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Review #1, by Quibilah Final battles, broken hearts.

4th April 2008:
Wow, excellent story. It has such a sad ending to it though. I was hoping they would be alright *cry* but you wrote it more realistic. You have a lot of talent and i hope that you continue writing. Well i really enjoyed reading Tiny hands of truth, and i can honestly say that i couldn't stop reading it once i started.

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Review #2, by groteskq_fatality Final battles, broken hearts.

26th February 2008:
awww that was soo sad.
i mean it was good.but soo sad.
dried some tears there.

but was amazing.
and kaity was just adorable.

yay! great job! :]

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Review #3, by Bex Another Year Begins

23rd November 2007:
Hmmm, probably better than I could write although it did jump from subject to subject

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Review #4, by _iloveremus_ Another Year Begins

17th November 2007:

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Review #5, by tigerlility New Dorms

26th March 2007:
"I would But I'm afraid my head can't go that far up my arse."

haha i saw that comment once on a shirt lol

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Review #6, by hermioneneha Final battles, broken hearts.

3rd August 2006:
How could you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Review #7, by hermioneneha Potions, Statues,and Feelings

3rd August 2006:
Awwww! I'm so sorry! This was a cute chapter!

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Review #8, by hermioneneha Surprises

3rd August 2006:
Parvati not Parveti!

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Review #9, by hermioneneha New Dorms

3rd August 2006:
Spelling is a little better, but it's Dumbledore not Dumbledor!

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Review #10, by hermioneneha Another Year Begins

3rd August 2006:
I like the idea, but you need to fix your spellings! You spelled at least 20 words incorrectly. I'm sorry but a good story requires correct spelling

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Review #11, by Ms_Malfoy Final battles, broken hearts.

15th May 2006:
i read this back when i didn't have a penname (i signed as 'gabby') and now i obviously do, so i'm adding it to my favorites because i love this story soooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Review #12, by xXsilent_tearsXx Love, Truth,and Letters

30th April 2006:
I love your story!

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Review #13, by Babygurl Final battles, broken hearts.

27th April 2006:
oh my god.....i just finished reading...this story was so good....i can't believe he died.....i nearly started bawling at the'm in shock....this was very good.

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Review #14, by llama Another Year Begins

29th March 2006:
this is a good story so far. the only suggestion i have is that you get a beta, because there are many spelling mistakes. i. e. ceiling was spelled incorrectly, violently, and deja vu.

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Review #15, by feowyn Potions, Statues,and Feelings

4th March 2006:
This plot line seems fab. But The spelling SUCKS! I don't want this to sound malicious, I honestly just want to suggest that you type it up in Microsoft Word. The spell chack could eliminate the worst of the spelling errors.

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Review #16, by feowyn New Dorms

4th March 2006:
I know I'm a freak, but work on the spelling and grammar (homonyms especially)

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Review #17, by Leology Final battles, broken hearts.

17th February 2006:
Wow! I really wasn't expecting Draco to die. I cried! I almost never cry when I read fanfiction.

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Review #18, by CNR Final battles, broken hearts.

16th February 2006:
omg i loved it and you made me cry it was sooo sad :(:(:(:(:(

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Review #19, by Dracos_princess Final battles, broken hearts.

2nd February 2006:
oh my god your story made me cry you are very talented . this story is lovely and i love every word the letter got to me the worst and i didnt stop crying for an hour after reading it. you have a good skill in writing and i love this idea i hope you have more storys that i can read maybe some with happier endings .

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Review #20, by sparklespazbunny Final battles, broken hearts.

28th January 2006:
the last line of this story was absolutely beautiful!

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Review #21, by sparklespazbunny Final battles, broken hearts.

26th January 2006:
omg im seriously sobbing right now. i hate sad endings but this one was so sad it as amazing. that letter in the end broke my heart. *WOW* this was so amazing. you have to write more stories! thank god for you!!!

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Review #22, by sparklespazbunny New Dorms

24th January 2006:
lol. i love that joke at the end! hehe. it makes me giggle... good job!

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Review #23, by mRS. d mALFOY Final battles, broken hearts.

15th January 2006:
that was sooooooooo SAD!!!!!!!! BUT REALLY GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM LIKE CRYING RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!

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Review #24, by fortune_cookie15 Final battles, broken hearts.

11th January 2006:
The best fanfic I have ever read... I'm seriously crying right now. It was so sad. I wish that when she saw him lying down in the battlefield he woke up, and every thing was a happily ever after. Will you consider making an altornet (sorry about the spelling) ending?

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Review #25, by Madelynn Malfoy Final battles, broken hearts.

28th December 2005:
Wow what a beautiful story!This went into my faves about a month ago so I would remember to read it and now that I have I am utterly astonished.Just a beautiful story! Amazing job!!!

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