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Reading Reviews for As Darkness Descends
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Review #1, by lily Turning Tides

15th July 2017:
ah please update!!! Saturday has been so dull without your fantastic writing to entertain me:)

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Review #2, by Brandon M. Turning Tides

12th July 2017:
Man the wait for the next chapters is going to kill me. Very excited to continue reading your story and hopeful that Saturday updates is true. Thank you again for being such a good writer and putting this story together.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your feedback!! It put a huge smile on my face. And yes, count on Saturday updates! I'm so happy that you're enjoying this story, and can't wait to hear what you think of future chapters!

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Review #3, by hcamp Turning Tides

7th July 2017:
I am extremely glad that you are continuing with the story. You are such a gifted writer, your way with words is beautiful.

Author's Response: Thank you so much!! Trying to stay away from writing it was killing me, and I'm so happy to be back!

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Review #4, by Josephine85 Turning Tides

5th July 2017:
Oh yeah, you're back!!! I love this story (and the one before). Keep up the amazing write work. I'm not yet as addicted as I was before (I had to do some re reading), but that certainly comes.

Author's Response: Thank you so much!!! Oh my gosh, I had to reread every single part of Before They Fall to make sure I wasn't going to mess up any small details I needed to carry through to this novel, and it was quite the undertaking. Haha! But it was nice to get me back in the right mindset!

Thank you so much for continuing this story with me!

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Review #5, by aubrey Turning Tides

3rd July 2017:
oh my god you're back!! you don't know how long I've been waiting for this update; this is by far THE BEST marauders era fanfic I have EVER read, and I would have been as heartbroken as Sirius losing Belle if you hadn't come back.

Unfortunately, I do have to say that I am disappointed that I don't get the Frank and Alice wedding I had been hoping for, but their happiness was infectious and I'll forgive you;) I'm so glad I have kept with you from the very beginning and didn't give up on you:)) thanks you so much for your work, and please keep doing what you're doing, because it's absolutely amazing:)

Author's Response: Hi there :)! Thank you so much for sticking with this!! I'm back to Saturday updates, and won't be leaving again :)!

Oh man I played with that wedding so much, but it came out wrong no matter what I tried and it always ended with them not wanting to waste the time they have together on dealing with a wedding. If it helps, I think you'll love what I have planned for James and Lily's ;).

Thank you again for sticking with me!


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Review #6, by Sushmita Moving Forward

25th April 2017:
love the story so far, please update.
typo "Sirius where in the small car"

Author's Response: Hello, I wanted to let you know that I'll be updating soon :)! Finally getting time to work on my HP writing again :)

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Review #7, by Sushmita Midnight Meetings

25th April 2017:
OMG the scene of Voldemort in the graveyard was quite chilling! Please keep writing this story, its totally awesome.
Small typo "with is own"

Author's Response: Thank you so much!!! I'm finally working on it again :)!

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Review #8, by fingerscrossed-sourgrapesnape Moving Forward

27th January 2017:
Please please please update! I have been checking this story for three years to see if there were any new chapters, and have been disappointed when I didn't see one:( When I finally saw your reply to one of the reviews early last year, I got seriously excited and have been checking in every 2 weeks ever since! If you read this, please let us know what's going on. This story has had a great impact on my life and helped me see things from a different perspective and having it cut off so abruptly was truly heartbreaking:( Love you so much and can't wait to hear more,
your number one fan:)

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Review #9, by uunkmkmxis Moving Forward

21st June 2016:
Make them have sex already. And do lots of detail

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Review #10, by tartytorts Moving Forward

18th June 2016:
I started reading book 1 this morning and now I'm onto book 2!! You are such a talented writer :) but the fact that you killed Bellle is preposterous (well only because Sirius never found any happiness in his life) (but brilliant plot) it almost feels like an original prequel to the saga. I cannot wait for you to update this again :)

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Review #11, by JChrissylover16 Moving Forward

