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Review #1, by looneylizzie For Them

6th April 2015:
CTF - Round 3 - Jailbreak Post

*Wails loudly*

Stop! Stop stop stop!! The feels! I can't!

I've never read a Fabian and Gideon fic before, and I have to say, I'm REALLY glad this was the first I read. Your portrayal of them is just perfect. They're exactly how I'd imagined they'd be. They're like Fred and George, the similarities are striking. But at the same time they aren't. They're lighthearted and funny and pranksters, just like Fred and George, but they've also got a much more serious side, a cockier side, than what Fred and George have.

I love love love love this story. This is officially headcanon for me. It makes me wish we knew more about those twins, and that they had lived longer, so we could see a F&G squared conversation. THAT would be pure hilarity.

Keep writing!! Your work is inspiring and lovely and I hope to read more!!


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Review #2, by TreacleTart- Round 3 For Them

6th April 2015:
Hi Nadia,

I'm here for the Gryffindor Capture The Flag Round 3!

So I always love a good Gideon and Fabian story. Missing moments are some of my favorites as well! I've seen a couple different takes on how they died, so this was interesting to compare. I think it seems realistic that they would go out valiantly! I don't imagine them cowering waiting for the Death Eaters.

One of the little things that I noticed that I really liked was the idea that Bellatrix is a better fighter than her husband. She always struck me as a tough woman!

All in all, a nice one-shot to give us a bit of info about the twins!


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Review #3, by TidalDragon For Them

19th April 2014:
Howdy! Stopping by in a crazy quest to R&R all the nominees so I can make educated votes, seeing as I haven't read nearly enough of all of y'all's work so far.

From the outset I liked that the story addressed two minor characters. I often find stories with characters mentioned but unexplored interesting and this tale was no different.

I also enjoyed the characterization you gave Fabian and Gideon. Like Fred and George they both operate as one and have a sense of humor, but they also share the classic Weasley sense of family (perhaps it's the Prewett sense of family that Molly went on to instill in her clan?) and talent as fighters.

The development of the fight itself and the balance between dialogue, internal thoughts, and description was sound I thought. My only bone to pick would be some of the spellwork - for example if a person was hit with the Reductor Curse, wouldn't they get...ehh...splattered? Surprising it's not used that way in duels more often...

At any rate I thought the story was strong and I enjoyed reading about the final moments and mutual sacrifice of another set of characters that doesn't get much fanfic love.

Thanks for sharing!

Author's Response: Hey Kevin! You're really brilliant for reviewing all these stories :) I've been a bad person and not been reviewing the stories I've read the past few days. Thanks for stopping by! I can't believe this was nominated haha, because this was the third thing I ever wrote and ohmygod so bad :P

I'm super pleased that you liked their characterization! This was written really fast for a challenge entry, and
I hadn't entirely grasped writing at that point.

I KNOW! :P Okay, to be honest, I hadn't put much effort into researching :P I seriously opened a page with a list of spells and picked random ones. I'll look into that one day :)

Aw, thank you!

Thanks for reviewing! I'm thrilled at your kind words. Thanks for taking the time to leave such a thoughtful review, I really appreciate it :)

- Nadia ♥

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Review #4, by MyMyMiss For Them

14th March 2014:
wow hun! just wow.

I am speechless, literally speechless.

You did an excellent job of throwing humor and emotion into this, as well as a detailed story line. I love how you explained where they were, who they were facing, and it was detailed, their surroundings were detailed and very easy to read and visualize.

I loved the characterization of the twins! They were indeed hero's in their own way! Much like the twins we grew to know! Bellatrix took so much from the Weasley's/Prewetts, as did the other death eaters.

Emotion filled story hun! and great details!


-blackout review. 10/20

Author's Response: Hello! ♥

Thank you for all the wonderful reviews you've left during the bingo! I really appreciate it, love!

Ha, this was the third thing I'd ever written, so to hesr that it worked for you and you liked the emotions, really means a lot because I'm not too confident of my earlier work!

Aw, hon, I know she did. It makes me hate Bella even more.

