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Review #1, by Remus One

3rd August 2013:
Hey! Perelandra here from the forums! So sorry that I've taken a while but I'm here now!

You have no idea how excited I am to read this. You seem to manage to grasp the Weasleys with every story you have. So I can't wait what this is going to be about.

You know I usually read and review as I go along but with your stories its like I get sucked right in and forget to write some thoughts, issues, and what have you.

Rufus and Moody here were fantastic. I liked how you mentioned the fact that Moody had recently lost his real eye and had gained the new one. Little details like that make fics like yours great reads. The imagery you gave this chapter with the gruesome description of the attack was both chilling and fantastic. The whole thing with Death Eaters still being an underground "cult" was a good idea. "Ghosts" like Moody called them.

I really liked the idea of Molly being pregnant BEFORE the wedding. It's just so outside the norm of fanfic Molly. And its just too cute that Arthur wanted to marry Muggle style. Its definitely something Arthur would do.

Molly spent the rest of the journey curled up on the seat, trying not to touch the walls or the floor.--I think that's the best line in the entire story! Hahahaha! I just couldn't stop laughing. Poor Molly.

Overall this was a fantastic story. It was just too cute! Just like the other fic that I was reading Arthur's Treasure. Your overall description of Arthur and Molly's love for each other and their family makes my heart melt.

Thank you for letting me read this and so sorry that I've taken forever!!

Until next time


Author's Response: Hi Rosie! Sorry I've taken a while to respond.

I love grasping Weasleys! Haha. They're so warm and lovely and graspable. But really, thank you for saying that - I adore writing them, so it's good to know you like reading them!

That said, it was SO much fun writing some rough tough Moody and Scrimgeour! Definitely a change in tone from my usual Weasley fare, but a challenge to relish. I wanted to get a sense of that fear that comes from not quite knowing who's attacking you, and that's where the cultyness (yep, not a word) comes from.

I loved that line too! I had such a strong image of her trying to be excited and happy for Arthur's train journey dreams, but really not liking it! And yeah... For some reason, it's always been in my head that Bill was on the way. I adore Molly, but I think she's probably a 'do as I say, not as I (used to) do' kind of mum!

Thanks so much for the review. Your words mean a lot to me. I really want to carry on with Arthur's Treasure soon!

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Review #2, by LittleLionGirl One

25th July 2013:
Wow. What a perfect story for the HC challenge. I cant believe I missed reviewing this one! I like the fact that is has very apparent dark undertones even at the happiest parts. The story seems very realistic to the pair- and the baby! That explains why Molly was all defensive in the books about marrying so quickly! Another job well done. I think I'll have to add you to my favorite authors!

Author's Response: Aw, thank you again, so much! You leave such sweet reviews. Thank you for reading my stories. Ah, well, marrying in war will always involve darkness through the happiness! And heehee... Bill being on the way just made sense to me.
Thank you!
Athene xoxo

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Review #3, by Jchrissy One

24th July 2013:
I only have one heart! If you melt that heart, then I won't have anything to pump my blood all around, and I won't have a working brain, and I'll die.

So, basically, you wrote this with the intention to kill me.


I think one of my favorite parts was the first scene. Arthur is so new and green and Moody is still Moody, Rufus (did I spell that right?) and his conversation particularly chilling.

The comparison to this and Grindelwald's reign and now, only this being worse because they don't even know what they're fighting. They don't know when the next attack will be, how to make them stop, nothing. That's such a scary realization and I just want to take them all and cuddle them.

For the situation Arthur was in, he handled it so well. It just shows that this young man, who will always maintain his childlike spirit, also always had a moral compass of steel. He isn't going with the men out of curiosity, because he's never seen a crime scene, or anything like that. That flash of anger we see when Moody tell Arthur who was murdered, and that the old head boy married a Muggle. now him and his children and wife all dead because of it, shows that whole other side of Arthur we know. That's why he's able to commit himself to the Order in later years, and that's why -- even though he is pureblood and could be safe because of that -- he always keeps fighting for what's right. Because it's right.

Ugh, getting all emotional over here. Okay. Let's move on before i continue blabbering.

Molly was so perfect in every way. I love her concern for her father, and the pride she has in him. It didn't seem like she had this deep love for the flowers, but had that sort of love for her father which made her feel the same about the career and passion he'd chosen. AND THE BABY! I WAS SURPRISED! YOU SURPRISED ME!

