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Review #1, by Jayna Petunia

31st July 2015:

I think the saddest part, at least for me, was at the mother's funeral.

"“She always spoke of so well of them. Petunia for taking up a typing course and getting an office-job, and Lily for attending the magnificent private school and being the kind, loyal and intelligent girl she had always hoped for.”

I mean honestly, what kind of praise is "taking a typing course and getting an office job" compared to Lily's? This made me so mad at Mr. Evens.

This was magnificently written and definitely made me sympathize with Petunia. You really captured Petunia's anger and hate that she drew the short straw in life. I'm very excited to read more.

Happy birthday!!

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Review #2, by Jayna Mr. Evans

31st July 2015:
This is SO EXCITING!! You set up the whole thing really well and your summary definitely draws the reader in. This is a really interesting start, I'm excited to see how it plays out, and I love your narration style. It feels almost Austen-esque and really suits a Christmas story. I love how you named Lily's mum Posey. If it isn't cannon, it definitely fits incredibly well. Something that I adored about this chapter was how everything flowed so well, felt so natural, and revealed some information. It didn't feel like you had to include a plot detail anywhere, and I loved the little clues to what Petunia was thinking. Overall, I can't wait to read the next chapter.

Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful day!

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Review #3, by StarFeather Mr. Evans

31st July 2015:
Hi, Lotte!

You set a several nice ideas. I'll vote that Lily's owl was the same snowy owl as Harry's. I like that. She thought Vernon was a strange boy. I got curious to know how you would write about him. The idea Lily invited James to her home during holidays is a nice idea,too.

I've never read the story about Lily's family before, so I think this plot is very interesting. When I read the part where Petunia bit her lips, I guessed she was jealous because she couldn't go to Hogwarts.

The idea that James will visit her home with Sirius and Remus is a nice idea, too. You did a good choice. I agree with you. I can't imagine Peter will visit her home at all.

I read you re-uploaded this story and you're editting this. I suggest you to add more detailed story on this. I think it will be more interesting if you make it longer.

Happy Birthday!


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Review #4, by Penelope Inkwell Petunia

20th July 2015:
For the House Cup 2015, Slytherin

You know, this actually makes me feel quite sorry for Petunia. I always felt that she was just selfish and spiteful, but here you can at least understand where it comes from. She loses her best friend, and she has to grow up so fast and take care of so much, while Lily comes home with these amazing, outlandish stories of an unbelievable life. Of course her parents get caught up in it. They probably think Lily is missing out on their everyday support, unlike Petunia. But that's not what Petunia sees. And that last one really would hurt--organizing her mother's funeral and then her father saying more positive things about Lily than he did about her. She still is too bitter, but I can at least understand where it started and be a bit sympathetic. Nice job setting that up!

No way this Christmas goes smoothly.


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Review #5, by Penelope Inkwell Mr. Evans

20th July 2015:
For the House Cup 2015, Slytherin

Oh poor, dear Mr. Evans. I'm sure he's in for quite a time. This is an interesting set up. Somehow when I thought of the infamous meeting-gone-awry between the two couples, I always imagined it as taking place after Lily's parents had both passed, but this puts it into a completely new light. A clueless dad trying to deal with the lovable (well, I find James lovable--who knows what he'll think) boyfriend his daughter is supposed to hate, and the hateful boyfriend his other daughter loves! Add in two sisters that don't get along, and magic? THIS is going to be some Christmas! That poor man!


