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Review #1, by patronus_charm Calling

26th August 2013:
How this been up for over a month and I've only just realised? *cries to self* oh well, I'm here now and that's the main thing!

I loved the setting of this, it really set the scene for a Christmas which hasn't gone well!

Aw, Scorpius as a child was very squeal worthy! I think it was the way he greeted the present with such trepidation and excitement which really did it for me! I wish Christmas could still be like that for me now because I really miss it.

I think the way you describe Scorpius and Draco's relationship in this and CDR has to be my favourite one. You just have a way of writing them which makes them seem so natural and right and aw, I could just read it for days.

I know I shouldn't have laughed at this line as it was a fairly serious one but still it had me cracking up. ' The Pureblood and his muggle-loving son; a common problem with no apparent solution.' I think it was the matter of fact language you used in it which really made it great.

Ooh another thing, I love the blend of all things magical and muggle in this! With the carol services on the wireless and the omnipresent love of tea drinking. ♥

I've never Astoria like that before! You always surprise me by how you go against the stereotypes with your characterisation and I always really love it. I never imagined Draco having marital problems yet I was finding myself think this made perfect sense and why did I never think of that before.

What??? Scorpius was calling Rose? What happened to your love of all things Scorpius/Lucy? I have a feeling I'll need to read Starving Artists to get the full story on this. Speaking of that, this one-shot made perfect sense to me without reading it.

Gah, this was a wonderful one-shot and I loved every second of it! ♥


Author's Response: Kiana! So sorry it's taken me a month to respond to this! You leave the nicest, most insightful reviews, and I feel so bad I've neglected to answer them.

I really posted this one at the wrong time, didn't I? :P should have held on another six months or so!

Awh, thank you so much for saying you like Scorpius and Draco's relationship! As a product of what the media likes to call an, ahem, 'broken home' myself, I take a weird pleasure in writing dysfunctional families - I guess it's kind of cathartic for me? So it means a lot when people comment on said dysfunctional families, and that other people can find them natural to read about or relate to them.

'the omnipresent love of tea drinking' - literally a summary of everything I have ever written, am writing, and will ever write. Blame it on being british.

Ah, thanks for saying that too! I find, often, when I read about divorce, the father is the one who walks out/is absent and the mother becomes a kind of passive martyr. I hate how this formula is repeated again and again in fiction - it's very tired, and doesn't reflect real life. I wanted to write about how, even though Astoria is the one who physically leaves, both parents are guilty of abandoning Scorpius in their own way. I think. Did that make sense? And, depressingly, my headcanon has always been that Draco and Astoria divorce...

Yeah, this is a Scorose! Starving Artists is Scorpius/Lucy (that's not even a spoiler any more, haha) but Scorpius actually has history with Rose in that story, which complicates things. In this universe, she's his first love, and therefore first port of call in all episodes of festive angst.

Thank you so much for reviewing, I'm really glad you liked it! You're a fantastic reviewer - that Dobby was very much deserved :) ♥

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Review #2, by teh tarik Calling

29th July 2013:
Helloo! I saw this on the Recently Added a couple of days or so ago, and read it but didn't have time to leave a review. (Actually, that's a lie, I was just...depressed to the point of not reviewing.. :P). So I'm doing that now, since a little time has passed and I think I'm feeling a bit better.

First of all, you are a brilliant author. I have yet to read any of your longer works, but the quality of your writing, the detail and the intricacy of your prose is just absolutely stunning. From that opening paragraph, some things are just written with such a striking clarity - e.g. the bit about the housemartins and the stucco and the description of that little brown parcel and what a stark contrast it is to the cold interior of Draco's house. And oh-my-gods the way you described the camera, the level of detail and just how loving and so carefully constructed that paragraph was. You really have a knack for noticing things, and for bringing out these details that make both a setting and a situation so realistic. I very much loved that phonebox scene with the shattered panel and the call girl business cards and everything.

And then your characters. ERHMYGHERD. Poor Scorpius struggling between worlds that don't belong to him, wearing his life like an ill-fitting skin. Honestly, it was so heartbreaking, the way his thoughts shift from the intense elation at receiving the camera to that momentary hope of possibly clinching an understanding of some sort with Draco, and then there's that depressing phone call with Rose who also inhabits a very different world to what Scorpius knows and it all ends in a depressing anticlimax which pretty much depressed all the light and joy out of me. Scorpius is so believable and so tragic as a character (I assume he's the same Scorpius as the one in Quantum Physics). I absolutely loved the way he swipes Cynthia's business card and takes it with him; I'm not sure whether he'll follow up with that, but either way, that's not the point. And you wrote some seriously impeccable teen angst. Not melodramatic, corny teen angst, but something that's so genuine and honest and raw.