When she thought about Arthur not coming over the night before i got really worried that maybe the dangers weren't all gone from the house they'd gone to. Poor man was so upset, and I loved that he told Molly all about it. That speaks volumes of their relationship. Two equals sharing everything, not Arthur feeling like he has to keep things from his wife. Future wife.

See, that proposal and their talk about wondering if he was just scared and gah. This is when I melted the most. The only reason I"m still typing is because I've somehow managed to force my puddles of fingers to squish along the keyboard.

But of course, you couldn't give me an easy elopement. You had to go and cause trouble, didn't you? I love how determined Molly is though, and more than that the fact that it shows how much she truly wants to marry Arthur, no matter the circumstance.

Oh Sarah. I don't know how on earth you can create such perfect stories, and it makes e very angry that midwife-ing keeps you so busy because i would like more of these. Daily ones to wake up to, perhaps?

This was beautiful. You captured these people perfectly. They aren't the exact as they are when we first meet them, and they shouldn't be. They're younger versions of themselves and you really created a clear image of how these young people would eventually grow into the Arthur and Molly we know and love. ♥

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Review #4, by Penelope Inkwell One

16th July 2013:
Oh my gosh! I loved it :D

Wow, youíre really good. As in, really, really good. Iím so impressed! You have a knack for choosing just the right words--all your sentences just flow, which is difficult, especially given the word count we were given and how quickly you must have written it. I know you said that you had to make major cuts, but it doesnít seem cut or choppy at all. You chose the perfect parts to include.

Opening with the Aurors talking was a great choice. It brought a certain gravity to the whole thing, by not beginning with the young lovers, but rather with the horrors of the impending war. Also, I just loved the way your portrayed Arthur going in--how at first he comes across as nervous and a bit laughable, but he has a subtle kind of courage that really shows through in the way he faces down the scene at the Wainwrights. You see him gain a bit of respect from these hardened Aurors, and you understand why. Even though heís a bit different, Arthurís just as brave as any of them. Itís like his character through the course of the books, all summed up in a few paragraphs. Heís kind, and sensitive, odd, and sometimes itís hard to take him seriously. But you can see that thereís a lot more to him beneath the surface. You see why he was chosen to be a member of the Order of the Phoenix. Great job with that!

I particularly liked the part where Molly is deciding whether to go pack her bag and get ready to meet Arthur, as she really wants to, or to take care of her father and bring him his tea, and she chooses to fetch him his mug. It was such a small detail, but really telling about her personality. It shows how much Molly cares about family, how loyal she is, and how sheís always willing to make sacrifices, whether large or small, to ensure their well-being.

Aw, Arthurís proposal over tea and biscuits. Somehow itís just so very *them*. Not fancy, but sweet and earnest and simple and warm. Itís the Weasleys. Youíve really done such a good job with that--taking who they were in the books and sort of rewinding back, creating a very convincing portrayal of what they would have been like when they were young.

I loved that they almost eloped to Gretna Green! And ekceltricity! And Molly being worried about touching the walls and floor of the train, because Arthur said ekceltricity was dangerous. That was cute.

Bahaha! Wesley and Millie Goat! ďWell, itís original.Ē Iím glad to see Aberforth makes a cameo, and his humorís as dry as ever.

I like this very, very much. Their wedding may not be ostentatious, or wildly romantic, but itís sweet and it shows their courage in choosing to be happy in the face of such danger. Though the tone is dark, they have a way of shining through. It was beautifully written--so carefully crafted that I can hardly believe you wrote it in so short of time. Excellent story, Athene. Just lovely :D

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Review #5, by AlexFan One

13th July 2013:
The start to this was slightly depressing but it was more joyful as it went on and Arthur and Molly decided to elope. Gideon and Fabian sound like older versions of Fred and George.

You got Molly's character spot on, even at a young age she was still the Molly Weasley that everyone knows and loves later on. There were a couple of typos throughout the chapter but nothing big, it didn't interrupt the flow of the story.

I really liked reading about how Arthur and Molly got married, it was really interesting to read. This was so sweet and you managed to get across the fear that everyone at the time was feeling and the story had the whole it's-now-or-never sort of vibe coming off of it.

Great job!

