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Review #1, by MC_HK Untitled

12th February 2014:
You better re-edit it or so help me Merlin I will bother you until I get the full thing! I mean this is the most endearing way possible, brain twin :)

--The EVIL brain twin muahahahaha

Author's Response: I'll do it for you! Thank you for looking this over, dear brain twin. im sah glad u lyked it ;)

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Review #2, by anissamalfoy Untitled

26th December 2013:
Yay, you updated! (Last time I checked, you only had 3 chapters but now it's 6! :P)

As always, your story is beautifully written. You aren't trying too hard, it's just natural. I don't know whether I should feel sorry for Draco or happy about Astoria leaving him lol cause she's my least favourite character in general (Dramione all the way! :P)

Anyways, great chapters. Can't wait to read more! :)


Author's Response: Hey Anissa! I'm so, so sorry it has taken me so long to reply - I've been on one holiday after the other, but I'm back now! I'm glad you enjoyed catching up on the chapters! Unfortunately for my Dramione shippers, Astoria is still in the house so she is still a presence. It's all planned perfectly though. However I don't know when I will post again - this story is so big and complex to write (I think I've set myself up for too much, but we'll see :))
Anyway, thank you for the lovely reviews, as always. It's so good to hear from you again!

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Review #3, by ReeBee The Wrong Plan

27th November 2013:
Hi! From the forums here! Sorry, this took longer than expected, hopefully still within my promised turnover time though :)

Okay, I honestly don't have much to say about this chapter :) the characterisation wasn't detailed, but, in a mystery that is a good thing. You gave us a tiny bit of characterisation of both the main characters- Hermione and Draco :) it was well done, a mystery should begin exactly like yours! The only thing that is suggest is maybe a bit more insight on dracos pain. After all, something's sounded like they hurt so much! I think u need to express that a bit more in your writing. Maybe a few profanities here and there ;)

The pacing was also done well. The whole scene was in a short period of time, but u have managed to write it so that it's not long and draggy :) awesome job!!

Flow...u really have nothing to worry about. It was fine. I do think that it was a bit sudden- especially from Isobel to when Michael comes in, but that being said, I'm not sure how u can improve that. Maybe add a bit more detail on Michael or on some memories that Draco had of Isobel. Even if it's not that important, if will slow the action down a bit and help with flow :)

I must say that your comic relief was very well written and very well placed :) I really appreciate fics where the comic relief is good when the character is in a serious situation. I find that many authors struggle with making it believable. You've don't that well, but like I mentioned before, maybe a bit too well a bit more insight on pain would be good :)

I also think that the scene at the beginning with the interview could do with a bit more description. But, with that being said, I know that a good mystery is with little description at the beginning. So, do what u will with that :)

It was overall very suspenseful and an awesome read! :) I really enjoyed it and I'm sorry if my review leads u to believe otherwise :) feel free to rereqyest whenever :)


Author's Response: Hey, ReeBee! Thank you so much for this long, and immensely helpful review! There is honestly nothing more I love in a review than some helpful CC :)
I understand that this chapter was a bit vague - it was a gamble for me to do, as this was actually the 24th chapter of the story! All the stuff before though struck me as useless, so I cut it out, edited and edited to try and fix the character depth. Obviously that created some character inconsistency, like you said, but I have tried to explain it in the next chapters. I hope it didn't deter you from the chapter too much :)
Thank you very much for the suggestion on Draco's pain! I never really gave that much thought, but now you point it out, it's so obvious! I will definitely go back and re-edit this once I have the time, and try and include more characterisation on that part.
I thought the jump from Isobel to Michael was odd when I was writing it. I'm thinking I could probably have a more dramatic entrance on Michael's part - after all, he'll be a major character later on. Again, thank you for pointing this out to me. It's good to have another back up your suspicions so you know you aren't just being too critical of your own work.
I'm glad you like the comic relief. I'm going for a sarcastic Draco here - hard to do, because sarcasm in the face of danger can be confused for bravery and we all know Draco isn't brave. But if I add more description of his pain, like you mention, I think it will highlight this bravery/sarcasm line.
Unfortunately, I can't change much about the interview at the beginning, as that is revealed and explored more as the story progresses. Hopefully the others will clear things up.
Thank you so much for this review again. It was really good to have an honest opinion and I really appreciate it. Also, don't worry about the turn around time for the review - real life should always come first. Thank you again!
- Mahalia

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Review #4, by maraudertimes The Wrong Plan

23rd November 2013:

Okay, so this is really cool! I liked how the torture seemed real (well, I can't say that I've ever experienced that sort of thing first hand, but it seemed believable), and that Draco was so perceptive.