I'm so glad you liked this. Thanks for reading, and reviewing too! It means so much!

- Nadia

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Review #5, by maraudertimes For Them

30th January 2014:
Hiya! Review tag!

So I kind of squeaked at the end of this, out of sadness. Of course, I know they don't live, but it was such an admirable death and you wrote the scene so well.

Okay, let's try and give this review some structure.

I really liked how you portrayed Gideon and Fabian. They're kind of an older version of Fred and George! And it was really sweet how they kind of started the whole Gred and Forge thing! Both of them were real heroes and they seemed really sweet and really nice, and just all around great fighters.

The story itself was beautiful. You really have a knack for writing canon pieces that weren't explored in the books! The action was spot on and the entire story was exciting! I really loved how you portrayed the Death Eaters as well. Extremely true to form!

The last part was a gorgeous ending. It perfectly summarized the story. It showed the heroic nature of the brothers, even as they were under horrible conditions, and it showed how dedicated they were to taking down the cause they opposed.

Of course, the fact that Gideon was prepared to do whatever to avenge his brother's death was quite sad, but lent to his personality. It was a harsh thing to put in there, but it honestly worked perfectly in the situation. But the final ending was heartbreaking. It was really well written!

Basically, I really liked this. You can seriously write! I loved this and it was really cool to read this, since I've never read anything like this! Amazing job!


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Review #6, by Akussa For Them

25th January 2014:

I enjoyed this story quite a lot! Fabian and Gideon are very under represented (although that is understandable considering how little we know about them) but I really liked how you wrote them. The shot of humor they give before going into battle was very sweet, a nice touch to their little nephews.

i liked the battle and the action we felt reading through it. The pace was nice and rythmic like a real battle and kept me panting for more. No matter how painful it is to have them die, I think you did them justice in your story. Good job, it was a nicely emotional story to read tonight!!!

Author's Response: Hey Akussa :)

Aw, thank so much for your kind words. This story isn't one of my better works, but I never think anything of mine's really good :P

I'm so thrilled you liked the fight scenes! Personally, I thought it was definitely rushed but maybe that's just because I wrote it :P

Thanks again!

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Review #7, by patronus_charm For Them

20th December 2013:
Another birthday review!

Gah, this was such a strange bundle of emotions! I really loved the beginning because it had me chuckling away about them being Gryffindors and going against Moody's plans. If only they had kept to them because then they might be alive. I loved all of their for Molly/for the Weasley nephew things, it was such a lovely but heart-breaking nod towards canon.

Bahaha what Fabian said to Bella made me laugh way too much, it was amazing and so brave :P I really liked the entire battle scene because I could really see how the two worked together as a pair, like Fred and George did, and how they still managed to keep a comedic air to it like the others. It gave it a surreal air to it though, like it was too good to be true and it was.

When Fabian was killed it was so sad. Just the way Gideon reflected upon his life with his brother and what they still had to do, despite the fact he was going to die any minute too. That unknown and almost waiting for death was written really well. Then his final line was so sad, with him knowing he couldn't grasp onto life any longer as he was going to be gone.

A wonderful one-shot Nadia!


Author's Response: Yo dude, this was a birthday review, and I'm getting to this a year later (okay, sorry, bad new year joke!)

It was rather strange wasn't it. This was back in the day of me first beginning to write, LOLOL, and I finished this up in an hour to be honest. Which is why some of my earlier work isn't as... up to the mark.

Fabian ♥ Your review on this makes me want to write them some more... I might, one day. Fred and George were definitely my base for their characterizations, thus the similarities.

Ah, Kiana the way you word it is brilliant. I've never thought of my piece that way, and you did which is amazing.

Thanks for the birthday review dear, and sorry for such a late reply! This was so sweet of you, you're so kind :)

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Review #8, by marauderfan For Them

14th November 2013:
Hello there! I felt like reading some random stories today so here I am. Yay! Ok, so I really liked this. There isn't enough fanfiction out there about Gideon and Fabian, so this was really refreshing and original. Also, I don't know if it's ever mentioned in canon or not but I LOVE when they're written as twins! The way they think on the same wavelength, their "For Molly/the order/everyone else" spiel (which I loved) that they do together, it was so great.

