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Review #1, by patronus_charm Hogsmeade Intervention

7th January 2014:
Hey Grace! Here for the 12 days of reviewing and yay for chocolate loving because I love it too and eat way too much!

I really loved the premise for the story because Harmony sounds like a really fun character with her chocolate addiction and then denying it. :P It sounds like something I would end up doing. :P Another thing that I really liked about her was how relatable she was because she didnít have any airs or graces and was really down to earth and fun which is always a great thing to come across in a story.

I loved all the Wotter clan (well, it was a lot of them :P) popping up here because it made me chuckle. Iíve never seen Dom, Rose and Roxanne all hang out with the same person before and I really liked that change because it was unexpected and will make the story a refreshing read from her being Roseís best friend and dating Albus because I saw a little love interest with Sam, so it will be great to see how thatís followed up.

This was a really great and fun start and I hope thereís more soon!


Author's Response: Kiana, you're back again! To be perfectly honest, this story was sort of spontaneous. I was eating chocolate one day and started thinking about how people love chocolate so much and how much fun it would be to base a story on chocolate.

I remember trying to think of a way to make Harmony a more memorable character or maybe a little bit special but then it occurred to me that it didn't have to be that way. There was nothing wrong with her having a chocolate addiction but being otherwise normal (the chocolate addition is enough of a quirky trait).

The whole friends with Rose and dating Albus thing has been done an awful lot, hasn't it. Sam is actually a girl but it's not a bad idea of having a little bit of romance between her and Harmony.

There will definitely be more I just don't know how soon.

Thank you again for the review Kiana!

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Review #2, by UnluckyStar57 Hogsmeade Intervention

15th December 2013:
Hello! Thanks for your review from the battle! Now I'm here to return the favor. :)

This story seems like it'll be really awesome! The introduction of the main character, Harmony, and her obsession with chocolate will open up many paths for you to explore. How did she fall in love with chocolate? Has she always loved it, or was the infatuation brought on by something that happened in her past? Most importantly, what flavor of chocolate is her favorite?

Harmony's friends seem pretty cool--it's good that they're concerned with her addiction, especially if she's so desperate for chocolate that she bought 300 bags of it! Will any of the other Weasley/Potter kids come into the story, besides Rose and Roxanne? Will the chocolate intervention involve only her, or will there be others who struggle with the addiction? Also, silly question: will she have any love interests in the story? I think it would be cute if she started dating a guy who likes vanilla. :D

I really hope that you find the time/motivation to continue this story! It definitely deserves to be added to and expanded! I will definitely read the next chapter once it comes out! :D


Author's Response: Hey there!

I'm so happy to see that you're as excited for this story as I am! There will be more on her infatuation with chocolate later on and there is definitely a reason for it (just like everything else on the planet) which will be explained later. As to what flavor of chocolate she likes the best, that's going to take some serious thought.

I would be seriously worried if her friends WEREN'T worried about her strange obsession with chocolate, I know I'd be wondering what was wrong with my friends if that was the case. I don't think I will have any other Weasley/Potter kids in the story besides Rose and Roxanne. I don't really see how they could add to the story in any way. There might be in the story in passing but I'm fairly certain that they won't have anything to do in the story.

I'm debating on the chocolate intervention, it's been eating away at me because I want her to be with other people who have a chocolate addiction but at the same time I just want it to be Harmony. There will not be any love interests in the story, there are a lot of romance stories out there, I've written a lot of romance and this time I just wanted to write something that had no romance in it and was instead just friends hanging out with friends and something like that. It would be cute if Harmony had a crush on a guy who liked vanilla, and I might think about it but the chances of there being romance or really not that high at all.

I hope to continue with this story but the only problem is finding the time when I can do so. Thank you for the lovely review!

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Review #3, by LittleLionGirl Hogsmeade Intervention

16th August 2013:
I love your fluffy, chocolate story! (not to be confused with a story about fluffy chocolate- commas save lives sometimes!)

I really thought this was hilarious because we all know that friend that likes chocolate too much for their own good. I like that Harmony seems to be too oblivious about the meeting that will most likely happen and I can't wait to see how it all plays out. I wasn't too sure about this story before I opened it but of course I am pleasantly surprised :) Keep on writing :)


Author's Response: I'm glad that you're enjoying it, there's not really much plot to it, just something that I can write on the side whenever I don't want to write anything else (like my 12 bajillion other fanfictions that I need to update).

And you are very right, punctuation can say lives.

Let's eat grandma.
Let's eat, grandma.

I haven't found that friend yet but I've got a best friend who's got a bit of a sweet tooth so there's that.

I'm happy to hear that it went above your expectations and i'm so glad that you enjoyed it! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #4, by academica Hogsmeade Intervention

13th August 2013:
This story looked like it needed some review love, so I decided to stop by for the Ravenclaw Review Battle!

Hah, what a cute premise! At least Harmony is well insulated against any possible Dementor attacks :) She definitely seems to have a chocolate problem and I foresee a friendly little intervention in the Room of Requirement in her future. If so, that chapter is bound to be really funny to read.

I loved the comical ways in which you showed how Harmony is definitely a chocolate addict. She seems to have purchased more chocolate from Honeydukes than ever heard of before, and I have to wonder how often she goes there and how she can rationalize spending nearly four hours in Hogsmeade just so she can get her chocolate fix. It was funny how her friends had to help her carry it and how she'd designed a special chilled compartment in her wardrobe to store it all. But after buying and carefully putting away all that chocolate--she won't even have a little piece? :)

Really cute start, and great job on this chapter!


Author's Response: Thanks for deciding to give it some love!

Very true, Lupin would be proud of her stock of chocolate and who knows, she might end up actually needing it (if I ever decide to turn this story dark at some point).

The way that Harmony can spend four hours in a shop just to buy chocolate is a lot like how I can spend all day sitting in a bookstore reading or the library. It's just fun for me but it can be boring for everyone else.

Thank you for the lovely review!

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