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Review #6, by pointless_proclamations Petunia

20th July 2015:
HC 2015 - Slytherin

LOTTE!! There really should be more chapters of this. It's one of the most entertaining and well-written stories I've read in a good while. You're making me feel many things. I feel empathy for Petunia and how she only wants to be loved a little bit more because her father's so focused on Lily. (Absence makes the heart grow fonder?) I continue to enjoy the style of narration. I notice it's changed slightly as this chapter focuses on Petunia. It's equally remarkable. Bahaha! What a sneak, Lily! Skipping numbers while playing hide-and-seek? Scandalous. Awww. Now I'm feeling rather teary because Lily had to go away because Lily was a witch and Petunia wasn't and Lily had to go to Hogwarts and Petunia couldn't and the promise had to be broken and there really wasn't too much of a choice, was there? Now that they've gone to learn, then live, in separate worlds--one of which is not supposed to know about the other. Petunia comparing herself to Lily makes me even sadder. WHY CAN'T SHE SEE SHE CAN HAVE HER OWN GOOD QUALITIES, TOO? That she's special in her own way. I want to hug her. Again, this continues to be AMAZING AND WONDERFUL and YOU ARE AMAZING AND WONDERFUL!! ♥

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Review #7, by pointless_proclamations Mr. Evans

20th July 2015:
HC 2015 - Slytherin


This is so exciting! The well-written summary itself promises lots of fun. ;) Your style of narration draws me into the story immediately. It seems so suitable for a Christmas-time story. I LOVE IT! The way you introduce us readers to the Evans family dynamic was spectacular in that all information we derive of it is almost entirely implicitly derived. What results is the most natural unveiling of the story's setting, introductions, background information, etc. Mr. Evans and his confusion over James Potter and his friends are remarkable in their being completely reasonable. His concern--as well as Petunia's concern--about the matter do extremely well to show their concern about Lily. Something told him it would end in a disaster. Oh dear. This will be quite the story, won't it? I CANNOT WAIT TO READ ON!! THIS IS AMAZING STUFF SO FAR! ♥


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Review #8, by EnigmaticEyes16 Mr. Evans

20th July 2015:
Hi Lotte!

This was a great first chapter! I've never really read anything where Lily brings James home, or Lily is home with Petunia at all for that matter and I'm very curious to see their relationship with each other as sisters. Of course, Petunia has always claimed to hate magic and the fact that her sister is a witch, but that doesn't mean she doesn't still care about her sister. I'm sure they had gotten along quite well at some point, before Lily's ability to do magic divided them. I'm very curious to know more about Mr. Evans and his belated wife, Posey, they seem like interesting characters. Mr. Evans especially has always been very proud of his daughter being a witch and I think that's a wonderful thing. I also love that your faceclaim for him is Anthony Stewart Head, because I love him and he's amazing, but that has nothing to do with this story.

Considering what I know about Lily and James, and also Petunia and Vernon I'm very curious to see how this meeting of the pairings will go, and what will be in store for them all this Christmas. I think it's going to be a very good read and I cannot wait to see what happens in the next chapter. Poor Mr. Evans does not know what he has gotten himself into, albeit unknowingly, and I think this story is going to be a funny read.

Great first chapter!


Slytherin. House Cup 2015.

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Review #9, by merlins beard Petunia

20th July 2015:
Hey Lotte,

You should post more stories, because I'm running out of chapters to review. I almost feel a little sorry for Petunia, but I feel like she's bringing this upon herself. She's so bitter that she's probably interpreting things the wrong way. I'm sure her parents do/did love her and I know they probably didn't ignore her, but in all her jealousy she probably can't see that they do appreciate her and are proud of her too. I guess her father's words at her mother's funeral hurt her deeply, but I'm sure he didn't mean for that to happen. That must have been a really tough time for all of them, and I bet Lily was often worried and sad at school, not off having fun like Petunia thinks... I'm a little worried about what's going to happen next. I'm sure Lily will be able to handle whatever Petunia has in store for her, but I have a feeling that it won't be pleasant. I'm putting this on my Reading list now so I don't miss any updates. I just really want to read about their Christmas, having everyone meet all at once is probably going to cause a lot of confusion and maybe even a good fight or two... I must be off now, but I'm really looking forward to the next chapter.


