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Review #1, by marauderfan Chapter 12

3rd November 2016:
YAY! OK HERE I AM! I sent in a job application and so now as a present to myself I am reading this chapter.

I liked seeing a little from Harry's POV here. This is very believable for him, that he wants to get to know Sadie but doesn't know how. Harry's not particularly social so this made a lot of sense for his character - I mean he rarely ever talks to anyone aside from Ron and Hermione, but he does have a big heart, so those few paragraphs rang really true with what I would expect from Harry - sympathy, but not really much of a clue how to go about communicating :P

Ahh and it kills me to think that Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon were keeping letters from him for so long! There is no way they'd want Harry to be in constant communication with wizards. Not at all. it just breaks my heart though that Harry had people who cared about him all that time and he didn't even know, and they probably thought he didn't care about them enough to respond to all the letters. :'(

Harry's effort to get to know Sadie may have started off with a bit of a hiccup but I really love that Harry is trying, and that whatever resent either of them is feeling is put aside so they can learn from each other. Also, Mrs Weasley telling everyone to eat - classic, and also I really love this because it makes Harry and Sadie laugh together, and that's like the first thing that cements a friendship.

It struck her that she really had come to love this Burrow and the crazy people that inhabited it. -- ISN'T THAT HOW WE ALL FEEL?? ♥

I love that Sadie feels so safe there. She deserves that.

BILL. He is so sweet. For some reason I found it really easy to imagine - not only that Bill would offer to carry laundry upstairs, but that he would be smug answering that question. And then that book for Sadie! That is just the most wonderful thing. I love how supportive the Weasleys are - even though Sadie understandably feels left out when conversations zip on by and she has trouble keeping up what with not being able to speak, the Weasleys really are trying because they want to understand her and to include her. Sadie could not have ended up living with a better adoptive family. *Hugs all of the Weasleys, and Sadie, and Harry can get in on this hug too*

So Hogwarts is coming up soon! I imagine that will be kind of a scary step for Sadie, but she has a good support system all around her which hopefully will make Hogwarts exciting rather than scary, because she's not alone anymore.

Amazing chapter! I'm so so so so glad that you updated this, it made my day :D

P.S. Just a note - this says it's chapter 122, so you may want to delete the extra 2 :P

Author's Response: And here I am, almost 9 months late, finally responding to this amazing review. And I don't even have a good excuse like applying for jobs. Just Merlin fanfiction that has stolen me away.

I can't tell you how much your love and loyalty to this story means to me! Seriously, it makes me SO happy!

Thank you! That's everything I wanted to and was hoping to show from that first section, summed up in one paragraph. Harry is pretty socially stunted, thanks to the Dursleys. He tries, bless his heart, but it's not natural to him. But you're right - he cares a great deal about things and wants to help people all the same.

And again - that's exactly what I wanted readers to get from the letters - sadness that Harry could have known about them, and Sadie, and his aunt Jenny and others for his whole life, but stupid Dursleys took that away from him as well. And yes, Sadie's mother was very sad he never replied. :(

This is a story about Sadie and Fred working their way toward each other, but in all my stories, romance is just one part of a story, because it's just one part of life. And as such, this is as much Harry and Sadie's story as it is anything else. Both of them, learning to have a family. So, I'm glad you think it's off to a good start now!

And yes, we all love the Burrow. That's why we come back to it time and again.


Bill - I have a soft spot for him, being oldest siblings and all. I feel like we can relate. And I just wanted him to get a little more big brothering in for Sadie. Plus, I needed a way to get this communication thing going! So, let's hope this works!

Hogwarts will be VERY scary for Sadie. And for me. Like: wanna help me write it?

Thank you for the amazing review! I love you to death!

Oh, and finally fixed that mistake. Oops. LOL

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Review #2, by long_live_luna_bellatrix Prologue

10th August 2016:
Hi! I'm finally here with your requested review!

Man, your author's note, it created some high expectations for me. :P And I know this has only just got going, but it's so promising! I get this strange Sorcerer's Stone/Philosopher's Stone vibe here. Small kid alone in the world (literally, this time), having a really rough time, has glasses, saved by magic? I'm in!

Needless to say, you did a great job of creating a lot of sympathy and a lot of intrigue for this girl. We don't even know her name! I'm dying to know how she came to be in such a tough spot, though she at least seems to be able to more or less fend for herself. I can't quite gauge how old she is, though. I feel like somewhere in the 8-12 range? I don't think it's that important to know exactly, and she clearly isn't 4 nor is she 20, but I guess I'll see. Maybe she's 11, prime Hogwarts age, that seems like a reasonable educational guess for me to make. Well, then again, it's set in America, so...

I love the subtle Animagus thing going on at the end. But who is the lady?! When she first appeared I had this strange hunch that she was Mrs. Figg :P Then that was out, because Mrs. Figg is a Squib, right? And it can't be McGonagall, McGonagall wouldn't put on bright pink galoshes if her life depended on it! And, again, this is America. So I'm extremely curious to see about that as well.

I'm especially intrigued by the fact that the girl seems to recognize the woman's wand and know more or less what it does, that was a good detail.

