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Review #1, by TheEighthHorcrux Unusual

12th October 2014:
Are you going to update? Because I just discovered this story right now and it is really good. You don't find many stories where James or Albus are complete jerks, but I love them. BTW is this based off of Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew, because this kind of reminds me of it.

Author's Response: Yeah this was written for a Shakespeare Challenge, i''m sure i mention it in an authors note at some point. I'm not sure when I'll update - I'm going through a sticky patch with writing and havent been doing much writing recently but should hopefully get back into it soon

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Review #2, by AlexFan Unmanageable

9th November 2013:
I have not read Taming of the Shrew but I have seen 10 Things I Hate About You and I loved it so I'm hoping that the movie will be enough for me to understand the story.

I think this is a great plot, I've never read something like this before -besides 10 Things I Hate About You- so i'm excited to see where this is going.

I'm definitely excited for the plot and I definitely think that it's unique. I look forward to seeing what kinds of things Albus, Maisie and Rose get up to in their plan to get James a girlfriend.

I also love your characterization. I've seen many forms of James but I've never seen a version of him quite like this one so that was great to see.

I love that James has absolutely no interest in girls or dating. It's a breath of fresh air from the usual characterization of him which is usually a player or something like that.

But anyway, great job on this first chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you for the review. I personally love 10 Things I Hate About You, possibly more than the play.
I've never seen James like this either, but it's fun to write. Every story with James in that I've read has him as a player and that was one of the reasons why I decided to make him Kat.
Thank you again :D

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Review #3, by 800 words of heaven Unmanageable

29th October 2013:

Just before I begin reading (and reviewing - sorry if this gets confusing, but fair warning that I write running reviews) I wanted to say that I am already in love with the premise of this story. I love myself a good Shakespearean comedy reimagining, so I couldn't resist. I also love that you've done a bit of a gender-bend here. I'm excited to see how that changes the dynamics of the story. So much excitement!

I've read the first five paragraphs, and I think I'm in love! I love the way you've written your characters already! I already know that James likes to yell at people, and Albus is responsible for curtailing his craziness, and somehow, James respects that.

I'm only about a third of the way through at the moment, but it's great that you've already introduced most, if not all, of your main characters. I already have a feel for what they're going to be like, without the information dump - amazeballs! It takes me like, five chapters to achieve that without it feeling like I'm just throwing people at my readers. I salute this amazing ability of yours.

This story has such a wonderfully light tone to it. It doesn't seem bogged down in the angst which sometimes accompanies teen issues. I'm guessing because you're inspired by a comedy, you want elements of humour in this, right?

All your characters are very engaging so far. I'm looking forward to seeing where you take them and their interpersonal relationships. I can see all the fun ahead!

I thought at first that you might write this in first person, so that we got a really personal view of Maisie and how she rolled, but I like that you've used third person instead. This way, we get to meet and greet all the characters, and learn all about how their minds work without the need to change points of view.

And so the plot thickens! I already have a soft spot for crazy James, so I'm looking forward to seeing how things progress with him. I hope he gets more screen (word?) time in the next chapter. Albus is adorable as well, but in a completely different way.

Looking forward to learning what Maisie's plan is in the next chapter! Awesome job! :D

Author's Response: Thank you for the amazing review. I actually think the running review is a good idea, sometimes I forget things I want to say by the time I get to the review so it's probably a good idea. I'm really glad you've liked it. When I was thinking of who to use for the characters, I wondered whether changing the genders would put a bit of a spice on it, and I'm so glad it worked out.
When I was writing this, I decided I didn't want to have too many characters I had to worry about. It's only going to be a short story after all (hopefully). But yeah, around 6 or 7 main characters, and then the few ones who may only be mentioned once. That way I won't panic about making their story match up.
I was originally going to write from Maisie's point of view, but I wanted write a story from 3rd person, as I don't do that very often, and I really wanted to get everyone's point of view, to round off the story. I think it would be much better to get different chapters from different view points throughout the story, although Maisie is primarily the main character, even though her sort of corresponding character isn't that big in the actual play.
You are right though, the play is a comedy and so id didn't want this to be too heavy. I also much prefer writing lighter stuff, and I'm not so good at angst really. Although I've certainly angst over a few issues myself in the past.
I'm hoping James will be re-introduced better soon, but maybe not for another few chapters, mainly because some things need to be sorted out first. But his screen time will come, don't worry. I have many plans for him. I love Albus as well, mainly because he reminds me of a slightly niave and innocent puppy, actually like my own dog really. It might be weird he is based on a dog, but he seems to be shining through in some ways, mainly cute excitement.
Thank you again for such a nice review. Hope you like the next chapter.

