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Review #1, by Deeds/Hey-its-a/Capture the flag round 3 Her Only Choice

6th April 2015:
For the Capture the Flag competition in the CR

ďNo, Lily Pad no!Ē she heard her dad say.

I really don't want to read any more of your stories. I'm off the bus now and crying like a lunatic in my bedroom. Why must you destroy Lily? It's so easy to see myself in her and so many other girls. We just go through things like this and people don't understand but then you had to have her family there. All of them, except James. I got the connection there. But you had them all there and they couldn't do anything. They couldn't talk her out all they did was stand there while she...

I want to ask why, but I already know why. I want to ask so many questions but there are none. Everything was covered. She's gone. She decided and then just like that she was gone.

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Review #2, by Laurenzo7321 - Round 3 Her Only Choice

6th April 2015:
Hey Nadia!

How have I not reviewed this before? I don't know!!

Eugh, how do you write pain and angst so well? This was so utterly heart breaking! It's made me very sad to read Lily like this, but you did an absolutely amazing job!

The first part is agonizing to read. Al and Rose's crying to get Lily to come out. But Lily seems so sure in her choice after what's happened.

The description and way you wrote what happened to Lily and how she wanted to act normal. One, it was very sensitively written which I think was really good of you to write it that way. You gave us enough detail to know what happened without excessive detail on it. And oh, she shouldn't feel so shameful. I just want to reach into the screen and give her a hug and tell her it's not her fault and she shouldn't be ashamed. It's so sad. And when she said she shouldn't be loved because she was filthy, my heart broke so much. It's so horrible what has happened to her.

Oh god the ending, I was really hoping they would change her mind, but no. It was more powerful this way of course but still.

I can't really say much else except wow. You're writing Nadia is really amazing. You should be so so proud.


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Review #3, by MyMyMiss Her Only Choice

14th March 2014:
that emotion! wow hun, you really captured the raw emotion feel in this one a little more than 'waterfall'.

The family screaming at her threw the door was unbelievably painful! I have lost my own brother, not through an incident like that of you wrote, but I know how the family was feeling, trying to help someone that wouldn't listen to their plea's and the sensation of being overwhelmed with hurt and then the next minute anger (Ginny).

You really had a great consistency within your pace and flow, your characters from Ginny and Harry were great! I really enjoyed this!

Off to read some more of your work (:


-blackout battle 9/20

Author's Response: Hello! First of all, sorry for the late repsond, I'm terrible these days, and secondly -- thanks for all the wonderful reviews you left during the Bingo :)

Haha yes! Since waterfall was only 500 words, it was a bit hard to do much with emotions in that. I'm really surprised you liked this piece, because it was the 2nd thing I had ever written, and not very good lol :P A lot of my stories are the same, angst wise :P

Aw hon! *hugs* I hope you're okay. I have never lost anyone and for some reason, I do not feel like I captured the emotion that well, and probably should've treated it with more care. Your words make me feel slightly happier about this piece, so thanks.

Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #4, by adluvshp Her Only Choice

14th March 2014:
Blackout Battle 3/20

Oh God, this was so sad and tragic and terrible =(
I really felt for Lily here, and wanted to reach out to her and knock some sense into her, and tell her she didn't have to do this, but aah.
The way you wrote this was very intense. The content itself was so heart wrenching and your writing style and descriptions made it all the more so.

What I really liked were the descriptions. The way Lily's thoughts ran, it was almost from a very child-like naive perspective and that made all this all the more terrible. The concern of Harry, Ginny etc. were also very well written and believable.

This really broke my heart as it was such a powerful piece of writing. I was captivated while reading and now my feels are all over the place. Poor, poor Lily.

Good job on succeeding in writing this dark and intense one-shot, I really liked it and connected with it.


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Review #5, by monstrosity Her Only Choice

26th January 2014:

This is so beautifully tragic. I'm actually at a loss for words for this one. I now see that this is a prequel of sorts for Blurring Whites. My brain is actually unable to form coherent sentences at this point but I'll give it a shot.

What I really thought clinched this story is that for it's gruesome content it's written from a very childlike perspective. That kind of made it harder to take in. Lily was still a child and no child should have to go through such horrors that she did to the point where she had to kill herself. Her relationship with her father shone out in certain points which also reenforced the whole 'too young to die' image.