There wasn't anything that jumped out at me as desperately needing fixing, not that I'm surprised. I think this is an engaging first chapter and definitely reeled me in. If you have a strong desire to expand it by three or four hundred words, I think it can definitely sustain that. It moves quickly as is, very quickly, so it wouldn't drag it down too much to have a little more. I'm definitely not saying that it was too vague. But a few more details on the girl's situation might be helpful, because right now it reads like a lot of other stories that feature homeless children: they're cold and tired and have to learn how to go without food. I would be curious to get in her head a little bit more, and see how well she knows the area, why she didn't go looking for another source of food, if she's planning how to get food tomorrow, that sort of thing. I'm also kind of curious to know what year it is, or when it's set, but I also can go peek and see what era you've set it in, because I've already forgotten!

Can I ask one thing? Why did you choose to request a review for this story? It seems like a well-reviewed and well-liked story, and has clearly been in the works for years and years. What made you want to hear more about it now?

Overall, a strong first chapter, I'm sure it's followed by strong story!

Author's Response: Hello! Thank you so much for this amazing review! I so appreciate it!

I think I'm going to respond a little out of order, so I hope that's okay. I'd like to answer your last questions first. The honest truth and answer to why I'm asking for reviews now, on a story that seems to have so many reviews already is that I would really love some feedback on the later chapters. They haven't had nearly as many readers as the first ones did. But I find most people aren't all that keen on reviewing a random chapter of a story they haven't started from the beginning. So, that is the reason. I'm also hoping to start putting up new chapters soon, and I guess I was kind of hoping to rekindle interest in it.

I was a little worried when you started off with mention of the Author's Note. It's a very long one, probably my longest ever, and I usually shy away from including huge notes to start off a story. I was sure you were going to mention how long and in the way it was. But, I'm glad you actually found it helpful! So, thank you!

You are full of very good guesses at all the unanswered questions I left dangling in this beginning chapter. I'm thinking you may have read a fic or two before. :) But, I'm honored that you found my version of things intriguing and engaging enough to make you ponder on it. I have purposefully left things vague in this first chapter, but I'm still very impressed with your guesses!

And I absolutely love that your rationalization for why the woman can't be McGonagall is that she would never be caught dead in pink galoshes. That's amazing, and totally right! I love it!

I appreciate your suggestions for improvement! It is always so helpful to be reminded of how my writing comes across to other people reading it without the full knowledge of what happens in their head. Making sure to include the correct details without dragging the fic down with them is definitely something I can always work on. Thank you!

(As for what year it's set...I can give you that. Think Goblet of Fire.)

Thanks again. I've always wanted to snag a spot on your review thread over the years. I have great admiration and respect for you as an author and reviewer. Thanks again!

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Review #3, by alicia and anne Chapter 11

23rd May 2016:
Oh Sadie! :( *hugs her tightly*

And Fred is awake as well! They can comfort each other :D hehhee Look at him making pie though! I want some too!

She's so adorable! I can't imagine anyone that wouldn't love her! :D

Look at them bonding over pie! It brings me joy!

Oh no :( I'm glad that he told her he saw the memory and that he won't tell anyone else, not even George. I hope that she believes him.

I want to know what project they had been working on! I bet it's going to be something very awesome!

I love that she's opening up to him, and showing him her powers. That she trusts him enough to do so.

Haha Fred is right! Masterful escape indeed!

Aw he left her pie!

Ahhh I can't wait for more! I'm all caught up now with this wonderful story! and now I shall wait eagerly for the next chapter, like a patient fan girl!

Author's Response: I cannot tell you how MUCH it means that you love Sadie so much. Like seriously, it leaves me kind of giddy.

I'm sure if you ask nicely, Fred will give you some pie. Well, maybe a LITTLE pie. LOL.

Having a hard time responding to this review because I'm just sitting here smiling too much. I am glad you approve of the pie, though.

Yeah, that memory had to come up between them at some point. Probably better that it happened sooner rather than later.

Patience on the project. You will learn in time (if I can ever get back to writing this fic that is.)

Thank you so much! This review was a blast!

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Review #4, by alicia and anne Chapter 10

23rd May 2016:
*huggles Sadie* It'll be alright, I am here for you! We can do this together!

I still find it so magical that Olivander knows who everyone is.

I'm so proud of her for getting the courage to try out wands. :D She's coming so far and it makes me so happy!

Awww look at her! She has her wand :D This makes me happy for her.

She's going to go so far! I can't wait to see her at Hogwarts using it. :D

Another wonderful chapter! I can't believe that there's only one more chapter left.

Author's Response: Awww, thanks! And Sadie very much appreciates the hugs!

You know, sometimes, Olivander is a little creepy because of that, LOL. I actually had a rather hard time writing him because wanted to keep that magic and wonder without diving off into the tad bit scary. Hope it worked.

I am trying to make her progress! Just hope I'm not doing it TOO quickly.

Thank you again! Love these reviews!

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Review #5, by alicia and anne Chapter 9

23rd May 2016:

Look at George being helpful by putting the trousers in the dark pile. Such a good son!

Hahaha look at Fred, George and Harry having that inside joke about the map. :P I love that so much.

Ew they're such boys at times with their dirty washing haha. I love how Fred can remember the exact date it was last washed though, that's a skill in itself!

I love how Fred took the shirt off to George's humming, that is comedic gold!

