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Review #1, by BookDinosaur Deception

5th December 2013:
Hi Amy!

Wow, this was amazing. And somehow, it reminds me of that Guild Production on HPPC, you know the one. I can't remember the name right now. :P It had Mike and Mazzie in it?

I think you really managed to characterise Gilderoy Lockhart here. How he wants to be a write but hates similes really made me laugh, and his jab at people who used them all the time "they'd probably never written a thing in their lives," hahaha. But I actually thought it was really interesting that he loves the Memory Charm because he feels like they gave him power. Did he have a power complex? Was he bullied at school? I think you pulled it off really well, how he liked the power that it gave him and how he actually practiced on things like rabbits.

I also loved how he was really distasteful of the witch he'd met, I could really feel the superiority rolling off him. You really showed that off here, and I like how he was completely aware of how precious memory was, and he went in to steal other people's memories anyway. I love how he was traveling to meet the Armenian wizard as well, it's more realistic than stumbling across the story.

Your descriptions here are amazing, really. Everything really popped off the page, even something as mundane as climbing a hill seemed so real and amazing to me. Every little thing was perfect, and I could visualise everything as I read them.

And ah, I feel so bad for the poor Armenian warlock! He's going to tell his whole story to Gilderoy and heave his memory taken, but as you said, it's too late. How is this possible? Gah, so mean, Gilderoy. But I already like the Armenian Warlock because he had a surprised look on his face 'as he realised someone had actually bothered to climb the hills to reach him.' He's so modest! I wonder why he lives all alone?

This was an absolutely wonderful story and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. :)

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Review #2, by Siriusgirl Deception

15th July 2013:
Hi, this is Siriusgirl aka Coppertop1 of Hufflepuff, returning the favour and reviewing your HC entry.
This is a really interesting idea. I liked seeing how Lockhart began is route to the deceptive wizard we know in canon. I'd like to see more about his thoughts, but this was very good. Nice job incorporating the travel too.

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Review #3, by Erised Deception

15th July 2013:
Hey there!

This was an awesome entry for the House Cup! I really liked how you brought out Lockhart's more devious side despite his charm - it actually makes him a more multi-dimensional character in my opinion.

Your writing style is excellent and really suits the piece. I liked your descriptions of simple things like him climbing the hill making it all the more interesting and lifting seemingly mundane things off the page. The ending line with the promise of what's to come was so good too! Very threatening almost.

Great work!

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Review #4, by ginerva_molly_weasley Deception

13th July 2013:
Gilderoy is a sneaky little snake isn't he!

Right from the start you make Gilderoy's character appear to be quite snakeish by saying that he hated smiles and then it just gets worse as it goes on. Him stealing the stories of good deeds from other good people does not appear to be the behaviour of a well respected author in his position.

You almost can't believe his tenacity to believe that he will get away with stealing the stories and I love when he actually seeks down the warlock to find out his story rather than just stumbling on it by chance. He most definitely should have been a Slytherin!

Well done Amy. I loved it

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Review #5, by AlexFan Deception

13th July 2013:
I understand Lockharts hatred of similes, I recently read a published novels that had too many metaphors and similes. I was choking on the comparisons by page 11, I definitely understand what Lockhart is going through. I kind of feel bad for him having to listen to that witch go on with the similes. But considering what he did, it seems a small price to pay.

I like how you mentioned that the Memory Charm made Lockhart feel powerful, it definitely fits in with his character. I feel so bad for the poor wizard though who's going to tell his story and have his memory wiped afterwards.

This was definitely interest and the first time that I've read anything having to do with Lockhart traveling and taking people's memories.

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Review #6, by Wistful Deception

13th July 2013:
Oh, I loved this!

Your portrayal of Lockhart - absolutely brilliant. In the books, we get the sense of his puffed up, stuck-up character that's all smiles and blue eyes without a brain cell in the mind for quite a while, and in fanfiction, that is requently how he is continued to be written. But you took the moments before he lost his memory, the bit of him that knew what to do in the world to find fame and fortune, the part of him that would break the law for it.

And his mind. How you wrote his thoughts, what motivated him, what led him to do what he would do.
Ah, this was fantastic!

- Wistful
House Cup 2013

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Review #7, by SilentConfession Deception

13th July 2013:
Hey! This is fantastic! i've always been interested in this part of the Harry Potter world were Gilderoy was able to so flawlessly steal other people's stories and use them as his own. I've always wondered at how he came to be that sort of man willing to steal other people's memories and their lives. You've managed to create a piece of that here which is really cool. He seems quite dark in your story. The way he craves the power and doesn't see it as being wrong. He's making the tale famous and to him that is the more important than the person behind the tale. It's sad though, how he realizes how important a memory is and how it is the core of a person and yet he just waltz's in and takes what's theirs. Basically stripping the person of their humanity with no remorse. I know this is a little thing but his ability to do it on something as innocent as a rabbit shows where his mind is and how little he thinks of what his spell does to people.

You know, a lot of people see Gilderoy as a bit of a vain, puffy celebrity but they don't see this bit where he had to work really hard to find these people and to track them down. This strips him from that perfect persona that we know him as and we see the raw determination from him and his spotty magical abilities.

It disgusts me to read this. I hate the character even more now that i've gotten to know him better. i don't sympathize with him, i wish he'd embrace similies because they're wonderful like watermelon ;) , and i wish he wouldn't steal from other people. He truly is a despicable man and you've written this aspect of his personality really well. I'm quite impressed with your writing ability! Great job!