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Review #10, by merlins beard Mr. Evans

20th July 2015:
Hello again,
2015 House cup, Ravenclaw

I just spent a good 10 minutes going through the reviews for this chapter because I was SO SURE that I had already reviewed it, but apparently I haven't - that suits me just fine because that means I can actually write this for the HC. This chapter leads up to a scene that I have imagined many times - How Petunia and Mr. Evans meet James Potter. Since Vernon will be there at the same time, there is SO MUCH that can go wrong here. I really feel like Petunia should try to accept her sister more... I'm sure lily has never done anything to hurt Petunia on purpose. I think it all comes down to jealousy. I feel really sorry for Mr. Evans though. He lost his wife and he has two daughters who don't talk to each other. That doesn't make for a very enjoyable environment at home... I don't think he has to worry about Lily in regard to James Potter, it would probably be more fitting if he worried about Petunia because of Vernon Dursley... He's definitely the option I wouldn't take. I'll go read the second chapter now, see you there.

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Review #11, by HeyMrsPotter Petunia

20th July 2015:
HI LOTTE! So my good friend Harry James Potter told me about the first chapter of this story and said he really enjoyed it so I’ve come to check it out and leave a review on this chapter :D

As much as I dislike Petunia in the books, this chapter really made me feel sorry for her! I think you’ve got a good balance in her thoughts, just the right amount of bitterness about Lily being magic and her being totally jealous of her, but also the sadness and missing their childhood days before Lily went to Hogwarts. I do feel for her that her excitement of Vernon coming for Christmas dinner was slightly overshadowed with Lily’s change of plans. I get that her dad would be more excited for Lily coming home though because she spends so much time away at school.

Also, can we just talk about how perfect this line is please - Instead, she was invisible, the minor character in a greater story. That just completely sums up Petunia 100%.

You’ve ended on such a great note, Petunia’s stubbornness and promise to herself makes for a really great closing line and leaves me really wanting to read on. So expect a lot of pestering for updates from me from now on!

Dee ♥

Hufflepuff House Cup 2015

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Review #12, by Unicorn_Charm Petunia

19th July 2015:
*House Cup 2015 Review - Gryffindor*

Hey Lotte!

Wow that was an emotionally charged chapter. I actually found myself feeling sorry for Petunia there. It still doesn't excuse the abuse of a small child, but you can kind of understand where she was coming from.

The way you described it is very similar to my headcanon of Lily and Petunia's home life. I think that Lily would have outshined and overshadowed Petunia, with her "extra abilities" and all. And that would be enough to cause anyone to be that bitter and resentful. It's not easy being the "lesser" sibling.

The funeral bit kind of broke my heart. The way Mr. Evans kind of said, "Between our normal, average and unremarkable daughter and then our spectacular, wonderful, the sun rises and sets on her bum daughter." Just not in so many words. ;) That would totally make me break down and cry, too.

I thought the little flashback of them as children was really sweet, get also sad. It's a shame that Petunia couldn't see that it wasn't Lily's fault that she was born that way. They probably could have had a great relationship if not for her jealousy and her parents exacerbating it, too.

I hope that there's an update for this soon. I'm really enjoying it and cannot wait to see what happens when everyone is together. Great story so far! ♥

xoxo Meg

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Review #13, by Unicorn_Charm Mr. Evans

19th July 2015:
*House Cup 2015 Review - Gryffindor*

Hey Lotte! :)

I'm like a moth to a flame when it comes to anything Marauders, and this scenario (surprisingly) is one that I've read/seen the least. So I'm excited to check this out!

Oh poor Mr. Potter. It has to be extremely tough raising two teenaged girls on his own. Especially two who do not get along (to put it mildly). I feel so bad that Mrs. Potter passed away. What happened to her? Is that something we'll find out? Either way, sad face. :(

I think that was a great reaction to finding out Lily is bringing James home. I imagine that she probably had complained about him throughout the years, and it would be a shock to find out that she's suddenly getting on well with him. But he seemed to take the idea of her bringing a guy home pretty well. Considering who the guy is and everything. Maybe he was just in a bit of shock?