I really want to know what that object is now, since everyone else seems to want to know what it is!

And what was Astoria going to do? What does Hermione have to do with this? Why were Artemis and Isobel doing that? Is Draco dead? I need to know more!

Great job! Intriguing, fascinating, awesome! I really really liked this!!! Super cool!


Author's Response: Thank you so much for this lovely review! I'm really happy to hear that you liked the chapter :)
Ooh, the questions are so good haha. They were exactly what I was going for! Unfortuntely, I don't want to give too much away, so I can only answer one: Draco isn't dead. Though, that would have made for an intriguing plot twist indeed - having one of the main characters dead. Alas, I'm not that clever though haha :P
Thank you again for this review swap! I loved checking out your story, and I'll definitely look at the others when I have the time! :) - Mahalia

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Review #5, by hpfan Untitled

26th October 2013:
I love this pls update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm working on the next chapter right now, so hopefully it will be up soon!
- Mahalia

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Review #6, by Cannons Meeting Old Friends

24th October 2013:
hi, I just wanted to read on a chapter and would like to say that I enjoyed it and will be reading the rest of the chapters at some point

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Cannons! I'm so happy you liked it - I really struggled with this chapter. I hope you enjoy the rest, and thank you again :)

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Review #7, by kristyhes Untitled

24th October 2013:
Review request from forum :)

Hey there!! I'm so sorry for the late review as I was very busy..

So I'm gonna be honest here at first(I mean the first chapter) I was a bit confused with the story because of the different parts especially the part in italic in the beginning.. The story in itself is a bit confusing at first but when I read the other chapters it becomes clearer..

But on a better note, the plot is great and very interesting and unique.. Apart from the fact that it's a bit confusing at first I think that the flow is okay and I didn't see any grammar mistakes in here.. I find it very interesting that you included Cho Chang in your story and add to that the fact that she's in Draco's team! I'm really curious as to what is her role-if she has any-in your plot..

So overall it's a good story and be sure that I'll be waiting for your next update.. :)

kristyhes (gryffiefan)

Author's Response: Thank you for taking the time to read the whole story so far, kristyhes! Such a lovely surprise :) I am sorry that you were confused at the beginning. The story really does just jump straight into the action. The interviews at the beginning of the chapters were really to add some depth. Looking back I can completely understand how it got confusing. I'm glad it got a little clearer further on, and answers will continuously be answered throughout the first part of this story.
I'm so happy you liked the plot! I actually haven't had anybody mention Cho yet, but I was very excited to put her in. Her story and why she is with Draco does reveal itself later on, and while a secondary character, her role in the group (and on Draco's morale) is very important.
Anyway, thank you so much for reviewing :) It was lovely to log on and read!

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Review #8, by Cannons Memento Mori

23rd October 2013:
Hey I am here with your requested review!

Ok, let me first just say I feel pretty useless since I never seem to be able to leave CC and all I do is rave about how great each story is! (because they are!)

So same again? ;)

I like how you start of with your interview thing at the top, I don't see that used a lot so that's nice. Also you have the time and date thing which is pretty cool! It just gives a different feel to each chapter.

The bit at the beginning was great, it showed that even fathers that are Death Eaters love their children(until they mess them up!)

I also really like the dark mark moment, that was a nice touch and reminded us what Draco is really like.

The password thing made me laugh! although for some reason I'm getting the feeling that he's getting double crossed or something, why weren't they there to help him?

Anyway a nice read! keep it up!


