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Review #1, by MissesWeasley123 Mayhem Manor

12th July 2014:

This is so brilliant, Sian! I'm so glad you have finally finished it! I know you're a really funny person and that really shows in this, but you don't overdo it y'know. I love the idea of ScoRose in this, and how the story definitely kind of spanned over so many generations and times... Which was brilliant! I know you were writing bits of this here and there, and now you've finally finished it, but it never ever seemed inconsistent, so there's that!

Haha, you descriptions and use of prompts are so funny lol just like in all the other chapters :P I can't believe it was Dumbledore though! That's crazy. And the cameo Snape had was so funny too :P He didn't say much, but what he did say was flawless ;) Great work lovely, I wish I could say more but struggling for time!

House Cup 2014 Review

Author's Response: YES IT WAS DUMBLES!!!

I actually can't tell you how glad I was that I finally finished this, Nadia. It took me so long to write because it didn't feel like I was going to be funny at all her. It was fun taking the curse over different generations though, and then seeing this disastrous meeting the parents that Rose has with the Malfoys :P

Oh my goodness those prompts! I don't know why I decided to use all of them in this short story collection but it was a crazy idea and so difficult! I realised that I had no explanation for the curse about two chapters in so I thought Dumbledore was a reasonable explanation for it :P

Thank you for the great review, Nadia!

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Review #2, by patronus_charm Mayhem Manor

8th June 2014:
Yay, the final chapter and hahaha I beat Nadia :D

Wah, you included Scorose! I loved Rose she really made me laugh and you developed her character really well for the short space of time she appeared in. It was just lines like this ‘The skirt had been her mother’s idea; never would Rose Weasley willingly choose to wear one when a comfortable pair of jeans were an option’ which meant we really got to know her and see glimpses of both parents in her.

I really liked the whole setting before, because there was poor Rose feeling all shy and awkward as Astoria and Scorpius just chatted away, and even Draco seemed to feel a little awkward too which is natural I guess and then chaos just exploded everywhere! I guess having things like this ‘Draco Malfoy pirouetted into the room, a frilly pink pinafore tied around his waist,’ and this ‘Draco began to boom out a power ballad’ meant that the awkwardness of the whole event was greatly reduced and the curse probably helped them all grow closer to one another actually.

You just wrote the whole chaos scene really well and it was just so much fun to read, as tons of things were going on and I almost didn’t know what to imagine in my head as it was just all so crazy and great too though!

Haha, Dumbledore! Now I think about it, I’m not too surprised actually as it does seem like something he would do and I can actually see it from his point of view and I think it’s a really great idea! I loved the snarky comments from Snape and Armando though as they just showed why Dumbledore is amazing because only a very few amount of people can understand his actions!

This was a great story, Sian, and congrats on finishing it!


Author's Response: Hey Kiana! Haha yes, you got first review :D

I did, I did! It was fun to include them in something like this because even though they're not my OTP, I do like them together but I don't know if I'd write about them in other stories. I'm glad you liked the way that I wrote Rose's character here, because I've never tried to write her properly before!

Yes, it was really awkward for them all at the beginning, especially poor Rose when the others were chatting, but then the curse came and just swept all sorts of awkwardness away! It was so fun to imagine all of the crazy things that happened, taking the prompts as a starting point and probably having too much fun imagining stupid things for Draco to do.

I realised about two chapters in that I'd mentioned the curse but hadn't come up with an explanation, but Dumbledore was so calm and enjoyed it so much when it struck at Hogwarts that I thought he could have been the one to start the curse, and I'm glad you thought it was believable! I'm so happy I finally finished this and thank you so much for reading and reviewing it all! ♥

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Review #3, by Lululuna Lucky Dip

29th March 2014:
Hellooo!! :) Yay for updating, I was so excited to see this! :D

"And Ron," he added as an afterthought... Hahaha, my favourite thing about this chapter was, I think, how goofy Ron is. And it seems so typically in character that even when they're grown up, George wouldn't waste a change to tease Ron. The poor guy!

puffing his chest out in his best imitation of Percy. Well I basically love any mention of Percy, and as with Ron it's so funny when George is a little rude about his brothers. And how Percy is an inspiration for George to act "serious."

