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Review #1, by aurevoir Passing ships

27th April 2014:
Imagine my surprise when I saw I had made one of the banners on your page! Glad it was from my more recent days ;) Again, so well written. I really like this story. =) [although now I actually need to go to bed. bah]


Author's Response: That's so cool! It's a beautiful banner :D Thanks so much for another lovely review, and goodnight :p

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Review #2, by emmeline Passing ships

28th September 2013:
i wanted more of it . more, more, more,more and more.

Author's Response: I wish I could have written more!

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Review #3, by Lostmyheart Passing ships

18th September 2013:
I like this story and you have amazing writing skills! *applause*

Author's Response: Thank you so much!

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Review #4, by BLONDEbehaviour Passing ships

6th September 2013:
Hello! I am here with your requested review!

OO i like this!! Very well written, and have incorporated the quote you need to add very well! You work in the angst just right, and because of that, the pace of their 'relationship' really works! Definitely helps when it is post-Hogwarts and all the characters are just that little bit mature. Or are supposed to be, anyway!

You have done a really great job on the imagery of the story as well, i was able to get a great picture throughout the story :) A believable scenario, definitely!

I did see one spelling mistake. In the sentance "one the house", I'm thinking it needs to be "on the house". Apart from that, i couldn't see anything!

Really well done, and not just because i'm a huge Dramione fan!! Good luck in the challenge, i look forward to facing you :P

Grace :D

P.S I solemnly swear that this review is 100% truthful, and no false information has been given because i am also in the competition. It really is well-written :D

Author's Response: Hi Grace! Thanks for responding to my request so quickly.

I really glad you liked it. I struggled with the quote at first and then split it up and inspiration struck. I think the angsty Dramione definitely works better post-Hogwarts.

Description and imagery is something I'm TERRIBLE at so I worked really hard to try and get it right in this, I'm thrilled you managed to get a good picture and find it believable.

You're right about the typo, I'll be sure to fix it, thank you :)

It seems there are a lot of great writers entering this challenge, I'm now thinking I don't have a chance haha! Thanks so much for the lovely review and best of luck in the challenge, I'll have to read your entry :D

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Review #5, by HermioneeeGrangerrr Passing ships

3rd September 2013:
Okay interesting idea.

Author's Response: Thanks, this was a pretty different style to my usual writing

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Review #6, by silverashes Passing ships

29th August 2013:
Hello, lovely!

I've never read a story about Hermione and Ron being divorced, so this is new for me! I really like it though! I think it's a new twist on an old story. I've read loads of stories on Dramione but never any that have to do with Draco and Hermione both having split from their partners. I really like the twist! You've kept Hermione's ambitious character. While it has always kept her high in success, it turns out that it is actually her downfall as well.

The romance between her and Draco is very different from all the fluffy relationships I read about. The angst and darker side of this story draws readers in. It has a different effect. I think it's a little refreshing after reading so many lovey-dovey, perfect stories about romance. This story kind of shows the realistic view point towards love. It doesn't always work out the first time, but there is always someone for everyone (even if it's not who you were expecting!). I think you did an absolutely lovely job with this story! Brilliant!

xx Rachel

Author's Response: Hi Rachel! Thanks for responding to my request so quickly, sorry it's taken me a couple days to reply.

I'm really glad you like the premise of the story, this is the third dramione I've written and I always have a little back story as to why Hermione and Ron aren't together, I can never paint him as the bad guy though! I worried that Hermione seemed a little out of character in this so I'm really pleased you don't think she is :D

Personally, I love the fluffy dramione stories so this was a little out of my comfort zone but I agree that it's a more realistic side to love, where its not necessarily about 'romance' but a persons needs and finding comfort.

Thank you so much for this wonderful review!

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Review #7, by MissesWeasley123 Passing ships

21st August 2013:
Well I'm here. I had previously been all mysterious and read it without leaving a review but I really shouldn't be getting into that habit!

See, this is why I also dropped out of this challenge. Because YOU were participating! Also because I had no clue on how to incorporate the lyrics... I can be very trollish at times ;)

The lyrics! How you managed to weave them in I'm still wondering. I mean, how weird would it sound if you had Draco saying, "Like ships in the night you keep passing by me!" And Hermione then singing back, "We're just wasting time trying to prove who's right!" And then they hug, kiss, whatever and the end!

