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Review #1, by HufflePuff_Blitz Platform Nine and Three-Quarters

29th July 2014:
Review Swap Activate.
I really enjoyed this chapter. It is simple to read but has a lot of emotion to it.
I like this new confident Neville, it shows more of his Gryffindorness.
I didn't know Terry had died! It made me really sad, he was one of those more unknown characters that we know practically nothing about.
I really enjoyed this, and I plan on reading the next chapter soon. :)
Great work!

Author's Response: Thanks for the swap! I'm glad you liked it. I don't think Terry dying is canon, I think I added that. I think. I don't remember exactly.

Thanks again!

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Review #2, by Ohpl May: Part I

17th July 2014:
Loving this story.I hope you update soon.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reading and reviewing! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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Review #3, by UnluckyStar57 Hoggy Warty Hogwarts

16th April 2014:
Hello once again! :D

I meant to ask in the last chapter, but I forgot: Why is this story called "Escaping the Acheron"? I had a feeling that the word was vaguely Greek, and a quick search of the internet revealed that it's the word for a river of pain... Oh wait. I might have just answered my own question. So basically, everyone's swimming in a river of pain right now. They can see the thestrals, for Merlin's sake! Ravenclaw Tower is gone--WHY?!?! :/ Everything is different, and now they need to escape from it all and go back to witches and wizards and magical beasts... Wait a second... :P But is that a correct interpretation of the title? :)

Okay, tangent over. As I mentioned before, the thestrals and Ravenclaw Tower. No. Just no. That's way too sad and now I'm mad at you for making me feel these feels. >:[ However, I understand that those sights were probably what the students were greeted with. It just saddens me so much that parts of the castle can't even be rebuilt. :'(

One suggestion: Is the Headmistress supposed to be McGonagall? If so, could you possibly mention that? I was a little confused at first, but then I figured that it was probably McGonagall. She's the most likely candidate!

Awww, the Sorting Hat sang the same song that he did when they were first years! That's so precious! Speaking of precious, when Hermione poked fun at Neville for writing down the common room passwords, I fell in love with this version of Neville a little bit more. I don't know why. This is really a bad thing, because now I've got a crush on a fanfiction character and it's YOUR fault! :P

Hahaha, just kidding. :)


For the Huffleclaw-Ravenpuff Eggstravaganza.

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks for another great review!!

Yep! River of pain.

Very straight-forward. I like references mythology. I named Minerva's brother Apollo.

It's okay to be mad at me, haha!

It can be rebuilt, it's just not easy!

Oh. Yes. That would probably be helpful. Honestly, this is on a little bit of a hiatus right now, so editing probably won't happen. If you keep reading, you'll notice that I've edited through chapter 3 or 4, then it'll get... iffy, then around chapter 7 my writing improves again.

I'm glad you liked the song. Honestly, it was sort of a cop-out because I'm too afraid to try to write one myself.

You're not the first person to have a crush on one of the characters I write, haha.

By the way, I think it's really great that you're writing so many reviews and they're good, full ones, like this. You're going way beyond the five-line minimum, so you're basically a superhero.

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Review #4, by UnluckyStar57 Platform Nine and Three-Quarters

16th April 2014:
Hello! Hoppy Eggstravaganza! I think we're on opposite teams, but I'm reviewing at you anyways... More reviews for my team, hahaha. ;)

So I really should have been reading this story all along, because I think that it's great!! You've got me hooked with just this first chapter!

Oooh, in the beginning, the look that George was going to give Fred... (But there was no Fred...) IT WILL NEVER NOT BE TOO SOON, if that makes any sense. Such sadness! :(

Look at Neville, being all authoritative and leadership-y! He's my favorite character right now. The War has certainly changed him, made him tougher and sadder, jsut as it has everyone else. I can definitely see the Herbology Professor that he will eventually become. :)

Hermione's former ambitions of becoming Head Girl obviously mean nothing now. It's funny what perspective and time can do to the goals people used to have. It's sad that she had to change so drastically, but I am sure that she's somewhat changed for the better--she's no longer the obnoxious know-it-all that Ron and Harry knew in first year.