24th January 2016:
Please update! You said in the author note that it would be a few months at most, but now it's been almost 3 years!:( I was seriously looking forward to reading this sequel, and it only has two chapters! This part of there lives is one of my favorite fanfics to read about, and I really wish you would update! You said you wouldn't abandon your story and I believe you, so I won't abandon you either but I'm hoping you get the message I'm trying to send you and update like you promised:)

Author's Response: Hi there, this may be three years too late, but I'm working on it again ;)

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Review #12, by CecilieRistorp Moving Forward

25th December 2015:
I just wanted to let you know that i've really enjoyed reading your stories, and it makes me so damn sad to see that you just stopped writing this one... I loved Before They Fall, and i loved the first two chapters of this one. Where are you? Why did you stop writing and updating? There was - is - so much magic in this story. It is the only fanfic thats ever really made me feel that HP wasn't completely over. I love your characters and I love your writing. I hope that you soon will start writing again - because i know i will really miss this story very soon, and I am guessing it won't be very easy to find any replacement. But I guess it is just wish thinking to believe that the next chapter is just around the corner when it has been so long since the last came out.
At least let this be a note of appreciation for your work - you are truly talented.
Much love.

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Review #13, by DobbyLover Moving Forward

13th November 2015:
I read Before they Fall and loved it. Literally couldn't stop reading. Sequel is good, but I really want more! Please keep writing; your work makes me feel like HP isn't over yet!

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Review #14, by kacy Moving Forward

30th June 2015:
Ah I just started reading these again after not getting on the sit for a few years and out of the ones I've read before the fall was one of my favorites! I can guess that you probably won't update anymore since its been so long, but I just wanted to let you know I loved reading your work and these two chapters are already so good!

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Review #15, by Capudoeza Moving Forward

22nd November 2014:
I just read the second chapter and I am totally in love and I would really appreciated it if you could continue with this story please. Your writing is flawless and perfection. I am begging you

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Review #16, by pennydrop Moving Forward

13th October 2014:
Where are you :(
A year is too long!!
Pleeaasee update v v soon

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Review #17, by whisky Moving Forward

12th August 2014:

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Review #18, by Hogshead8 Moving Forward

11th August 2014:
PLEASE KEEP WRITING THIS STORY. Before they Fall was one of my all time favourite James/lily fics. It was the most believable and made me smile like mad. I need you to continue this story! Please!

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Review #19, by OliviaPotter Moving Forward

21st July 2014:
It has honestly been months and I am dying! Please explain why you have stopped writing!! Your writing is adored by everyone!!

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Review #20, by MidnightFelicis Moving Forward

21st July 2014:
Ok, so I just read your two chapters and I am totally hooked!! I saw that you haven't updated anything for quite some time and I would really appreciated it if you could spend some time to continue with this story. Your writing is flawless and truly hooks the reader. I am begging you with others to please divulge us into your enticing story line.

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Review #21, by nott theodore Moving Forward

12th July 2014:
Hi again, Jami!

I really enjoyed this chapter as well. I like the way that you're writing the grief - it's still there for all of them, and Sirius in particular - but they deal with it in different ways that feel in line with the characters that you've created here. And at the same time, they're starting to move forward and move on with their lives because it can't all just halt. Life goes on. It's hard to accept - especially for Sirius - but it has to.

I loved the Lily and James moments in this chapter, and the way that Lily finally turned round and made a decision. The friendship between James and Sirius was great as well, with the way that James is trying to get Sirius to realise he needs to snap out of it. I don't think he will quite yet, but I hope he does soon!

I know that you've had a lot going on and you've been away from this site for a while. Even so, I love this story already - and we're only two chapters in! I hope that you manage to find your way back at some point and carry on writing this, because this story is beautiful and I'd love to know what happens if you get the chance to carry on with it!

Sian :)
Gryffindor House Cup 2014 Review

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Review #22, by nott theodore Midnight Meetings

12th July 2014:
Hi Jami!

Yay, the sequel, I'm finally here! I can hardly believe it since I've been so, so behind everyone else on reading these stories but I've finally made it (thanks to the house cup) and I loved this chapter!

