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Review #1, by maraudertimes I'm Not Ashamed.

1st February 2014:

Ooh, well this is something! I guess she is quite comfortable in her skin! Rosie seems very... relaxed. Aha! I quite like her!

Okay, so just so I remember: the only CC I have is that I'm pretty sure that 'cos' is not a word. Well, not in the sense that you mean it. The actual spelling for the word you mean is 'cause, if I'm not mistaken. Just like that with an apostrophe at the front, since it's an abbreviation of sorts of the word because. So you add the apostrophe instead of the be.

Other than that... This was really good! I really like Rosie so far! She seems very shy when it comes to talking to boys she finds attractive, except for her brothers' friends, so I'm hoping to see her come out of her shell soon!

The fact that she sees Lily as so much prettier than she is, well, it's really sad, but I understand why she might. Body image for that age group is not the best. Although Lily seems to harbour some jealousy as well, which is very true to form, so I like how you added that!

Oh, the only other thing, is that maybe you should elaborate on why Rosie's older brother got a Hogwarts letter. Dear J.K. has said that there are wizarding schools around the world, so there has to be something about Hogwarts that makes them get a letter. Perhaps Rosie's father is an alumni?

But yes, this was very well written and I really liked the premise so far. I'm really excited to see where you go with this, especially since I really want to see how Rosie interacts with attractive boys. I'm expecting some awkward encounters right there! :)

Good job!

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