It seems like everyone's characters are unravelling behind that door. Albus who is supposed to be this good, docile son is yelling his throat hoarse. Luna who is usually serene and dreamlike has undergone a character transplant. Everyone is just spiraling out of control at the thought of Lily giving up her life. She didn't know how important she was and how much everyone loved her.

My mother always has a saying for every time I think that things are just too awful to handle. 'This too shall pass.' Although I never knew what exactly Lily went through to get those horrible marks on her body, perhaps her family could have helped her get through it. That's what families are for, right? I just feel so bad for her right now.

The pace of this story was so fast. By the time I realized what was happening, you mention the knife. I'm always on my toes. If this story is a roller coaster then last line is like this brick wall to crash into. One words holds so much of gravity. Three letters. Wow.

There is one thing that I cannot help ask. I know that you are going to kill me (wrong time to use this phrase!) for asking this but couldn't someone have used "Alohomora" and rushed in to save her? Ignore this, I feel like an insensitive person for even mentioning it. My mind is just trying to find the ways they could save Lily. Sorry.

In all sincerity, it's a mind blowing story which I am so glad I had the opportunity to read! Excuse me while I go and get a Kleenex. I can't type too well through the tears :P


It's not exactly a prequel, and it sucks compared to that (they both suck, but y'know. What beautiful, there is no beautiful only tragic by itself, sad sad tragic (both my fail at writing back in the day, and the story ugh ugh ugh)

Hehehe it seems childlike because I'm rather immature as well. Seriously, I am no joke. When I was writing this it was all sunshines and daisies and roses BUT NO, LITTLE NADIA DID NOT UNDERSTAND SHE WAS WRITING SUCH AN INTENSE TOPIC! I feel really bad that I didn't realize how serious it was at the time. I hate how I didn't do justice to the story. I might rewrite this one day. It's weird seeing you compliment it, when I can see so many things wrong. But thank you thank you!

Ah, family. It seems like they don't love you, but they do and then you understand how much of a brat you truly were, which we see Lily feel in Blurring Whites. While both stories are different and merely only have Lily dying (because I love killing her off mwuahaha) you think in HOC "okay, she should do it.." but in BW you see the consequences of what she's done. No matter what, the bottom line is is your family loves you *shiver* deep stuff Nadia, deep stuff... But yes. Especially during those hormonal teenage days haha. Yep.

Yeah... I really wish this was longer now. I liked Albus.. I really did. And Luna, well, she is so hard to write :P So that part was actually terribly done but what can you do.

I don't think her family could have helped her, though. In BW, Lily is depressed because of body image problems.. but then this is so different, you know? It's not only scars on her body, but the mental ones. Those are hard to fix. I don't think she would ever fully recover. She'd be like Ariana Dumbledore in my head, not entirely there...

LOLOL, the pace was WAAY too fast! Which is why a rewrite is in order! I feel like I should have used more description and all that jazz especially with a story like this. One day.

Funnily enough, I think another reviewer mentioned it, and in my head Alohomora doesn't work I don't know why. Maybe... maybe you can't open dorm doors for privacy.. rubbish I know, but yeah. **plot holes**

Blah. *flops over* dude. Don't cry. Seriously. Not good, not good. I CAN GIVE YOU MILLIONS OF FIC RECS, I SWEAR! Those will make you cry. This, well yeah.

Anyway, thanks so much for this review, and that other one that still needs a reply (eek!). I loved hearing your thoughts, and they were truly heartwarming, even if this isn't one of my favourite stories (it was the 2nd I'd ever written, I didn't know what I was doing, still don't because i am me and strange)

Thank you, and huggles. ♥

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Review #6, by UnluckyStar57 Her Only Choice

7th January 2014:
Hi! I'm here for the Twelfth Day of the Twelve Days of Reviewing.

This is really intense. The things that Lily dealt with were so scarring--they didn't just scar her body, they scarred her mind. Who was the man who was responsible for this? Why did he do this to her? When did her siblings and cousins find out that she was no longer the Lily they once knew?

Ugh... This is just so terrible. I mean, the actual writing style is wonderful--so dark and grammatically correct (which I enjoy). But the subject of this is absolutely horrible, and the worst thing is that I know this stuff actually happens to people. Why do humans have to treat each other so cruelly? I don't know the answer to that, but I think that you did a great job of posing that question with this story.