I think the best part of this is Gideon's sense of humour as he goes into battle against Death Eaters. He's confident and fighting for a cause, and I really liked the way you wrote him. And actually, it reminded me a lot of Fred making jokes at Percy's expense in DH just before he was killed. In a way that made it even sadder because as I was reading Fabian and Gideon fighting in the first wizarding war, it almost felt like I was reading about Fred in the second war, so all the feels came back. Gah!

You did really well interspersing the action with Gideon's thoughts too, it flowed well and wasn't just a long string of hexes/curses, the way Gideon is thinking about all these people in his life as he and his brother fight their last battle. All in all this was a great one shot! Nice job! :)

Author's Response: Hey there!

Haha, I know what you mean :) I love scrounging around and finding new fics to read - I especially love one shots!

I'm super pumped that you enjoyed this. Fabian and Gideon are definitely not done enough. When I got Gideon for the challenge, I was just a newbie into fanfiction. I had no clue how to do it, but with a little bit here and there, I managed to get something down.

I love them as twins too! I've only ever read one novel which starred them, and in it they were both twins, and I really liked the idea. It's become my head canon now, too!

I've really never thought of it that way, but now that you mention it, I can see how this is similar to that of Fred's death. Now I feel even more cruel, lol!

Thanks so much for your kind and thoughtful review, it seriously means so much! :)

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Review #9, by toomanycurls For Them

9th October 2013:
I decided against your Dramione but then saw you had a story about the Prewitt bros. I had to stop be and check this out. Since they made a cameo in one of my one-shots, I've wanted to read more about them. ^_^

Starting off, their dialogue shows very clearly that they are close brothers. I like how you've managed to demonstrate their relationship through their words. The line about Moody made me laugh but it also did a great job at weaving in other people from the first war.

Okay, I'm a bit tense as I know they're going to die. :( :( I really love how they're talking themselves into the confrontation though. They really are heroes.

...I might have started to cry at the "for Molly" line. It's so sweet and some other word I can't quite think of that they have this saying they do every time they go into a fight. It is very Boondock's Saints of them.

WHERE ARE THEIR BACKUPS?!?! (I'm a bit caught up in the drama here)

I love and hate the way Gideon talks about Molly and Arthur. Coming from the older brothers I can see their critical eyes when their sister brings home a bloke. In my head I want to think they loved him to pieces. Though, I do love that Arthur got the upper hand in their older-brother tricks. and the way they describe the kids is just heartbreaking and happy at the same time. The bit about Fred and George secretly being called Fabian and Gideon is brilliant.

The line where they agree to take as many as they can is incredible. I can tell they know they won't make it but they're still so brave and are going out to fight to the death.


You wrote their deaths beautifully. Gideon's reaction when Fabian died was perfectly sad and horrible. I really got into the fact that Gideon was truly ready to hurt and kill after his brother's death.

This is quite wonderful.

Author's Response: Hi!

Thank you for not choosing my Dramione! It's not very good.. It's more of um, "practice" stuff really :P Aha, yes the Prewett brothers are what I got for this challenge, and so I did what I could with them!

Family was a big component of this piece. It is what the challenge was all about, so I tried o fit that in. Looking back, I feel like the action kind of overtook the overall theme of family, but I'm glad you could still pick that out!

You cried...? Aw, that's so cute. I feel really bad but good also for making you cry (yes I know I'm weird) but I can be insensitive sometimes :P That line was making me cringe as I wrote, it, it was so corny. I like the fact that you loved it though. Maybe it wasn't a bad idea to have that in there after all...


I totally understand that love/hate thing. I feel it too with many stories I've read. I got that whole idea with Arthur from this other fic I'd read ages ago, which became my head canon. In that they had Fabian and Gideon as her older brothers and they weren't mentioned a whole lot in the entire story (it's a Remus fic about 169 chapters and almost a million words) and they would always make fun of Arthur. I really loved the concept of that, and tried putting it in this piece, with a bit of my own twist to it. I'm super pleased you liked it.

