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Review #1, by Secret Santa How I Die

2nd January 2014:
Hey Sophie! I'm here with your holiday review! So... ho ho ho?

I loved this! It was such an amazing piece of writing. I could feel all of the emotions pouring out of the characters and every word was just so fitting.

It's always hard writing about death and these emotions that come so hard to people to both experience and put down on paper (or screen in this case). But this was such am amazing mix of both bitter and sweet.

I really loved the style in which this was written , with the italic explanations. And I also liked how you mixed some of her humor in with all of the drama and the emotions.

I guess it's fitting for her to think about her son and her husband, especially since she wanted to be with him so much before they got together. All those emotions felt really raw and real and they brought tears to my eyes.

And the last line was pure and simple perfection. I honestly can't find anything I do not love about this one shot! So great job! I'm really happy I read this!

- Secret Santa

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Review #2, by missclaire17 How I Die

13th September 2013:
Hello Sophie! :)
It's Claire here with a review for you! First of all, I loved the way that you included the prompts in there. I know many times whenever an author is required to put in a prompt, it may sound kind of awkward or out of place, but I think you did it excellently here.

Also, I love how you have different "versions" for how Tonks died. Reading this is like reading what a monologue in Tonks's head would be like, and I absolutely loved it.

Your one-shot actually made me kind of sad when I think about Teddy and how he is an orphan to be raised by his grandmother. It's been a complete cycle, and war makes casualties out of innocent people. You did an excellent job of portraying the pain of Tonks leaving her son all alone but keeping Tonks' personality and voice in the whole thing.

Such a wonderful one-shot! I'm really glad you decided to participate in August's Gryffindor Writing Challenge!


Author's Response: Hiya there!

Thank you, I found the prompts highly amusing, and really good fun to weave in to a plot. Thanks, I tried hard to make it all fit together!

I wanted to show different sides to how she died, and I love Tonks so much, she's so brave, and met such a tragic end.

It's hard to say this without sounding evil, but I think it's good I made you feel sad! Thank you! To not even have your son for a year, and have him taken away, I thought it was quite like Harry himself, actually. Andromeda would be such a cool grandma to have though, she's not a bit like uncle Vernon!

Thanks for dropping by!

Sophie :D

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Review #3, by MadiMalfoy How I Die

10th September 2013:
Here's review #2 for your TMR challenge prizes! :)

Well, I really shouldn't have read this just before bed, because now I'm really sad. :( But in a good way..I guess? I don't know, it's late!

Anyways, this nearly brought me to tears. The way you've kept Tonks' personality and voice consistent and very apparent throughout made this that much better! The first person POV works perfectly in this one-shot, I'm so jealous! You have great talent in writing first person, which can sometimes be a very hard thing to do, considering you have to be able to get into the mindset of the character perspective you're writing from.

As for plot, I think the structure you used works well. It keeps it sort of lighthearted (hehe, get it?) yet still talks about a serious topic. And you highlighted her and Remus' deaths!! Oh, that makes me happy! It bugged me they didn't show how they died in the movie, or in the book even, so thank you for taking the time to write that scene! You use great similes and metaphors as well, so great job on that!

Just phenomenal, really! Thank you for entering in my challenge, and I loved your entry, and these as well! :)
~MadiMalfoy x

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Review #4, by nott theodore How I Die

29th August 2013:
Hi Sophie!

I hadn't realised this had been validated, or I'd have been here much sooner to leave a review! I can't believe that you managed to write something like this with those prompts, and now I'm jealous for not having thought of it myself :P

You write Tonks' voice really well; there's the humour and happiness that we know from the books but also a tone of maturity to it, which I think she would have gained from fighting the war and becoming a mother. The style was quite disjointed and random at times, but I think it reflects what her thoughts might be after death well. She's still coming to terms with everything and her thoughts are jumping all over the place as she recalls what has happened to her.

I'm amazed by how well you worked in the prompts without making them seem out of place in such a melancholy piece of writing, especially in the latter part of the story. The memories that Tonks was telling Remus as he died were a great way of working all those prompts in and making them sound like something normal that the Marauders would have had fun with. Plus it made me really sad to think that she had to watch Remus die this horrible death, with nothing she could do to help him, before dying himself.

The ending, once again, was perfect. I think you've got a talent for knowing exactly the right place to end a story in, and leave the reader with something poignant and moving, but also something that leaves us feeling like the story has reached its natural conclusion.

I also really liked the imagery and description that you included in this. One of the things that struck me was the contrast between sour death and the sweet taste of life with Teddy, which I thought was really effective. The simile towards the end - "my own life is fading like a flickering candle" - just fit so well with the overall tone of the story and conjured up the image in my mind.

I spotted a couple of typos and some misplaced commas, but other than that there weren't any problems I could see. Another great job with this, and I really enjoyed reading it!

Sian :)

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Review #5, by Already There How I Die

21st August 2013:
Wow. This was touching, funny, random and original all at the same time. The slightly disjointed writing makes me really feel like I've been transported into the mind of someone who is dead and coming to terms with it. Very cool. It was a little confusing, but it still comes off as a cool and original writing effect as a way into the mind of someone who is not, and should not be, thinking straight. Love it.

Author's Response: Hiya there! Thanks for dropping by!

Thank you!! The kind of disjointed thoughts, and slightly random unconnecting thoughts is what I was going for. I'm so pleased you liked it! I wanted to really explore the conscience of a dead person, and I thought if it were me, I would be in shock, and trying to figure out how i died and what might happen because of it.

Yayy, I'm so happy you enjoyed it! This review is awesome, thank you so much!

Sophie :D

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