Draco and Astoria are such a sad pair as well. I don't know if either are particularly happy with their own lives; Draco doesn't sound like it (in fact, Draco probably doesn't find it important).

Bashdliuyawenjclaks I absolutely loved this story. Your writing is just gorgeous and you do angst like I've never seen anyone on this site do it before. Amazing stuff, really.


Author's Response: Waah this is such a lovely review! You leave great reviews, teh - most of all, they're incredibly lovely, but they're also really insightful and perceptive and eee I don't think you can imagine the squeal of joy I actually let out when I saw this review.

Thank you so much! Awh, it was good fun describing the camera - it's the exact make and model of my secondary film camera (I usually use a more modern electric film one, but that doesn't translate as well to magic, haha). I inherited this camera from my granddad, and I'd wanted a good, sturdy old Eastern Bloc camera (to put it one way!) for ages, and...well, basically, Scorpius' thoughts are essentially the thoughts I had when I was presented with a dilapidated old leather case that had a Praktica MTL3 sitting inside. I'm glad you think the setting is realistic! I do like to notice things, actually, and I'm so pleased to hear it comes across in my writing. I got to base an entire art project on 'noticing things' earlier this year and it was fantastic. Playing the part of an observer is a little underrated.

Poor Scorpius indeed! I won't lie, this fic is very much based on real life experiences -- like Scorpius, here, I never see much point in moaning about my home life IRL, so writing something like this can be really cathartic. It keeps me healthy! I like that you picked up on the futility of him phoning Rose - like, I guess it is a happy moment in an otherwise miserable fic, but, at the same time, it reinforces a lot of the misery and...I'm really not very kind to my characters. Coincidentally, this isn't the same Scorpius as Quantum Physics, but it hardly matters, pretty much all of my Scorpiuses are the same character! This Scorpius is the same as the one in Starving Artists, my longest fic. He's a bit of a pathetic moper in that fic and I've always wanted to justify his moodiness.

And about Cynthia - I can tell you about that, because this is a scene I cribbed from an abandoned fic - he does keep the business card, and possibly puts it in his wallet, and possibly forgets about it, and Rose possibly finds it and gets upset, and possibly doesn't understand that Scorpius is keeping it as a memento of that phone call and not because he favours call girls or anything...tactful, right?

Draco's an odd character. I always struggle to write him properly, so I tend to default to the same tried-and-tested Draco no matter what fic I write. I figure that, at this point in his life, having lost his parents, his inheritance, his shiny manor, a lot of his social standing and, finally, having driven away his wife, he'd be sour as a lemon. But all hope is not lost: he has an okay relationship with Scorpius in the end!

Thank you so, so much for this review and all your wonderful comments! I want to embroider this on a sampler and hang it above my bed or something~ thanks again, and I'm so glad you liked it ♥ ♥ ♥

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Review #3, by sea hassle Calling

28th July 2013:
It's like you've captured Scorpius's imprisonment inside himself, like he can only really exist within his own head. It's great, and really, really traumatic for someone like me who just sort of assumed that the awkward and mopey Scorpius from Starving Artists just sort of occurred. Despite this, you are fab and brilliant at writing and you also have the ability to make me think about things for ages.


Author's Response: Awh, thank you! He always had a slightly tragic backstory in my head that accounted for his mopiness, I just never really got a chance to write about it in Starving Artists! I'm glad you enjoyed it and thank you so much for reviewing :3 ♥

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Review #4, by Ydnas Odell Calling

28th July 2013:
Well done. Very exceptional written. Added to my favorites.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it ♥

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Review #5, by Anon Calling

27th July 2013:
My heart broke for poor Scorp. Well done! Very good read.

Author's Response: Thank you! :3 ♥

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Review #6, by Albus Potter's Woman Calling

27th July 2013:
An amazing pieces. Add a banner & you'll be raking in the reviews and reads!
-Albus Potter's Woman

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I've since gone and got an amazing banner from justonemorefic ;D ♥

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