I love how George invited Umbridge and Filch to the opening, hahaha. That totally is something he would do. :P

although she couldn't hide the smile that crept onto her face at the sight of him defending her honour. Honestly this made me smile as well, it was so adorable! I love seeing Ron defend Hermione - not that she needs it, of course, but it's still cute. Rowena Ravenclaw being there gave me a bit of a shock as well. And oh, the irony of her saying that logic can't solve everything! :P She's so sassy - oh, because she's Aunt Muriel, that's why. I should have known!

It was really fun seeing how the curse intermingled with the objects at WWW - the perfect place for this to happen, really. I especially enjoyed McGonagall's daydream.

I have no clue what is causing the curse - I'm trying to think of common elements in each chapter but can't think of anything which might explain it. Perhaps there's some sort of Poltergeist, or something? Hmm. But I loved how the characters who survived the curse in the past were excited for it to happen again, while poor Percy high-tailed it out of there, haha.

This was such a fun read, I'm really glad you updated! :) Looking forward to the next chapter! :D

Author's Response: Ah, it took me so long to write this story once the challenge was over! And it's very different to what I usually write, but I'm glad I managed to finish it!

I normally avoid writing all these major characters but every once in a while I seem to go a bit crazy and throw them all in at once... I'm really glad that you liked the way that I wrote George and Ron and Percy as well! It was fun to write the different interactions between the brothers and try and capture the different personalities there.

Haha, I actually loved writing sassy Muriel/Rowena, I think I have a bit of a soft spot for the old aunty! And writing the effects of the curse were fun as well, especially when they intermingled with all the objects from WWW, because that made such a difference! Hehe, the final chapter is now up so you might be able to work out what's causing the curse now!

Thank you for the lovely review!

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Review #4, by patronus_charm Lucky Dip

29th March 2014:
Ok, a speedy review as I’m going out soon but yay for an update!

I love how you set the scene of the opening of the shop because it just seemed so normal and almost a little dull given the craziness one tends to associate with Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes, but it just did such a great job of lulling into security when the chaos happened it was just like woah. Also, I loved all the little hints about George and Angelina and how she forced him to take business seriously it was so cute!

I love the idea of the ghost sort of thing. I’m not really sure what to call it, but it was so cool, because there was that lovely tender moment when George remembered his brother and how they always wanted to set up a shop in Hogsmeade and then Colin goes and appears and starts talking to Harry. It was so Colin like to come and warn him about the ghost it made me forget all about the feels of him dying!

Only the Weasley children would go and get excited about the prospect of some crazy curse coming to town, so just seeing them turn into children again made me laugh. You did a great job of capturing all of them then so I could enjoy all of their reactions which was really great. I especially enjoyed Rowena and Hermione’s sort of spat as you would expect them to be great friends straight away but to see the reverse made me laugh a lot.

A great chapter, Sian and I can’t wait for the final one!


Author's Response: Hi Kiana!

Haha I couldn't let the opening of a new Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes shop go without a bang! It was fun to write about it like it was a normal shop opening and then something comes along to ruin it! And yes, George and Angelina ♥

I can't take credit for the ghost idea since it was part of the challenge, but I thought that it was fitting that when George was starting to get sad and upset, ghost-Colin would crash in and tell them all that the curse was coming (although he was actually a part of the curse too, but I'm not even sure that makes sense).

I can't imagine a more fun family to write than the Weasleys when it came to the curse because I imagine the kids would find it really exciting, especially if they've heard tales of what happened to Percy when they were younger! Well Rowena was somehow actually Muriel masquerading as Rowena through Polyjuice Potion (I'm confusing even myself now...) and there's too much logic for Rowena to come back as a ghost, as far as Hermione's concerned, but it was fun to write the way that they had the spat!