This was a wonderful and terrible thing to read! You did a marvelous job. :)


Author's Response: Hello Mallory!

First of all, congrats on finishing 78 reviews, because I know you reviewed everyday, and since you did you reviewed at least that much! That's quite a feat!

Yeah, I think that's what's so terrible about what happened. It was more than her physical condition, but also her mental as well. As far as the person who did it to her -- well, I left that out. I want that character to represent all the people out there, men and women, who do nasty deeds like this one.

It's grammatically correct? haha :p That's great to know, some of my earlier works, especially one shots were finished within hours and then simultaneously put into the queue. Not the greatest way to edit, but what can you do :P

I... I don't know. These past months, have been hard... and I've surrounded by idiots, to be very frank. Idiots because I'm an observer, and I watch things, and I watch them, and I see the people they are. I feel like humans should be ashamed to know these things exist, that are truly worse than war, or corruption... It's every where. And people are just so mean. And vile. It's disappointing.

Thanks for this wonderful review, so many compliments and be rest assured that I am positively blushing!

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Review #7, by Secret Santa Her Only Choice

4th January 2014:
Ho ho ho!

Woah, this was so dark and sad and heart breaking to read. I really don't know what to say. I was completely hooked from the first word and I was hoping with all my heart that she would change her mind, although I sadly guessed she wouldn't.

The shouts through the door of her family really tore me up. I was praying so badly that her family would change her mind. I liked the subtle differences you put into the way the different members tried to persuade her. Out of all of them though, Harry's. The calmness in his voice when he calls to her it kind of gave me chills. What they must be going through I can't even imagine.

But then Lily... what she must be going through. I got the gist of what happened and you've touched on some seriously delicate topics here, yet you did it in such a way that I don't even know how to describe it. I believed her pain and anguish completely, when she thinks of herself as filthy and she's looking at the scars on herself... my heart went out to her.

The Accio knife bit, it brought a tear to my eye.

Nadia, your writing is beautiful. This one shot really shows what talent you've got dear.

Secret Santa

Author's Response: Omg Lauren/Santa how do you even LIKE this story?!?! It sucks omg asdfghjkl; It's so crap blah *throws herself onto floor* This is the second thing I've ever written and it's really bad and I am laughing because it brought a tear to your eye WHEN IT SHOULDNT BECAUSE ITS CRAP DUH.

Yeah. She was supposed to die. I am obsessed with killing Lily off MWUAHAHAA. I dunno why. Eurgh. Her character infuriates me and for some reason I view her as like... Spoiled or something...

Oh yeah, I love Harry :P He was my favourite to write at the time. Him and Albus. A part of me believes that this is how Harry would have been, because he has already faced so much loss in his life... At this point, for me, he is finished.

Yeah. Gah. I am angry with myself for writing a topic so serious as this so badly :( But. I'll do a rewrite, maybe with Rose or someone one day, and it'll be better (she plans evilly)

What talent there is no talent.


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Review #8, by Gaius Scipio Her Only Choice

17th September 2013:
I know I already did a review, but I wanted to add that suicide is in the end a very selfish thing to do.

A quick escape it sounds so easy, a moment of pain and your gone. When you're at that point in your head you rarely stop to think about those your going to leave behind, which is why I say its so selfish. But there is always a way back, I know cause I have been there.

So again great story and if it gets people thinking and talking then that's all for the better.


Author's Response: Hi again, I'm sorry I haven't gotten around to responding to your other review... I'm still trying to think of something proper to say :/

I 100% agree, it is a selfish thing to do - leaving your family behind and in despair. But some people don't understand that it is okay to talk to someone, and I tried conveying that message.

I'm glad you're doing alright, and I hope that your bad time is over, and pray that the rest of you life is a good one.

Thanks so much for another review!

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Review #9, by 1917farmgirl Her Only Choice

13th September 2013:
Here for the review swap.

Honestly, I have to say I'm very, very conflicted after reading this story. Not because of your writing, which is top notch, but just the subject matter.

I just...well, I don't really know what to say.

I have never been in a situation like this, been through what Lily did in this story, or even anything remotely close, so I have no right to judge, but I just can't fathom making that choice. Being in a situation that felt so bleak and hopeless that you felt like that was the only way out.