Author's Response: Hey Cannons! Thanks again for coming to review :) It's not useless having no CC at all - in fact, it's very flattering, so thank you! I wasn't actually going to include the interviews, but I had them all written before I started the story, so I thought, why not have them in. They are a lot of fun to write, and I'm glad you enjoy them.
Reminding readers of Draco's dark mark is probably one of my favourite things to do. A lot of fanfic authors are set on having him as the 'changed' soul, but I don't think he would really change so completely with that on his arm as a constant reminder. I'm glad you liked that part, and it stood out for you.
And double crossed... That is an observant assumption. I haven't had anybody say that before! :)
Thank you for your lovely reviews! They really make my day :)
- Mahalia

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Review #9, by bookworm530 Untitled

21st October 2013:
Poor Draco, that troubled tortured man...he needs a woman like Hermione! I am enjoying this plot but look forward to a little Dramione to be added to the mix. Update soon!!

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing! Draco is a troubled man, and he has a long way to go yet, but he isn't alone ;) As for the Dramione... Well, they have a lot of differences they need to sort out, but they will get there! I'm very excited about the romance scenes, actually :) I'm itching to upload them, so hopefully it won't be long. Thank you so much for reviewing! :)

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Review #10, by Cannons Upper Hand

21st October 2013:
Hi, here with your requested review!

Ok so this was a nice chapter to follow on from the last and answered some of my questions which was nice.

I think you got every character pretty much spot on, particularly Ron, I'm pretty sure you didn't expect me to mention him but a lot of people mess him up but I think you did a great job with him even if he was only a tiny part of the chapter.

Malfoy was good too, the 'mudblood' comment especially, I'm a little surprised that he said he would answer 'her' questions but obviously the interview thing the year before put a different spin on their relationship(not romantic)so they seem to be a bit more civil.

Harry and Malfoy's argument was believable as well.

I still have soo many questions that I'm hoping will get answered soon and am intrigued as to how Hermione/Malfoy will get close


Author's Response: Hello again! Thank you for leaving another helpful review.
Characterisation was my big gamble for this chapter - this was my first story to upload after a two year hiatus, so I was trying to pay particular attention to canon. I'm glad to see it paid off - especially with Ron. To be honest, I didn't have him present much because I'm deathly afraid of getting his character wrong (I like him too much to ruin him), so I am so happy you mentioned him! And that he was in character! I'm trying to write a him and Hermione scene for my new chapter, and you have really giving me the confidence to do that, so thank you :)
Putting in 'Mudblood' seemed a bit cheap to throw in at the time, but it did fit. And you are right about their relationship - it has... built a very fine sense of familiarity, but I think that that's about as far as it gets. Draco is obviously still not a fan of Harry, so I thought it fitting that he wouldn't want to talk to him.
Questions do get answered :) Thank you so much again, your reviews are quiet inspiring to read!

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Review #11, by Cannons The Wrong Plan

20th October 2013:
Hi, here with your requested review!

I'm so glad you requested this because otherwise I would probably never have found it. I'm not an avid Dramione shipper, I don't even know if I spelt it right lool, because I just can't see it happening or whatever...but I don't mind reading it sometimes.

So this first chapter was really quite something, you left a lot of questions unanswered, forcing people to read on so nicely done.

You managed to describe the bit where Malfoy gets beat up so well. I could see everything clearly in my head and I thought you did a great job with it.

I like how you had his thoughts included as that really broke up the violence and enhanced it in my opinion. I think Malfoy was well written and I had no problems with how you've written him.

Really what stood out for me was how well you managed to describe everything that was going on, and how it was so easy to visualise, you've also got the reader wanting to know a lot more about everything and you seem to be building it up nicely.

The interview bit at the top was also a nice addition.

A really powerful start to the story.


Author's Response: Hey there! Thank you very, very much for taking the time to leave such a lovely review despite not liking Dramione in the first place! I hope you don't mind if I request again because of this - I've tried to make this a very different Dramione from the rest, and though while I would call it believable (in the plotline sense), I am trying to keep a very strong strictness on canon, so I would love to hear your opinion/critique :)
There is so much going on in the first chapter. I thought it would be much more interesting to start here than back when I wrote those interviews/when Lucius died. I actually wrote that whole stretch (about a year in the story), before I got to this point, and I realised that this particular chapter worked much better as the 1st than the 24th... I wasted a lot of time, but I'm glad to see that it paid off :)
Thank you so much for mentioning my description! I worked hard at that, and I did want Draco's voice to really break the tone of the story. I am overjoyed that it worked well.
Thank you for taking the time to review - and leaving such an encouraging one at that! I hope you don't mind me re-requesting :)