Thank you for reviewing! :)

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Review #5, by MissesWeasley123 Lucky Dip

28th March 2014:
Aw, Sian you still used the prompts! So cool!

I loved Muriel in this, haha! So much fun! That truly was great. I also loved George teasing Ron :P And Rowena's got some serious sass. Everything was funny!

I think what might be causing this is...

But as always, brilliant writing! Really, really funny! Can't wait for the final installment!

Author's Response: Hehe yes, this is why it's taking me so long to write though!

It was so fun writing Muriel again, but in disguise as sassy Rowena! And George teasing Ron was so fun :P

Hmm... I like your theories, but my lips are sealed. You'll have to see in the next chapter (you know, when I eventually write it).

Thank you for the review, lovely!

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Review #6, by Lululuna November Fools'

13th December 2013:
Hi again darling! :) I'm here for your second of two prize reviews, and I'm so glad to get a chance to leave some thoughts on this story as it's so creative and entertaining and really continuing to brighten my day! :D

I love how the curse has spread to Hogwarts and not just staying in the Ministry, it's too funny! It's great to see how Dumbledore is relatively receptive to it- I imagine he'd find such things quite amusing especially in these times of peace. Like I said in the first review the tone of the story reminds me a little of PS, and the sort of playful style of the pre-war times.

There are so many funny little parts of this story, like the student who gave himself a tail of grapes- that's such a funny mental image! And I appreciate how of course Percy is the one to know about the curse. Since he's a bit like Hermione it fits that he would know about these obscure facts and curses, and of course be so outraged and frightened by the idea of Pandemonium. Percy was so in character too with his leaving dinner to work on his essay.

Dumbledore turned to face her. She sighed. It was a stupid question, really – Dumbledore seemed to know about everything.

Haha, I love this. Of course he knows everything! :P I really enjoy reading about this version of Dumbledore.

I honestly have no idea how you come up with these things and yes, it is a little barmy, but also brilliant. The idea of the Ravenclaw common room turning into a boat was really amusing, and I liked the line about Flitwick not knowing how to sail despite being in a captain's uniform, and how he slapped the students in the head with a fish. I'm also quite impressed about how they knew how to warbel a sea shanty, though I suppose that could be the curse implanting these miraculous skills.

I really enjoyed the part about the animate statues and McGonagall's fascination with them. It was a clever nod to her excitement in DH about making the statues come to life. :P The curse also sounds a little dangerous, what with all the staircases disappearing! That would just be terrifying!

Ah I love any story where Myrtle makes an appearance and acts creepily or oddly, and this was no exception. Poor Percy, I imagine he would have been traumatized for life after being dragged off to her toilet! Is the last line a hint that the curse might re-visit Percy sometime in his life? I feel like if it struck as Head Boy, he might just go over the edge officially.

This story is very barmy but so entertaining, and I'm curious as to where the curse is going to strike next!! Malfoy manor during a Death Eater meeting? Divination class? The Quidditch world cup? Grunnings while uncle Vernon is about to get a promotion?! Anyway, I'm curious to learn more about it and why it decides to strike.

This was a really wonderful read, thanks for making me laugh today! :)

Author's Response: Hello again, darling!

For some reason I wasn't so intimidated writing characters like Dumbledore as I normally would be, probably because I acknowledged the fact that this story is completed ridiculous as I was writing. Nevertheless, I'm glad you liked my version of him here! I definitely imagine him finding things like this amusing when it's not quite so serious, because in the books he always appreciates laughter.

I'll tell you that some of the story (most of it) was inspired by the challenge prompts, and so not *all* of the ridiculous images are entirely from my brain (although perhaps I should be worried about that, as well...). The curse definitely lends people some skills at times, and the sea shanty is an example of that.

