it brilliantly? THANK YOU :) I was hoping it would go down well! And yes, it is very soap-opera-ish. Or fairy-tale ish.
The whole promising her hand in marriage bit :P And it just HAD to be George. I love George, and it seemed like something he would do to play a prank on Ron. :P

Haha :P I know right? The really awkward silence just hanging about in the room, even though the people aren't really awkward with each other. It's just the situation. And George saved the day, or rather caused it :P

Why, yes! I should have thought of that. But as you said, it wasn't really meant to be the most realistic thing ever. I will probably add a line or two about that when I have the time, and I'll fix those typos too while editing!

YESS! :D I'm SO happy you liked the open note. It's a little bit of a risk, ending it like that.

And now, I will once again go back to gushing about the number. 100. Wow. Thanks a lot, Sian. it's only fitting that it's from you, dear :)

*hands over a giant bar of chocolate*

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