Your characterization is brilliant, and the grammar is so fantastic! I love it when authors do that. :)

Review at you later! :D


For the Huffleclaw-Ravenpuff Eggstravaganza.

Author's Response: Hoppy Eggstravaganza. Hoppy. Oh my gosh. That's fantastic.


I'm laughing.

That's so sweet!!


I love Neville! I'm glad you liked what I did with him, as well as the development Hermione went through.

You're so kind!! I try to work really hard on characterization, so I'm pleased that you thought I did a good job!

Thank you for such a nice review! It put a huge smile on my face!!!


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Review #5, by toomanycurls Birthday Surprises

10th March 2014:

Yay for birthdays!! It cracks me up that Ginny got Hermione a "Quidditch for Dummies" book. :P I mean, that's what it sounds like at least. It's a kind thought at least.

Neville's gift is sweet. I like his self-depricating humor with the pot of dirt. Um, I think it being dead should be a clear what it means about her and post-war healing.

I really like that Hermione and Ron are keeping up with letters. Part of me thinks there could be more between Hermione and Neville. But that's probably just me. :)

I can imagine Jeremy's disquiet at sounding like an American if he's not one. It's kind of funny. Hermione's really nice to tutor someone. Apart from helping Ron and Harry, she didn't really seem to be a tutoring person in the books. It's terribly sad that Jeremy lost his family in the war. :( hopefully he and Neville can support each other.

The visit to Hagrid is a bit bitter sweet. I felt bad for Hagrid that Hermione cut him off his reminicising - though I imagine she had quite enough mourning at that point and wanted to move on. I really liked his point about how she didn't go out there to fight - just to be loyal to her friends. I'm glad that she's starting think about her plant and her overall wellbeing.


Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing :)

Haha, yup, pretty much a Quidditch for Dummies book!!

Neville is a sweatheart. And Ron and Hermione do try to keep up with letters. Hermione and Neville... that's a thought, but not sure about that here ;)

The fact that Jeremy spent time in America ends up being important, but I felt so awkward because OC's showing up from America is such a cliche and urrghh!!!

Hagrid is understanding. He'll always be there for them.

Hermione is going to do a lot of self-discovery:)

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Review #6, by Barry Hogsmeade

8th February 2014:
At first something bothered me about this chapter but I couldn't figure out what. Then I reread it and it hit me. It isn't that Hermione doesn't want to get married but its that she just keep making up reasons not to and expects Ron to be okay with stuff that doesn't make sense.

I mean, you cannot turn down someone's proposal and then swear you'll love them forever and expect people to believe it.

Now you have an interesting conundrum because once a guy proposes and gets shot down he's not going to propose again.

Author's Response: Hey, thanks so much for taking the time to read and review.

I agree that in most cases, at this point they would have a really really difficult time ever reconciling their relationship.

In this case, though, after the traumas that they've been through, any sort of commitment like that is just too much for Hermione to handle. She really needs to understand who she is. That doesn't mean that she doesn't love him.

Loving someone and being ready to marry them are two different things. Ron is a little overzealous and has trouble seeing the difference. She's young and she's still in school. I think most people would say no (or later break off the engagement) in this situation.
And, because of that, this will not be the last time that Ron proposes.

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Review #7, by toomanycurls Finding a Place to Sleep

6th February 2014:

I'm so excited to see how Ron and Harry interact here.

Oh poor Harry with the drinking and miserableness. :( :( Reading Hogwarts: A History is an interesting choice.

I'm glad Ron finally hit a roof with Harry's abismal behavior. I'm hoping he knocks some sense into him!

It's sad that Harry is still having weird visions/dreams of Voldemort. I'm curious what that will do in the story long term.

Whoo!! go Ron with the good arguments! I love his arguments and just how much Ron has beeng going through after the war - and that Harry isn't the only one suffering. Harry is quite dark and empty - that's a brilliant way to put it.