I liked that little glimpse of still caring for her sister that we got from Petunia. I think she always (deep, deep down) cared for Lily, but the jealousy outweighed by a lot, sadly. So I appreciate that you did show that here.

I really cannot wait to read the different PoV's and see how this all plays out. You definitely caught my interest with this one. I'm excited to read on! :) Thanks for sharing! ♥

xoxo Meg

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Review #14, by silverashes Mr. Evans

29th May 2015:

I'm here from the review thread. This is the first story I've read that goes into more depth over Lily's background. I really liked how worried her father was over her bringing James home. After having heard so much about him I feel as though that is such an accurate representation of how a father would react! I also really love the depth you've given Petunia. We always see her as a nasty woman, but you've reminded us all that she's human. She has heart...though sometimes it might seem as though she does not. Her inner struggle with caring for her sister and acting out of jealousy is very apparent, and I liked the complexity it gave both the story and Petunia as a character!

Seeing as though this is the first chapter you snag the reader's interest and leave them wanting more! I think you've done a really nice job so far! It's a brilliant topic!

xx Rachel

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Review #15, by Gabriella Hunter Mr. Evans

27th May 2015:

This is Gabbie from the forums FINALLY getting to our swap and I'm so sorry that it's taken me so long. I haven't forgotten about you!

So, this was a neat way to start this story. I haven't read many stories that talk about Lily's parents and definitely not opening a chapter, so this was pretty unique. I like that Lily's father is the one who has to handle all of the responsibility when it comes to his daughter's choice in boyfriends. That's usually something the mother would handle and it made the absence of their mother even more poignant. I know that this isn't a sad story but that's something I think made this stand out, Petunia's dislike of Lily filling in the void. The two sisters are obviously nothing alike but it's clear that a lot has changed over the years and I'm curious to see how this Christmas will go.

I'm a little worried, actually...

I liked the brief mention of Vernon here too, I'm sure that he and James will not be the best of friends. Haha. I did like that Lily's father knew OF James though, it would have been a bit much if Lily had just dragged him home. The fact that Lily hasn't mentioned that they're together only makes this more awkward and a little funny, I'm really eager to see how they interact!

I didn't spot any CC's that you need to worry about and I love the ominous ending to this chapter. Thanks for the read!

Much love,


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Review #16, by randomwriter Mr. Evans

26th May 2015:
Hello! I've been sent by Castiel to review your lovely story. Isn't he the best? :)

I was so excited when I saw this because it's a James/Lily, and even after so long, I love them. It's so hard to find unique, original stories about them now though, unfortunately. Which is why I enjoyed this chapter even more.

One thing that stands out in these one, as compared to other James/Lily stories I've read, is where you start off. It may seem like a small detail, but trust me, it makes a huge difference. I don't think I've ever read a story which takes off here, where she has fallen for him and is introducing her to her father. It's usually her hating him or her falling for him or him changing, it never starts off a few months down the line, so I thought that this was interesting. Another thing is that as of now, we know very little about your James and Lily. The only details we know are through her father's eyes. Also, generally whenever authors introduce their parents, their parents, there's always more focus on James' parents than Lily's. For all these reasons, your story stood out to me.

Now, about the characterisation, I found it interesting that Lily's father is that worried to hear that James will be coming. It makes me wonder how much Lily has told him and what exactly she has said to him to evoke such a strong reaction. Petunia too, seems more involved in Lily's life than I've seen, which is really great! However, I like that she's trying to pass it off and act as if she couldn't care less about her sister. You're written her well by giving her some dimension, and by also not writing her like the forgotten, neglected or un-favourite (yes, I know it isn't a word) child. I like that her father actually reveals his worry to her. It shows that he holds her opinion in importance, which is natural considering that it's just the two of them for most part of the year.