Gryffindors they are, Gryffindors through and through.

Thank you so much! I loved doing this swap with you, your review was so kind and detailed, and thoughtful.


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Review #10, by Gaius Scipio For Them

17th September 2013:
Hi Nadia

This is Gaius, here for the review swap. Well ok so I read that at the beginning of one of the reviews in another of your stories and thought I'd start the same way.

I really enjoyed the story, I can see where Gred and Forge's personalities come from. My only suggestion is one you already mentioned, the smoothness of the combat scenes. Still all in all it wasn't bad and I haven't written any combat yet either so I shouldn't talk.

Well done


PS By the way I'm a guy. You sorta asked about that after my Unicorn review

Author's Response: Hi :)

I'd love to do a review swap with you :) Review swaps is actually something that takes place over at the forums, where you can give a review for a review so, usually they don't work like this, but I'd be glad to this! If you'd like to do these with other people or in the proper way, join hpfanfictionforums(dot)com. It's the more appropriate way to do them :)

Thank you! I really used the twins as guidelines for the Prewetts, and worked to give them strong personalities. I'm super happy you liked it!

Yeah... the big dueling scene. Something I need to go back and edit... maybe this weekend if I'm not drowning in real life, haha.

Thank you Gaius :)

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Review #11, by Erised For Them

16th September 2013:
Wow! This was an awesome read! So far I've seen many styles from you as a writer and I think this is your best so far. I've never read a story about Gideon and Fabian Prewett before and I think what you've done here is create a realistic and sad ending for these two brothers which we know happened to them in canon.

You don't need to worry about your action scene at all. The duel was fast-paced and exciting, and also flowed nicely. I was impressed considering you say you found it hard to write!

What stuck out for me most here is how the twins reminded me of Fred and George so much and also how they were fiercely loyal to the Order and to their family. Their little dedications before they went into battle was so cute and really made me feel for them as I knew that the outcome wouldn't be good. Your focus on their family life really brought the story to life and made them really likeable characters, so I was even more sad to lose them in such a short time.

Their death scenes were so heartbreaking. I felt so bad for Gideon having to watch his brother die and carry on fighting for him. He's clearly a Gryffindor and a Weasley here! My only complaint is that I wish this was longer so we could see more of the two of them!

Reading this excellent story has definitely introduced some new favourite characters for me. This was such a great story Nadia!

Author's Response: Another from you, lovely! Thanks so much :)!

Aww, you so kind! I don't think it's the best that I've written, and I'm always trying to edit this one whenever I can, but if you say so, I'll take it!

Everyone's been so supportive of the dueling scene :) You are too kind!

I really did use Fred and George as a guideline for this story. They are both twins and I always assumed were very cool and fun like they were. I needed the dedications to show family and the love for them, and was so worried it would seems to soppy and lovey-dovey for men characters to be saying, but I love your positive attitude towards it.

I know.. maybe I should go add more when I have the time *scratches head*..

Thanks again m'dear for taking your time to read some of my work!

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Review #12, by 1917farmgirl For Them

28th August 2013:
Here from review tag. Figured I could return the favor.

Oh, and for the record, I'm horrible at writing battle scenes as well. Took me three weeks to write a one page section because it had a battle. So, I commend you on your ability to think of spells and such!

It's so hard to read stories like this sometimes, when you know what has to happen. It's like going back in time and landing on the Titanic and then standing on the deck, waiting for the ice burg. :(

I've never read a story about the Prewett twins before. I have always known they were Molly's brothers, and they died helping the Order, but I never really thought about them as characters before. You really gave them personalities in my mind.

I'd also never thought about them as the Weasley kids' uncles. Or the fact that the oldest kids would have remembered them. Makes their deaths all that more heart wrenching.

Nice job with Bellatrix. She was sufficiently evil and deranged, and yet still totally sane about what she was doing. I have a very hard time writing death eaters, so again, I commend you!

