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Review #1, by Yas Conflicted

7th July 2015:
Hey! Any chance you will update this story? I love it :-)

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Review #2, by happyanon Conflicted

21st August 2014:
Oh my god that was intense. I mean. No Sh it. But daaayum i love the drama. There's nothing like a next gen fanfic about exes!! But, i dunno who proposes at 17? And yeah why did they break up after she said no? Couldn't they work it out? Hmm what a curious fanfic. And Viv, i need more story about her and Molly i am very intetested in this. Keep it up! Pls update soon! :)

Author's Response: Drama is right! You will definitely be hearing more about Viv and Molly :) Sorry for the long wait, please bare with us. We're getting back into writing. Thank you for the lovely review! xoxo Maysie & Jenny

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Review #3, by sunshine&daisies Conflicted

13th February 2014:
This is a great story! The characters are great and fun to read about. Please keep posting!

Author's Response: Yeah, they're a fun bunch ;) We're currently working on the next chapter! We've been quite busy with school, plus the fact that Maysie's on vacation right now, so it may not be up for a while. But thanks so much for the kind review!

~ Jenny

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Review #4, by mcdash Conflicted

2nd February 2014:
Even though this was a "filler" chapter, I loved it! You two are so good at writing in first person while keeping the right amount of description in there, and it's probably the best wielding of the POV I've ever read. Gwynn and James' relationship is incredibly complex, and the writing handles it perfectly.

As far as more specific things of the chapter, this line was probably my favorite:

In her hand was a wine glass. (Typical.)

Made me laugh! This was a really great chapter overall, and I'm looking forward to the next. :)

Author's Response: THANK YOU SO MUCH :) Oi, Viv is such a character aha! Thanks for the super nice review and hope you keep reading! Chapter four is about 70% complete :)
~ Maysie

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Review #5, by JT4HP Conflicted

12th January 2014:
This story just keeps getting more and more interesting! I looove the confrontation James and Gwynn had. I really would looove to know more about their relationship before they broke up.

Anywaaay, great update! Can't wait for the next chapter.

Author's Response: Awe thank-you so much :) More knowledge about James and Gwynn post breakup will soon be delivered. Hope you keep reading!
~ Maysie

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Review #6, by navyfail Expectations

11th January 2014:
Hello! I'm Sama. I started reading this story a couple weeks ago but forgot to leave a review so here I am.

First off, the summary is really intriguing so great job on that. Second off, this is a great start to a story. I really like your characters, especially Gwynn. I also like that you didn't make them all perfect like how Viviana is a bit of a wild child and how Molly still has a huge crush on the groom to be. The interactions between her and James were fun to read. And I love how James isn't a playboy like in most stories.

All in all, this is a GREAT first chapter,, the plot is INTERESTING, and the characters are FANTASTIC.


Author's Response: Hi again and wow I love this review, it's so detailed. Firstly, I love our characters too BECAUSE they are real (as in they all have flaws) and thank-you for noticing that. I'm glad Gwynn is your favourite. Mine is definitely either Viv (because she is so outrageous) or Molly (because she reminds me of my bestie who is so caring but also a stick in the mud sometimes LOL.) Thanks once again Sama, hope you keep reading :)

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Review #7, by navyfail Conflicted

11th January 2014:
The ending.
The emotions were just perf, and James... We finally get to know how he feels.

Update soon. Fantastic chapter!

Author's Response: Thankyou Sama :)

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Review #8, by Zqad Conflicted

11th January 2014:
Love, love, LOVE.
The tension is soo good.

Author's Response: Thankyou :) :) :)

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Review #9, by Court Conflicted

10th January 2014:
I'm so glad to see you updated. Dom is ridiculous, but I liked seeing how sweet her and Vince are. I am glad that she didn't just let James hook up with her, but hope she can actually talk to him as what she did was really unfair to him. And I have to wonder about Leah. It seems weird that she wore a jersey with Potter on it when she is on the team and has her own jersey? I hope that James isn't sleeping with her, as that hardly makes them just friends. I can't wait to see what happens! Thanks for sharing.

Author's Response: Hi and thank-you for reviewing! Dom is completely outrageous but does have her moments. Now I know it seems unfair of Gwynn because of what she did to James but later on ALL will be explained and put into prospective. Next, Miss Leah a bit of a plot twist regarding her so you'll have to keep reading. Thanks once again for the great review and please stick with us :)
~ Maysie

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Review #10, by RavenHairedGirl Awkward Moments and...

5th January 2014:
I love this story and want to see more, I am little confused though, you seem to say you've published Chapter Three but I can't find it anywhere?? Keep updating though!

Author's Response: Oh my, we had planned to post chapter three ages ago (around Halloween)... BUT clearly that failed. Like failed really bad. Life happened. University as well as the holidays got crazy busy, preventing us from writing. I promise though, I will post chapter three very soon. Please stick with us. Thank-you so much for reviewing :)
~ Maysie

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Review #11, by Mona Awkward Moments and...

15th December 2013:
Oh my God update please! This is so great!

Author's Response: Chapter 4 is going up this week! We just had to fix up some minor details! Thank you for the lovely review!

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Review #12, by mcdash Awkward Moments and...

9th December 2013:
This was incredible! I could really feel the tension between all the characters, especially James and Gwynn. They obviously still have feelings for each other, so it makes me wonder why Gwynn said no to marrying him...

Freddie and Viv made me laugh every time they were in a scene. I loved when Viv and Gwynn are running over to Molly and Dom and Viv has to grab not one, but three cauldron cakes. She's probably my favorite character so far, and I can't wait to read more about her backstory and Hogwarts days. Overall, this was a great chapter!