But, I know it happens, and things like this happen to someone and it makes me so incredibly sad that people - especially kids - can feel they are so worthless now that it would be better if they were gone. Because that is so wrong.

I'm sorry, this probably isn't the kind of review you were expecting and hoping for. I wish I could jump up and down with glee and gush about how much I loved this story, but I didn't love the story. It was painful and heartbreaking to read and I just wanted to reach into it and STOP Lily, and then hug her, or open the door and let her family in so they could stop her and get her the help she was crying out for and didn't know how to say.

Take that as a compliment to your writing. Well-written stories don't always make us like them, but they still invoke powerful emotions.

And, for the record, I just have to add that suicide is never the right answer. :( *hugs Lily*

Author's Response: Hi Farmgirl :)

I think everyone who's read this has felt conflicted in one way or another. Back when I was writing it I didn't realize how important it was but then I went back just to reread it and I couldn't believe what I wrote. It made me feel troubled as well.

I know. It would be so hard to make that decision, I can't even stand a paper cut - let alone a knife. Sometimes you just can't take it any more and I think Lily just couldn't.

I know, I wanted to stop Lily too. I wanted her to talk to someone but that's something most people refrain from doing. Because they're scared and... ah.

I know, it isn't the right answer. Ever.

Thanks for letting me know about how this story made you feel :)


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Review #10, by DragonWizard Her Only Choice

21st August 2013:
Hmmm. Sad.

Though I am wondering, why didnt they just blow the door down :P?

like you know... "...Just as Lily lifted the knife, she heard her dad scream, "REDUCTO!"..."

:p Overall, well written actually!

Author's Response: Hi there! (though you're actually in my basement at the moment...) lol Fahim ;P


Anyways, fair point but I would think Hogwarts dorm doors have better protection and a wizard - even if he is Harry Potter - wouldn't be able to blow the door open :P

I'm glad you liked it.
Just kidding :P


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Review #11, by randomwriter Her Only Choice

10th August 2013:
Hi there...
I'm still reeling from what I just read. This is dark and leaves a lasting impression on the reader. So much so, that you're left contemplating the happenings of the story even after it's ended.

I think you did a few things really well here. You used some simple words and phrases, but you managed to convey a world of meaning with just that. For example, her choice of word to describe herself-'filthy'. This shows how badly she was affected by whatever it is that pushed her to take this step.
Also, the moment where she summons her knife was absolute genius. That moment somehow stood for finality. Like she had made her mind up.

A little bit more background and description would help you improve upon this. But trust me, it's wonderful as it is, even now! :)

Author's Response: Hey!

I'm glad this one shot made you think. I think that's what some of the best stories do, they make you think after, about what you just read.

Thank you, thank you! My lack of vocabulary can sometimes be off putting, but, I'm happy you found the word choice well.

I think I will add some background info and definitely description when I go back to edit :D Thank you for your kind words RW!


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Review #12, by HeyMrsPotter Her Only Choice

7th August 2013:
Hi Nadia, I'm here to review your entry for my challenge.

I've been really enjoying reading dark and angsty stories lately so this was right up my street!

I thought you worked the quote in really naturally, sometimes with quote challenge entries I find the quote sticks out like a sore thumb but yours didn't, your writing had the same tone as the quote so it flowed easily. I liked that you repeated it too.

I think you described Lily's emotions brilliantly and the story of how she reached such a low point in her life was really heartbreaking. I loved that her family were there to try and stop her and I liked how you had each of them try a different approach. Harry was very in character in terms of being calm, I think he would be as a father. I would have liked to know how they knew what she was about to do, you said McGonagall contacted her parents but how did McGonagall know?

I only spotted one error but I know it's been pointed out in other reviews and that you're editing it :) I really enjoyed this one-shot, thanks so much for entering the challenge, keep your eyes peeled for the results!

Author's Response: Hey Dee!

Yeah, it's a good thing the quote was something I was able to work with :) I remember asking you for it almost ages ago, and then when I came back, I saw it and I thought that I could work with it. At the time I didn't realize it would be so easy to write, but once I started... And well, Her Only Choice happened.