Haha I'm glad you picked up on that nod to the Deathly Hallows!

Myrtle was just too good to resist, especially the idea that she might drag Percy into her toilet - I like to think that's why he wanted Ron to stay away from the girl's bathroom in the second book :P Hmm, you might be right about it revisiting him at some point...

I'm glad that I could make you laugh with this - it's really all I was hoping for with this story, because it's completely crazy and silly. Thank you for your lovely review!

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Review #7, by Lululuna First Day

13th December 2013:
Hi Sian! I'm here for your first prize review! :D

This is so brilliant! Really just this first chapter really brightened up my morning. First of all I think Fudge is one of the most ridiculous characters and a good example of JKR mocking politicians, so I'm really impressed you were able to write him so seamlessly. I really enjoyed how the scene was set with all his bogus semblance of being organized and professional: especially the comment about the books that were there for show, since Fudge himself prefers romance novels. That just seemed so appropriate. But I really lost it when the half-written letter to Dumbledore was mentioned- he really didn't waste any time, and that fit really well with canon. :P

The other department heads were great as well. I have a bit of a soft spot for Bones so it was great to hear her make an appearance, and a "majestic" one at that at least until the belly-dancing begins. Putting Ogden in there was a nice touch as well that I especially appreciated.

The curse is so intriguing!! I'm excited to find out who exactly cast the curse, and what it's purpose is other than to strike terror into organized MfMs like Fudge, and why so many MfMs have put up with it and not changed offices or something. The curse clearly has a good sense of humour and I wonder if some Peeves-like figure is involved. It seemed quite suitable that the bowler hat would be involved as it's supposed to be the symbol of Fudge. I thought the image of the plain and somber office being suddenly filled with music and colour was a fabulous one, and I'm wondering if the curse will continue to strike at all of their meetings and why this never got out to the Daily Prophet or anything, hehe. :P It would also be rather grimly amusing if the curse struck during Voldy's reign of terror when his top-knotch Death Eaters were heading the Ministry- I feel like they wouldn't have been such good sports.

The whole story has a really silly but witty tone which reminded me of JKR's chapters which she likes to begin the books with that concentrate on characters other than Harry- do you know what I mean? I'm thinking particularly of the first chapters of PS and HBP. You did a really good job in emulating that tone but bringing your own spin to the story which I thought was really great. :D

I have no idea how you came up with this (though I guess the prompts for a challenge were involved) but I think it's really creative and entertaining. :) I definitely feel a little sorry for Fudge, but only by a very little.

Great job with this, and I'll be back for your second and third reviews soon! :D

Author's Response: Jenna! *hides* I've taken far too long to respond to all these, I really am sorry!

Oh dear, I had so much fun writing this story (still writing it technically, we won't mention that right now...) but it's really not the best writing :P Most of it was written in the early hours of the morning and I just thought of as many ridiculous things as possible. Fudge was a great character to be able to write about, even if he hadn't been part of the prompts.

Haha the curse is definitely intriguing, and if I ever finish this story (I WILL finish one day, I just need to write!) then you'll find out how it all ties together. It certainly has a sense of humour, you're right about that! All the different things that happened here are completely crazy, but that's because my tired brain was trying to come up with the most ridiculous images. Haha, I'd definitely like to see Yaxley and co. trying to deal with it!

Aw, you're really too kind to me in these reviews! Thank you so much for that massive compliment, it means a lot to me! And thank you for the lovely review!

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Review #8, by missclaire17 November Fools'

19th September 2013:
Hello dear! I'm here again with another review. I have to tell you that as much as I liked chapter 1 of this story, chapter 2 is even more amazing.

The ridiculousness of this challenge's prompts paired with the ridiculousness of the curse resulted in a chapter that I thoroughly enjoyed reading. You were really creative in thinking of things that is utterly bewildering and out of control. I think what is even better is that McGonagall is at the root of all this, trying to make order because we know that McGonagall is so serious and not one for "letting her hair down" in any sense.

