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Review #1, by pinkpunzel Aaliyah: The Fight

6th March 2017:
I love this fanfic so much, you don't even understand. This is like my third time completely rereading all the chapters while waiting for a new update. I love fanfictions that portray Albus as a darker, more complex character and this one does it so nicely. Please update soon. I don't want to believe that you've abandoned this fanfic entirely. I need to know what happens next. I have so many unanswered questions. Please, please, PLEASE update soon. The anticipation is killing me. Thank you.

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Review #2, by Eclairekr Aaliyah: The Fight

23rd January 2017:

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Review #3, by NN Aaliyah: The Fight

11th April 2016:
I love this story please update

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Review #4, by NN Aaliyah: The Fight

11th April 2016:
I love this story please update

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Review #5, by QkStephen Aaliyah: The Fight

4th April 2016:
Glad that you're continuing to update. You already know I love the story so I'm just excited to keep up with everything.

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Review #6, by X Albus: The Letter

2nd April 2016:
Oh Jesus that was adorable!
Least favourite thing about her?
That was amazing, I thought that maybe because of that, Aaliyah might just snog him . If not for him then for us. I just want them to fall in love to fuel my non existent love life! Is that so much to ask?!
But the story is great I look forward to the next chapters, much love xx

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Review #7, by X Aaliyah: The Fight

2nd April 2016:
I really like this story! I started reading it a little while ago and it hadn't updated in a while, so I got really disappointed that you'd abandoned it and wouldn't want to finishing. But I'm so happy that's not the case as I really enjoy it and I can't wait for albus and Aaliyah's relationship to become more real.

Also I really like the format of the story, you know, the whole dual points of view with alternating chapters. I think it's really cool to consistently give back story and opinions for the two leading characters, especially when there is a sort of mystery concept in the middle of it all as well.

Who do you picture as Aaliyah if you were gonna compare her looks to a celebrity, I think it would be really interesting to picture her how you may have been picturing her. Or just where you got inspiration from.

Please update soon, I can't wait to

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Review #8, by Vanillaberries Aaliyah: The Fight

26th March 2016:
Really great chapter! I especially enjoyed the last half, in the train. I get the sense that Albus is somewhat jealous or insecure of the relationship between James and Aaliyah. And I am really trying not to hate you for that cliffhanger!! Can hardly wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed the Hogwarts Express parts. I was worried those scenes would be a bit more on the boring side. And is Albus jealous of James and Aaliyah? He might be, just a tad. ;)

And super sorry for the cliffhanger as well as not updating in forever! Thanks for reading and reviewing and I'll try to get to the next chapter up soon!

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Review #9, by happyanon Aaliyah: The Fight

25th March 2016:
So memory card girl has long hair, blue green eyes and skin color like Aaliyah, isnt one of her friends, isnt one of Ronan's friends. It wouldve narrowed down the list of she was wearing her house tie.

Seth has blue green eyes. Does he have a sister? Hahahaha

See, ive been thinking over and over and ive been trying to put it together in my head. You said Ronan's cronies had nothing to do with the tape but since they are her cronies they are involved with other things. So are they maybe involved in the whole Fred Cheating thing maybe? I mean, did Fred even really cheat at this point? I mean it could be staged to be honest. But who knows.

I gotta say im atva standstill at this point. I need more facts for my questions. Why does Albus insist on saving her. I dont get it. Its not like its his fault Fred cheated on her. I dont get why he thinks he has to shield everyone and Aaliyah. Did he do something? I get that Albus and Ronan had a thing and even tho Ronan doesnt seem that involved, Albus might have felt a bit for her. So why? What's with the protection? For Gabby? Is that it? Ugh all these secrets and hidden agendas.

I wished they had more time to be together, like an Alone time after the accidental punching.

I really dont have much. I need more clues. Did I miss something? Did i miss a subtle hint about who took the tape and who fres cheated with? I feel like i did. Help?

Again I gotta say im fairly excited about the next chapter. I dont care if its long. I love long chapters!!

Wish you update more soon again!!much love!!