You did leave me wondering what happened to the poor Muggle they had. I'm assuming the worst, but maybe he got away? :( Also, what happened to their parents? You implied something had happened to them, so now I'm wondering what?

Very good writing. Sad to read, but I think that was the point.

Nice job.

Author's Response: Hiya! Please don't feel obligated to return any favour of any sort! It's really not a favour because I meant to read your story anyways. Thanks for stopping by though!

Aha, what's the lexicon for! It had all the spells I needed, so I borrowed some of that and tried to whip something up! I'm so surprised people found it good! Yay!

I know :( It makes it all the more agonizing.. but we can enjoy it while it lasts.

I'm so excited that you warmed up to them in the few words and enjoyed their personalities! Yay!

I actually read a fic once, and they were writing about Remus' life, and there was this one Order meeting that included the Prewetts, and it had them interacting with the Weasley kids and it really became my head canon. I always assumed they would know them. It made it even more heartbreaking though.

I'm so glad you liked Bella! She was so tough to pull off!!

The Muggle man dies. Also, their parents were killed by Death Eaters... I guess I could go back and add that bit though and see what works better! Thanks!

Thank you so much :)

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Review #13, by HeyMrsPotter For Them

27th August 2013:
Hi Nadia :D here with the second of your prize reviews!

The more of your work I read, the more you amaze me! I really love minor character stories and this is no excpetion. I love that you've taken a tiny quote from one of the books and managed to turn it into something so wonderful.

What I loved most was the relationship between the brothers, it was just so...Fred and George :D Their little ritual before the duel was incredibly sweet and their determination throughout to fight for each other was just perfect.

I thought that you wrote the duel brilliantly, no idea why you were worrying! I liked that you didn't just have them using the same curses repeatedly, that you wrote Bellatrix's duelling as manic as it should be and that the twins never cast the killing curse.

I'm afraid I have no CC for you at all, I simply loved it. Excellently done Nadia!

Author's Response: Now I'm feeling guilty that you're giving me these.. You've given me far too many reviews :/ Nevertheless, this one is awesome like you.

Aaaah, you're spoiling me... Too much I believe... I wouldn't be surprised if my brain's swelled up against my head...

That ritual, I'm glad you liked it. I had to rewrite that a bunch of times because it was too "corny" per se. I really used the twins as the mould of Gideon and Fabian's characterization.

Thank you! I love when people comment on what I wasn't so sure about... I'm so glad you liked it and found it as engrossing as possible.

Ah Dee.. *spoils spoils spoils*
Thank you.

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Review #14, by lovethepotters For Them

24th August 2013:
Hey there Nadia :) I'm here with your horribly delayed review from the Gryffindor review exchange!

First of all, I'd just like to say that I was so happy to see I was going to be reading a one-shot about Gideon and Fabian! I've always thought they were interesting characters in HP but not enough fanfic has been written about them. I'm glad I got to read your story :)

Now onto my thoughts:

I love the juxtaposition of Moody's "constant vigilance" mantra with Fabian's What, two against five? Dont you think its a bit unfair? I mean, the poor things wont even last minutes! It shows how recklessly brave the Prewett brothers are :)

The inclusion of Ignatius Prewett's watch was a nice touch and a subtle nod to canon. I enjoyed that immensely!

The foreshadowing was so eerie and yet so apt! "For some reason, this time seemed important. Like it was going to be the last" - I had chills running down my spine as I read that!

I think this quote captures perfectly the attitude of most of the Order members at the time of the war: "As much as I wanted to kill the twat I resisted... We never did kill." It shows how people such as the Prewett brothers differentiate themselves from the Death Eaters.

I've always thought that Fabian and Gideon were the forerunners of Fred and George, so I loved the little anecdote about Gideon causing havoc for Apollyon Pringle. It seemed very in-character :)

The reflections about Molly, Arthur and the rest of the Weasley brood made me feel very sad. To see how Gideon was picturing a future he'd never live to see - with the Christmas Weasley jumpers - that was quite poignant!