Author's Response: Ahhh, thank you so much! We're so glad you actually felt that tension! That's what we were aimin' for.

Gwynn has some pretty good reasons as to why she said no, you'll find out soon. Heh heh

Trust us, you'll be getting a LOT of backstory on all of the characters as we go along. We're really excited to write about it and can't wait for you guys to hear it all!

Thank you again for the kind review! Hope you keep reading!

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Review #13, by Samantha Awkward Moments and...

8th December 2013:
LOVE LOVE LOVE this story, update soon!

Author's Response: OKAY SOON VERY SOON :) Thank-you for reviewing it's appreciated
- Maysie

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Review #14, by greenbirds Awkward Moments and...

8th December 2013:
easually en route to become one of my new favourite next gen stories. i love the characters but most importantly i love the plot! i want to know what gwynn and james were like in hogwarts! and viviana is a scream. update soon!

Author's Response: Awe thank-you I'm blushing :) We're thinking of doing either flashbacks or one-shots on the side about the good old Hogwarts days, not too sure though. Thank-you for reviewing, we hope you stick with us!

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Review #15, by ihate coming up with usernames Awkward Moments and...

7th December 2013:
Halloween! You expect me to wait till Halloween. Not happening. I only wait so long. So, chop chop girlfriends.

Author's Response: LOL Thank-you so much for the review :) We planned to have the chapter out for Halloween (2013) but life happened ugh. I promise the next chapter will be up as soon as we're done our exams (so next week or so)Please stay with us though, it really means a lot :)

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Review #16, by jilly_ Awkward Moments and...

7th December 2013:
this is definitely one of the best story lines i have seen on this website in a while, and i really cannot wait to see what happens between gwynn and james. like seriously, you dont even know how excited i am. keep up the good work, this story is looking great (:

Author's Response: THANKYOU SO MUCH :) Seriously you're amazingly sweet! Next chapter will be up as soon as we're both outta school (so a week or two, promise) Please keep reading :)

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Review #17, by harrypotter310 Awkward Moments and...

3rd December 2013:
I love this story! Please update!

Author's Response: Chapter 3 is currently undergoing a bit of editing right now but it should be up very soon! Thank you so much for the sweet review!

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Review #18, by HarryandGinnyForEver Awkward Moments and...

2nd November 2013:
AH! I'm in love, please update soon! xx

Author's Response: Chapter 3 should be up very soon! Thank you for the lovely review!

~ Jenny

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Review #19, by HermioneeeGrangerrr Awkward Moments and...

24th October 2013:
Seems like James still has feelings for Gwynn and the other way around. Good writing. I don't think I would do to well writing with someone else, I prefer writing on my own. Update son.

Author's Response: Again, thanks for reviewing! We have a system when writing that seems to work quite well for us. We split the work, get to talk things through and edit each others writing like a million times. Writing with someone definitely has its benefits :) Thanks again, next chapter will be up around Halloween, hope you keep reading!

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Review #20, by HermioneeeGrangerrr Expectations

24th October 2013:
I like Viviana. Great writing I wish there was more than just two chapters done. Could you write some more back story for the characters please? I know it's only the first chapter though.

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing. I really like Viviana too, she has that spunk that makes everything hilarious. There will definitely be back story, don't worry! Thanks again
~ Maysie

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Review #21, by JT4HP Awkward Moments and...

21st October 2013:
I am liking this story a lot! I like that it's set a couple years after they've graduated from Hogwarts. I also really like the way you write! Ace job, seriously. I'm hoping to hear more about Gwynn's job at the department of mysteries because I've always thought that would be a cool job. Anyway, it's really great and I can't wait to get to know Gwynn more (and James Sirius Potter because he is so sexy) hahaha.

Author's Response: AHA thank-you so much :) James is so fit... even if he is fictional... Hope you continue reading!

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Review #22, by ScarletRoses Awkward Moments and...

18th October 2013:
This is a charming little story! I'm becoming very entranced by it! Keep it up!

Author's Response: THANK-YOU :)

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Review #23, by thetenthweasley Awkward Moments and...

13th October 2013:
Another lovely chapter! The writing of this is really exceptional; there's something special about it. I've become, already, totally invested in this story. 10/10.

Author's Response: Wow thank-you so much :) That's really nice of you too say and makes us extremely happy aha! We're so glad you have become invested and will do our best to get more chapters up ASAP :)

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Review #24, by Leannadrobisforever Awkward Moments and...

13th October 2013:
OMG you guys are fantastic writers and I'm just dying in suspense. I can't wait to find out why Gwynn rejected James and wait until James' girlfriend enters the scene.

Author's Response: THANK-YOU :) There is kind of a plot twist regarding James and his apparent girl-friend. so keep reading aha :)

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Review #25, by K Awkward Moments and...

13th October 2013:
This was a great chapter! A great, satisfyingly long chapter! I personally thought you'd wait longer to introduce JSP, but I'm not complaining! The whole thing was written really well, the moments with Charlie's drunking rambling had me cringing for Gwynn, and the interaction between James and Gwynn was intense... Like, just-do-it-already intense XD
Will there be any flashbacks to when they were a couple?
Anyway, I can't wait for your next chapter!
P.S- "Sh*t-uation"? *high-five*

Author's Response: Thank-you for your review :) Firstly, we're not sure if we'll do flashbacks or just small one-shots set in the past. Either way we will get the information of why these Hogwarts cuties didn't work out to you somehow aha. Next, "shit-uation" yeah we thought it was rather funny :)
Thanks once again and chapter three will be out around Halloween so keep watching!

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