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Review #10, by Dirigible_Plums Albus: The Letter

16th March 2016:


But seriously, I loved this chapter. I always love reading chapters from Al's POV, though I'm not quite sure why. Maybe because you write him scarily similar to my headcanon (I'm not even joking. I wrote a *really bad* Al/OC novel once - that's no reflection on CtB, by the way - and he did the Smirk in that too.) Or maybe because I like the way you switch it up with a fresh perspective. I just love the style of narrative.

Moving on to something much more important...

THAT SCENE AT THE BEGINNING WHERE THEY WERE FLIRTING SO MUCH. You don't understand, I was reading this chapter in a full canteen and I could not stop grinning to myself like a creep because Aaliyah and Al were *almost* getting it on. And when Al goes 'Really great timing sis, really great timing.' I was like YOU FANCY HER SO MUCH, JUST GET OVER YOURSELVES AND GET TOGETHER.

I just really like the way they're getting so comfortable around each other. Like I know they 'havenít been a very public couple', but c'mon, he has Aaliyah on his lap. They've come such a long way.

And of course, they're still incredibly romantic. I can't imagine what's sexier than whispering to your boyfriend that he smells like dirt. XD

Going back to how far they've come: forget the physical stuff - you can see how far they've come emotionally. They've really formed a bond of trust since the early days. It's been a while since I read the first few chapters, but I distinctly remember the awkwardness between them and how he basically liked to goad her. Yes, he still likes to do that, but there's a comradery (except, you know, they fancy each other. THEY HAVE TO FANCY EACH OTHER.) there that wasn't present in the beginning. They're really forming a connection.

Hm, what else do I want to talk about?

Well, there's Lily. I loved her here. I swear to God, our minds must be linked or something because this is exactly how I picture her. I adore the way she loves the relationships her family members have and the way Al dislikes it, but still loves her.

Also cannot wait for them to officially meet each other's parents. Part of me is apprehensive about Aaliyah going to meet Al's, though because of the whole Fred thing. Fred -.-

And the ending. *sigh* Like the Fred thing, it actually slipped out of my mind that Al had been with Ronan once. I can't really see why he was with her in the first place, though I detect something about her acting differently - nicer - when they were together. Did she genuinely like him? Or was she just using him?

This was a brilliant chapter. I don't even mind the sporadic updates (I mean, obviously I would love more regular ones, but I totally get it. Hey, I only update once a month!) if it means the chapters are of this quality.

Plums xo

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Review #11, by asdfghjkl Albus: The Letter

13th March 2016:
This chapter was really sweet. Can't wait to read about their Christmas holidays!! That last little section has me a it worried tho! I can just sense all the craziness that's going to come with all these memories and whatnot! Don't take my heart for too wild of a ride!

Author's Response: The Christmas holidays are coming starting chapter 22 so it'll be soon. The last section does put a little downer on Albus/Aaliyah, doesn't it? There are a few more memories but it'll be sprinkled throughout the rest of the story. The memories always put in a dreadful feeling and even I feel a little sneaky and mean while writing them. Thanks for reading and reviewing! I loved hearing your thoughts on this chapter!


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Review #12, by happyanon Albus: The Letter

12th March 2016:
Omg. This chapter!! Sooo tasteful. There's right amount of flirting, not cringeworthy. There's subtle emotions and warm fuzzies. That "nothing" just made me swoon 10 times over. Seriously. Cant handle the undeniable development!! OMG THEY ARE MEETING THE PARENTS HAHAHAHAHA interesting to see how Albus will be around her family and a bit troubled about Aaliyah anywhere near fred. Now I havent forgotten about Ronan. But I'm on a deadlock here. I need more clues. So far the ender seems to describe her because of the blonde hair but omg if she was with albus that time it wouldve been epic. Ronan is Blone right? Didnt Fred cheated on with someone Blonde? Might it be Ronan after all?? Have I said that before? Hahaha the Tape. Who has it... who took it. So frustrating. You gotta give me details.. have me met that chatacter yet? Also... FINALLY A CHAPTER FULL OF ALBUS AND AALIYAH. PRAISE MERLIN!!! love love love this!! Pls update again soon!!! Xoxo much love to you!