Contrary to what you believe Nadia - I think you've written the duelling scenes quite well! As far as CC goes: I think more description could have been included regarding Gideon's death (hopefully that doesn't sound too morbid)! It would have been nice to read about Gideon registering the flash of green light, the feelings he was experiencing at the time, etc.

Overall, an interesting one-shot! Thanks for the awesome read - I look forward to checking out some more of your work

Tara :)

P.S. Sorry for the crazy-long review!

Author's Response: Hello Tara! You aren't at all late :P You're well within August.

Aha, minor characters! I always like to be able to read about them, even if they are one shots. I'm glad I gave you the opportunity to read about them!

I'm glad you liked the little things like constant vigilance, plus the bits of humour added in to make the characters more believable.
As far as the watch is concerned, I had to do a bit of research on that! I'm so glad you liked it and picked it out.

Ahhh, foreshadowing! Again, your attention to the little things surprise me! The stuff you're picking out, no one has before. It makes me feel so happy as an author :)

Yes, I knew I had to include their family. This was for the family challenge, but even if I had wrote it, it still would've included them.

I was so cringey as I wrote the duel! I'm terrible at description, so I just didn't know where to start!

Yup, I need to go back and add those bits of info, how he's feeling and all, I just need to pull of my socks and edit!

Thank you so much for stopping by Tara!

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Review #15, by Already There For Them

21st August 2013:
I haven't really thought of Molly's brothers much, but this fic makes me really think about the two of them and the relationship they did have, and in the future would have had, with the Weasly's we all know and love. I loved the little vignettes about their sister and her family as well as how you were able to convay such a strong relationship between the two in such a short time. This story was touching, meaningful and concise. I love it.

Author's Response: Hi there!

I'm glad this story made you think about the Prewetts, and I feel like I've done this challenge justice if it made you think about their relationship with their family!

Thank you lovely, this made my day!! :D

Thanks again for taking your valuable time to stop by and leave a review, I'm so excited you liked it.
Nadia :)

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Review #16, by 800 words of heaven For Them

19th August 2013:

I'm sorry for the delay in the review - my lecture began and I didn't expect to have to listen, but there you go!

I really enjoyed this! I've never read anything with Fabien and Gideon, but they're seriously interesting characters. I adored that you wrote them like Fred and George. They had the same mischief and same fierce loyalty which I thought was very touching.

I particularly liked the way that you focused on their love for Molly. That made me tear up a little, to be honest! It's strange to think about Molly as young and with protective brothers, so I really liked at this new look at her.

I can't write action scenes at all, but I enjoyed reading yours. I mean, practise makes perfect, but you have a pretty solid one here, in my opinion!

Nice one!

Author's Response: Ah that's okay, I honestly didn't know the review tag worked so quickly :) It was my first time honestly!

Yes, thank you! That's what I was going for and what I used as my base of characterization. They are quite like Fred and George, but are also their own people; I'm glad you liked it!

Well I hope this opened the door to the Prewetts for you :)!

Yeah, I always thought they would be protective of Molly, which would result in her being protective of her own family after her brothers were killed. I'm glad you liked this side of her :)

I'm thrilled that you found that scene satisfactory! Thank you!

Nadia :)

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Review #17, by academica For Them

12th August 2013:
Hello, I'm here with your requested review :)

I definitely think you nailed the topic of family here, and on several different levels, too! You've got the obvious theme of Fabian and Gideon being brothers, just perfectly in sync throughout the whole story. On top of that is the theme of them reflecting on Molly and the other people in the Weasley family, even those to come in the future. You did a great job keeping that prominent here.

I did struggle with believability here in one aspect, which is the way the brothers entered the fight. It seems kind of reckless for them just to jump in with taunts flying, even if they felt like they were good enough to take on all of those Death Eaters. If you know you have people depending on you to keep them safe, wouldn't you try to keep yourself safe and play it smart while out on the battlefield? Otherwise, though, the humor they traded along with their blows and the clear contempt with which they treated the Death Eaters seems to fit. I definitely got Fred and George vibes from their characterization, so don't feel limited to that if you'd prefer to try to make them their own men. If that's what you were going for, though, I think you did a nice job of incorporating all of those details.

