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Review #1, by jess unexpected...

28th February 2005:
thats the shortest chapter i've ever read. you should make your chapters longer and check your spelling

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Review #2, by wired2damoon spur of the moment

2nd July 2004:
Hey I thought this chappie was really good, well I'm not a Harry/Hermione person but I thought it was interesting anyways... Please update soon lotsa luv wired2damoonXxXxxxxXxX P.S have you read any of my stories? If not give them a go god knows I need the reviews, you should find them in the 'recently added section' just look for my penname, well that's if you wanna... Tell me what ya think! Keep going with this story it rocks!!!

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Review #3, by Dracos_Chick unexpected...

21st December 2003:
Yo!! Great story. WHens the next chappie due to be up? Lovin it

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Review #4, by reader tragic revelations

6th December 2003:
your writing needs some work. "cool stuff" does not sound good.

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Review #5, by ThE_ReAl_LiLy88 a little bit sorry

6th October 2003:
not to be mean, but check ur books, Slytherin doesn't have a tower, they are located in the dungeons, just thot ud like to know.

Author's Response: well... uhm sorry if its sort of wrong but im not really super like memorizing stuff and i just write the stories as they come into my mind. but thanks for you comments. uhm... thanks for reading it and please continue doing so. hehe

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Review #6, by chicablue18 doubts

1st October 2003:
good story i liked it and hope you update it soon.

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Review #7, by sarah spur of the moment

30th August 2003:
hey i liked that part a-lot please inform me when u write more!

Author's Response: i've added chapter 7 to Spur of the moment ... hehe thank you for reading it!!! please read and comment on the coming chapters

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Review #8, by Maddy spur of the moment

29th August 2003:
That was a pretty good story. The idea was really great, but I think it needs to slow down a bit. It was moving a bit too fast. Great Job though! I enjoyed it alot!

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Review #9, by sarah spur of the moment

26th August 2003:
hey awesome story-- you might want to check the spelling though- and please inform me at my e-mail adress when you have the next bit ready

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Review #10, by evilsushi spur of the moment

22nd August 2003:
guhh! your evil!! continue to write! i wanna read!! T..T

Author's Response: i've added chapter 7. hehe if your interested please read it! thank you for your comments.

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Review #11, by evilsushi spur of the moment

17th August 2003:
your bloooody evil!! write more woman! XD i can tell its gonna be an amusing story, you need some grammer help...maybe microsoft word? :nods: but still its good! write write write!

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Review #12, by Alexis spur of the moment

17th August 2003:
oh ok i will help for I like fanfictions and am very helpful I am very hyper right now so dont mind. Make Draco come one to Hermione and then reject her make her cry. Draco shall get the last laugh

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Review #13, by Novkalwen spur of the moment

16th August 2003:
Wow, great story so far! Please update!! I wanna know who hermione gets...although it is pretty obvious! lol If you could R/R my story I\'d really appreciate it! Thanks! ~Novkalwen~

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Review #14, by sally spur of the moment

16th August 2003:
i have a feeling that this is going to be a fantastic story! you MUST update

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