:-o is Harry going to go pick up some chick?!?! dude - Harry is uber creepy and uh wow. And she's married!?!? and lives with her husband and kids still!? o.o Harry needs help. doesn't have anywhere to live or is he bed surfing by drugging chicks?

Is the bit with Ginny a nightmare?!?! ah, his life is just so horrific right now. :(

Incredible chapter! I hope Harry is savable still. Have you been indenting all the chapters? It looks a bit wonky in this chapter (but that could just be me.)


Author's Response: Ron and Harry were so fun to write.

Harry is so angsty. He also needs some help. But he's also angsty.

The visions will do a lot long-term:)

YAY RON. He's suffered a lot. Everyone has.

Yes. He's actually couch surfing, more. He hasn't actually been doing anything with them, though.

And yeah. Really creepy. Also he needs some serious help.

Yes. Nightmare.

Harry is Harry is Harry.

NOPE. HAVEN'T BEEN. This was from my... ahem... earlier days. This is pretty much unedited. Need to edit. The ones before this have been reedited.

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Review #8, by Infinityx May: Part I

6th February 2014:
Hi! I was going through my reviews and I came across the ones on this story and I realized that it's been a while since I checked up on this one! Then I saw that this chapter was up and couldn't resist reading it. :)

This felt a bit disconnected since the last chapter was left at a different place entirely. But the chapter itself was wonderful. I especially love the way you've written Hermione's feelings when she looks upon Remus and Tonks. It was such a beautifully written, overwhelmingly sad moment.

I love how you included that small conversation with Harry and Molly, followed by the moment between him and Ginny. I spotted a small spelling error there.
She shifted in his seat and told her about the Hallows, focusing on the stone.
It should be he shifted and not she.

Also, you've capitalized the first letter of living and dead when describing Hermione's thoughts while in the Great Hall. That threw the flow of the story a bit. And also there was the line
He was busy being Living.
The L is capitalized here as well. Also, shouldn't it be He was busy being alive?

The final scene between Hermione and Ron also seemed a little odd after the falling out in the previous chapter. I don't know your thinking behind this chapter, but I'm sure you have a good reason for writing it the way it is.

I love the final scene though, even if it is a bit odd. Once again, you've shown me a side of Ron that I wouldn't have imagined to be present. He is just the sweetest, most tender and caring person! I can't believe he's the same boy who used to have the emotional range of a teaspoon. (Note that I typed 'used to.' :D) You're doing a wonderful job at making me change my opinion of him!

I'm sorry if I was too harsh here with all the CC. Overall, it was a very well written chapter and I enjoyed it a lot. Keep writing! I'm curious about how this story will progress from here.

- Erin. :)

Author's Response: Hey, thanks for reviewing. Sorry I've taken so long to get back... oh gosh, two months...

I don't agree with all of your critiques, but it's still nice that you took the time to point them out and write the review.


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Review #9, by Rumpelstiltskin Finding a Place to Sleep

5th February 2014:
Hello darling, here for swapping purposes! :D

Ergh, so many feels with the conversation between Harry and Ron. On one hand, yes, Harry should attempt to visit Teddy, and not close himself off from his friends. On the other hand, Harry's displaying some serious symptoms of PTSD. It sounds like he needs some help, but he's outright refusing help...and Ron's just trying to help him! :(

So, Harry's attempting to deal with his stuff via other *ahem* avenues, like drinking and, er -- *ahem* Sarah.

O.O Well, isn't that a predicament to wake up in. It would almost be funny, if Harry wasn't so emotionally and mentally messed up at the moment.

Speaking of, oh yes...that whole Ginny thing...Harry definitely needs some help.

Someone's going to help him right? Tell me!

Anyway, fantastic job...that was a lot of feels. I really just want to help Harry. Get Ginny, we'll nurse him back to mental stability!


Author's Response: Yay for really late responses...


Harry has issues.

I really need to go back and clarify this...

Harry hasn't actually been *ahem*ing anyone. He just gets girls to let him in their place because he's currently homeless. He gives them a sleeping potion and crashes on their couch.


Although if I do end up abandoning this, I'll be happy to give away the ending.