I liked how it was Percy that announced to McGonagall that the curse was there. Such a level-headed person like Percy announcing that something so ridiculous was happening gives an irony that suited the story very well.

I enjoyed reading the bit about the Ravenclaws and the boat. I was wondering how anyone would work in the bit abou Flitwick, but I think you did it rather well! It was really creative thought, turning the Ravneclaw Common Room into a ship. Roger Davies leading the Quidditch Team was a nice bit, considering how we know he's the Quidditch captain.

This was a wonderfully written story! I really enjoyed reading this and seeing how you incorporated the prompts into your writing. Awesome job! (:

xoxo, Claire

Author's Response: Hello!

One of the things that I decided to do with this story was make it as ridiculous as possible. I have no idea how you managed to come up with the prompts for it, but I couldn't think of a way to work them in that wasn't humourous. I deliberately picked some of the most serious characters to exaggerate the ridiculousness of the curse even more.

Haha it was definitely hard to work some of them in, but I'm glad you liked the way I wrote the Flitwick prompt. It was so fun to imagine and write all of this, so thank you for the challenge!

Sian :)

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Review #9, by missclaire17 First Day

19th September 2013:
Hello dear! I'm so sorry for giving your reviews so late, but life has been immensely busy now that college is starting again. Nevertheless, here I am!

This is one of the most amusing and best-written humor stories that I have ever read! What is even more incredible is that you managed to fit in the prompts so well in your story. You wrote this entire story with a humorous tone, and it's not just funny because of witty remarks that the characters make but because of the description and the plot. I rarely read a story in which the plot itself is just so humorous and delightful.

What I loved, however, is more than just the humour. Your writing style is amazing. You start off the story by talking about how Cornelius Fudge wants everything to be serious, and he's in a meeting with the other Heads of the Minisry, and they are the ones charged with the duty of keeping the entire Wizarding community in order, yet Cornelius's bowler hat makes trouble.

I absolutely loved this story! Not to mention, the title certainly is fitting!

xoxo, Claire

Author's Response: Hi Claire! Don't worry about being late (especially with the time it's taken me to respond to these reviews) - I know how busy life can get!

I'm really pleased that you did find this funny! It's the first time I've ever really tried writing something that's meant to be funny and I wasn't sure how well it would work out. I couldn't try anything else with those prompts, really!

Haha I'm pleased you picked up on the bit about Fudge, because I wanted to exaggerate the seriousness of the situation to make a real contrast with the ridiculous events which follow.

Thanks so much!

Sian :)

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Review #10, by MissesWeasley123 November Fools'

9th September 2013:

Ahem. Okay. I think this is the only review I'll be able to manage for today so, uhhh yeah.

I'd like to begin with - the title! NOVEMBER FOOL'S IS SO CLEVER SIAN OH MY MERLIN.
Why don't I come up with stuff like that!?

Anyways, Rumbleroar and McGonagall were so perfect it was scary. I swear to Rowling, they were so well written. :)

Percy! O dear, Percy! I wonder if he has ever snogged a girl.. ah well, getting back to your story - YOU MADE HIM FUNNY. IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE!?!? Okay, so I guess it is.

Your description makes me burn with jealousy. RAWR. Y U SO GUD AT WRITING SIAN!?

Sorry, high school's turned me a bit wonky. I don't get enough sleep...

Anyway, I digress! This was hilarious lovely! Keep on writing fabulously like this!


Haha thank you! It took me a while to come up with, but it just sort of fit once I'd thought of it - at least, it did to me!

It scared me so much writing Dumbledore and McGonagall, even for a ridiculous piece like this one. If I didn't know they were on the good side I'd be running hiding...

Yay! I'm proud of managing to make Percy funny - I feel a bit like Fred and George, or something :P

Thank you so much for this review, especially when you had to sneak it into a busy schedule!

