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Review #1, by Erica Free Fall

11th July 2016:
I've read through this now a couple of times and am just amazed by it. Gets better each time I read it.

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Review #2, by confusedlover Free Fall

25th August 2014:
Very lovely.

I truly are a talented writer. Your phrasing is so breathtaking and fluid. I am amazed at your abilities and enjoyed this story very much. I have been inspired lately to write a Remus/Tonks story and maybe this is just the inspiration I needed. Keep up the amazing writing.

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Review #3, by navyfail Free Fall

6th August 2014:
Hey Emma! Congrats on getting Story of the Week back in May. I'm actually going back and reviewing all of them since all of the stories were so amazing.

I think I read this story a few months ago and I was really touched by it. I've never made a huge deal about the Remus/Tonks ship but this story made me see it in a different light. Now I even ship them a bit.

I honestly thought of Lemony Snicket while reading this and he is one of my favorite authors! Your writing has a way of keeping you interested in every word. I honestly re-read some parts so I didn't miss a detail.

And I love how some of the scenes aren't that long but still manage to give a good insight of that happened. Not many people can pull that off!

The scene where she is five and Sirius comes over with the rest of the Marauders has got to be one of my favorites. It shows their age difference and has this realism to it. The mention of Sirius in the scene after is sweet in a dark-ish way.

So many quotes that I love:
"Such sweet beginnings can have terrible ends, too. And for that, we are truly sorry."

"He smiles then, a half-a*sed smile, but the first you've seen from him. " Half-a*sed, such a cute way to describe it.

"Losing them is free falling. Free falling into nothingness."

"You are both broken, so perhaps that's why you let him break you a bit more. "

"There is only one way people like this burn.


Best one-shot I've ever read.


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Review #4, by TidalDragon Free Fall

3rd May 2014:
Hello again! Here to check out your other nominated piece now.

Well, this one was very different not just in terms of the second-person POV, but also stylistically. I think it really took until your line about the kaleidoscope for it to sink in for me. The writing and story-telling was compelling throughout, and you tied each bit together with some nice recurring lines, but I was waiting...waiting to see the REASON behind the style and in the end you gave it to me with a very quotable, well-written line. So well done.

The portrayal of Remus/Tonks was also very well done. From this perspective you really captured not just a lot of the "missing moments" people always love, but also the real mixture of joy and pain that characterized the couple.

Good luck with the Golden Paw!

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Review #5, by doctorwazlib Free Fall

2nd April 2014:
Absolutely stunning.

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Review #6, by River Tonks Free Fall

9th February 2014:
This is so good! Really...deep, I guess is the right word. I like the use of second person too.

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Review #7, by nott theodore Free Fall

29th January 2014:
Hi there! You have to thank Nadia (MissesWeasley123) for bringing me here - she's recommended your writing to me so many times that I've come to check something out.

This was... beautiful. Seriously. (I'm afraid this'll be a lot shorter than my normal reviews because I just want to quote the whole thing back at you). The second person was great, so effective, and it really helped to tell the story in a completely different way. It was much more detached, and yet I felt like the narrator was close to Remus and Tonks in a way, because they kept apologising for what would happen. The refrains like the apology and the 'burning' that kept appearing were beautiful as well.

This was such a different take on Remus and Tonks' relationship as well, one I've never seen before in fanfiction (about any relationship, I think). There was no romanticising things - it had a harder, rougher edge, and was very matter-of-fact. The narrator knew what was coming, and their relationship wasn't all sunshine and rainbows. It's great that you chose to focus on some of those moments, and managed to convey so much about one moment in a few sentences at times.

The characterisation of the two of them was great. I liked the way that they first met - it highlighted the age difference to me, something that appeared a few times in the one-shot, which made a difference to how they viewed the world and each other. I felt so sad for them, and I was wishing really hard that JKR could have given them a happier ending.

The imagery here was really, really beautiful. There was so much symbolism here that I don't think I could properly go into it, but I loved that. It's a style that always works well in one-shots, I think - there's something poetic about it which made the story even more tragic.

This was a brilliant piece of writing, and I can understand why you're so highly recommended!

Sian :)

Author's Response: Awww I think I have Nadia to thank for quite a bit here :) Thank you so much for stopping by here and reviewing Free Fall.

I love when readers catch onto the important parts of the stories I write. The central thing here is the narration, as you also noted. It's so detached, yet so frank to the point of being almost cruel in how easily things are stated. I really wanted that. My friend's best friend died in an accident a little while back and I was there when my friend got the news. Out of the blue. A simple sunday. It was just a matter of facts, nothing else. And I wanted that simpleness to something that is so, totally NOT simple.

Yeah, I just wanted to portray the dark sides to these two. I'm so happy you liked this - I've been meaning to write about them before - and I have, in my Remus-centric oneshot Say it For the Bones, only then it was quite a different story.