Since this was mainly in Lily's point of view, she's unsure as how Prof Longbottom (I think that's who you meant? haha, I always imagined him becoming Head after McGonagall would retire) knew, but I always thought Al would've ran and told him. Again, since we only know the story from Lily's side of the door, I left it for the reader's to decide. I would be happy to include that though, when I go back for editing. Thank you for pointing it out!!

Yes, I haven't gotten to editing yet, though I will for sure. I'm glad you enjoyed this attempt, and thank YOU for creating this challenge, I had tons of fun writing it.

-Nadia :)

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Review #13, by MissMdsty Her Only Choice

29th July 2013:
Hey Nadia!

I saw this on your AP and the summary just caught my eye!

I have to say that this is some deep, dark, powerful stuff. I was shocked. My mouth was literally hanging wide open. You are good. Are you sure you just started writing? :)

I think you did an amazing job! The way in which she was so cut off from the world and even her own person, that the voices seemed distant. Those were powerful images and you did a great job of getting them across to the reader. The details of what happened were enough for a picture to be formed, but not too much, which is essential when writing something that deals with themes like this one.

All in all, I am blown away by this and I think you have some amazing potential! Keep on writing dear!


Author's Response:
Hey Ral!

I know, the banner's beautiful isn't it?

I'm blushing like, mad right now. I did just start writing, though I wish I joined this community earlier :D

Thank you for thinking I did justice to the quote, it just came to me the moment I read it. I didn't want to make any thing explicit or gory, so I'm glad you liked the lack of description and found it good enough to form a picture.

Ral, you're spoiling me! I expect reviews like this from everyone now! jkjk, but thank you, you are too kind!


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Review #14, by LittleLionGirl Her Only Choice

25th July 2013:
Oh my goodness! Poor Lily Luna. I don't agree with what she did- but I understand it. I am just sad no one else saw there was something wrong with the poor girl. I guess alohomora didn't work in this case. Yep crying a little bit- just super. I enjoyed all the raw emotion in this.

Author's Response:
No, Alohomora didn't. I'm sorry that I made you cry :( But I'm glad you still enjoyed it.


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Review #15, by missclaire17 Her Only Choice

19th July 2013:
You brought tears to my eyes with this one-shot. I don't even know where to begin because this was so heart-wrenchingly SAD.

Something that I really loved about your writing here is how you so convincingly told the reader that Lily really did believe that she was filth. There was such a huge contrast between who Lily thought she used to be and who Lily thought she was now. I think you portrayed that so wonderfully. Lily had a happy and carefree life and then the romance with the boy started off so innocent and so romantic until everything suddenly got so wrong. I liked the imagery of when you wrote black dripped from her eyes in all directions. It seems to portray that stark contrast. Mascara, makeup, a thing of the past, is now so messed up and getting crazily out of control. That imagery I got from those lines were very powerful.

It's interesting because it almost seems to me that Lily's mind was even more made up when Harry called her by her nickname because it seemed to remind Lily of what she used to be and what she didn't think she was anymore. Not to mention, the fact that she was looking at herself naked is a wonderful metaphor that you used. The scars that she had now only proved to Lily herself that she had lost who she used to be and being naked like that is such a good metaphor for all of the vulnerabilities that Lily was feeling, which can be extended to what her family was feeling.

This made me really sad because Lily genuinely believed that she was filth, that she had no way around it. That makes me really sad, but you did so well portraying that.

You did a beautiful job writing, despite how sad this one-shot was!

Author's Response:
Thank you missclaire17, I don't even know where to begin.

I'm glad you thought I made it possible for the reader to really feel for Lily. She really did change, anyone would.

My Lily Luna, was different from JKR's Lily Luna. Mine would probably not happen, fortunately. It's always a sensitive topic. I just read a fanfic on a different site and I've literally been scarred so badly because the character was indulging in acts and they were enjoying it and it's so, vulgar and obscene and I wish I never read it. It makes you feel disgusted on the inside. This person was enjoying it... Imagine being forced. Again, I'm not a great writer, I just know way too much about this because of the place I come from...

It's the society at the end of the day that make people who've been through this believe that they truly are filth. They get shunned and looked at weirdly.

Was this truly beautiful? I don't know. But I'm glad you felt for her, and that's what truly matters.