I absolutely love that the first time that she goes to Diagon Alley is with the twins, I think that they make the experience a lot better and more enjoyable, and one that will help distract her from any panic attacks.

Those twins are hilarious!! You-Know-Who leaves you homework hints? Blimey, I feel robbed. Do you think hed be willing to branch out? Merlin knows I could use the help with Potions. I love this!

You are so amazing at writing them! And you are brilliant at humour! :D I love your work so much!

Author's Response: I seriously grin like and idiot every time you start a chapter like that. I'm so tickled that you love her so much! I never in a million years expected this sort of reaction to an OC that I created and inserted cheekily into the storyline.

Fred and George sorting laundry. I think I should probably get some sort of bragging rights for this probably being the only scene in fanfiction to feature this particular event. LOL.

Including inside jokes is fun. :)

It was really fun to write her seeing Diagon Alley for the first time. It's such a magical place, and such a rite of passage for people coming into the Wizarding world.

Thank you for enjoying my jokes! That also means a lot!

Thanks again. You leave me blushing and feeling sky high with these reviews.

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Review #6, by alicia and anne Chapter 8

22nd May 2016:
Yay!! Sadie! :D We all know just how much I love her! I'm so very happy that you created a character as amazing as her.

Hahaha George is hilarious! He sounds as annoying as my brother is at times.

It's good that Sadie has him around to yell for food for her. George will look out for her. :D

Oooh I wonder what they have planned?!

Awww that flashback is so sweet, and I love seeing her young and carefree. I hope that we get to see more of them in the future. I love seeing more about her background, and can just imagine her running around the farm.

Oh no! Oh Sadie! *hugs her tightly*

I really need to read the next chapter, I've missed reading this so much, and I need it back in my life! Fantastic work as always. :D

Author's Response: I know I've told you before, but I'm going to tell you again - I adore how much you love Sadie. It just makes me light up. THANK YOU!! And now I'm blushing again, from your amazing praise.

:D George was supposed to be annoying here, so I'm glad it worked! And yes, he's such a brother, isn't he.

George WILL look out for Sadie. It will be good for her.

As for the plans.have to wait a while to see.

Thanks! Glad you liked it the little glimpse of her before life got so hard.

And yes, then it gets hard again. There are just as many scary memories as good ones for her.

Thanks so much! I always love your reviews, and I'm so sorry that I'm still finding ones I haven't responded to yet. I hope you can forgive me!

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Review #7, by writeyourheartout Chapter 11

27th February 2016:

I'm at work non-stop for the next three days, so this is unfortunately probably not going to be my greatest review ever, but I just had to leave you something on your special day! So here we go:

That opening, girl. Dang. Your description here is just omg so good. I just love the way you wrote Sadie as she wakes from her nightmare. It's beautifully put, and so very gripping.

"Old MacDonald Had A Dragon" Hahahaha! Love it. Your Fred is spectacular as ever, right from the start!

And the pie! I love the way you wove Fred's secret love of cooking into canon facts. Perfection. You know him so well. ;)

Now, can we talk about this Fred and Sadie scene already?? Do you remember how much it was driving you just absolutely up the wall?! And WHY?? HOW?? Because it is SO PERFECT!!! Good Lord, woman. (And yes, I know I'm being totally hypocritical here, but whatever. :-p) It turned out just wonderfully. Such a dark topic, but with Fred still so authentically Fred, even in this moment of seriousness. And poor Sadie. You really make us feel for her here. For both of them. I'm so glad she didn't actually run away that first time, but just went looking for her source of communication so that Fred got at least some closure on the whole ordeal. Their whole exchange was just this frail, sweet, sad thing. It was excellent. And the small glimpse into Sadie's special gift was super cool.

Oh! And then when she really does leave as Fred's back is turned and Fred just says, "Masterful escape there, Sadie McLauchlin..."? LOL This made me chuckle. Back to his roots, our Freddie. Glad their chat helped him, too, the ittle lamb. ^.^

(Minor side-note: You misspelled Sherlock's last name. It's missing an E.)

Anyway, this was excellence - top to bottom, start to finish - as per usual. Congrats for finally getting through it; I know how much trouble it was causing you before! But it sincerely turned out fantastically, just as I knew it would. :)

Happy birthday to you once again, my friend. I hope it was a great one. You deserve nothing less. ♥


Author's Response: I misspelled Sherlock's name? Man, that's like Literary Criminality! I should be driven out of the fiction world! (IE, thanks for pointing it out and should I ever get around to editing this for typos, I will most surely fix that...when I'm done banging my head on the desk for stupidity, LOL.)

Aw, my friend, you ALWAYS know how to make me smile. Thanks so much for this amazing birthday surprise. Considering you read this thing at least a million times before I posted it, your review is very special.

To have the Master of Writing the Twins herself say my Fred is okay means a lot. (hugs) Thanks so much. You spoil me rotten with your gushing and praise and...yeah. Blushing here.

And I'm so glad that showing Sadie's strange gift didn't flag the "Mary-Sue" radar as it so easily could have.

Thanks for everything. Always reading, and holding my hand as I write these things, and prodding and poking me to stop obsessing and just do it, and then still managing to love the darn thing once I post it. You are honestly the best!

