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Review #1, by a reader Jacob

26th August 2013:
your story is really good! i think youre doing a good job, but you have problems with spelling and stuff. maybe get a beta/editor from the forums? itll make your story so so much beter. dont give up, update :)

Author's Response: Yes,I have some problems with spelling and other things ^_^ And by the way,I had a problem with my computer and this site and I lost all my work (I made at least four new chapters) but they're all gone...I will write again.Thanks for the support! :)

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Review #2, by Umi Jacob

13th August 2013:
Oh plz update more chappie

Author's Response: Sorry for my delay,but again,I had some problems with my computer and with this site too so I can't.And all my work is lost because I had to restore the computer.But I will write again :) . And thanks for the support!

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Review #3, by Shaheen Jacob

2nd August 2013:
please please pleeease write more! i love harry potter and i have read all thee books but i didn't know about hermione liking Draco! It is so interesting! I want to know more about Fred and Jacob and Hermione. Do they get married?

Author's Response: I'm very glad that someone is liking my story! :)
And you'll see if they will get married.When the time will come,they will love each other,and yes,a marriage is possible ;).But I want to let you to read ;)!
I was about to abandon the story,because I saw that nobody was saying nothing about my story...I wanted to know if they are liking my story...and if not,it was not necessary to go on...but now you made my day,I will continue the story! :)

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