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Review #16, by Hannah Her Only Choice

18th July 2013:
I would love it if you could show what happened afterwards.

Author's Response:
Funnily enough, after I'm done my dramione novella, I'm thinking of writing a next gen novel. Whether or not this will be in it... I guess it depends. I was thinking one novella per year of school, and since this happened in Al's 7th year, it would take 6 novella's to get to this point...

We shall see Hannah!

I'm glad you liked it,
Nadia :D

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Review #17, by marauderfan Her Only Choice

18th July 2013:
Wow. This was really heartbreaking. You covered some very sensitive topics in this, and it's so sad that this is something that happens in real life as well. You captured the mood really well though - Lily's despair is very evident, her feelings of shame, and the distance she creates from the ones who love her.

The way you told this story was really powerful, especially how Lily was on one side of the door and her family on the other. The physical barrier there was really figurative as well - Lily is forcing everyone away emotionally as well as hiding behind the door - and if she'd only opened that door, they could have helped her and stopped her from going through with it.

The one CC I have is more of a nitpicky thing- when Albus says "come out this instance" I think you meant to say "instant".

What a sad story, but you did a remarkable job telling it. Well done.

Author's Response:
Hey marauderfan,

Thank you for thinking I was able to cover the whole mood of the story well, it was tough to write and make realistic as possible, but I'm glad you thought I did justice to it.

As far as the "instance" and "instant" thing goes, I'm sorry, I'll fix that! Kudos to you for pointing it out!

Thanks for taking the time to leave a review, I strive on them.

Yours truly,
Nadia :)

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Review #18, by Athene Goodstrength Her Only Choice

16th July 2013:
Oh wow, this *is* dark! There are some really very good aspects to your writing, particularly in your descriptions, and Lily's memories. The dialogue feels a little clichť, and we don't really get much of a sense of the characters personality... Perhaps you could extend this story a little and give us some insight into what Lily's like, apart from the awful things she's been through. You do a good job of portraying the Potters as a close family - maybe you could write a little about why Lily felt unable to tell them what had happened?

The 'accio knife' moment was really good, very simple yet foreboding.

Overall, this was a gripping and dramatic story with some really good descriptions.

Author's Response: Thank you! It feels so good seeing good constructive criticism from a well known author like yourself.
Cliche? I'll go fix that right now. Yeah... I kinda figured I should've maybe added a bit more description to my characters, so thank you for pointing it out - I'll go edit my work immediately.
With lots of gratitude,
Nadia :)

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Review #19, by teh tarik Her Only Choice

15th July 2013:
Hello there. Oh, this was a terribly painful and difficult story to read. It's very dark and very angsty of course, and it should be, seeing as you're dealing with such a difficult issue as self-harm and suicide and rape. Ugh, it's a very disturbing combination, and unfortunately, it does exist in real life.

I think you've captured Lily's sense of desperation and pain very well. How alone she must feel, despite being surrounded by loved ones, who will never be able to comprehend what she went through. The way you've described the bruises and marks on her body was very vivid and raw, and all the more disturbing because of the vividness.

It's so terribly tragic that Lily can't see that she is surrounded by people who care and who want to help her recover. I suppose the trauma was too hard to bear.

Great work.


Author's Response: I'm sorry if I grossed you out in any way
My details were quite vague, but gave enough visual help so the reader could see the emotion. I'm glad you saw it without me having to state it explicitly.
Exactly. If Lily talked to someone, she has a loving family, maybe things could have been different. And I think that's what people need to realize.
Thanks for taking the time to review teh,

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Review #20, by patronus_charm Her Only Choice

14th July 2013:
Hi there!

Wow that was such a deep and moving story, I found it really intriguing. I thought you handled the obviously sensitive topic really well. I pitied Lily so much with the shame she felt through the marks on her skin. It wasnít her fault, it was the person who caused itís fault, and that really made me tear up a little.

I liked the sort of spilt perspective with the voices in the background and her faintly recognising them but also her mental disillusion too. That was really great and showed what a bad way she was in, and the breakdown also acted as an excellent prelude to later on and how, in her mind, she really didnít have anything else she could do.

The ending was handled really well. Iím glad that you didnít go into more detail as it was poignant enough as it was. I thought this was a really great and moving story which I enjoyed.