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Review #8, by Secret Cupid Chapter 1

15th February 2016:
Hello again! I'm here to spread some more love.

This is another really intruiging chapter.

I really love the way you write Professor McGonagall, she's so perfectly in character. You've got that matter-of-fact nature down, and then that slight hint of her finding Ophelia's behaviour amusing but not giving that away.

Speaking of which, Ophelia is hilarious! I love the way she kept going off on a tangent, and being easily distracted.

I'm interested to find out exactly who Sadie is, and how she came to be in New York without her parents.

Great job, Valentine♥

Author's Response: Hey there! Me, again, supper slow. I think you know the awful drill by now of how slow I am at responding.

But I'm so glad you found this chapter to be interesting. I know you are a huge fan of Prof. McG, so if you think I did a good job with her, that's very high praise. Thanks so much!

:D - this is my face when you say you like my crazy Ophelia! She's so much fun to write. I almost wish there was a way to keep her in the fic longer.

Thanks for reading! Glad you want to know more about Sadie.

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Review #9, by Secret Cupid Prologue

15th February 2016:
Hello! Happy Valentines' Day♥ Sorry for the delay in getting your gifts to you.

As far as opening chapters go, this is perfection. You've got an excellent balance her of giving away enough information so that I know what's happening, and I'm interested to know where you're going with it, but not so much that it's a giant information dump.

Your description is so incredible, I could perfectly imagine every little detail of this scene, and exactly how the mystery girl felt.

I'm excited to read on!

Author's Response: Thank you! I loved getting this, even though I know I'm so slow responding.

I'm excited you liked the opening chapter. I know it's pretty short and not a lot happens, so it's always nice to know that people enjoy it anyway. And that they are interested in going on!

I'm blushing at your compliments! Thanks!

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Review #10, by marauderfan Chapter 11

11th February 2016:
I'm here, as promised! You updated while I was travelling, so it's taken some time, but I am here in the airport and so happy to be finally reading this. Btw, I apologize in advance for typos since I'm reviewing on my phone.

Ahh FRED LIKES COOKING. Yes! I would never have thought of this but, why not? This is totally my new headcanon. And this: She would have already yelled at him for being out of bed, then moved over to taste his pie filling, offering a suggestion on what he could tweak to make it even better. -- I just love this, and I could totally see Mrs Weasley doing something like this. And she'd be SO happy that one of her children loved cooking as much as she did! Anyway, I loved that creative bit of characterization.

Your writing of Sadie continues to be wonderful, and I love how much depth and nuance you're able to give a character who never speaks. Little things like her rolling her eyes at Fred - it's clear that there's a lot more to Sadie than her sad, broken side which is most easily seen, and she has a sense of humour underneath it and it's always great to see one of the Weasleys bring out that side of her.

Lovely scene there in the kitchen wih Fred and Sadie. I agree that it would be too much of a secret for him to bear having seen her memory, and it was nice to see that she opened up about it a little. She is gradually doing that, tiny steps in each chapter but being surrounded by a loving family is helping her so much and it's wonderful to see. At the same time, I'm not surprised Sadie snuck out when Fred went to get the pie. I love that he left her a slice though (and that Fred went to go eat most of a pie by himself, hahaha)

I was so happy to see this update and it was a great chapter! Hoping to see some more of this soon :)

Author's Response: Look at me, so slow responding to reviews that I had to re-read them all to remember what you said. Plus side of that is that I got to relive all these AMAZING things you said that made me blush all over again.

:D I love that I'm contributing to people's headcanon of the twins. Somehow, that makes me feel really special. hehehehe. But, I just couldn't figure out how they would make all those sweets to sell (even if they are trick ones) if they didn't know how to cook. Candy making isn't the easiest skill for beginning cooks to pull off. So, thanks!

And now I'm totally grinning from ear to ear over your comments of Sadie. Because, this is exactly what I hope is coming across - that there's more to her than meets the eye, it's just hidden. And there can be more to her without having to break the quietness that surrounds her, because that is also so much who she is. Seriously, thank you so much for noticing that!

I think I'm gonna squish you in hugs. Is that acceptable? Because this is such a great review.

Thank you so much. Now, can you coax the muse back so I can write more of this?

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Review #11, by merlins beard Chapter 11

27th January 2016:

You kept me waiting... for a bit, I was getting worried that maybe you were abandoning this...

Just joking, I know how busy you are. I'm just so glad you updated this!

I love all the Fred/Sadie moments. So adorable. And oh my god Fred can COOK! why didn't I ever think of that? (I am now even more in love with Fred Weasley than I was before)

Gah, I can't even form coherent thoughts because I'm just so happy about this chapter! Amazing job, as always!

Lots of love
♥ Anja

Author's Response: :) I can't tell you how happy it makes me when you get so excited for a new chapter. (hugs)

And I've kept you waiting for this review response for ages as well, haven't I. So sorry about that! I'm trying to work on both - writing and posting faster, and responding faster. But the first task is to finish responding to all of these amazing reviews.

Awww, I'm so happy you love Sadie/Fred moments. Though, I don't plan on pushing the romance side of that relationship for a while. This isn't a love at first sight kind of thing.

And yes, I figured Fred had to learn how to make all those sweets they market somehow. I just decided in my tiny brain that he can cook, and enjoys it.

