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Review #1, by mymischiefmanaged Chapter Two

7th August 2014:
Just discovered this story and I love it. Alice is written perfectly and you've given each of the other girls enough personality to keep them interesting even when the story isn't focussed on them. The pacing's great, letting us meet all the characters but staying dramatic. I really hope you're still working on this. I'd love to read more.

Emma x

Author's Response: Emma thank you so much for this! Hush is my little experimental story and I'm so glad there's someone out there who likes it. Alice has been worrying me because I don't want her to sound too evil villain you know? Just strike the perfect balance between evil and Queen Bee. And I'm happy that you also llike the other characters, I didn't want to downplay them.
Thanks so much for stopping by! -Jess

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Review #2, by AlexFan Chapter One

19th November 2013:
Hey there! I'm finally here with your review!

Description wise you've got a lot in here but it really helps to set the mood of the story and pull the reader in. Usually, in stories that have this much description, I get bored of it and sometimes end up skimming but you made it work.

I've never watched Pretty Little Liars but I hear its good and if its anything like what this story sounds, I don't doubt it.

I love the characterization that you've got going on. I barely even know Alice but already from her dialogue and the way that Rose sees her I can tell that I won't like her. She reminds me of those girls that you just want to punch in the face. I applaud you on getting such a strong reaction from me on a character so quickly.

I didn't spot any grammar or punctuation errors but then again I wasn't really looking for them so I may have missed some.

The best part about this is definitely the ending. It ends on a cliffhanger and leaves the reader wondering what happened. At first I thought Rose was going to be the one responsible for Alice's death but then I dismissed the thought, Rose was asleep when Alice screamed.

Unless Rose has a condition in which she murders people in her sleep which would be a whole different twist to this story. But woah, Rose got her wish, I don't think Alice is going to be coming back any time soon or ever.

I think you've got a really interesting and gripping first chapter here and I think this story is going to be great and really interesting by the sounds of it!

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Review #3, by TNT  Chapter One

11th November 2013:
I'm sorry I'm a litte late, but you know, life interferes, well the review:

Ah, don't we all know an Alice? She's so perfectly easy to dislike ^^, but I totally didnt expect that cliffie.
Just got me internally crying out an overly dramatic NOOooo. ^^

It sounds like a really exciting story and I wished you'd have another chapter.

I love NextGen anyway and Rose especially, so i automatically love this, but this seriously sounds so well written.

Your story flows really well and you got me excited as to what happend to make Rose this hostile and who exactly screamed.

An amazing start :-) More please


Author's Response: Hey there! Don't worry about being late, I still haven't gotten around to yours yet, my internet has been out.
Anyway, first off thanks so much for the lovely review!
I love and hate Alice. I know a few myself and I really love combining all of these terrible attributes and shoving them into this one girl, making her the ultimate meanie.
I also enjoyed writing the cliffie because I carried on the second chapter right away, it should be up soon!
I adore next gen (Rose and Scorp may or may not be my OTP) so I write a fair bit of it!
Again thanks so much and I hope to hear from you again!

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Review #4, by snily Chapter One

6th November 2013:
That was an amazing first chapter!

Author's Response: Whooo, thank you! The next one is gonna be uploaded soon. Thanks for the review, keep reading!

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