Author's Response: Yes, there was some very subtle flirting, especially from Albus's side (he can't help it). I think Lily is going to use that "nothing" comment against him and I'm sure Aaliyah thought it was sweet of him to say so.

They are meeting the parents... it sounds so scary when you put it like that haha. And yes, Aaliyah won't be able to avoid Fred but we'll get to see how it unfolds soon (Chapter 22 probably). It'll be exciting.

Yes, that was Ronan in the end. And she had sort of a thing with Albus the beginning of their fifth year and it was building up part of their fourth year. Albus couldn't help it. :(

Fred did cheat with someone that was blonde but it wasn't Ronan. I think he was smart enough not to do that and I could see him finding her kind of repulsive since she's a bit cruel. And he wouldn't want to tell James that he cheated on Aaliyah with Ronan. He would have lost James's friendship. It's a good guess though and I can see Ronan being a part of that since heartbreak is basically her middle name.

The tape... the mystery of it all. We don't actually really know the character but she has a connection, I'll tell you that.

Yes, this chapter was full of Albus/Aaliyah! I actually got the idea when you mentioned that their scenes were usually short and I was like why not give them a full chapter. I'm glad you liked it!

I love how invested in the story you are! And I love that you keep guessing! Everything will slowly unfold, not to worry! Thank you so much for stopping by! Your reviews really do make my day!


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Review #13, by Vanillaberries Albus: The Letter

12th March 2016:
Damn girl. In all its subtlety, this was one good chapter. Aaliyah and Albus for me truly came off as a really integrated, synchronized couple, and I think that just hints at us how unconsciously they have fallen for each other. I especially love the thought process by which Albus answers the questions, and how some answers surprise both Aaliyah and Lily. Unlike other chapters, this one got me particularly interested in the story of James and Gaby. They seem like a very interesting pair, and I would actually want to know more about them. Please update sooner, I can't wait this long!!!

Author's Response: Aaliyah and Albus are much more comfortable with each other. I think that happens inevitably when you spend so much time together. And have they fallen for each other? Only they know. ;)

I thought it would make his answers make more sense if you knew what he was thinking about before he voiced them. And yes, he surprises both Lily and Aaliyah with a few of his answers. Especially Aaliyah with his memory and observations.

I would love to write a story on James and Gabby (they have a very interesting relationship) but I'm not sure if I'll ever get to it. It's great to hear that you find them intriguing though!

The next chapter is in editing so it won't take too long! And thank you for reading and reviewing! I loved hearing from you again!


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Review #14, by happyanon Albus: The Past

15th February 2016:
Just a quick question on this chapter.. (bec i was re-reading like always haha) WHAT WAS ALBUS' OLD HABITS!?

Author's Response: I re-read chapters of stories all the time too haha. It's actually a huge compliment that a reader goes back and re-reads chapters. Albus's old habits are Ronan really. More about that will be coming up. Thank you for stopping by! It's always great to hear from you!

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Review #15, by QkStephen Aaliyah: The Dresses

9th February 2016:
I really love the story I just wish I had more chapters to read

Author's Response: I wish I had more chapters written for you to read as well. The next chapter is getting along pretty well so it shouldn't be too long! Sorry for such a long wait and it's amazing that you love my story!


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Review #16, by X Aaliyah: The Dresses

7th February 2016:
I almost had a heart attack when I realised you hadn't updated!!! Please do the story is great and the writing is intriguing xx

Author's Response: I know, I've been behind on updating! Really sorry about that but the next chapter won't be too long and thank you so much for reading and reviewing! It means the word to me and it's great to hear that you like my writing. :)


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Review #17, by Vanillaberries Aaliyah: The Dresses

3rd February 2016:
Oh, this story. I love your writing, I love every character in it - there's not much to say besides that. Is it selfish of me to say that I want more Albus? I know this story wouldn't be as good as it is if you didn't do it your way but the chapters with little to no Albus truly find me missing his presence. Please update soon, I really do look forward to reading the new updates!!

Author's Response: This review really made me smile so thank you so much for leaving it! It always makes me happy when I hear someone is liking the story and my characters.