:D Thanks! The words you formed were very coherent and much loved. This review was awesome.

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Review #12, by alicia and anne Chapter 7

11th January 2016:
I am literally so excited about reading more about Sadie! I can't believe that I've let it go this long without reading about her!

I still love just how accepting the Weasley's all are of Sadie, it makes me so happy that she was put with them, they're all so good for her. And it's brilliant that Ginny took her to her secret hide out. Can they be best friends? :D

It must be really hard to have to write her signing, but you're doing a fabulous job with it :D And I'm so proud of Fred for keeping that secret, especially from George!

I can't wait to read more! :D

Author's Response: Okay, at least I'm getting to reviews that are not TWO years overdue. Still, it's pathetic. Must do better at responding!

I can't tell you how much it means that you enjoyed reading this so much. It was so fun to watch your reviews come in, and get all excited by your gushing. Thank you so much for that. I still means the world.

Ginny and Sadie as best friends - probably not best friends, but good friends for sure. I'm not sure Sadie actually has a best friend. I hadn't though about it. She's so isolated and alone, it's hard for her to get close to people.

Glad you enjoy how I'm writing the signing as well.

And yes, Fred is being very noble and all, with that secret. He's such a nice boy sometimes.

Thanks again!

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Review #13, by Seasons_Greetings Prologue

12th October 2015:

It is I, SeasonsGreetings, here to spread some love across HPFF from now until the New Year!

I've heard quite a bit of talk about your Gravel On The Ground series and I'm glad I've finally made it here. The set up for this story was unusual, but in a good way. I saw a few parallels to Merope starving on the streets during her pregnancy with Tom. Not sure if that was intentional or not, but I liked it.

I am quite intrigued by who this poor woman is and why she's out in the gutters on a rainy New York night. I've often visited New York during my quests to spread holiday cheer and I know just how cold it can get. I imagine she must be freezing.

I was very happy when the eccentric old lady showed up to take her out of the rain. I knew almost as soon as the cat didn't appear that it would be an animagus. I liked the detail about the ladies hair color matching that of the cat. It reminded me a bit of Professor McGonagall and her animagus form.

I'll end this here by wishing you a very happy holiday season!



Author's Response: Hello! Sorry I'm so slow to respond to this amazing review, but I'm finally here! Thank you so much for coming and reading!

I'm smiling now. I didn't know my story was popular enough that people were talking about it! That's kinda cool to hear!

You know, I never thought about the parallels to Merope and my character here. So no, it wasn't intended. An interesting thought though.

Not sure I'd call her a woman yet - still a girl - but she's out there because she has no where else to be. Hopefully she will soon have somewhere to warm up.

I think I'm a sucker for cat anamagi. Weird, huh.

Thanks again so much for this great review! Glad you came by my Author's page!

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Review #14, by alicia and anne Chapter 6

22nd September 2015:
YAY! ANOTHER SADIE CHAPTER! :D I'm so happy right now!

(pssst this is my 1700th review!)

Oh no! I'm worried about what's going to happen with Sadie there :S I need to protect her! I am really loving seeing this side of the scene, and what the others got up to in the woods, and I'm glad that Sadie is with them.

(Also love the fact that the twins hid things in Harry and Ron's rucksacks :P)

Look at Fred being a gentleman and giving her his coat, he's so sweet, but poor Sadie flinching *hugs her* I'll protect her!

I love how you're showing the Weasleys helping her settle in. If there's any family that could do it with such ease and such love, it would be the Weasleys.

No! Sadie don't run! :( Oh no! I hope that she's found.

phew! Fred got her.

No! Sadie! :( She's been through so much and all I want to do is hug her so tightly. Oh no! That flashback is so sad and horrible! *hugs her tighter*

This was such a sad chapter! :( And now I'm sad!

Author's Response: Hey, congrats on the HUGE review number! I can't even imagine writing that many reviews! I think my brain would explode. How do you do it?

You know, sometimes after reading your reviews, I start to wonder if you aren't going to suddenly show up in the story, brandishing a sword to protect Sadie from everything. I get this urge to go back and re-read what I've posted, just to check and see if it's change. LOL.

I had fun writing the Dark Mark scene from the POV of the ones who go left behind in the forest. We all know what happened to the Trio then, but the others...they just got left in the dust. I quite enjoyed filling in that blank.

And yes, I had to add in the rucksack. I couldn't believe that the twins would NOT have a backup plan, having living with Molly for 16 years.

Didn't know Fred could be a bit of a gentleman, did you?

Sorry about the running, but yeah. Sometimes she just can't fight those ingrained instincts. :( But yes, Fred caught her.

And double sorry for making you sad. *sends over box of tissues* Perhaps, and this is just general warning, you might not WANT to read this story as I post more chapters... I would hate to make you more sad.

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Review #15, by alicia and anne Chapter 5

17th September 2015:
YES! SADIE! AHH! SO MUCH LOVE FOR HER! as you know with every review I've written.

How am I only on chapter 6? I feel like I've read more, but that just means I have so much more to read and love! YAY!

Aw I want to hug her again, she's got an innocence about her when she wants to go out and run around in the grass, I think that she should, Molly would definitely encourage that.