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Review #4, by carellio Unusual

23rd October 2013:
I thoroughly enjoyed your story so far, it's a refreshing plot and I like all your characters! I hope to see an update soon :)

Author's Response: Thank you. I'm not entirely sure how long it will take, hopefully soon. :D

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Review #5, by Josette_Phoenix Unpersuadable

8th October 2013:
This was absolutely lovely to read!! I'm a massive fan of 10 Things I Hate About You, and as I was reading your story I felt like an old friend was waving hello to me from behind each word. The Taming of the Shrew was apparent from the very first paragraph and has been very clearly merged into this story, well done!!

Your writing style is very succinct and easy to read, which not many writers can boast - brevity is powerful! as my English teacher once put it. Your plot flows easily and the chapters are structured neatly, bravo on that as well :)

This story is a great twist on an old favourite and I can't wait until you finish the rest!! Congratulations on 3rd place and keep it up!!

PS: I particularly love how nasty you made James ... perfect!

Jo, xo

Author's Response: Thank you. I have to admit that Taming of the Shrew is possibly my favourite Shakespear with maybe the exception of Midsummer Nights Dream. I also really really loved 10 Things I Hate About You, it being one of my favourite albeit cheesiest films. I'm glad it merged well with the story, I just thought it would be easiest play to do actually.

Thank you so much for the amazing compliments on my writing style, it means a lot to hear stuff like that. I'm really glad it all worked out.

James was originally not going to be the Shrew, I was originally choosing between Molly or Victoire. But then it popped into my head that James could be like that and Albus the poor but beautiful Bianca. And I must admit I much prefer it this way.
Thank you again for the review, it really made my day.

Frances x

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Review #6, by miriah12 Unpersuadable

23rd August 2013:
I totally like Calliope, i think she would be a good contrast with James.

Author's Response: Thank you, I wanted someone kind of the opposite, but also quite alike

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Review #7, by Biggest fan Unpersuadable

22nd August 2013:
Please update soon. This story is really funny and I can't wait to read more. Am I right on thinking its based on a Shakespeare play?

Author's Response: Yeah, it's for the Shakespeare Challenge on the forums. It's based on Taming of the Shrew

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Review #8, by navyfail Unmanageable

17th August 2013:
Hi! I was looking for a Next Generation story to read when I came across this one. The summary sounded very interesting and different from what I usually read so I thought I would give it a try. I am glad I did.

I haven't read Taming a Shrew so I wouldn't know who Katarina and Bianca are. But I do like the plot of this story. The 'no dating ban' is a nice twist. And James being unlikable and not interested in girls is new.

Albus is very sweet. He seems to genuinely care about James. Maisie sounds promising. I like how she tries to control herself around Al. In most stories you see the girl staring at the guy she has a crush on all the time and making a fool of herself when they talk so this is a nice change. I also find James very intriguing. I wonder why he is the way he is.

I wonder who this girl Al likes is. And I can't wait to find out who is the person that Maisie has in mind for James.

Anyways, great first chapter!

Author's Response: I think you should try Taming of the Shrew. Or Ten Things I Hate About You, the modern film version. Although when I say modern, I think it's from like 2000. Anyway, thank you for reading it.

The whole James not really caring about girls thing is a bit different I think, because most make him the womaniser or something. So it's sort of an odd twist.

I think Albus and James really do care about each other, more than they realise. They have some sort of deep brotherly bond, and deep down, Albus is doing all this to help his brother really.
Thanks for the review.

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Review #9, by trisha2 Unmanageable

8th August 2013:
update soon totally shipping Maisie and Albus cant wait to see who she picked out to date James

Author's Response: I'm glad you ship them, i just find them a cute couple. The tamer will be introduced in the next chapter. She will probably be an OC character

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Review #10, by kitty Unmanageable

8th August 2013:
Haha, this is brilliant! I love that James is the 'nutter'...great twist! I caught the Taming of the Shrew/10 things I hate about you reference...can't wait to see who can tame James! (Also interested to see if there will be a certain song sang on the Quidditch bleachers during a Quidditch try out (more people that way!...)

Author's Response: I had such a hard time deciding who to make the shrew/nutter, and I thought why not James? He is usually portrayed as popular, and I know he is in most of my other stories, so it's a different twist. I'm not sure what you mean about a certain song though.

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