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Review #1, by Frankie05 Poisonous

31st August 2015:
Hello! Super creepy chapter! To me it started out so innocent. Like a small child finding a friend and it seems harmless but we don't know who the friend is until the end. And boy is that creepy. You did a wonderful job keeping me in the story and curious about what is to come. I can't help but shudder at the idea behind this story and it is brilliant. As it progresses you made me feel so sorry for Victorie for whatever she is going through and she doesn't care to change it she just wants to keep doing what's she's been doing and it shows that the evil inside her won out. I am not a huge fan of the "f" word. I've used it in a a story and read them in a story, but this story- without that word used the way it was would be missing something entirely. And it made me feel for her.

The part when you talk about her friend and you described her friend brushing her hair and them talking to each other but it's just Victorie- super creepy. Very well done. Whoosh. Great job! (Does she have D.I.D- dissociative identity disorder?) and how would Louis know about it? Gah this story was good!


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Review #2, by Karou_Marauder Poisonous

1st October 2014:

It took me a while to figure out what was happening here. At first I thought the 'she' was Victoire, but then the 'you' was Victoire, and now I think Victoire has MPD/DID (I think these are the right terms). It was nice how you brought it in slowly, the initial fight and then the giving up and giving in. It was so sad, especially as her family want to help her but she won't let them.

And then the was just so powerful and melancholy. I really like the way you've portrayed Victoire, not as the happy girl she seems to be in the epilogue. It was very insightful.


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Review #3, by articcat621 Poisonous

23rd September 2014:
Wow... This was absolutely incredible and it left me speechless. The way you wrote this was just incredible. I loved how you included Bill, Fleur, Dominique, and Louis in this. It was beautiful and melancholy all at the same time. So tragic. Well done.

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Review #4, by ValWitch21 Poisonous

15th September 2013:
*slinks in, red in the face with embarrassment because this review is a month and a half late*


Right, onto this story. Well, I've got to admit that though this is the sixth or seventh time I've read it, I'm still left confused until I read the last few paragraphs.

The fact that she, you and Victoire only come together as one person at the end is brilliantly done. It's extremely difficult to associate the you to a character -- the first time I read this, I was persuaded it referred to Teddy (then again, it was two in the morning), before realising that it was Victoire, which didn't make sense because she was obviously Victoire to me. In the midst of my brain trying to piece everything together, what really stood out was the use of 'we': it made it clear that one could not exist independantly of the other, which, again, the ending confirms.

Am I rambling? I probably am, but it's your writing's fault. This is your most brain-teasing piece ever, and I'm really struggling to write something coherent enough to show my appreciation.

Another aspect that I really like is how inherently dark you make Victoire. She's very Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, but with Hyde clearly more proeminent. And yet despite this, I still feel more sorry for her than anything else.

Just to make sure -- what Victoire is suffering from is schizophrenia, yes? If yes, then I just want to shake my head desperately at the fact that you can also write mental illnesses (I'll add that to my list of things not to write because I wouldn't pull it off nearly as well you did); and if not, then just ignore me crawling into a hole.

GAH. I feel like I'm not making any sense here, and that plus the fact this review is really late makes me feel horrible.

*offers cookies for forgiveness, and runs off to review ADD*

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Review #5, by CambAngst Poisonous

9th August 2013:
Hi, Jami!

This story was one of those awesome little flights of inspiration that keeps HPFF interesting for me. Plenty of people write stories about young love and dark magic and lost moments in canon. The Archives are full of angsty Harry and "what if Fred survived?" and "Jerk-face Ron drives Leather Pants Hermione into Misunderstood Draco's warm and waiting arms". They're familiar and comfortable and I like reading them -- except for that last one. This is the kind of story that really grabs my attention, though. Because the subject matter completely transcends the sandbox you're writing in and you did it with such incredible finesse and style. It will probably never attract the heaps of praise and devotion that a story like Before They Fall gets, but I think it's just as worth of that level of praise.

It took me a really long time to figure out what was really happening in the story. And this is one of those situations were that was actually a good thing because it's all from Victoire's point of view and her mental illness makes everything so twisted and difficult to recognize. It's hard to write a mentally ill character in the first person. It requires a deep look inside at the way the human mind works and the things that start to come undone when order breaks down. I'm sure it's more than a little scary. You did a great job of capturing the mania, the disaffection and the paranoia that consume poor Victoire as she succumbs to her demons.

The personification of her mental condition -- I'm guessing multiple personality disorder -- as this "imaginary" childhood friend was a clever idea. The "friend" is a brilliant foil for her feelings of persecution and being misunderstood. Her friend is always there to reassure her that she's the one who's right and other people just don't understand. Even if they do understand, they don't matter.

All of the visual imagery surrounding her was vivid and beautiful. She's a literal angel of destruction.

I loved the passage about her parents and siblings. The ending line is brilliant: But they all think they can fix you. Little do they know.

The ending was powerful as it was sad. I don't know what else to say about it. It's a tragically logical conclusion to a completely illogical state of affairs.

Beautiful job, my dear!