I'm really glad that this story opened with the characters still trying to deal with Belle's death. I'm still trying to come to terms with it myself so it felt like there was more continuity with that. I think that you wrote all of the characters dealing with her death really well, because something so close to them will have hit them all really badly. I'm glad for James and Lily that they still have each other to comfort them because it must help so much.

I felt so, so sorry for Sirius in this chapter. Of course he isn't dealing with it well - not that I expected he would. He's quite a reckless character, as we see in the books, and turning to alcohol as a coping mechanism doesn't surprise me all that much.

I hate Bellatrix so, so much right now for what she did to Belle. But at the same time, she's so captivating to read about and I love the way you portray her - I keep saying this, but you write her so well!

Sian :)
Gryffindor House Cup 2014 Review

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Review #23, by Pretense Of Perfection Moving Forward

18th June 2014:
Ah, please please update this soon!

I can't stand not knowing what happens...even though I do know what happens in the end, if that makes any sense.

Sirius is legit breaking my heart over here. He's saying she wasn't the love of his life, but she was. His pain is so real, but he tries to ignore it. I honestly think that's the only thing he can do right now. While it isn't healthy to suppress your emotions, sometimes you need to for a while to actually wrap your head and heart around what life will mean from the moment you lost your love, and a future without them in it. Everything changed for him.

I think he'll end up pulling it togetehr everntually, and in his own time. Everyone grieves differently, and while I don't support him riding his bike totally sloshed, I can see why he wouldn't really think anything of it.

I'm rambling now. I really loved the Sirius/James moment at the end, when James pretty much tells him that he needs to be a bit more careful with regards to his own life.

I can't wait to see chapter three!!

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Review #24, by Pretense Of Perfection Midnight Meetings

18th June 2014:
An awesome start to the sequel.

I feel like everything regarding their sorrow for Belle is pretty realistic, except for Lily and James saying that they hurt as badly as Sirius. While this may be true, there is no pain like losing a lover, save for perhaps a child. Losing friends is a terrible thing, but I can assure you, Sirius' pain would more than likely be more severe, and on the opposite end perhaps just different, from his friends.

I'm not at all surprised by the way that he's reacted to her death though. He seems to be very in character, to me at least. His heart is broken and he's just not dealing with it, which is coincidentally the only way that he knows how to deal with it.

As much as I want to strangle Bella for killing Belle, I still love reading about her. It's interesting to know the opposite end of the spectrum in this war, and she definitely provides valuable insight for us as the reader.

Excellent job!!

Author's Response: Hi there, I just wanted to say think you SO MUCH for all your amazing reviews. I've been in the middle of a long, drawn out military move with my fiance for months now. But we're finally to our new state and in the processes of closing on our house, so once life gets settled I'm going to make answering all your reviews and updating this story my first priority.

I can't tell you how much I appreciate your feedback, comments, and most of all how happy it makes me that you liked the story. Even now, after not writing about the group for almost a year, just reading your reviews makes me feel like I'm ready to jump head first into the story again.

Anyway, I didn't want you to think I wasn't seeing your reviews. I hate answering out of order like this, but I just had to tell you how much they've made my smile!!!


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Review #25, by TheLastFreeElf Moving Forward

14th April 2014:
I see that the last time you posted was in September, which is really too bad because this and Before They Fall were the most engrossing thing I've read since the original series. You really made me fall in love with these characters (and Belle ): ) more than I thought was possible. I think you have so much potential with this, and so many things left to write about (Frank and Alice's wedding, James and Lily getting engaged, William and Olivia dying, Snape hearing the prophecy and switching sides, Peter turning, James and Lily's wedding, Gideon and Fabian Prewett dying like heros (for some reason that always sticks with me), Harry and Neville born around the same time, James and Lily's death, Pettigrew escaping, Frank and Alice's torture, oh and finding a way to end this whole thing off without making me cry myself to sleep for weeks). I might sound like I'm trying to bully you about it, but if anyone tells this story I think it should be you. Seriously, you're amazing, and I hope whatever it is that stopped you writing clears up so you can get back in the saddle soon.


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