It isn't selfish at all that you want more Albus. I myself find it hard to keep him out of chapters. He wasn't even supposed to be in this chapter at all but he still ended up making a small appearance. Shows my resilience, doesn't it?

But he sadly can't be in every chapter since he isn't the only person in Aaliyah's life and sometimes I find that I need to develop my secondary characters more. And I always like writing how Aaliyah reacts to him (i.e. when someone brings him up in a conversation) when he isn't around.

I'll try my best to update soon! Most of the next chapter is written so it shouldn't be too long! And there will be a lot of Albus as well!! Thank you again for leaving this! :D


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Review #18, by happyanon Aaliyah: The Dresses

5th January 2016:
Ill try ro review two chapters in one go. But first. WELCOME BACK. SERIOUSLY. I NEARLY GAVE UP WAITING. i was like "oh god another good fic wasted" but BAM. ITS NOT. WHICH IS GREAT!

First. HA!! knew something was up with Ronan and Albus. I mean, i had a feeling but i was unsure whether i should voice it out. The real surprise tho is that James knew? Damn. Now even Im starting to wonder what will Aaliyah do when she finds out. Cos they always do anyway. Hahaha

Second, Albus was protecting Aaliyah even before they started "dating" and im still wondering why. Did he like her then? Was he doing it for Gabby? Also how does he feel about the photo of Seth and Aaliyah?? Haha

Third, the tape. If it somehow made its way into Ronan then it should only be one of her cronies. The girls albus saw. I forgot their names Brenda and Someone? I dunno. It must be one of them,?


I mean i wanted to see her and albus in the ball and everything. And I kinda want more interaction between them and not just some brief meeting in the hallways or date at the common room you know??

Anyway i hope you update as much as before even tho i know youre busy hahaha

Much love! Xoxo

Author's Response: I know! I take forever to update! I'm sorry, life just tends to take my time elsewhere. But no worries, I'll 99.99% of the time come back.

Yes, you did get on the brink of the Ronan/Albus thing! And it is finally out in the story. James actually doesn't know about Ronan/Albus. I'm sorry if that was confusing. But he does have a hand in what Albus was doing in his fourth/fifth year. And if he ever found out about the extent of Ronan/Albus he would probably get mad and very disappointed.

He was sort of protecting Aaliyah so yes you are correct about that. The why will be revealed later but it actually isn't because he liked her though that would have been really cute and maybe spared him from becoming involved with Ronan. And how does he feel about that picture? Hmm... who knows? I'm just messing, I would think he has mixed feelings, but I don't think he's so caught up on it that he would bring up the picture with Aaliyah.

Brenda and Margaret? That's actually a really good guess but alas it isn't them. They will play a role in something else though... being Ronan's cronies and all.

Was there something? I don't think Aaliyah would have any clue about what you're talking about. ;) I think Aaliyah's still stuck on the impression that Albus is a good friend and a good snog. And she really doesn't mind snogging him again but she still sees it as a friendship.

We will sadly not see them at the ball together. :( I really wanted to stay away from the 'girl dresses up and looks fabulous and guy sees her and thinks she's beautiful and realizes he's in love with her,' even though I don't mind reading those kind of situations. Also, I didn't think it would fit for Albus to come along since it's Annie's Mum's event.

I actually didn't realize how often I put them in small scenes together but I'll definitely take into mind the longer interactions. Your wish is my command. :D

Thank you so much for constantly coming back to read and review! It really helps me to get feedback as well as gain more motivation to write faster. So thank you!


