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Review #1, by Iellwen I'm sorry

15th March 2014:
Hi there! So I was slithering around your author's page and just couldn't resist a Dramione (and I'm glad^^)!!

It was such an emotional read!
Draco and Hermione's pain, love and longing to be together but they can't because he's on a mission - heartbreaking!!

The characterization is awesome - even though the setting is vague, it's all still credible!
I love the way you showed Draco's weaker side and, at the same time, him putting his family above all else!

Spotted a few tiny bugs (hardly worth mentioning) on my way here :D
'I am Hermione.' kinda confused me at first - maybe adding a comma would smooth it over a bit? ^^
You had little spacing issue at
'[...] she hadn't realised that
Draco had used a [no-spoiling] on her until it was too late.'

It was a great read, thank you!!

Author's Response: Heya! I'm so glad that you were slithering around my author's page. :D

Thank you, it's one of my first times writing a Dramione and I was really worried actually. So I'm glad that you enjoyed it so much. :D

Ahh I need to go back and edit those, thank you so much for pointing them out to me. :D

Thank you so much! You're awesome

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Review #2, by adluvshp I'm sorry

13th March 2014:
Blackout Battle 5/6

This was a short yet touching piece and I liked reading it. I am a DraMione shipper too and I think this "moment" was beautifully portrayed. It was sweet how Hermione was trying to convince Draco that everything would be okay and he wasn't useless and that there was a way out.

On the other hand, I felt for Draco as he thought he had no choice. The ending bit was particularly sad as how Draco pressed a kiss on her frozen form's forehead and how tears fell from her eyes.

The dialogue was also nicely written and the overall narrative touched my heart. There were typos that I spotted, one of them being "fallen on death ears" instead of "deaf ears".

But apart from that, this was very sweet and sad and I loved it. The tragedy of Draco/Hermione and poor broken Draco were so well portrayed. Good job =)


Author's Response: Hey Aditi!

Aw thank you! *hugs* I haven't written a Dramione before this one, so it was a new experience for me.

Poor Draco didn't have any other way out.

Ah, thank you for pointing that out, I'm going to go back and edit this story and try to sort out those typos. :P

Thank you so much Aditi! You're awesome! :D

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Review #3, by ATLpaintingflowers I'm sorry

9th August 2013:
Hey you won 2nd place!
OHMYGOD. I fell in love with this, I really did. Are you sure this is your first ever Dramione, because you did really well. The characterization was very well done; it wasn't over the top, and it was believable. I think you showed the deeper sides of each of them without making it fake. I really liked that. I loved the plot, and how you showed Draco's feelings about what he had to do. I never liked Draco/Hermione much, but I really really liked this.

Author's Response: :O THANK YOU SO MUCH!! :D
I'm so glad that you fell in love with this, it's my first time ever writing a Dramione, so I'm glad that you think I wrote it well and got the characterizations across.
Thank you so much! I wanted to try and get across the difficult times they would go through if they had ever been together.
I'm so tempted to write more Dramiones now :D
Thank you so much for your amazing review! :D

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Review #4, by MissBookWorm I'm sorry

23rd July 2013:
This short excerpt is really well written and I'm sad that it wont become a full story. But I do love it.


Author's Response: Thank you so much, I may one day change it into a full story? I'm not too sure yet. :D Thank you for reading and reviewing.

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