Author's Response: Hi Dan ♥

It was fun to play with a character who wasn't good like the marauders but wasn't evil like Bellarix. Just someone who went off the deep with no hope of ever getting her back.

I didn't start with the idea of giving her MOD/DID, but I'm so excited that it turned out that way and that the break down of her mental health is captured well! I had fun using her 'friend' as the, it's all your fault, person. Especially when she needed a little bit of reassurance that she had the right to do whatever she pleased.

The ending totally crept up on me! I'm so excited you liked her final decision. I don't think she really got how final it was, more along the lines of thought, haha jokes on you people.

Thank you for your awesome review, and I'm excited I didn't scare you away with my crazi Victoire! haha!!

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Review #6, by academica Poisonous

9th August 2013:
Hey Jami! It's always so nice when we get to swap, so thank you so much for offering, and thank you even more for the beautiful review you left me! I'm so happy you enjoyed the story, and sometime soon I'll stop snuggling your review and respond to it :D

Anyway, on to business!

Now, in my field there is still a lot of debate over whether DID really exists, and I've never had exposure to a person who really seemed to have it. But your portrayal does seem to reflect what I imagine it would look like--someone with clearly different personalities who struggles a lot with which of those personalities is allowed to be in charge. I liked how Victoire struggled more with her alter as she got older, until eventually it seized her tumultuous youth and went running with it. Especially since you said you didn't necessarily intend to write a DID story, very nice work with this.

I have to admit, I have a lot of curiosity about why Victoire has become this way. I was expecting you to talk about some kind of trauma that occurred in her past, beyond the problem of her family's high expectations for her. This girl just seems so different from the one who was perfectly happy with Teddy as of the canon series's epilogue. Given that she was probably one of the first children born after the war ended, I know she would have been under a lot of pressure to really succeed in life.

I love this line in particular--

Maybe he's known all along about the bond you made, the one you refuse to break, with the perfect monster living inside of you.

Oh, and I don't know if this was accidental, intentional, or just my perception, but it seemed like you switched between "you" and "her" when referring to Victoire's alter. Either way, I think it worked out in your favor because it really conveyed the confusion that she must be feeling all the time. It was a cool stylistic touch to add to this piece.

Nice work, as usual :)


Author's Response: Hi Amanda!

I'm so happy you liked this! I started it wanting to write a story about someone who just wasn't okay for no real reason, and then when I was finished and realized it felt a bit split personality ish I went, oh! hahah.

I don't think i really have anything in mind in terms of some sort of past trauma that made her this way. I sort of want her to just be off the deep in for no other reason then the fact that she doesn't want to pull herself back, if that makes sense.

Yes! That was intentional, and I'm so excited it worked! I was wondering if it made it all too confusing.

Thank you so much for an awesome swap! I always love reading your stuff and getting your opinions!

♥ Jami

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Review #7, by patronus_charm Poisonous

4th August 2013:
Hi Jami!

Yay someone else thinks that Victoire may have suffered a little from mental problems. I thought you handled the complexities of her thoughts and emotions really well! One key thing which enabled you to do was the second person POV as it allowed an insight into her thoughts and an almost outsider view to them too and that was really great.

The theme of her beauty and idea of her from others throughout this one-shot was really great. It tied in well with her name denoting that she should have those characteristics and showed me how all of those things could result in her final action when someone can’t handle them properly.

The idea of her friend/voice was really great due to the ambiguity which surrounded it. I never really knew whether this person was real or whether it was all in the head. Obviously, I’m more inclined to think the latter but the fact that I still faced confusion really helped me understand Victoire’s situation and the power the voice must have had on her.

This line ‘You’re perfect, as perfect and…. up as they come.‘ was really great! The bleeped out word really added to it and it basically showed how she viewed herself really well. ♥

I really liked how briefly you dwelt on Teddy. It really showed how self-absorbed she really was and how herself and this voice which comforts was all that she needed. I always imagined there to be a difference of power in their relationship with Victoire being the more dominant one, so to see how she just almost discards him here was really great.

The setting for her final act was perfect. ♥ The use of the phial and her being naked just seemed to give this air of mystery and show her mental state for what it is. I had a feeling it was going to lead up to this, and it seemed fitting because your portrayal of her throughout this story showed that there wasn’t really any coming back from where she was.

I spotted one really minor typo here ‘the parents you can’t seem to understands’ with the extra s on understand, but other than that I really loved this one-shot! ♥


Author's Response: Two Kiana reviews in one day!!! ♥

I really just wanted to write a story about a character so messed up, and Victoire seemed to fit the part perfectly. Gorgeous, blessed with a loving family, the first post war child... taking all that and twisting it into someone who is just not an okay person was SO much fun, hehe.

I'm so excited you liked second person for this! I was worried it might make it all almost too confusin.

Yep, I'm with you on thinking it was the latter. I've had a few people mention her having multiple personality disorder, and I didn't exactly mean to do that with this one shot, but I think it comes pretty close. I almost think it's something darker though. Not exactly an illness that a person can't help, like MPD/DID, but her own choice to follow through with her 'friends' ideas, to let herself just get more twisted up in her need to destroy things.

hehehe I'm really excited you liked that line. I know everyone doesn't love harsher language, but it just fit.