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Review #12, by Justicar Untitled

20th October 2013:
Wow! WOW. Not only did this chapter prove that you are a great writer, but it showed that your understanding of character is just impeccable! There are so many things I just loved, and I don't gush about stories usually, but yours has me beside myself with awe. It's been a while since I have reviewed, but everything is coming along so nicely and smooth. You have a good story, good progression, obviously as stated before, great characters, and a particularly original and intriguing plot.
Draco is very much Draco. Lines that you drop in ("He was ... grateful, for his companionship") encompass everything your Draco is in this story. That awward, unsure, determined and ruthless. The simple FACT I can label your Draco, in a fanfiction nonetheless (and yet I read as if he is still in canon) is a testament in itself. I enjoyed it very much to find that Draco uses Goyle as somewhat of a bodyguard. It is quite cute, actually!
The opening scene was written lovely, too. You control of language made me feel as though I was actually on the racetrack with Mundungus. I think I just love this story, and you. I can't wait for your next update. Hopefully it won't take me so long to review next time.

Author's Response: I am blushing furiously here and I think that my ego has quadrupled in size ... I just can't find words to tell you how much this review actually means to me. I just ... yeah. I worked hard at making characters perfect. I base my story around my characters - usually, when I have two people in a room together, and I only see it through one viewpoint, I try to make sure that I express what I want to say through dialogue and actions. Goyle, is easy, as the Goyle in my head I love. I'm glad you liked seeing him as a bodyguard. I thought it suited him :3
My response is lacking - again, I'm at a loss for words. Just, thank you so much. I hope you continue to read and enjoy it as much as you have. Mahalia

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Review #13, by Elysium No Rest for the Wicked

16th October 2013:
You are a natural writer, y'know? You write interactions and dialogue so well, from the dream to Cho... And Draco and Hermione together were just perfect! Honestly, really well written. You are pretty talented. Now that we know what the Objects are, I have become super keen on the rest of the story. Specially what Draco may be hiding... Sounds sinister.
Anyway, 10/10. Looking forward to more.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm not quite sure I can really do your review justice with a response ... It has left me beside myself with happiness. Really, thank you so so much. I can't tell you enough how happy it makes me to read that you are enjoying this story and my writing as much as you do. I hope you enjoy the future chapters - I'm hoping to post the new one before the start of November. Thank you again for reviewing!

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Review #14, by Girl in the rain No Rest for the Wicked

16th October 2013:
So the co-operation begins... I wonder what will come from it. I just love the way they talk to each other.
I really liked the way you decribed the feeling Hermione was having when she wanted to strangle Draco instead of simply saying 'She wanted to strangle him' or something like that (your writing never gets boring - it's a talent)

And finally the secret is out: the Objects. I got to say this is a good plot (you have quite an imagination)

waiting for the next update :)

PS: Oh and thank you for another Draco/Lucius scnene!

Author's Response: Thank you so much - your review has made my day! You are way to kind! Yes, I love Hermione and Draco together. Writing their dialogue just feels so natural and fun, so I'm happy that you enjoy reading it. There will be plenty more to come in future chapters :) And my writing never gets boring? I'm a bit speechless at the moment - that is such a lovely compliment! Thank you so much! The next chapter is in progress - I hope to have it up before November kicks around. Thank you again for your lovely reviews. I hope you continue to enjoy this story :)

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Review #15, by MLE Meeting Old Friends

9th October 2013:
Before I begin:
"Wait, what is wrong with me> Don't fall for that!"
I know you will want to fix that up. I was pleasantly surprised to see this update :D There are so many things I want to comment on so I'll just put it in bullet form:
- I love Draco and Astoria. They are so different from what I was expecting. I have a feeling that their relationship is exceptionally volatile, with this line: "He is not yours." :O So powerful! Your dialogue is always amazing!
- The Draco and Isobel scene was intense. I was not expecting that. Along with when Artemis got hold of him.
- And HERMIONE! NOO, is she going to be ok? I liked how Draco handled her. He seems ok in his head, but towards her he is still hostile.
You are... Such a talented writer. You have my attention and many questions to answer. Looking forward to more.