Author's Response: Thank you so much Kiana.
Forunately, I've never known someone to go through that, and it's a terrible thing to happen and is happening right now. For me it's always easy for some reason,to write suicide because the person who will be doing it just has so many emotions. I feel so bad.
My ending...well yeah. I don't think I would've added anymore because then they wouldn't validate it, thank you for enjoying it. This review made me so happy. Thank you isn't enough.
- Nadia

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Review #21, by LadyL8 Her Only Choice

14th July 2013:
Wow. That was one heartbreaking one-shot.

I'm just speechless right now.

This was really good. I don't even have any words right now. This was just spectacular.

I don't usually read about topics that are so sensitive. But I liked reading this one. I could really connect with Lily. I could feel her pain, her wish to escape it all. It was just so well-written.

My favourite moments was actually when her brother Albus said: "Do you hear mum out here." It was just such a realistic thing to say (at least I think so. I have fortunately never been in that situation). And I just loved how the family reacted, how desperate they were to change her mind.

It was just good. I don't have much else to say. Good job! :)

Yours Sincerely

Author's Response: Thank you LadyL8,
Your lack of words, when you say "speechless" makes, speechless as well.
Yeah, Lily really needed to get out. But it makes us wonder whether she could have gotten it over it, if she just talked to someone.
Thanks a lot.
Lots of love and gratitude,

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Review #22, by Courtney Dark Her Only Choice

14th July 2013:
Oh wow, what a powerful piece of writing!

There's honestly not much I can say about this as I am quite speechless right now, although I can tell you that your writing was spectacular. And I think you wrote that ending absolutely perfectly, too. I like the way you didn't go into the gory details, didn't even tell us exactly what had happened, just told us that Lily had picked up the knife. And then the line 'And then all went black' ended this one-shot perfectly. It was almost...poetic, in a dark, sinister kind of way.

I think the fact that her family was all outside the door, hammering away, added a lot of intensity to this piece, which was great. I am actually amazed at how you managed to pack so many feelings and emotions into such few words!

Great work!


Author's Response: The power of words eh? It amuses me. Just like the power of this review to make me so...happy.
I couldn't bear going into details.. it's so dark and I couldn't bear going through that. I'm still "little" (almost literally, I just qualify as a teen), but I'm glad you thought my lack of details as poetic and not bad.
Thanks a bunch,

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Review #23, by luvinpadfoot Her Only Choice

14th July 2013:
Oh wow that was just spectacular.

You've left me speechless.

That was such a powerful piece of writing, it really was. It felt so real, Lily's pain and how you alluded to everything that had happened without spelling it out.

And her parents and family outside the door just broke my heart. I wanted so badly for them to get in and save her. But it was just brilliant.

It just felt so real. Not at all over dramatic, just real. And HeyMrsPotter had better like this because it was perfection.

I want to gush on and on some more about it, but I don't know what to say. I was breathless by the end. It was just amazing, really.

Author's Response: This is my, fourth(?) spectacular, and I'm on cloud nine.
Thank you for feeling all that I wanted you to feel. Thank you for thinking this was perfection though it really wasn't.
I, Nadia, want to gush on and on some more about this review, but even I'm speechless.
Thank you for taking your time to make my day,

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Review #24, by BluebirdBrigade Her Only Choice

14th July 2013:
Wow, you really delicately told a very serious topic and is an issue in today's society. I love the way you explored the dialogue and you had some great descriptions about the bruises and the scars and how much of an impact they had on her on the inside. She is clearly quite damaged after what she has been through and I felt truly sorry for her. I really sympathised with Lily and hoped that she would find the strength to make it through. The ending was sad and harsh but delicately done.

As CC I'd say work a little on your grammar as there was a little bit of confusion in your tenses. There were times when you lost focus but you brought it back and it was an enjoyable read :)

Author's Response: Thank you for the constructive critism, nobody ever tells me the flaws -.- so
I have nothing to work on.
I'm glad you liked it even though it was dark, and sinister...
Thanks for staying with Lily until the very end,

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Review #25, by blackballet Her Only Choice

12th July 2013:
This is so great. I loved you use of the quote and guess what? I'm also enrolled in the challenge! Good luck to you, I'm sure you'll do well.

Author's Response: Thank you!
I hope to check out your story as well!
Good luck ;)

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