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Review #1, by Freda_and_Georgina How to find a soul

11th July 2014:
That was cute! I wish Luna were a little bit more open-minded, as in, accepting of other people's explanations. Oh well. I love how you have her with an active imagination, not many people can imagine a dancing troll to the point that they find it a distraction when they're trying to have a conversation. Luna can. Ironic how Mr. Lovegood tells her to be generous when he himself is inhospitable to the trio in the seventh book. You captured her character precisely and I want to help her and shake my head at her at the same time.
2014 House Cup Review

Author's Response: Hi Georgina, I have been very off line for about a year now, and so I logged back on to the surprise of this little gem! thankyou!!!
I am sorry it has taken so long to respond to your review. When I reread that story now (dunnow when I wrote it but at least a year ago) I really feel like Imogen is the saving grace of the story so thanks for that. :) I agree with making Luna a little more.. open minded.. and less... dumb :P

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Review #2, by toomanycurls How to find a soul

9th October 2013:
Hi! Doing a review tag. ^_^

I really love Luna and don't see enough Luna fics. I can definitely see her always referencing her dad's words and wisdom. I like the little back story you have Mitchell. It might be helpful to italicize the part that's in the past just to visually indicate it's different from the rest of the narrative.

You touch really well on the fact that Luna is picked on by other students. It's one of the sadder parts of the HP books that isn't very well explored. And now I don't like this Mitchell for making fun of Luna.

It's really awesome of Luna to try to fight the danger from the basilisk (which she sees as the paraloppy) on her own. She really is brave.

Um, I'm hoping she's punching these guys soon. :)

It's adorable that Luna goes to talk to Colin. I think they could be really good friends. I can see Madam Pomphrey being short with Luna.

I am glad you had a bit of Michell's reasoning for being a jerk-face. I mean, he's still not cool in my books but at least there's something behind his behavior.

The scene with Xenophilious is sweetly written.

Using Penelope's attack to push Mitchell and Luna towards a friendship is a good move. ^_^ You've ended this on quite a sweet note.

Author's Response: aww hello! Thankyou for your beautfully detailed review. I wish Luna would punch somebody! I couldnt work out how to make that fit with the whole sugary sweet tone of the story though ;)
Thankyou for your point about the italics. I hadnt thought about that - it is an excellent idea and one i will implement right away. Thanks heaps!
Luna is so hard to write, Im going to have another go one day, and use a completely different style.
I wish mitchell could have been lunas friend - i am a bit of a soppy happy endings person, but Luna tells Harry in canon that she has never had a friend before, so the best I could do was come to an understanding between them.
I really appreciate your review! Thankyou

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Review #3, by academica How to find a soul

31st August 2013:
Hi again! I'm here with your requested review :)

I think you're being a bit too hard on yourself in your request. I really enjoyed this story; I agree that it seems to fall a bit more on the fluffy side, but I definitely don't see anything wrong with that because it feels fitting for Luna's characterization. Speaking of which, I think you did a very nice job with her. I tried to write her once and found it very difficult to establish the right balance of quirkiness and logical thought. You've really captured her quirk against this backdrop of the serious themes concerning what occurred in her first year. I love her hint of self-importance in that none of the other students can figure out the "true" cause of the students falling sick, and I also felt really bad that Mitchell didn't really want to be her friend anymore. I also liked the ending to the story. I don't think the asides are pointless, either; again, it fits for Luna where it would be weird for others.

I also really liked Madame Pomfrey's characterization; she clearly feels bad for Luna and is trying to be gentle but also honest with her. It must be a bit refreshing to have a change of pace from the anxiety and sadness over the Basilisk.

I liked the choice of present tense; it fit in with Luna's way of describing things as they happen instead of dwelling on the past or the future. The story didn't seem overly sentimental; it was a softer way to look at the events of the second book while also exploring the details of Luna's character.

My best guess as to the reason for your lack of confidence in this story is that writing Luna is difficult and you probably won't come out of it with the satisfying sense of resolution you get with many other characters. I definitely didn't feel very confident about my story the first time I wrote her. Other than a few typos, though, I didn't find anything there was not to like about this piece. It was light and interesting and flowed very well.

Nice work! I hope this review is helpful!


Author's Response: Hi Amanda, yeah I was a bit melodramatic when writing the review request, sorry. I had written it for a challenge, then discovered it doesnt actually fit the rules of the challenge, so now its a story with no reason for existence, and I wasnt sure it had enough substance to stand on its own. Which is silly, really.

Luna is incredibly hard to write, but I decided I wouldn't reread the story for a week, n then I would come back to it - and I found your lovely review!
Thankyou, it is really encouraging :)
I (almost) wish you had some constructive criticism, but on reading it again after not thinking about it for a week, I have decided just to be happy with it as it is. Your review is really encouraging.

you said the asides were ok, luna's characterisation was ok, it flowed well, mdm pomfrey was ok, the present tense was ok.

There are some typos, but overall it's not bad. It may never set the world on fire, but its not actually a BAD story. Thankyou for helping me to see that (and giving the poor story a break!)
Actually, re reading over it, it had me laughing again, I just really enjoy it, and I really dont care if it is fluff, or if I am the only person who does get a giggle out of the lovegoods chasing platypuses (platypi? platypodes?) :). But I am glad that you dont seem to mind it either!

thanks for your review, it was really encouraging. You always are!

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