Author's Response: Hey Emily! I'm on my phone, so sorry about this response in advance. (and first off, thank you for pointing that out. I'll fix it immediately).
I'm super thrilled you're liking the story so much still! I had so much trouble writing this chapter due to the characters in it - all of them, including Isobel and Artemis are strong and unique characters in their own right. I'm happy that you enjoyed reading about them and their personas came off well to read. Ah, you always make me feel better! (and warm and fuzzy to boot ;))
I'm not going to say any more, as I don't want to give anything away. Thank you for being such a loyal and inspiring reviewer. You're the best!

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Review #16, by Girl in the rain Meeting Old Friends

8th October 2013:
Finally a new chapter! Thank you for updating; I almost thought that you had abandoned this story...

Okay so this fic is getting even more complicated and interesting! I'm a little confused with the chapters, but no matter it just keeps me reading this story in the future :)

And please, please write more of those Lucius and Draco scenes!

Oh I'm already waiting for the 5th chapter! I just want to know what the Object is and why people are so interested about it.

Okay well keep on writing you're doing an amazing job ;)

Author's Response: No, thank you for leaving this lovely review! I'm so sorry you waited so long for the update - but if I have another slow one again, don't worry. I don't think I could ever not abandon this story (it's addictive to write).
Ah, confused :( I was afraid this would happen, but next chapter should clear a lot of questions. It's going to even out from now on, and not have a million hints and clues as I've been doing (now that it is all out of my system...)
There will be a dream scene next chapter! I love writing Lucius, and I'm so happy you liked reading it so much!
Thank you again for this lovely review. I really hope the next chapter answers your questions.
- Mahalia

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Review #17, by Harveyboy Meeting Old Friends

8th October 2013:
I think this story is original and full of intrigue and kept my interest straight from the beginning and I will definastely be looking out for your next chapter with anticipation ...

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm so pleased you're liking it, as I love writing it. I hope you enjoy the next update (which I'm praying I'll be done with within the fortnight). Thank you again for the review :)

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Review #18, by Elysium Meeting Old Friends

8th October 2013:
Well, this is a refreshingly different story, to say the least. You have me guessing at every turn. I didn't expect Hermione And Draco to encounter each other like this. I thought that she would keep interviewing and questioning him for the ministry. Anyway I have a lot of questions! I love Astoria and Draco's relationship they seem very off and on. What's with that? Isobel and Artemis are written really well. You are an excellent writer. I'm keen for an update!! :D

Author's Response: Different is a word for it. I actually started writing this to have something completely out of the ordinary going on (it was a Scorp/Rose when I planned it, truthfully. I wanted something other than your fluffy romances). I happy you're enjoying it as such :) I was initially worried about the response, but feedback has been incredibly supportive so far!
You know, I did actually think of having Hermione stay in her Ministry faction, but for their friendship/romance to work, I needed them together. I hope you enjoy this interpretation as much.
Ah, Astoria and Draco. Unfortunately I can't tell you much about them, as it all slowly unravels over the first part of this story. A bit more will be explained in the next update, too :)
Thank you so much for this lovely review. Update shall be soon, and I really hope you enjoy it as much

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Review #19, by MC_HK Meeting Old Friends

8th October 2013:
OMG I've been waiting for this for SO long!

I'll just leave spelling and grammar issues aside since you haven't edited yet.

But this wasn't a bad chapter at all. You've filled it with mystery and plenty of action that kept me entertained until the end. I find myself asking questions like: Is Hermione going to be alright? What happened to Astoria? What is the next step in Draco's plan? You've done a lot right with this chapter that made it addicting to read. And it was pleasant to see some Hermione/Draco action going on here. Plus the few tidbits about Astoria were really nice as well.

Good job! I can't wait to read more!!