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Review #19, by pinkpanther16 Aaliyah: The Dresses

29th December 2015:
Even if this chapter was a little fillery, I still loved it. It was a nice break for Aaliyah to hang out with her fellow Ravenclaws and get some Christmas shopping done. Though I'm wondering if this talk about the scouts is going to become a bigger topic later? And as girly as it is, I liked reading about the girls going dress shopping. Maybe its because I'm beginning to look for prom dresses. Also, Ellie and Annie pushing Aaliyah to talk about Albus. At least she admitted it to herself, that's all I need. Can't wait for the next chapter! :)

Author's Response: It's great to hear that you still liked this chapter! I know most enjoy chapters that are more action packed but I felt like this chapter was a nice transition for what's to come and I really missed writing exclusively about the Claws. The troops will come up in a chapter or two so yes, you are right that it is going to be added on to. Dress shopping is fun! And I had a great time describing different dresses and all. And prom dress shopping is exciting for almost every girl as well. The best of luck to you in finding the perfect one! I couldn't help but not make Annie and Ellie pester her about it. It's funny since even though Ellie isn't fond of Albus she still wants to how their relationship is going and Aaliyah's feelings and whatnot. She did admit something to herself haha. I can't help but giggle in my head that she finds Albus highly snoggable.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review! I had a lovely time reading your review! And I hope I will be able to update soon!


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Review #20, by Dirigible_Plums Aaliyah: The Dresses

29th December 2015:

"Albus Potter is a damn good snog. A very, very good one." THIS IS WHAT I AM HERE FOR. YES

I know that this was a filler chapter, but I loved it. Fillers are great in the sense that the characters just do pointless stuff that you still end up loving and it's like the perfect opportunity to slip in some more characterisation, establish relationships more and just make everyone's day with lines like the above.

Like I love reading about Aaliyah & the rest of the 'Claws almost as much as I love reading about the Slytherins and Aaliyah & Al.

The way Aaliyah casually slipped in that she's dating Al at the end of that letter haha. I see right through that casual 'surprise' ;) Sama, you HAVE to write a scene where Al goes to formally meet her family as her boyfriend. It will honestly make my day!

Oh and that scene where that kid Joel hit on Annie? CLASSIC. XD

Plums xo

Author's Response: Plums!!!
Could Aaliyah have possibly admitted that Albus is *gasp* very snoggable? Yes, yes she did!

It was a filler chapter and it takes me longer to write them than others since all the scenes are just normal things and I wanted them all to add than subtract to the story. But I feel like this chapter was a need to bring back in all the Claws and as you said get some more characterization in and establish their relationships better.

I'm really glad to hear that you equally like reading Aaliyah and the Ravenclaws as much as the Slytherins + Albus and Aaliyah! They are two different groups and it's pretty obvious that Aaliyah can more easily hang out with the Slytherins than Albus with the Ravenclaws. In due time, Albus will probably start hanging out with them too... well, maybe.

Her parents will see through her 'surprise' as well and don't you worry they'll want to 'casually' meet him. I actually never thought of putting a scene like that but your suggestion definitely makes me inspired to do such a scene! And it'll be a good way to meet Aaliyah's parents.

I honestly couldn't help but add on to Annie's tendency to attract younger boys. And Honeydukes just provided the perfect opportunity! And cheesy pick-up lines are always funny to read about.

It's always great to hear from you! Thank you for always taking the time to read and review whenever you can! It honestly makes my day!


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Review #21, by beka_wotter Aaliyah: The Dresses

29th December 2015:
Just read the whole story and it is FANTASTIC!! I absolutely love the characters and the humour that often occurs between them, I can't wait to see how everything pans out, I'm sure it'll be incredible! Already looking forward to the next chapter!! x

Author's Response: I think you're the fantastic one here for reading the whole story! It's great to here that you like the characters, there are a whole lot of them haha. We'll have to see if everything pans out for them... okay, it will, you got me... it'll just take some time to get there. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! And fingers crossed that the next chapter won't be too long!


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Review #22, by jamessiriuspotterforever Albus: The Past

29th December 2015:
Honestly speaking, never in a million year I could have guessed this.
Another pointer on how epically plotted your story is. The suspense was kept and finally now we all know. I cant wait to see what aaliyah will do when she hears about this.
Who's the third Wotter? God I am so curious.
But I am happy too. Really really happy. I just hope Ronan doesn't ruin their newfound happiness...
And i have a strong feeling that albus always liked aaliyah and Ronan did what she did out if jealousy. Haha isn't that it?
On to the next chapter. Boom!