See, my version sucks. I love the way you did it though!!

I think what made it most believable was the amount of description! Again, I'm jealous of anyone who manages to pull off description.. I'm so bad at it >:( Digressing from my problems as an author though, you took me to Hogsmeade, and made me witness their passion. It seems kinda creepy but I quite enjoyed it!

Dee, I don't think anyone can write good snogs like you do. I mean, you go from the one in this to the one in ML... lol...

Again, you show Ron in a good light, and Hermione as the one in fault! Yes! Thank you! It seems very justified that she would spend more time at work rather than with Ron. I'm kinda happy they got divorced.

And Draco is awesome as always, while Hermione is a tad bit insufferable,I mean, WHY ARE YOU IN DENIAL WOMAN? YOU CLEARLY ARE DESTINED TO BE WITH DRACO!(In the ff world at least)

Ah, anyways, the ending was so perfect, and I would beg for a sequel but I think I do too much of that anyways.

Great one shot, good luck in the challenge! I'm sure you'll so superb!


Author's Response: Hi Nadia :)
Don't feel obligated to always leave reviews you know, though I do love them!

I did wonder how to get the lyrics in and whenever I read this back it always seems like they stick out so I'm glad you like how I did it! Also, your story sounds hilarious, I would definitely read it haha!

Honestly description is my total weak point in writing! I find it a little easier in one-shots than my multi chapter stories because I don't get as lost in the plot :/ Writing snogs is something I feel really awkward doing but I was pleased with this one :D There is a bit of a difference in this one and the one in ML though haha.

I always have to show Ron in a good light, I'm a Ronmione shipper too and I can never stand to be mean to him :p Hermione is definitely in denial, she and Draco are clearly supposed to be together, this is why I love fanfiction :D

I haven't considered a sequel but never say never haha. Thanks Nadia, as always, you've made me smile!

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Review #8, by Grace Pollard Passing ships

4th August 2013:
Brilliant! Can you please please please write more!!!

Author's Response: This is actually just a one shot so there isn't more to this story. I do have a multi chaptered fic called Memory Lane which features Draco/Hermione though :)

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #9, by blackballet Passing ships

2nd August 2013:
This was very nice! I liked that Hermione and Ron had a mutual break-up, and Hermione was a bit torn up about it. I think your transition between having a drink together and, well, getting together, was a bit fast. Other than that, it was very nice!

Author's Response: I always have Hermione and Ron have mutual break-ups in my draco/hermione fics, I just can't imagine him ever being violent or a cheater. I wanted this to be quite quick-paced but admit it is a little OOC of Hermione to rush into something. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #10, by MadiMalfoy Passing ships

2nd August 2013:
Hi! :)

I entered in this challenge to but have yet to get started on it, I've got too many other HPFF and RL things going on! Great incorporation of the quote by the way, sometimes it's super difficult to do properly, so good job! :)

You know how much I love angst! ;D I think this is wonderful, honestly. I really enjoyed it, as it showed a different side to Hermione that most people don't ever write about or think of writing her like. It shows that she can be weak and can turn to alcohol to drown her sorrows, rather than get lost in a book or just stay home for days on end after a bad breakup, etc. It's refreshing, so I think you wrote angsty Hermione and Draco very well.

THE KISS!!! Let's just say that I was actually expecting something along the lines you had, but you still managed to surprise me with HOW you wrote it. The description and actions you had them doing expressed exactly how they were feeling and that was perfect. It flowed very well with the evening that it happened--it was full of surprises and this one was placed exactly where it should have been! I'm almost sad you didn't continue on but it is a great ending to this great one-shot so wonderful job!

Please re-request for any of your other pieces, Dramione especially ;D
~MadiMalfoy x

Author's Response: Hello!

As soon as I saw dramione in the challenge title I couldn't resist, I'm looking forward to reading the other entries :D

I'm glad you enjoyed the angsty side, I admit it could come across as a little OOC but I like to think Hermione would have changed somewhat a few years after Hogwarts, plus in this she's gone through a divorce so I'm sure she would be pretty miserable.