Flow of this story was pretty good--it was quick, but I liked how there was a little break in the middle for the boys to think while the Death Eaters caught their second wind. I'd always pictured the brothers fighting as they were being taken down rather than being the instigators, but your version does seem to support the legacy they left behind. I did pick out a few typos and technical errors that a beta could help you out with, but nothing major.

Great work! Hope this review is helpful :)


Author's Response: Hey Amanda!

Oh I'm glad I got the theme of family well in there ;) I wasn't sure obviously because at times I didn't know whether or not it was becoming too redundant and corny.

I understand that it is weird that they readily jumped in to the duel, and I will definitely go back and make it seem more coherent and relevant to the text.

I like to include humour whenever I can so I'm glad you liked the side jokes I weaved into the piece. I was definitely trying to use Fred and George as the basis of their characterization, without them being too much like them. I'm glad you found that well written as well!!

Thank you for this review, I'm so happy you did this for me!


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Review #18, by TheGirlWithTheLaughingFace For Them

11th August 2013:
I honestly can't think of anything to change. I loved the saying between Gideon and Fabian say before going into battle. I literally laughed out loud and scared the beejusus out of my boyfriend when I read about them hexing Arthur. You can literally feel the love that they have for Molly. Beautifully written.

Author's Response: Thank you!

Yeah, I'm glad you liked that exchange! I literally stared at my screen and was thinking whether or not it was too corny and changed it/reworded it a billion times...

Awe! You laughed! Yay! That's so funny and cool that your bf was like "Er.what..." :D

I'm happy you found the topic of family well written. It may not have been beautiful, but I did try my best. Thank you for taking your time to leave a review.

Nadia :)

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Review #19, by Mnemosyne_Morrigan For Them

7th August 2013:
This portrayal of Prewetts is both mesmerizing and devastating. I tried to avoid comparing them to Fred and George, but there's some simmilarity. In the way they acted. Not their characters, but hotheaded determination, bravery and persistence.

You managed to emphasize the main Prewett/Weasley value - family. It's always about the family, but not in a pureblood hauteur kind of way. It's about fighting for the ones you love, for their future, for every child, brother-in-law, niece or naphew. And thoughts of the family keep them strong. It's really a shame they died. I can imagine them on family dinners when Fred and George are older, the four of them driving Molly insane ;) And they would be so overprotective of Ginny, I'm sure of it :)

The pace of action was good, not too languid and not tattered. Although the finale was rushed. Something's missing in those last few paragraphs. I know it was going to happen, but I was hoping for some more dark, painful description.

Anyway, it's a really good story.

Author's Response: Hi there!

I'm glad you thought my portrayal of the mysterious and barely talked about Twins was both unique and believable! This has really boosted my confidence about this one shot! So thank you for that!!

Oh god... This review is splinching my heart into pieces. I know, things would've been so different if they lived. I can totally agree with what you're saying - family. The Weasley's are my most favourite family in the world, and I think the Prewetts are a great addition.

Now that I think about it, I think I didn't give the finale justice. I'll see if I can do something about that! :)

Thank you for taking your time to leave this review. Honestly, this review made me go on the forums and update my status. Wanna know what I said? I said that basically, after reading this particular review, it made me realize that... Even if I don't win this challenge, I had fun writing it, and that I'm a winner regardless.


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Review #20, by Pip For Them

2nd August 2013:
Wow. The feels.
This is so amazing!
I cried.

Author's Response:
You just rocked my world with your review :)
Thank you.

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Review #21, by nott theodore For Them

1st August 2013:
Hi Nadia!

When you told me about this story the other day I really wanted to read it, and I'm glad I finally got the chance! I've never read a story about Fabian and Gideon before but I loved this!

I really liked your characterisation of the twins in this one-shot. To be honest I haven't thought about them that much, but I found your portrayal completely believable. They seem very similar to Fred and George from the books, but there's enough of a difference to them that they are their own individual characters rather than a copy of the Weasley twins.