Oh Sadie! If any of those girls say anything I will hurt them! I'll protect you!

Awww I love how tired all of the boys are haha. And she wants to laugh! YES! This family is brilliant for her! :D

I seriously love her so much! Everytime I read more and more about Sadie I just have all of this love building up for her. There is nothing about her I dislike, and I just want to hug her all the time and become her best friend! Can I be her best friend? Somehow put me in the background so that I can be her best friend from afar :P

Aww the twins want to help her! :D

Oh no! Oh Sadie! :( Oh that poor girl! I want to hug her so tightly and help her get through her panic attack :( I'm so glad that it was Bill's jacket that she grabbed onto. I'm so glad that Bill was the one to talk to her and help her. Awww and he wants her to adopt him as a big brother! I'm so happy that he said that! :D

Aw Bill and Sadie will have the best brother/sisterness in the world! :D

This was amazing! and I need to get catching up on the rest of the story, it brings me such joy! :D

Author's Response: Back again, trying to respond to a few more!

And I STILL can't believe how much you love Sadie! It's amazing to me, and I just want to hug you for it!

I'm so glad you think she has a bit of innocence about her, despite the horrible things she's been through. I really wanted to bring that across, but I was afraid people would be like "no way, this girl's been through too much, she should be jaded as all get out." But I didn't want to write a jaded character. A tough one, and one who knows for certain that the world can be an ugly place, but not one who doesn't believe in good anymore either.

I think the rest of Hogwarts is shivering in their shoes from your threats! hehehe

I think the Weasleys would be brilliant for anyone, don't you? I mean, they have to be the best medicine for ANYTHING!

Nothing you dislike? WOW! What a compliment! I'm blushing all over!

As for writing you in. Erm. Well. As you can see, I'm having a hard enough time writing fic at all right now.

Sadie had a lot of big brothers at one time - and she misses them. I really wanted to give her a little of that back, plus I had a feeling that throwing her headfirst into the World Cup was gonna be WAY TOO MUCH for her, so I needed someone to be there to pick up the pieces when it was done.

So glad you loved this chapter! Thank you so much for reading!

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Review #16, by alicia and anne Chapter 4

10th September 2015:
YAY! It's Sadie again! :D Thank you for giving me this chapter to read :D

She must be so overwhelmed about going to the Weasley's house and being around them all.

I love that the first thing that Molly does is hug her :D Such a Molly thing to do!

Ahhh! She finally gets to meet Harry! :D YAY!

Oh Sadie! Can I hug her? I would be overwhelmed with everything if I was her, and you write how she's feeling so well! You've done a fabulous job describing that!

I can't wait for them to be friends as well! They're going to be an unstoppable team! I can tell!

You have got the characterisations of the Weasley's, Harry and Hermione done perfectly! And it's all just flowing so amazingly, it's like she was always in the series! :D

I love love love how they're all trying to learn sign language!

I need to read more and I can't wait to come back and read the rest of this story, I absolutely love Sadie, she's so different to every othe character I've read. I just have this massive urge to protect her and be there for her. You're such an amazing writer and I can't help but get lost in your beautiful words.

Author's Response: And another one that I let sit for a shameful amount of time. I'm so sorry! Such amazing reviews and I was so neglectful of them.

Thank YOU for wanting to read, and loving it so much!

Now, to respond to your comments:

I think anyone would be overwhelmed going to the Burrow for the first time, but yes, Sadie is a little extra overwhelmed. It's going to be good for her, though. She needs this.

Yep. The cousins meet. And they aren't quite sure what to think of each other.

Thank you so much for the compliments. I can't tell how much it means to me to know I've written an OC that people actually seem to like and sympathize with!

Ah! Saying it's like she was always in the series is the best compliment in the world! Seriously, thank you so much!!

I imagine Fred and George will be having some fun with that sign language before long.

Thank you so much again, from the bottom of my heart. And I'm so sorry real life got to the point I had to let this sit for so long. Please know it wasn't out of not loving it, just out of desperation to stay sane in the real world.

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Review #17, by alicia and anne Chapter 3

30th August 2015:
Albus and Minerva's friendship is epic!

And she must have something on her mind if she hasn't moaned about Argus!

Awww poor Sadie, having a fear or distrust of wands, I hope that she can get over that and use one. But I'm so happy that she's doing very well in other subjects though. I agree with Albus, she's going to surprise us.

Molly's house is definitely the best place for her if they want her to feel loved again. I don't think that there's another place in the wizarding world that would fit that criteria.

I agree that she needs a lot of help too, but I know that Minerva and the Weasley's and everyone else will be there to help her and get her through it. The just need to give her time. And I can't wait to see more of her as this story carries on. I feel attached to her and want only the best for her.

Awww she's so happy about new shoes and I could just cry! I want to protect her so much and give her everything that she wants.

I love this! And I need to carry on and read more!

Author's Response: Oh dear. Almost two years delinquent on responding to this review. It's so late, you probably won't even notice that I HAVE finally responded. My only excuse I have to offer is Real Life. So sorry.

But than you so much for this incredible review! It made me smile then and it just made me smile again reading it now.

I'm glad you liked Minerva and Albus' friendship. It was fun to write them as adults in their own right instead of just as teachers seen through the eyes of kids.