Thank you so much for reviewing and I'm so happy you liked this.

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Review #8, by Celestialbattlefield Free Fall

20th October 2013:
so poetic .
who is thethe narator? He/she seems so sure of themselves
i absolutely love the quote
" " he'll whisper love notes and leave them in the corners of your mouth, only to recollect them like flowers "
R u tryin to say how he uses terms of endearment but pluck them out by his non affectionate actions. Or pluck them by physically kissing her ? And so reenhancing their love .

Author's Response: Awww thank you so much for reviewing! This really means a lot! I'm so happy you liked this - the narrator is supposed to be fate, giving you a rundown. I love that you caught that sentence - it's meant as him kissing her, reenhancing their love xx

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Review #9, by RiverTonks Free Fall

14th October 2013:
Oh My God this was amazing! I don't really know how to respond to it, it was so perfect and so...I don't even know. Absolutely perfect.

Author's Response: This is all I need. Thank you so much for reviewing! It really means a lot.

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Review #10, by lia_2390 Free Fall

24th September 2013:
There's always something about your one-shots that I love. They capture all that the audience needs to see (if they look hard enough) and maybe a little bit more.

This one-shot in particular was very sad, but it hid nothing about what was to come. Actually, it was very matter-of-fact in that regard which made me long for a happier ending more than anything else.

What I like most of all in your one-shot is the characterisation which shows both Remus and Tonks in a different light. Remus is a bit rougher around the edges. He doesn't have the weight of the world on his shoulders, but he's seen things. Tonks is trying as hard as she can not to be linked with anyone on her mother's side of the family. I find this a bit odd because I've never seen her as a Black at all. She was just Tonks.

This was a Remus/Tonks fic that highlighted different parts of their relationship. It really didn't go into the romantic-y bits at all, but this isn't that kind of story. For me, I feel like I'm trying to cling to what you've written about them together. Maybe that was your intention all along.


Author's Response: Hey! You got it.

You really understood this. You know sometimes I love getting reviews that analyze what I write, just so that I can go 'oh, so THAT was what I was trying to do'. My intention was to portray their love story, but to portray it as shortlived, sad and intense. And if you're clinging to those moments, then I've fulfilled my intention.

It's incredibly dark, yes. I think I tapped into Tonk's history with the Blacks because I wanted to explore that part of her which was never truly explored in the books. It may very well be that she never thought of her mother's side of the family and that break. I just know that I would have. And I like to explore character's relationship to families and relatives they don't know - to have them somewhat guessing, retracing traits to find patterns that connect them to where they come from.

So I get what you're saying about Tonks, I just wanted to explore another side to her, to enhance parts that were hidden by JK.

Remus. Remus is how I always imagined him to be like. Kind, patient and rough. I'm pleased that you caught on to that.

Thank you so much for reviewing! It really means a lot.

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Review #11, by Gred Free Fall

23rd September 2013:
Hello. I left a review on on of your other stories (Say it For the Bones) and you were incredibly nice (Perfect review? Really?), so thank you. I would like to stand by my original thought; you should be an author! I love this, although not as much as 'Say it For the Bones' (I love Remus/Sirius), and it's not so much of a shock, as it's not my first time reading on of your fanfics. It was a very nice shock, don't worry. I don't want to be repetitive, but I really want to tell you what I liked, so...

This is what I especially loved:

i) 'His eyes are the colour of your toy, Emmet the Elephant, which means you'll love him forever.'

ii) 'He's too young know-it-all with bright-eyed ideals and an unconquered cockiness-tilt to his head, youth blaring out from every tilt and turn.'

iii) 'Wisdom comes in reverse, and it tastes like metal between your teeth.'

iv) 'It won't be the last time Sirius Black will come to stand between the two of you.'

v) '"I'm a Tonks."'

vi) 'You learn to asociate* tilted heads with beaming smiles and nods with hugs.'

vii) 'You won't discuss the harsh lies you tell him underneath the stars, and you won't discuss Sirius, not ever.'

viii) 'You will lose this battle.'

ix) 'It's like horror, your mind screaming stop!, suddenly terrified of that sadness inside his eyes.'

x) '"Losing them is free falling. Free falling into nothingness."'

xi) 'Not even wintry days can chill you.'

xii) 'Blacks never led boring lives.'

xiii) 'Dreaming up happy endings that you'll never have. Picket-fences and 1.5 kids.'

xiv) 'His voice is bottomless.'

xv) 'It's almost as if you can hear the sobs from families, cries rising.'

xvi) 'His eyes are the colour of your Emmet, the Elephant, so you'll let him take it all.'

xvii) 'It's a kaleidoscope parade of memories, of his smile and laughter. And then it's free fall. Free fall into nothingness.'

xviii) 'You nearly saw the end of this, too.'

xix) 'There is only one way people like this burn.