Author's Response: I don't think Aaliyah will have ever been able to guess this either. But I'm really happy it came out as a surprise... it wasn't supposed to be very obvious but it explains the winking and all of that. And Aaliyah's reaction will come a bit later and it'll be a tough one to write about... we'll have to wait and see. :)

The third Wotter is kind of obvious in a not obvious way. That literally made no sense haha but basically he's kind of there in plain sight. We'll find out about him soon, no worries.

But Ronan lives off of ruining happiness...
She'll probably let it play out and then laugh when everything happens her way. No one seems to manage to rid of her.

That's actually a very good guess but it sadly isn't true. The true reason will come out a tad later. It would have been cute if Albus did always like her though!

Thanks for all of your reviews! I'm sure it took a lot of time to write them out and leave them so thank you a ton.


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Review #23, by jamessiriuspotterforever Aaliyah: The Cronies

29th December 2015:
Well well *hoots and whistles when they kiss*
I was beginning to wonder if I was reading an albus/ oc fanfic or not :o
It seemed more like a friendship story. This was what I had been craving for and thankyouu for giving it to me after SO LONG.
Just by the way, I love the stories that make me wait. I despise the stories in which the couple gets together quickly. Its like rushed and unrealistic.
Its not like I'm expecting them to be a couple now but its a start and I so do not think that there are no romantic feelings involved. Especially for aaliyah. Al tho, aaah mysterious boi xD
Plus I don't know but I've never really liked gabby much. She has about her but still Fred is a douche, that I can say.

Author's Response: The beginning of your review is fab. Enough said... I'm laughing out of joy.

It did finally happen and no worries you're still reading an albus/oc fic, it's just a slow one. There friendship is a huge focal point in the story and they needed that to develop before anything else did. And no need to thank me for the kiss... that was all Aaliyah and Albus's doing. ;)

I always find stories that make me wait make it all the more worthwhile and special and I was trying to achieve that here. Also, Aaliyah has been uncomfortable with the prospect for so long so when it does finally happen, it's kind of funny that she's the one that initiates it. And it's a relief to hear that the wait wasn't unrealistic.

They do have some *gasp* feelings that are a bit beyond friendship but sadly they're going to deny it and ignore it. And Albus is still mysterious but his walls are cracking. :)

Oh, you don't like Gabby? I'll have to try and fix that. ;) She's different from Aaliyah but she's not that bad. By the end of this story, I'll get you to like her, promise. *initiates pinky swear* And Fred... okay, I can't really argue on that but he isn't too bad... just a little lost.

I loved reading your reactions to this chapter and I'm super ecstatic that you are liking the story so far! :D


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Review #24, by jamessiriuspotterforever Albus: The Breakdown

28th December 2015:
This was freakin adorable. I would have so loved a kiss or two but Albus did the right gentlemanly thing by not taking advantage of her in this state. Oh how i love him. Especially here
Aaliyah Herseth is in my arms.


And I am comforting her.


And I am okay with that.

Well, isnít that peculiar?

^wow indeed. next chapter!

Author's Response: The kiss will happen! It's just that the timing isn't right... not yet anyway. And I don't think Albus could bring himself to do it. He was too concerned for her well being at the moment. Even if she did invade his personal space and everything.

And he is okay with comforting her which I'm sure Aaliyah didn't expect!

Thank you for taking the time to leave this!


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Review #25, by jamessiriuspotterforever Aaliyah: The Warning

28th December 2015:
Niceee flashback. I have a feeling that it isn't Fred's fault either like Ronnan sabotaged him or something.
But i sure don't want them back together because Albus and Aaliyah are so cute.

Author's Response: The flashback surprisingly wasn't hard to write. Maybe because I already had the scene imagined and knew both of their reactions and all. Did Ronan sabotage him? Who knows? We'll have to wait and see, though I will say that in the end Fred is responsible for what he did. Ronan may have had a small part in it however.

Aaliyah wouldn't be able to work past what Fred did so no worries! And I'm glad you think Albus and Aaliyah are cute! I'm hoping they come out as a pairing most want to ship.

Thank you for reading and reviewing! I've said that so many times but I really do mean it! Thank you.


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