I'm really glad you liked the kiss, I wrote it about a million and one times but was pretty pleased with the final result :)

Thanks you so much for this really wonderful review, it's got me grinning from ear to ear! x

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Review #11, by Jchrissy Passing ships

1st August 2013:
Hi there! And thank you for the lovely review ♥

I really like when stories deal with Ron and Hermione in a normal way to get to the Draco Hermione. A lot of them involve a ton of drama and a ton of things both parties do that are just super out of character. Too much bickering, too long of work hours in Ron's opinion, and not enough sensitivity to what she wanted in Hermione's opinion seem like really solid reasons for a marriage to fail. Especially one that was gotten into too quickly and both were still dealing with their own grief of the war.

I also liked that you didn't have Hermione just becoming this totally different person once she saw Draco and have them pal up instantly. They've both suffered and it's fun to imagine the bond that can create between them, but you did a good job giving them a few nights of the cat and mouse game!

The end, when she finally decided to go in, made me smile. She deserves to do whatever she wants. She's a grown, unattached women and I liked that she ended up proving him right.

This was a very sweet read, m'dear! Thank you so much for an awesome swap! ♥


Author's Response: Hi Jami! Sorry it's taken so long to get around to replying and you're very welcome for your review, it was well deserved!

This is the third Draco/Hermione story I've written and each time I always have Ron and Hermione separate on mutual terms, I really love Ron's character and I don't like when fanfiction portrays him as violent or a cheater, I just can't imagine it.

I did worry that their transition was a little fast paced and OOC but like you said, they've both suffered in similar ways so it makes sense they would gravitate towards each other.

I'm really glad you liked the story, thanks so much for the swap! x

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Review #12, by magnolia_magic Passing ships

1st August 2013:
Hi Dee! Thank you so much for the swap!

I've never been a Dramione shipper (like at ALL), but I really have a lot of appreciation for what you do with the ship. I've probably said this before, but I can tell that you put a lot of thought into making her split with Ron believable, however it happens. I was so sad to see that they had gotten divorced, but it's an unfortunate reality of life that I think you explored well. Hermione was a young woman in love with her job, and she tried to take on another true love too soon. She wasn't what Ron needed, and he wasn't right for her. It saddens me to think that they might have worked if the timing had been right :( I love the way you show her feelings about the breakup; she knows that they weren't working, and yet she is still heartbroken and doesn't know where to go from here. That was beautifully done.

Now, time to move on to Draco. His arrogance was kind of shocking to me; I guess I expected him to be knocked down a few pegs after all that's happened to him by this point in his life. But in a way it makes sense. Like Hermione says in her narration, he's always had that streak of cockiness. I do wish that I could have gotten to know him a little better before the kiss happened. It seemed that they didn't interact much before that point, and I was really wishing for some more Draco.

But what a kiss, though! Haha, it was a super intense and romantic moment. You really hit the mark with that scene! And I like that Hermione and Draco have a common link between them as they begin their relationship (or at least, I'm assuming a relationship will come out of this.) They have the shared experience of splitting with a significant other; this gives them a lot more in common than they had in the Hogwarts days. It's a game-changer, definitely, and I love that you provide such a solid foundation when you deviate from canon.

Great job with this! I really enjoyed reading it. Thanks again for the swap!


Author's Response: Hi Maggie! Sorry it's taken me so long to reply!

I do always try to make Ron and Hermione's splits amicable if I'm writing a Draco/Hermione story, I love Ron and hate to see him in a bad light. I'm really glad you thought it was believable, I know that any Dramione story has to have the characters as at least a little OOC as it would likely never happen in JKR's world but I do try to make it as plausible as I can.

I put Draco's arrogance in this down to the alcohol magnifying what was already there, I think he'd be a lot nicer sober ;) A couple of people have said that their transition is a little quick in this so I may well go back and do some editing to include some more Draco, thanks :)

The kiss was something I wrote and re-wrote countless times but was pleased with the end result so I'm really glad you liked it! And yes, I think a relationship would stem from this, I might even turn this into multi chapter one day :)

Thanks for the swap, Maggie, and the lovely review!

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Review #13, by Emmee Passing ships

1st August 2013:
I like this. I think it would be worth it if you added more to it. It reminds me a little bit about my relationship, at least the intensity does.

Author's Response: Thanks :) It was written in a bit of a hurry so I will most likely return to it at some point. You must have one heck of a relationship then ;)

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