Author's Response: I KNOW, I am SO sorry it took so long! It will definitely not be happening again (I hope!). I just went over the chapter again, so hopefully that got rid of most of the obvious errors. I haven't heard off my beta for a while, but I may find a temporary one in the meantime. Not having something perfect gets to me haha.
I'm afraid that I made this chapter more confusing than it had to be, but it all gets explained this next chapter, which I'm so excited to do! I can't wait to hear what you think of it :) And, I've already started writing it, so it won't take too long at all (again, I hope).
And there will be more Draco/Hermione in the next chapter. Unfortunately the two have a long way until they can get along, but I enjoy their banter so I hope you do too :)
Anyway, thank you so much for this lovely review! It's always so good to hear off you. I'm off to read your new chapter later today (and I'm pretty excited for that :D)

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Review #20, by MC_HK Memento Mori

11th August 2013:
So, let me start off by doing a slow clap for this magnificent chapter. The opening was amazing, and your description is remarkable. Honestly, this was a brilliant chapter, and even though not much happened, you made it incredibly easy to read all the way through. I honestly couldn't give you enough praise for this.

There were a couple things I spotted though...

" his son lost his balance..." should be 'lose' his balance.

I found a few flow issues due to missing/added words. Although, this is very minor.

You use the word "conscious" when I think you mean "conscience."

There are also some spelling errors, but those are also very minor.

But seriously, I love this story. I'm definitely adding it to my favorites.

I really hope you re-request soon! MC_HK

Author's Response: To hear you liked this chapter has just literally made my week... I was seriously worried about it, and just ... Ah, just thank you. Thank you very, very much.
I will definitely go back and fix all these errors. I have a beta now, too, which will help considerably with this (it seems no matter how many times I go over stuff, I miss something...)
And adding it to your favourites?! Thank you! *hugs* I will hopefully have a new chapter this week. I've had a lot of trouble writing it - your review has given me confidence though! Thank you so, so much! :)

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Review #21, by ReillyJade The Wrong Plan

7th August 2013:
Hello! Reilly here with your requested review! :) Sincerest apologies for the delay; I fell off the face of the earth for a few days.

First, let me applaud you on quite an intriguing start! I'll be completely honest and say I'm difficult to please because I'm terribly picky, but the way you've delivered the introduction is remarkable. You're hinting at things but not giving everything away, hence leaving a trail of mysteries and much to look forward to. That's the way a first chapter should be done, and you've done extraordinarily well!

I also must commend your characterization of Draco. Now, I'll admit I'm a sucker for Dramione despite being an intense Ron/Hermione fangirl, but all too often, Dramione writers water down his character and turn him into... well, a wimp. :p Thank you so much for not doing that. I really like the way you were able to show his sensitive side, yet still keep him as the same arrogant, snarky Draco we all know and love. You struck a really good balance here, and I hope you're able to keep it that way for the remainder of the story because it's perfect.

I especially enjoyed Draco's inner monologue. Again, there's the snark, but you've also woven in quite a bit of subtle worry. It was almost as if Draco's pride was preventing him from being honest with /himself/ about his fear, which was an excellent touch.

My lone critique is to keep an eye on tenses. There were one or two spots (which for the life of me, I can't remember where they were) where it briefly switched to present tense, then just as quickly reverted to past tense. These easy mistakes to make and I do it myself all the time, but it's just something to keep in mind in future chapters. :)

All in all, a wonderful start! Feel free to re-request. Cheers! :D

Author's Response: Don't worry, I totally understand! It happens to the best of us :)
Gosh, your review was just so lovely to read. I've read it over a few times and nothing could wipe the smile off my face right now. To hear that you're picky, and you still liked this beginning means a lot, so thank you!
Don't worry, I love Ron and Hermione too, but there is just something about Dramione that keeps calling me back *shame* It makes me so happy to hear that your liked Draco's characterisation! Really, I felt rather silly at first, putting in the inner monologue, and I actually ended up deleting it in the final draft. But I liked it too much and stuck it back in at the last second (which is incredibly unprofessional, but oh well). I've had positive reviews about it too, so I'm really, really relieved, to say the least. And don't worry, he won't be turning into a wimp in this story. I've done it in my previous stories, and I really feel like sticking as much as I can to canon with this novel, so he's going to stay like this (as best as I can make him, anyway).
His pride conflicting with who he is ... You've pretty much hit the right note there with what I was trying to characterise with him, haha. There will be a lot more of this in the future chapters.
Ah, tense - it's my life-long writing enemy. I'm looking for a beta reader at the moment, so hopefully that will happen. Thanks for pointing it out, though, I'll definitely go over this chapter again :)
And again, thank you very much for the review. It was incredibly supportive and helpful! I'll give the next chapter a once-over too, and then definitely re-request. You are a lovely reviewer, so thank you! :)
- Mahalia