I am curious to know more about Lily's mother and her illness. I feel sorry for her. I couldn't help but think about the details, the elation she shared with each of her family members, how she dealt with the magic and everything. was Lily close to her? How old was Lily? Did she come back from Hogwarts to be with her towards the end? I know that these questions are beyond the scope of your story, (or at least, it seems that way at this point), but I still can't help but question some things.

It's amusing that Lily is bringing James home the same day that Petunia is bringing Vernon home. That ought to be interesting. I always enjoy scenes where the four of them are together. It's hilarious because I picture Vernon as someone who'd easily be able to beat up James, but is actually scared of him because he's a wizard. I'd love to read that scene. I doubt they'd reveal it to Vernon in the first meeting, but I still feel the their interaction can only bring laughter.

I love how you've written this. It's short, simple and doesn't feel like you're loading us with information. Your writing flows smoothly too :)

My one suggestion would be to include some more descriptions to connect the readers with the characters more. Maybe some more insight into their emotions? Or maybe some details about the scene? Something visual? I don't know. But just a little extra detail.

All in all, this was a lovely first chapter, and I'm glad Castiel lead me here. :) Good work, Lotte ♥

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Review #17, by TreacleTart Petunia

22nd May 2015:
Hi Lotte!

The ever lovely and somewhat terrifying Castiel sent me to leave you a review! I mean how could I refuse an angel?

I can't say that I've ever read anything from Petunia's perspective before, so I found this refreshing. In the books, Petunia's bitterness towards Lily always comes through, but we only get very little fragments about what caused it. This really builds that up nicely and expands on what we know of both characters from cannon.

I actually ended up feeling pretty sorry for Petunia while reading this. I had always kind of imagined that her jealousy was misplaced, but you've shown it from a completely different angle. How could she not be jealous and bitter when she is clearly playing second fiddle for the entirety of her life? I mean the speech her father gives at their mother's funeral illustrates that perfectly. Petunia does some menial things...WoW! Look at this other amazing child who I'm infintely more proud of! It was enough to make anyone feel sympathy for Petunia.

I do realize that Lily isn't doing this on purpose, but being on the receiving end, I'm sure it's really hard for Petunia to have a detached view of it. If she should be mad at anyone, she should really be mad at her father for his very open and clear bias towards Lily.

Now that we know everyone will be home for Christmas, I wonder what will happen next. Will there be a massive fight or will it just be a quiet, awkward affair?

Good work, Lotte! I look forward to reading the next chapter when you get it posted!


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Review #18, by toomanycurls Mr. Evans

17th May 2015:

Castiel sent me to review your story (he's so kind and offered to swap on your behalf).

I really like the premise of this story as I've always imagined there being more than one awkward meeting between Petunia and James (and Lily/James and Vernon). I can only imagine how much hate Lily must have shown James at home for her father to be truly concerned about Lily bring him over for winter break. Though, it's hard to see how Mr. Evans would equate his wife having an illness (I'm assuming cancer or the likes) with Lily having a change of heart about a boy. It's interesting that Lily didn't share her falling out with Snape wth her father (though, perhaps her mother's illness kept updates about school friendships at bay).

Petunia seems to be a bit more complex than she's usually portrayed which is quite enjoyable. Reading Lily's letters but not admitting to it, and knowing enough about her sister to know the name of a boy she doesn't like shows at least a lot of attention paid to Lily. Though, we do see the in books that Petunia often says one thing and does another (such as not liking some celeb divorce but reading magazine articles about it).

This sets a great stage for an eventful Christmas holiday. I love that you used Anthony Stewart Head as the face claim for Mr. Evans. I'm a BtVS fan so I was excited to see him.


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Review #19, by TreacleTart Mr. Evans

16th May 2015:
Hi Lotte!

I'm here on behalf of your mystery gift giver for The Pass It Along Challenge.

So Lily is bringing home James for the first time ever. I could imagine there being a lot of tension in that situation. I imagine he and Vernon will get along smashingly. I think Mr. Evans has the right idea about it not being a peaceful Christmas.