I love that you are connecting with Sadie and rooting for her. That means a lot, considering she's an OC with Mary Sue tendencies. LOL.

Wouldn't we ALL want to be at Molly's house? I think I could live at the Burrow and be just fine.

New shoes are amazing, no matter who you are.

Thanks again! So sorry I left this for so long!

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Review #18, by Unicorn_Charm Prologue

11th August 2015:
Hey there!! Here with your review!

How have I never read anything by you before?! My goodness, I have been missing out! Even though this was a short prologue, I am completely captivated already. Your writing is just fantastic. It's so vivid and sucks you right in. I almost feel like I'm freezing, soaked and hungry, too. Wow.

So I'm definitely intrigued. I'm dying to know who this girl is and how she had come to be homeless in NYC. She obviously is familiar with magic, so I'm wondering if she is a witch, a squib or had known magical people before?

My heart broke for this poor girl. Especially when the woman at the shop was so horrible to her. I mean, she was out in the pouring rain, starving with no shoes. Who could be that cold towards someone so obviously in need. :( The poor girl.

The old woman was the cat! How interesting. It opens up even more questions that I will simply have to read on to find the answers to. And trust me, I'm definitely going to be back to read on!

Thank you so much for responding and giving me the opportunity to finally read your beautiful writing! I can't wait to continue on! Great work here!! ♥

xoxo Meg

Author's Response: Hello dear! Thanks so much and sorry I'm so slow responding!

Erm...well, I'm not exactly the most popular author around, nor do I update very quickly, so those are probably two very good reasons why. But I'm blushing very deeply at the thought that you have enjoyed reading my stuff! Thank you so much for the fantastic compliments! It means so much, that you could feel what I was trying to convey in the fic as though you were there!

And I'm glad you're intrigued! That's a good thing for a first chapter to leave readers! I promise, if you decide you ever want to read on, all those questions you just mentioned here will be answered eventually.

Yes, poor girl in the rain. I was very cruel to her in this prologue wasn't I. I'll have to make up for that later.

Thank you so much for this amazing review and for reading my story! You are awesome!

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Review #19, by alicia and anne Chapter 2

27th May 2015:
Yay!! I'm back!! :D

Oh Harry, bless him for thinking that it was going to be about him. I bet he misses the attention haha.

I'm so glad that she's able to stay at The Burrow, especially with Mr Weasley, so that she could hear stories about her father. :D

I do love the background of how the Weasley's knew Sadies family, I can't imagine any other place that she would be staying. And I absolutely love that Arthur and Charlie named their kids after each other. Best friends ever!! :D

Oh no, I wonder who killed them and why? :(

I'm glad that she has them to look out for her and to show her around, at least she won't be alone. And Fred and George will definitely get her out of her shell and get her to open up :D

Oh no :( She can't talk, I hope that spell can be broken, and I wonder why that spell was put onto her?

Aw she's related to Harry! They're cousins :D

I really can't wait for more! I seriously need to get reading the next chapters, I'm so addicted to this story already, I love it so much! Your writing is wonderful and this story is so unique already and I can't wait to see how it develops and what other things your wonderful mind has come up with.

:D Keep up the amazing work! *squishes*

Author's Response: I'm always so happy when you come back!

And I'm quite certain Harry isn't minding the lack of attention at all. hehehehe

Of course, in the end, it's still always about him, isn't it.

I'm so glad you aren't thinking this whole arrangement too far-fetched and out there, and liking the idea of her at the Burrow and talking with Arthur.

The name thing was fun to play with. I loved making up my own head canon for where the names came from.

Keep wondering these questions. Eventually they will be answered, I promise.

Hopefully Fred and George can break her out of her shell without traumatizing her in the process, LOL.

And there goes another one of my cliches - Long Lost Relative, anyone? hehehe

It still warms my heart how much you loved this story, and I can't thank you enough for all the reviews. Thanks, thanks, thanks! You are lovely!

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Review #20, by marauderfan Chapter 10

27th May 2015:
Hi Farmgirl! I am back on land for a few days and here to appreciate and love this chapter!

This was great. You've got Ollivander's mannerisms and dialogue down perfectly, and as always I'm really impressed with your ability to adhere so closely to canon. Ollivander is kind of weird in that his love of magic and wandlore kind of gives him a strange energy that's a bit off-putting, but in his own way he did show Sadie that she has nothing to fear from magic. It was wonderful to see Sadie face that fear, realise she has a choice, and take a step to conquer her fear - she was close to following her flight instinct but she has already changed a lot now that she has support.

As always Fred and George really shine here. I will never tire of saying how much I love your writing of the twins!

Lovely chapter and I'm so eager to read more. :)

Author's Response: LAND! A lovely thing. (And now that you live on it full-time, do you ever miss the sea?)

Thank you! I really struggled with writing Olivander. (Of course, I seem to be struggling with writing in any form lately, so this should not be breaking news.) The balance of staying canon with him, having him react the way I wanted for this chapter, and not having him come off as a totally creeper, was VERY hard to walk. I hope I did it okay.

:) Me - blushing again, because of your compliments.

Thank you so much!

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Review #21, by merlins beard Chapter 10

15th May 2015:
Hi again!