I know this was for the family challenge and I think that theme came through really well. You captured the relationship between Fabian and Gideon brilliantly - the way that they talk to each other but also the way they think and care about each other, which comes out especially well in this duel. Then I also really enjoyed the thoughts about Molly and her young family; it's interesting to view the Weasleys through a different perspective than the one that we're used to.

I don't think you need to worry about writing the action in the duelling scene either! The pace of this felt just right to me, and I could feel the tension and urgency that Gideon was feeling throughout the story. I felt like I could really empathise with him, and his anger towards Bellatrix and the other Death Eaters became mine as well.

The ending was so sad! It's horrible the way that he had to watch his brother die, and I thought that the way you ended it with the line "And then I was done." was extremely poignant.

Lovely job with this! Minor characters and missing moments are my favourite to read, and I really enjoyed this!

Sian :)

Author's Response:
Hey Sian!

I'm glad you got to read this! I can always count on you to make me feel welcome and soppy. ♥ You're so awesome.

Thank you for thinking my characterization was good! That was something that was really bothering me... I didn't know a lot about them. I tried to use Fred and George as a guideline obviously, and I put some Sirius into them (or at least tried).

Though this was for the family challenge...I kept on rereading it, and I was like "There's not enough familyness in this!" And I know familyness isn't a word but... yeah. I had to go back - and I still do - and add all these details.

Thank you so, so, much Sian! This review knocked my socks off!

Nadia :P

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Review #22, by LittleLionGirl For Them

25th July 2013:
Wow. This was a well written fight scene and it really does the pair of Weasley's justice. It is sad they aren't talked about much. I like the new perspective on them though. I hope to see more amazing scenes like this!

Author's Response:
Thank you! But I guess you mean the pair of Prewetts? Lol ;) I love reading fics about characters that aren't talked about. It's fun to read about their story.
Thank you LLG!

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Review #23, by FredWeasleyIsMyKing For Them

24th July 2013:
Hi Nadia!

So I've never read and Fabian and Gideon story - I really don't understand why though! Fred and George are my fav characters so it makes sense I would love this and I did!

You really channelled some of the spirit that JK gave Fred and George here and I really loved that. Little bits I read really made me smile! I loved this line in particular: "What, two against five? Don't you think it's a bit unfair? I mean, the poor things won't even last minutes," he joked. Trust my twin to make a Wizarding War funny." I loved it. Perfectly written!

The ending was really bittersweet - these guys were real heros. I liked how you had their last thoughts with each other and their family - I think that was really well done.

A couple of typos for you:

"Gideon, easy. Just wait for the little pieces of slime come to us" I think you mean "to come to us."

"DON'T YOU TALK TO MY WIFE THAT " I think you mean "like that."

"he couldn't fight like his wife and soon fell victim to by Reductor curse" too not to!

Nadia - this was a great one shot! I really enjoy missing moment stories and this was a perfect example! Great job!

Lauren :)

Author's Response: Hey Lauren!

I'm glad this story got the right to be your first Gideon and Fabian Prewett story!

Thank you for thinking I was able to bring the JKR magic into this story, I love humor even if I'm not the funniest person on the planet.

Thank you for pointing out the typos, sometimes I oversee them while I'm proofreading, my brain fixes them as I'm reading it. I'll go fix them right now!

I hope my minor characters as well, and I'm glad you thought this lived up to expectation.


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Review #24, by Annie Dandy For Them

18th July 2013:
The feels. DD:>
I've always been interested in the first Order, especially those who died and we never got to meet and were reduced to something barely more than a cameo. ESPECIALLY the Prewett twins. And this, this just breaks my heart. Well done. (:

Author's Response:
Thanks for being the first review Annie Dandy!

I've always been interested in the minor characters like Bertha Jorkins, Emmeline Vance, the McKinnons etc, and when I got the Prewetts in LilyLou's challenge, I just had to take it.

I'm not one for writing dueling scenes, but I'm glad you found it satisfactory! :D

Thanks for leaving an appreciated review,

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