I really liked how your characterized Petunia. I really could tell that she wanted to pretend to hate Lily, but you could also feel that hesitance to completely let her go. Her sudden interest in the fact that Lily was bringing someone home and the fact that she remembered James from the letters shows exactly how much she cares.

I'm so nervous for what is to come in the next chapter. Part of me really wants everything to go smoothly and has hope that Petunia and Lily can reconcile. On the other hand, if this follows cannon, I know that it isn't likely. It's so sad to think that these two sisters will never have a relationship because of some childhood feud.

Anyways, I think this is a lovely story so far and I'm curious to see what comes in the next chapter! Good work!


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Review #20, by Castiel Petunia

15th May 2015:
Hmmm, Petunia keeps claiming that her parents show more affection and attention to her sister, but I can't help but wonder if that is an exaggerated, subjective opinion.

At the same time, you make a really interesting case for her here. Knowing that she was there for her mother and had to deal with all of that while Lily was away does help explain a lot of her resentment. I wouldn't blame a young girl for not leaving school, she should have maintained her education, but I also feel for Petunia.

Human conflict is difficult for me. I'm surprised at how interested I am in seeing it all play out. Luckily it only takes me a fraction of a second to read a chapter, but now I've reached the last one. I hope you continue this story soon.

I'm very worried about what will happen at Christmas--and very anxious to see a young version of the AsButt, Vernon.

But mostly I just wish that Lily and Petunia were more like the Winchesters.

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Review #21, by Castiel Mr. Evans

15th May 2015:
Hello Lotte, my name is Castiel and I am an angel of the Lord. I am also your guardian angel for the month of May.

I know the story about the magical baby who goes to wizard school better than most other human cultural events because Joanne Rowling is a prophet, so it's been my duty to watch her career closely.

This is very interesting, writing from Mr Evans' perspective. I especially enjoyed seeing the sister, Petunia. I'll admit that human emotions aren't always easy for me to pick up on. I've noticed that humans often say something different from what they mean, and I recognized that in Petunia. If there's one thing I've learned from traveling with the Winchesters, it's that the bonds between siblings are extremely strong.

I identified with Mr Evans at the story's end. I too would be at a loss to make peace between warring teenage girls. Human deaths mean more to me than they once did, and it was very sad to see Mr Evans as a widower.

I'm very worried to see the dynamic between Lily, James and Vernon. I get uncomfortable when things are tense and I remember from the books that Vernon is an asbutt. But even though I'm worried to see this play out, I can't help but want to click to the next chapter. The human emotion of curiosity is a very strange one to me. I suppose I should be impressed that you inspired it.

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Review #22, by The Summer Snake Mr. Evans

4th May 2015:
Greetings from The Summer Snake! I have recently slithered out of hibernation and discovered this amazing place with such amazing stories, so I want to read and review as many as I can before I go back into hibernation!

So, this seems like a very interesting story! Though I don't know much about these Evans that you mention of, they look like nice people. I liked your characterisation of Mr Evans. I don't think I've come across a story from his point of view before, so this is indeed very intriguing. I think you've got his fatherly stuff down good.

The Petunia scene was also a nice touch - I liked how you showed Petunia still cared about her sister though she tried to hide it. The whole "christmas disaster" thing sounds kinda entertaining so I wonder what will happen next xD

All in all, I think this is a good start to your story and I hope you continue writing it! I quite like what you've here so far. Being a snake, you'd expect I don't have much experience with this stuff but actually you wont believe the things snakes here while slithering on the ground hiding behind people!

Anyway, time is ticking so now I'm off to explore more of this wonderful sun! See ya!

With love,
The Summer Snake

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Review #23, by Oregonian Petunia

26th April 2015:
Hi, Lotte.

I’m glad that I can finally read your Vernon/Petunia story that you hinted at when you reviewed my Vernon/Petunia story “Tiny Animals” under the fake name of Black and Yellow.

I can’t wait to see the younger Vernon walk into the scene, and the conversation between Vernon and James is probably going to be a hum-dinger! I am curious to see what Vernon has that is attractive to Petunia.