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Review #6, by AC_rules One

13th July 2013:
Hello Athene!

I absolutely love the idea of Gretna Green and a muggle wedding for Molly and Arthur!! Although, I'm pretty sure Julia said after her longstanding joke about Gretna Green in Starving Artists she's still getting adverts FOR Gretna Green coming up in the corner of the screen... so maybe watch out for that.

I loved your characterisation of Moody at the beginning along with the bits of the war seeping through those lives and forcing Arthur into action. I found the pjs optional bit equal parts hilarious and awkward - like if your aunts or uncles said something similar - but I really love the way you write Molly and Arthur.

This was lovely and a pleasure to read. Great entry :)


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Review #7, by patronus_charm One

12th July 2013:
Hi Sarah! I adore Molly/Arthur stories so I tried to contain myself when making my way over here ♥

I didnít expect this one-shot to start off in the Auror office, but it really added a great sense of danger to the whole story. I really loved seeing baby Scrimgeour and slightly younger Moody because it was fun to see how much more innocent and naÔve they almost were then. They still had an essence of themselves though which really added a nice touch to the story!

I really pitied Arthur here though, he just seemed so young and to be forced out by Moody to go and see the attack was horrible. That again, added a great sense of danger and it acted as a wonderful prelude as to why they had to elope together.

Ok I keep on meaning to say it while reading The Blossoming, but I always forget so Iíll say it here instead. Stop being so good at writing the Weasley & co.! Itís not fair on the rest of us! With having read several of your stories and one-shots now, you can just write all of them at any age and in any era, and itís all done so well. Youíre seriously the best writer of them I have come across!

Molly was adorable! I could really tell that she cared a lot about her family with her thoughts about her father and the way the grief about her mother almost silently seeped through and it was done quite beautifully. She had this youngness about her too, so though she was recognisable she still felt as if she had just fallen in love and it was lovely to read.

The proposal ♥ ♥ ♥ Gah, I canít even form words. It was so rushed, yet romantic, yet fluffy but slightly dramatic at the same time. It was just aw worthy really. It had so many different emotions and levels to it meaning it was a delight to read!

The idea of them escaping away on a train just made it even more aw worthy and I love the fact that the Lovegoods did that too, because I never really would have had them down at that sort of type. I guess Hogsmeade is in Scotland, so I suppose it could be the magical alternative to Gretna Green :P The entire ceremony was so lovely and simple too, and Mollyís thoughts throughout were lovely. I think the closing line just finished it off perfectly.

I noticed two tiny typos here ĎI mean, yuor famil have been going on at us to get married for years, anyway!í but it was an otherwise perfect one-shot ♥


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Review #8, by ATLpaintingflowers One

12th July 2013:
This was legitimately one of the cutest stories I've ever read. I loved how we got multiple points of view, it made the situation at the time seem so much more real and the story much more realistic. I really liked how you made it seem like the war was going on much longer than after the marauders left Hogwarts. 10/10

Author's Response: What a lovely review! Thank you so much. I'm very grateful to you for stopping by to read and review. Voldemort originally rose to power in 1970, so it's actually crazy to think how long the war had gone on before the marauders were able to join in! Thanks again :)

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Review #9, by SilentConfession One

12th July 2013:

This is ridiculously sweet. I liked how this began so drearily with so much suspense and drama though and the way that you set the stage for the rest of the story. It really captured the sort of pressure and fear that was around during that time and i loved how all this was happening in the early 70's. So many people write the first war as if it started the last year of the Marauder's time at Hogwarts. However you have it already beginning then which is canon! Anyway, small detail but i enjoyed it nonetheless. I liked how it seemed like it was the idea that life was precious and fleeting that made Arthur finally ask Molly to marry him. It seems like the thing that would happen anyway as people realized that life wasn't guarantee.

I liked the dialogue too. The way you had Moody speak and even Rufus just seemed to on par with how I see him in my head and how he acted in the books that i'm honestly amazed at how you were able to nearly perfectly reflect that here.

The small details you have here as well make this story special and stick out from all the rest. How Arthur doesn't know the exact way to pronounce the muggle objects, Molly's family's knowledge of plants, and even bringing Aunt Muriel into! It settled this story right into canon. (on a completely unrelated note Arthur's brother called Lancelot!!?? Loved it!)

Great story! Really glad i could read this!

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