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Review #1, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap A way to remember

16th April 2017:
How could he explain to a seven year old that his parents had died in war, died fighting to protect him and make the world a better place without lying to him?

That's rough. I don't envy Harry. What do you really say to the poor kid? Hey, your parents are dead but don't worry mine are too! How about a piece of candy? Uh no.

just turned five

You might want to go back and edit this. You said at first he was seven and now he's five. I'm not sure how old he is. It makes a difference only because his age depends on how Harry handles this. He doesn't want to scare him if he's five but if he's seven he can handle a bit more information.

I think it was a good idea that you had here to have Harry show Teddy the photos. He got to see what his parents looked like and didn't necessarily learn about their deaths but it's true they are with him always. Just because they were only with him for a short time they're physically there in his features, his heart and mind. I think it was handled perfectly because I think you were leaning to him being a little younger. Kids are so inquisitive. My niece learned about death from Cinderella and she's four. She has a minor understanding that death isn't something good and it's very sad when someone dies because they're no longer here anymore. So i like how you handled it with Teddy. He understands why his parents aren't there and he'll get the full understanding of why at a later time. You might want to edit the chapter a bit though because there were some typos littered around when they were speaking. Great job though!

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Review #2, by crimson quill A way to remember

16th April 2017:
Capture the Flag

So, this is quite a neat little concept for this one-shot. I think you've written a lovely relationship between the two characters. Poor little teddy! It's nice to read something that it's a bit fluff as well as some sad moments.

I feel for both characters here, it's probably quite difficult for harry to know that he's doing the right thing. my heart was about to break in two when little teddy says 'why didn't they wanna to be with me then?' or something to effect. they loved you! promise, awwwh! I'm not sure what age he is suppose to be? I think at some point it says 7 years old then later 5 years old so a bit of confusion there. I think the characterisation lend more towards 5 years old opposed to 7 but i guess it could work for either really.

I think it's really special that harry can connect with teddy in a way that probably no-one else can so it's nice that harry was the one he had the conversation with. I was 'awww' ing when harry said he would put them in an album so teddy could look at all the memories. I'm glad Teddy wasn't sad by the end of this. he's lucky to have a godfather like harry and on the whole, harry did a really good job at explaining it to teddy at such a young age. xo

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Review #3, by Felpata Lupin A way to remember

28th December 2016:
Hello, Shaza!
I'm here with a little Christmas present for you! :)
I couldn't help but choose this one, because I love children and Lupins and I just had to. :) And I'm so happy I did, too, because this was just adorable!

Poor Teddy... if there is one thing I never managed to forgive JK for, is killing both Remus and Dora and leave Teddy orphan... I just want to hug him tight and never let go!

I loved how Harry tried to explain him things in a way that could be understandable for a child; that must've not been easy... And showing him the photographs was a tactful way to do so.

I felt so much tenderness when Teddy asked if they'd gone away because he'd done something wrong... aww, poor child...

One very minor bit of CC (not really a CC, more a little mistake that I'm being nitpicky enough to point out...) You first say that Teddy is seven and then that he is five... :P

What can I say except adorable? Really, I loved this story so, so, so much! Wonderful job!

Happy holidays and snowball hug!

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Review #4, by heartjily4ever A way to remember

21st July 2013:
Hey, sorry for the wait for the review, (This is PrimeSuspectsAreNargles by the way). Thankyou for entering my challenge. I think this is such a cute story, really. It's such a unique idea, and I almost cried when Teddy thought he had done something wrong. It was really well written, and you incorporated that quote in really well, as it isn't the easiest to use. I will be making a blog entry with the results of the challenge soon, so check that out for your place.

Author's Response: Hey, no problem! I'm glad you liked it, and that you thought the quote was placed well, I wasn't sure if it was too, non-central.

Thanks for the challenge, and the review! :)

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Review #5, by Remus A way to remember

17th July 2013:
Heya! :D

So I'm doing my review rounds and this one struck my interest.

You did a fantastic job at capturing a young child. They way he acted, his questions he asked Harry that only hurt my poor little heart. This story is short and bittersweet. I'm glad that Harry didn't just outright lied to him. Just sort of omitted the truth from him. There's no way a child that young would understand death.

I think the line that got me was "Did they not want to be with me?"--If I had been in Harry's place being asked that, I think I would've lost it and cried in a corner.

Speaking of Harry, I think he did a fantastic job at handling that conversation. He was well aware that Teddy was too young to understand the meaning of Remus's and Tonks's sacrifice. I think he ended up saying the right thing in the end. Sort of nerve wrecking position though.

I did notice some minor things though.

You state in the first paragraph "How could he explain to a seven year old that" and then later he had only just turned five and Harry couldn't bear..." --so is Teddy 5 or 7?

"hat wasn't going to happen as the boy's face dropped and he looked to the floor."--think you meant 'that'

Mad-eye moody"--Moody needs to be capitalized.

Overall this was a fantastic story! :D Thanks for the read!


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Review #6, by LadyL8 A way to remember

14th July 2013:
Wow. I have such conflicting emotions when it comes to this one-shot. I'm happy because Harry shows him his family, and because Teddy is still alive. On the other hand, I'm sad that Teddy never got to know his parents, and I'm sad he had to see pictures to know his parents.

But anyway, this was really well-writte. I absolutely loved it. I love how Teddy keeps asking questions, like children often do when they are curious about something. That's very believable. And I love how Harry is so patient, and answers all his questions.

Both characters are very in-character, and they are realistic. They also have a good chemistry. Everything about the way they speak to each other says that it's an authority figure (but a good one, like a parent or godfather etc.) and a child. And that's really good.

I don't really know what to say. I loved it. And thank you for writing it.

Yours Sincerely

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Review #7, by luvinpadfoot A way to remember

14th July 2013:
Aw this was so bittersweet! Teddy makes me want to cry with all his questions about his parents not wanting to stay around, I just wanted to give him a big hug, poor thing.

I thought Harry handled things really well, bringing out the shoe box and showing Teddy all of the old pictures. It was a wonderful moment and so well written too! Just a little snapshop of lives after the war, which I adore.

Such a great story! 10/10

And now I'm going to go wipe my eyes and pretend like I had no emotional response to that.

Author's Response: Aww, well I'm glad you though it was a good story! Yeah, I just wondered how Teddy found out about his parents and this happened.

Thank you for the review! :)

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