You write Mr. Evans well. His worry about being able to handle his two strong-willed daughters and their unfamiliar boyfriends is certainly realistic. It’s too bad that he already expects that the visit will turn into a disaster. Perhaps only after his wife died did he really realize how much he had depended on her to handle sticky family relationships.

Your depiction of Petunia is interesting, a combination of grief and anger with a little bit of love still there, but mostly a desperate urge for self-preservation. She would do whatever was necessary to get what she needed, yet she feels as if she’s fighting a losing battle, doomed by the “someone” who can control her life and is punishing her for some past offense. The way she comes to resolution with this fate, by becoming the woman we see in “Philosopher’s Stone”, is kind of sad.

It will be interesting to see how this holiday degenerates into the disaster foreseen by Mr. Evans. I am enjoying the story so far, and hoping to see updates soon. Thank you for writing.


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Review #24, by Felpata Lupin Petunia

16th April 2015:
Hello Lotte!
I thought I'd stop by your author's page... I'm very happy I did! :)

This is a pretty interesting story so far, I can't wait to see what will happen once everyone will be under the same roof... It's going to be an interesting holiday...

I never imagined I would feel sorry for Petunia. I still think that her attitude towards her sister is absolutely unfair, but I can sympathize with her here.
To never receive recognaissance and always be second would enrage anyone.
And the fact that she was the one to sustain the family during her mother's illness while Lily was "having fun at Hogwarts"... I don't know how much of her words were true and how much it was her bias and bitterness. But I do know first-hand how physically and psychologically exausting is to move in and out of hospitals and see someone you love slowly fade away. So that's one reason more I can't blame her for feeling betrayed and angry.

Really great job so far, Lotte! Can't wait for what's next!
A huge hug,

PS I've been peeking around the common room and I've read something that made me wonder... Do you perchance know some very lucky anonimous reviewer who's stopped by one of my stories recently?
If yes, please say thank you to her from me ;)
Otherwise, thank you anyway for being so kind and welcoming. And good luck for your exam!

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Review #25, by Harry James Potter Mr. Evans

4th April 2015:
Hello...I'm not sure who you are or how you know about my parents and Mum's family but I'm really glad you did and that you're sharing this story of them. So, yeah, thanks.

Aunt Petunia never talked about when she was younger, so I never found anything out about my Grandparents. My Grandad sounds nice though. I think I'll come back and read the next chapter soon. I can't imagine a dinner involving my parents, Aunt Petunia, and Uncle Vernon will go well.

Er, Ron asked me to ask if you could point him in the direction of some good stories about him. He's getting a bit obsessive over this website, he hasn't showered in a week. Hermione's really mad...


Author's Response: Hi Harry. How nice of you to stop by, especially since you must be so busy with your work as an auror. I really appreciate you taking the time to come by, and I will try to the best of my ability to answer your many questions.

The truth is, dear Harry, I'm actually a seer. I'm distantly related to Trelawney, but I've been given the rare ability to also hear people's thoughts in all the glimpses I see. For that reason I do know about your Mum's family, and what a kind woman she really was. You should be really proud, and she would certainly be proud of you.

I'm happy I could tell you about you mother, aunt and grandparents, and I hope you come back later so you can hear more about what happened to them. It really is a funny story, I can tell you right now, and you will sympathise with your parents very much. And laugh at your uncle, who really is a tactless man.

I'm sorry for not giving Ron an answer. I hope he found some good stories about himself, and I hope Hermione forgave him for not having showered in a week. But those two love each other, so of course she has.

Anyway, thank you again for reading my story.

Have a wonderful day, and that you catch lots of criminals. And say hi to Ginny for me!



(and thanks Dee. You really made me laugh back when I first read this one, and it was actually the first character review i ever got. It took me hours to come up with a way to reply to it, but I loved it and I'm so happy you did this for me. Thank you! *hugs*)

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