Gosh, I'm sorry this is so long. I did go and read a lot of your other stories. I really liked 'All Our Yesterdays', and I'm looking forward to an ending to 'Before : After' (hopefully)!

P.S. The new style is great. I can kinda see how it happened (as in, the similarities and differences), and I like it. And I love second-person too!

* It wouldn't let me submit this word spelt right, as it was disallowed at a 12+ rating! Sorry.

Author's Response: Yay! I love love, love your reviews!


'Wisdom comes in reverse, and it tastes like metal between your teeth.'

That's my favourite in this piece ;)

And don't feel bad about being repetitive, I LOVE being told which parts were great - I use it myself when giving reviews.

Thank you so much for reviewing. It really means a lot.

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Review #12, by blackballet Free Fall

30th August 2013:
I am here with your requested review!

I love the second person POV! I think it would be hard to do an entire novel like this, but it worked really, really well in this. It somehow multiplied the emotions and made it even sadder, more depressing. Which is unfortunately a good thing.

I think the flow of it works very well, and I love how you broke it up. However, people tell me that my stories don't flow very well so I would get a second opinion. I really enjoy the abrupt sentences and scene changes, so that's why I think it flows nicely.

I'm definitely moved by this, and I love the repetition in this. It gives it an overall sadness that one thing can fit so well into so many aspects of her life. Very well done.

The only CC I have is that it was a bit too vague in some places for me. I love your use of vagueness, and I'm not saying AT ALL to get rid of that. It's very poetic. I just think you could use a couple more literal words instead of imagery and symbolism. You also have a couple of words misspelled/misused, so scan this over for those when you have time!

I really loved this, I did. I only mentioned what I did to help you make the one-shot it's absolute best!


Author's Response: Hi there!!

Thank you so much for the review! I will get a look at those misspelled words asap ;)

I'm really pleased you liked the POV, it's only the third time I'm trying it out, so it's still a bit rough around the edges.

Yeah, vaguenes. I get what you mean, but I really want that poetic feel to it. The metaphors and symbolisms are how I love my one shots. But I totally get where you're coming from, so thanks for the input - it's really useful!

Thank you so much for reviewing. It really means a lot.

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Review #13, by BLONDEbehaviour Free Fall

30th August 2013:
BLONDEbehaviour here with your requested review! :)

Wow. This is beautiful. You have done a remarkable job. Not going to lie, i shed a few tears!

You don't have to worry about the piece being moving, it is fantastic in that case, and i think the use of second person narration makes it perfect. I LOVED the use of the 'we are sorry', it really gave the story a sense of sadness and guilt, which worked great with the story.

I think the characterization was spot on, especially with Remus. His sadness was reflected so great, and it was very well described, so kudos to that! Plot flow was good as well, wasn't too jumpy and everything made sense.There were a few spelling mishaps but nothing major to impede the story!

Wow.. i still can't get over it! Thank you for requesting, because this was so beautiful, i have Favorited it and your author page. You are a very talented writer, please continue, and when you do, re-request! I'd love to read your new stuff!

Please respond to this review, thanks! :)


Author's Response: Aww thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! :) I'm so , so happy you liked this. I'm floored that you think so highly of me - I've just been meddling around with these characters. It really means a lot. Thank you so much for this lovely review, you've really made my day :)

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Review #14, by TheSortingHat Free Fall

29th August 2013:
That was seriously fantastic. I loved the way that it was second-person point-of-view. That's so unique, and it really worked!! I also loved the way that it was told through fragmented memories-- it was slightly confusing to begin with when paired with the point-of-view, but it really all came together to make something beautiful. Your use of repetition was perfect-- not too much, but just enough to keep the reacurring lines prevalent in the reader's mind.

Keep writing-- I'd love to see what else you come up with!!


Author's Response: Thank you so much for reviewing. It really means a lot.

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Review #15, by MissesWeasley123 Free Fall

25th August 2013:
Hello there...

I'm still on the edge of my chair after this. I think you did a fabulous job at this.

You made everything seem so believable, so true. It was pure and innocent...

I loved the use of: There is only one way people burn. Brightly.

It amazes me how some people come up with things like that.

This was so beautiful and thank you for giving me the honour to read this. Thanks so much. I've favourited you as an author, and can't wait to check out your other works I am sure are just as great and heart warming as this.

Ever think about going professional? I truly think you should. You have talent like no other.

-Nadia :)

Author's Response: Wow. Thank you so much!

Don't ask me about how I come up with these things, they kind of just emerge from somewhere and spin off. I'm so happy you liked this. Thank you for the favourite, for the review and all these kind words.

Thank you so much for reviewing. It really means a lot.

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Review #16, by WeasleyTwinMom_staff Free Fall

25th August 2013:
Fantastic. Amazing writing. Really enjoyed reading this. :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reviewing. It really means a lot.

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