Sian :)

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Review #11, by SiriusAura92 November Fools'

6th September 2013:
This is so completely mad... I LOVE IT! haha!
I thought the idea of Fudge loving romance novels was a funny idea at the start but then the Heads started dancing and Flitwick slapping students with fish. It's just... there are NO WORDS!

I really hope you do more chapters because they are great fun.

Well done!

Author's Response: Haha thank you very much! The prompts for this challenge were crazy so I thought I might as well make the story as bizarre as possible :P There should be two more chapters on the way :)

Sian :)

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Review #12, by UnluckyStar57 November Fools'

1st September 2013:

I randomly started reading this story, and I think you're absolutely brilliant for writing it. It's hilarious, but it seems very serious at first. I was so amused by all of the strange things that happened to the characters!!

Please please please please please update this very soon!! I think it's my new favorite. :)


Author's Response: Hi!

Aw, thank you, I'm really pleased you found it funny! The prompts that we were given for this challenge were so fun to try and use, and this craziness is the result!

There are two more chapters to come and I'll be writing the next one as soon as possible and updating it. Thanks for the review and the favourite!

Sian :)

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Review #13, by by Edward Ol... November Fools'

1st September 2013:
Hello Sian!

I loved how you started off this chapter, acting as if everything was completely normal, using McGonagall as the protagonist only added to it because she’s such a stable character. The way Percy burst into the Great Hall and everyone’s reactions to him had me cracking up. He seemed to have this nervous energy about him and I really liked that, because I remember picking that up in the books from time to time.

This curse does sound very odd. Does it have anything to do with Fudge’s behaviour in the previous chapter or was that entirely of his own accord? I really loved the interaction between Dumbledore and McGonagall when she asked about the curse, they were both so in character and I can just imagine McGonagall breaking down over this while Dumbledore thought it was hilarious.

The small details such as Gryffindor being the loudest house and the statues doing the River Dance painted a really mad scene in my head! I couldn’t help but laugh throughout reading this, I mean, I know it’s Hogwarts but what just happened has taken the whole level of craziness to a new one.

I felt rather sorry for poor old Flitwick and his attempts at trying to get calm to them all, he was just so small no wonder no one listened to him. I see that Percy succumbed to the curse to then! I rather liked seeing him trying to run around the room and I wish he was like that most of the time because he would be a lot happier.

No you crushed my dreams of the Myrcy/Pertle ship (you can pick the name, both are terrible!). Oh well, I guess Percy will be happy now! Another mad but great chapter, and I can’t wait to see what weird things happen next! ♥


Author's Response: Hi 'Edward Ol...' :P Kiana!

Haha I wanted to start this chapter off with another serious sort of character like McGonagall because it just makes it more ridiculous when something starts happening. I couldn't resist having Percy as the one that discovered the curse and had to tell everyone about it.

Yes, there is a connection between the curse that struck Fudge in the last chapter and the curse that struck Hogwarts here. You'll find out more about it in later chapters!

I'm really pleased you were laughing! I'm always sure that nobody will laugh at the crazy things I think of so it's nice to know you did. I don't think we've ever seen as much havoc at Hogwarts :P

Ah, maybe Percy should be like that permanently! And with Myrtle! Hm, you're giving me ideas for a random AU here...

Thank you for the lovely review! ♥

Sian :)

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Review #14, by soufflegirl99 First Day

28th August 2013:
Hahah, this story is brilliant Sian! I really loved reading it, it has a great pace and sense of excitement to it, and the kind of hilarity only chaos can produce! I found it thoroughly entertaining and engaging, and I thought all of your characters were described really well :)

I loved the way you made Fudge quite muddled, and his eagerness was portrayed really well. I loved the way you included his bowler hat, that's one of the most memorable and iconic things about Fudge, and his behaviour and language is all very fitting for this character. I thought it was really humorous the way you started this chapter off, with: "Cornelius Fudge’s office was a very serious place" and the repetition of the word 'serious.' It built a really unsettling atmosphere, and the knowledge that something was going to go wrong. And when it did, it was made even funnier by the build up and tension rising from the very start.