Yes!! I love what you said about there not being any coming back!! That's exactly it. She's too far gone, and not only that but she has no desire to save herself. Ahh I'm super excited you noticed that. ♥

Oops, thank you for pointing that out! I'll go fix it right now ♥ thank you so much for another amazing review, Kiana!!!

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Review #8, by HeyMrsPotter Poisonous

1st August 2013:
Hello! Here for our swap :)

I'm going to warn you in advance that this could be a fairly incoherent review and pretty much full of me gushing over this.

Just...WOW, really. I've never read a story like this ever, never mind on HPFF. At first I was unsure about who the characters were but that just made me want to read on. Never would I have expected it to just be two sides of Victoire.

I really love the mood you've created throughout this, usually to set such a dark tone to a story you need a heap of description but in this just her feelings and raw emotion managed it, it's incredible.

I think the thing I love about next gen is that we have the freedom to create our own personalities for the characters who we know only their names and nothing more. I find that despite this, fanfiction seems to have created it's own version of canon for Victoire, she's pretty and perfect and almost boring. What you have done for her in this is like nothing I've read before. She's dark and deep and has all these complex layers to her. It's like you've given her a split personality on the surafce but then there's just...[i] more[/i]. I can't explain it but it's outstanding. (At this point I'm running out of adjectives :p) I just love how bitter she is and really for no reason at all, I'm so intrigued by her! I also love the juxtaposition throughout this in her character, the beauty on the outside and then the utter torment and quite ugly person she is on the inside is amazing. I also love that you wrote 'Fleur and Bill' it's a tiny thing but I'm so used to reading it Bill and Fleur that it just emphasises how different she seems determined to be, plus she refers to them by their names rather than mum and dad, again reaffirming her opposition to conformity.

If I were REALLY nitpicking (and I only noticed this because I read this about 5 times before reviewing) I noticed a tiny typo "Fleur and Bill, the parents you can’t seem to understands" But that's me nitpicking and if it were my story (I WISH THIS WAS MY STORY!) I'd like it pointed out ;)

Overall, in case you haven't noticed by now, I absolutely adored this. A million and one out of 10! Thanks for the swap (though your writing has put mine to shame!) I'll be stopping my rambling now ;)

Author's Response: Hi darling!! Thank you again for an awesome swap!!

Ahh I'm SO SO excited that you liked this!!! And that you realized by the end it was two sides of Victoire! I'm not a big fan of over describing, and though I love really great metaphors and pretty descriptive language, it's important to me to try and write something that a reader can just read. I don't want heavy language to get in the way of what I'm trying to tell, if that makes sense.

I wanted to write a story about someone gorgeous and who had the chance to be everything, have everything, do everything, but is just inexplicably messed up. Victoire fit the part, and like you said, being able to tweak next gen characters so much is definitely an awesome part about the era. I love what you said about it being like she has split personalities but then there's more. I thought a bit of her having MPD when writing this, and maybe that's a but of it, but more than anything i just wanted her to be not okay. Haha!

Thank you for the typo!!! I'm the queen of those, and LOVE when people take the time to point out what it was instead of just mentioning that there was one. And you're so sweet, haha! You've really made me feel entirely too happy, especially considering it's a Monday!

I really loved our swap! Thank you again, and PM me any time you want to swap again!

♥ Jami

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Review #9, by silverashes Poisonous

1st August 2013:
Beautiful...that's the only word I can think of that describes this. Strangely beautiful. This might be an odd comparison, but you write like F. Scott Fitzgerald. When I read any of F. Scott Fitzgerald's work I feel mesmerized by his words, and, honestly, you've done exactly the same. It's just so easy to read. The story and words grip the reader, begging them to keep going. Everything is so fluid and enchanting.

I was slightly confused at first. I wasn't sure who the yous were referring to. At first I actually thought it was a narrator talking about Victoire and Teddy, but as I continued reading I began to put pieces together! Then at the very end it all made sense. I think that slight confusion in the beginning adds to the captivation of the reader. I loved it. I loved trying to figure out who she was referring to. Victoire's own confusion was infused into the wording and the story itself. I was more connected to the character because I felt like I could understand what she was going through. Am I even making sense? Gah, I hope I am!

I'm just so in love with it all. You've created such an interesting character She has so many layers. In the beginning she tries to resist this monster inside of her, but slowly she begins to let her take control. Soon her and the monster become one. Brilliant. Absolutely, stunningly, brilliant.

xx Rachel

Author's Response: Hi Rachel!!

Wow, that's such an awesome compliment! I'm so excited that my writing kept you interested, and I'm not even going to comment on the comparison to F. Scott Fitzgerald because I'll just turn into a puddle of feels ♥

I really, really wanted to keep people guessing with what on earth could be going on, but was worried the confusion would be too much, so I'm really happy that it made sense by the end. You're making total sense, and I'm seriously so thrilled that trying to figure out what was going on kept you hooked ♥

I was pretty nervous about this piece because it is a bit odd, haha, so knowing you really enjoyed it has made me feel so much better! Thank you so much for taking the time to read it ♥ and for an awesome swap!


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