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Review #22, by jessica Memento Mori

7th August 2013:
i love memento mori!! ive been following it for two years now lol
& as for your story i love it! seriously love it! your plot & characters & canon are perfect. the bit with draco & astoria was really intense. i felt kind awkward reading it lol but i loved the dream it was so sweet

update soon pls this is really great & fun to read!!

Author's Response: She's amazing, isn't she? I truly love that story.
Thank you so much for the lovely words! I've been struggling with the next chapter, but your review has given me the motivation to keep writing. I was hoping to have the chapter up by Saturday, but I'm not sure if I can keep going with that right now *fingers crossed*
Anyway, I'm glad you liked the Draco/Tori part. It was so easy for me to write, and I do love writing them together ... I have big plans for them in this story, but not in the way you might think ;)
Oh, well, I'll stop raving now. Thank you very, very much for the review, and I'm happy you're enjoying the story!
- Mahalia

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Review #23, by anissamalfoy Memento Mori

6th August 2013:
hey! it's me again. I see that you've updated :)

Anyways, I love this chapter! The way you write is just beautiful. Especially the part with Lucius and Draco, I teared up a bit. Glad to see that you didn't portrayed Lucius as a horrible father, like most of the stories I've read. I personally love him despite the circumstances :) and Pokey is just adorable!

Author's Response: Hey again :) Aw, thank you so much! I actually got a bit emotional myself writing the Draco/Lucius bit. I really felt a bit of myself go into that scene, so I'm really pleased to hear that it reads as nice as I hoped. And yes! I don't think Lucius was as horrible as a lot of people make him out to be. At the end of the day, he is a great father and husband, and his family were always happy with their circumstance, so he must have been doing too bad.
And I'm glad you liked Pokey. She'll be making a lot of appearances throughout this story.
Thank you so, so much for your review! I'm glad you're still liking this story. Next chapter is going to be a lot more exciting! :)
- Mahalia

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Review #24, by MLE Memento Mori

4th August 2013:
It feels like an age since I read Not Once, Not Ever, and I always thought I would never read a story from you again. A story that could have me glued to the laptop, mind constantly thinking about how DEEP and how REAL your characters are. How I could just reach out and touch them
Astoria, GOSH Mahalia. You always wrote her as a person: genuine and shy and a real girl. And again, I LOVE how you've written her.
Love it, love it, love it. Update is greatly anticipated once more.


Author's Response: Ah, NO,NE ... a past story I would rather forget *cringe* However, I'm still overwhelmed that you like that story. I thought that I would never come back either, but, I just couldn't stop writing these stories! And I thought, well since I'm writing them, I might as well upload them. And when I get reviewers such as yourself, I wonder why I ever left. YOUR encouragement keeps me writing, and YOUR encouragement keeps my characters real. I'm so glad you still like them, Em ;)
Thank you so much for your constant praise and reviews! Update within the week as always xx

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Review #25, by MC_HK Upper Hand

3rd August 2013:
You have no idea how much I love this already. You've got an amazing story with one of the most original plots I've read in a long time. I love the personalities you have going on here with Ron and Hermione, even Harry is just so Harry, if that makes any sense lol. But seriously, this is so good! The flow and pacing are excellent so far, and I love how this is progressing. Sorry, I'm fangirling so hard right now haha.

Anyways, I didn't see much to comment on. I can tell you edit this until punctuation and spelling are meticulous. Amazing. Simply amazing.

Author's Response: I've read your review a few times over, and I still don't have the right words to write. This was just so lovely to read - I really could not thank you enough! I'm so pleased to hear that you found the characters in canon (it's a real struggle of mine).
Ah, I really have no idea what to say. You are so sweet. THANK YOU! :)

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