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Review #8, by louise_loves_hp Deception

13th July 2013:
Its a really nicely written piece, the way that his thoughts moved with him. The way that you reasoned as to why he obliviated the rabbit to explain why he thought what he was doing was a good thing, I could almost agree with it. The why you showed this thought process what what got me.
Its odd to really think that he really did all that, like we know what he was doing but to read about him doing it is different. Also Lockhart hating smiles that was a nice touch. =P


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Review #9, by Debra20 Deception

13th July 2013:
Amy, choosing Gilderoy was a brilliant idea! You've really outdone yourself with his portrayal. This is the same lazy, arrogant, unbelievable fraud we've had the (un)pleasure to meet in the books. The nonchalant way he talks about stealing other peoples lives and actually thinking it's OKAI what he's doing makes me cringe. I can't stand people like him in real life!

What was a big wake-up call for me, thanks to your story, was the importance of having memories. I never thought about them like that and now I feel silly. Actually, I think the power Gilderoy had was more fearsome than the one Voldemort had because it was in Lockhart's grasp to manipulate and alter human lives as he wished. We're lucky he wasn't some nutter to do worse and he limited himself to stealing the deeds other peoples have done. Otherwise the outcome could have been very different. It would have been terrible. He truly had a talent to be feared and I'm shocked I never realised it earlier. Amy you are so amazing at spotting stuff like this. Never in a million years would I have thought there could have been a worse villain that Voldemort. Brilliant! This made your story one of the best ones in this HC. Seriously!


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Review #10, by Violet Gryfindor Deception

12th July 2013:
This is a very interesting story, and I like how you interpreted the theme of travel, depicting the ways (mostly illegal) that Lockhart travels. I can definitely picture him creating illegal Portkeys and sneaking around the Continent in search for his next big break. It's also notable how you extended his rather inconsistent magical abilities into an inability to properly apparate - and of course the most important bit is that he's good of patching himself up afterwards, just as he's good at memory charms, another kind of patch job. His magical abilities are perfectly suited to deception - in another life he would have made a perfect actor or theatre director.

Yet he hates similes, which are essentially linguistic phrases that deceive, that make one thing appear to be another. Perhaps they remind him too much of the reality of his work, how he constantly makes himself appear to be someone else, stealing deeds and memories for power. Another wonderful contrast you built into this story is how this Lockhart is dirty, sweaty, trudging through the backwoods of Europe and landing in Armenian back alleys to escape detection. He's nothing like the vain celebrity - you make him shed that disguise to display his real self, inside and out. There's a rawness to his thoughts, how he admits to loving the power he can hold over others' minds, that's chilling. This is a much darker Lockhart than I've encountered both in the books and in fanfiction - he's not many steps from Voldemort, is he?

It's a fascinating new way of portraying him, and it's wonderful to see someone take a minor-ish character like Lockhart and explore him in sch detail, revealing a different side to him, one that was always lurking in the background, but never quite came to light in the books. Hopefully this review is coherent - there were so many things I wanted to mention that I liked about this story. I really enjoyed reading it!

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Review #11, by academica Deception

12th July 2013:
Hi there!

Very cool idea for a story. I think Lockhart is one of those untapped characters with a lot of potential. I especially love the contrast you drew between him and those from whom he stole. His hatred of similes and descriptions really showed his lack of creativity and general no-nonsense attitude. Clearly he needed to steal from others in order to attain fame and fortune because he had no interesting tales of his own to share with the world! In fact, the more he tried to rationalize his actions, the more I found myself despising him here. I think he's viewed as sort of comical for the most part in canon, but I liked the darker turn in your version, as exemplified by his cruel treatment of the rabbit.

Great work!

House Cup 2013

Author's Response: Thanks you for the review!
He's shown in canon as this comical character as you said and people always seem to forget what he did to get to where he was. He may have been an idiot at times, but he was so much more than that.

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Review #12, by maskedmuggle Deception

12th July 2013:

Oh I really enjoyed reading this! We all know how deceptive Lockhart was with taking other people's heroic actions and making them into his own after obliviating them, but it was really interesting to gain an insight into how he went about actually doing it.

I really liked Lockhart's characterisation - it seemed very believable and realistic - how he was strong at memory charms but not at apparating, and how he didn't think there was anything wrong with what he was doing at all.

I liked the background about the Armenian warlock - I almost wish that I'd also been able to hear Lockhart interviewing the warlock, but even without it, the story was well written and definitely a good portrayal of Lockhart!

- Charlotte/maskedmuggle
House Cup 2013 Ravenclaw

Author's Response: Thank you!
I often find that a person's motives are far more interesting to write/read about than the actual end product of what they're doing because it can show you a whole other side to it that you never really considered before.
Haha, maybe I'll write his meeting with the warlock if I ever get decent at writing dialogue :P

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Review #13, by navyfail Deception

12th July 2013:
Hey Amy! I am Sama, here from the review-a-thon! (I recognize you from tda.)

Gilderoy Lockhart...I'll be honest he is my not-so-favorite character from Harry Potter. And in this one-shot you made him very likable. Not that I like people who erase memories or anything(evil face)...hehe.

You went inside of his mind and everything. When I was reading this story I felt like I was hearing from him. I felt like I was in his world, in his mind(does that sound creepy?). What he does, and how he is makes more sense.

And his hatred of similes is pretty amusing.

The Memory Charm part with the rabbit immediately reminded me of the second HP book. I can still picture the part when his own charm backfired on him down in the Chamber of Secrets. Not most stories make me feel like I am reading something by J.K. Rowling. And I think you accomplished that.

Great entry!!


Author's Response: Thank you for the review!
Does anyone actually like Lockhart? :P I didn't really set out to make him likeable, it was always more about jumping into his mind and figuring out why he did what he did and how he could do it. That sometimes can lead people to see him as likeable just because they can understand the motivations or methods.
Wow, that is the highest compliment I could receive! Thank you so much!

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