The use of the hints was cleverly wound in to the plot, and you had no idea which one was coming next! The trail of events that happened in his office were so absurd, and each person's reaction to each event was well put! I loved the way you introduced Ludo, Susan and Barty, as these very solemn, studious and serious people, that made even Fudge seem a bit flustered. The things that happened to them, they were totally unprepared for, and I enjoyed seeing these characters briefly come out of their shells and stop being serious!

The last line was brilliantly put -- all of the lines felt well put together, fluent, and really neat -- it left you feeling satisfied, and coming away feeling like the plot had really achieved something. The structure of the paragraphs helped it run really smoothly, and the range of sentences created this really easy rhythm to the one shot. It made quite a narrative piece of writing, and I really enjoyed the extra details and bits of information you slipped in here and there.

Overall, a really funny and incredible one shot, that I found truly awesome! It was totally unpredictable at times, and the events that happened were both humourous and creative!

Sophie :D

Author's Response: Sophie! ♥

Haha when I saw those prompts I couldn't think of any possible way to make them serious (although you managed to prove me wrong!) so I decided to make this story as ridiculous as possible!

Haha Fudge takes himself so seriously that I had to bring him down a peg or two, but I wanted to build him up as this serious character first.

Those hints were so difficult to work into the plot! I'm glad you thought I worked them in well though. I enjoyed writing all the ridiculousness and thinking of what stupid thing could happen to these important and solemn characters next.

I'm happy you thought that the chapter felt well put together and flowed properly! Thank you for the lovely review, and I hope you enjoy the next chapter too!

Sian :)

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Review #15, by patronus_charm First Day

26th August 2013:
Yay for ridiculousness! This is being written in Starbucks, so sorry for the shortness of it, my internet's going to run out soon!

Ah, I really loved it, it was just so great! I've never read much about Fudge parody or not, so I'm so glad you chose him! He had me cracking up all the way through though I think the best bit has to be the part about his romance novels, I can imagine him liking them for some strange reason.

Yay for Ludo! I really loved him in the books so his brief cameo appearance really made my day. I thought you really got his characteriation with his lack of awareness of authority and his outlandish personality so it was such fun to read!

Crouch was perfect too! I felt rather sorry for him in his solemn state, but I suppose it wouldn't be him if he wasn't like that! Bob Ogden was really interesting and I can't help but wonder whether the curse relates to the infamous Gaunts or not ;)

Sorry for the rushed review, but I thought this was a great first chapter and I can't wait for the next!


Author's Response: Hi Kiana!

Haha when I saw the different prompts for this challenge there was nothing I could write without making it ridiculous! It was a lot of fun to write, even though I was a bit nervous since I've never tried anything like this before.

I had so much fun imagining what Fudge might do in his spare time, and I couldn't resist letting Ludo make an appearance because he seemed to fit in with all the chaos. Haha you'll have to keep on reading to find out the origins of the curse ;)

Thanks for the review!

Sian :)

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Review #16, by bellatrixlestrange123 First Day

24th August 2013:
I clicked on here expecting something serious but oh my this was brilliant! haha, very best of luck with the challenge!! :)

Author's Response: I'm glad that the summary misled you because I intended it to - nobody expects the curse to strike, after all! Thank you for the review!

Sian :)

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Review #17, by MissesWeasley123 First Day

23rd August 2013:
First review?? I THINK SO!

GAH. This is so perfect... It's way too late in the night for me to write a proper review, but let me just say, this was quite the laugh :D I'll PM you the finer details, but this was FABULOUS! And I can't wait to see where you go with it :)

Author's Response: Haha yay! :D

I'm glad I made you laugh - it really was the most I could hope for with the ridiculousness that happens in this chapter! Thank you for the review, lovely!

Sian :)

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