I loved this! The characterization of Mr. Ollivander was a little different than I would have expected it, but it worked so well! I was a little nervous about this chapter, but everything seems to be going really well right now. Sadie starts to overcome her fears and trust the Weasley family.
I love all the Fred and George parts of the story, there can never be enough stories about them anywhere.

I kind of miss Sadie's interaction with her cousin a little. Harry did experience something similar to Sadie, so they should have something to talk about. I wonder if Sadie was told as a child what happened to her aunt and uncle (i think you said something about that in an earlier chapter, I can't quite remember right now.)


Author's Response: Thanks! I really had a hard time writing Mr. Olivander, so it's totally possibly I got him a bit out of character. Still, I also kinda needed him to be out of character to further this chapter, so I guess it might have happened even if he was easy to write. LOL. And I was EXTREMELY nervous about this chapter. Such a deep fear, and I worried that having her get over it mostly in one chapter was selling it short.

Amen on there never being enough Fred and George stories in the world! Why don't people write for these two?

I DO need to get some stuff in here focusing on Harry and Sadie - build up that relationship. And to answer your question (with some minor spoilers) yes, Sadie knew about her aunt and uncle and even Harry. She and her family wrote letters to Harry until her parents died, but he never answered back. That's because Aunt Petunia never bothered to deliver the letters to him. :(

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Review #22, by merlins beard Chapter 9

15th May 2015:
Hi again!
I loved the trip to Diagon Alley so far! It can be a really magical place nd I'm glad Fred and George were the ones to show it to Sadie. Her characterization compliments the Twin's -especially Fred's - quite well...
I can't wait to see how this thing between them turns out.

Wow, they even show her their shop. They are right, it will be amazing some day, and I'm hoping Sadie will be a part of that.

The wand buying comes next, right? I'm nervous about that, because Sadie probably isn't going to like it much...


Author's Response: Another one I missed! This is embarrassing! I do hope that sometime you see I managed to respond to these amazing reviews.

Glad you liked the trip so far! It was really fun to write Sadie having fun for once! And yes, I sense the beginnings of a wonderful friendship here.

And yes, they showed her their dream. It was a big moment for all of them.

Yes, on to the wand buying!

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Review #23, by merlins beard Chapter 8

14th May 2015:
Hello again! I guess it is time to get Sadie a wand. I have an uneasy feeling about that.

Can we please wrap Sadie into some Bubble-wrap tightly and -I don't know - never let her out of Molly Weasley's sight. I couldn't bear if something happened to her, but I'm afraid you're going to let her suffer a little more.

I love it when Fred and George are up to something!can't wait to see what George thought of during dinner.

He may be a little insensitive sometimes but I'm sure Sadie can take it.

Diagon Alley next chapter -I can't wait!


Author's Response: Hello again, back at you! And a thousand and one apologies for the fact that I'm STILL trying to get all your amazing reviews responded to. I will get there, and I want you to know that just because I'm slow doesn't mean I didn't appreciate these so much!

I suppose you COULD wrap her in bubble wrap and keep her in the Burrow forever, but then how would she ever get to have a life? She NEEDS to get out and learn and love. And yes, probably suffer too.

Fred and George wouldn't be Fred and George if they weren't up to something, right?

Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed reading!

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Review #24, by merlins beard Chapter 7

14th May 2015:
Hi again.
I love that Sadie starts to communicate, and I think you made the right coice translating her signs. Do you know ASL? I have no experience with any sign language other than knowing it looks fluent and beautiful and impressive.

Aw Ginny admits her crush! So sweet... sharing that secret is the best way to show Sadie what friendship feels like.

Wow, Sadie made Fred see her memories in that state of panic. She has really strong magic. I doubt she knows that he could see that. I wouldn't know what to do with that kind of information... but I agree that it's not his secret to tell.

I really love your writing.

Author's Response: Hello again yourself. I might just get all your reviews responded eventually.

It is nice to have Sadie starting to interact and say things, in her own way. It makes telling her story and fleshing out her character so much easier.

I know some ASL, though not nearly enough. I know the basics, and some of the rules and culture of it, but a lot of things I'm having to look up to make sure I've remembered them correctly. It's like any skill - if you don't use it often, it goes away.

Yep. I had Ginny admit her crush on Harry. That was a really fun moment to include.

And yes, Sadie shared without meaning to. She does have strong magic, but it scares her, and she tries to hide it.

Thanks again! These have been lovely to re-read.

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Review #25, by merlins beard Chapter 6

14th May 2015:
I knew this was going to be bad. Poor, poor Sadie. I don't know how she could ever get over that.
Fred is so kind to her, like all the Weasleys. The dark mark frightens them all a lot, and Sadie just can't take it. I'm so glad that fred managed to catch her when she ran off. It will be a while until she tells someone about everything she's been through, and I can't help but think Dumbledore was right. The Weasley family really is the best treatment for someone who is heavily traumatized.
I'll just go to the next chapter to see if everyone is ok now.


Author's Response: I'm sorry. I was rather mean to her here, wasn't I. But Fred is there, and George and Ginny and they will help her, I promise.

Someday, she'll open up to these people and let them help her. It's just going to take time. (At the rate I write and post, it might take a century, but oh well...)

Thanks again for reading!

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