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Review #10, by toomanycurls Unexpected

5th February 2014:

I just kind of zoomed through this chapter the first time I read it. At least i didn't end up crying this time. :P (thankyouthankyouthankyou)

aw, I like that Hermione was imaging being next to Ron. That's just too cute! Being woken up by an owl (especially at that early hour) would be horrible. I don't even like my cats to wake me up that early and they're soft, cute, and lovey dovey.

Ack! Harry! I'm glad that next chapter involves Ron going to see Harry and hopefully kicking his behind into gear. Harry's distance must be especially difficult for Ginny. It's hard not to feel responsible for the good old love interest being so emotionally isolated.

Hermione's flashback to her gpa was quite sad. :( That's such a good way to explain death to a well-read child.

:D I like that they're not just sitting at their house tables. Of course Hermione never thought to sit with anyone other than Ron and Harry. Hermione's idea of a light workload is of course more work than most people take on ever.

It would be a bit awkward to only be 5 years older than your oldest students. Especially if one of them had walked in on you snogging. I felt horrible for Hermione as she struggled in transfiguration. I'll be interested to see how that resolves through the year. At least some parts of school are the same - whoo for winning points!

I know I mentioned this before (or i thought about it) but I really admire that fixing the castle isn't easy peasy and done right away.

Awesome chapter!!


Author's Response: Hey, I'm once again trying to respond to reviews!!

Haha, I'm glad that you didn't cry this time :P.

Hermione luuurv Ron.

Yes, this whole ordeal is very hard on Ginny.

Hermione lurv Ron and Harry. She never sat with anyone else!!

I've actually had a teacher that was a senior when I was a freshman and... yes. Awkward.

Thanks so much!

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Review #11, by toomanycurls The Shopkeeper

5th February 2014:

I can't help but wonder how long until Ron loses it... :D I'm not particularly moved by Ron's customer service. :P He seems to be giving a perfunctory run-through. Then you had to go hit me in the feels again with Fred. I do like how George was able to turn his own fame around to make it about Ron and his friendship with Harry. haha, *that* Ron.

Ouch - the stool thing. I can imagine George would want to preserve Fred's space. but, ouch. oh and that's nothing next to his declaration that Ron and Lee can't replace Fred - they're not trying to! I agree that time will help him get back to a more stable state. There's not going back though.

!! A family dinner! I can't tell you how happy it makes me that so many of them are there. haha, of course Mr. Weasley is surprised the muggles have news.

So, I'm reading this at work and you're causing me to cry at my desk with George not being able to look in the mirror. Gah! His poor fist. I'm glad they're not telling Molly about that.

oh dear, I think Molly nearly exploded from squee at the announcement that she'll be a grandma. It is such a happy thing to happen around so much grief.

I'm so happy Ron is chasing after Harry!

Oh this chapter was just fantastic! Minus the crying a bit at my desk...


Author's Response: Yay! I'm responding to review and like half of them are yours... XD.

Shush. Ron does what he can.

Awww, I'm sorry about the crying at your desk, ahhha.

Time will help him, yes.

FAMILY DINNER YES!! I imagine them all trying to get closer to each other after the Battle.

Molly wants to be a Gran so much!! Ever since Ginny went to Hogwarts she's been waiting for her first grandbaby.

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Review #12, by MidnightBlue_x The Chaser

5th February 2014:
Back again! I'm going to get started right away on the review.

I absolutely loved reading about the younger Weasleys. I couldn't even tell you who I liked the most in the scene- all of them were just brilliant and cute and I just can't pick. I admit, I totally wasn't expecting a scene like this but I love it so much. I think it's one of my favourites so far in the story. That being said, I loved the Quidditch game as well. Usually, I'm not the biggest fan of Quidditch matches in fics but I think you did really well with yours. It was short and sweet and I actually enjoyed reading it. I have to say, I loved Arthur in those bits- he's just brilliant.

I like how you switched back to 'present day', though I would suggest maybe putting a line break between the two times because for the first line or so it's a little bit confusing. Of course, it's up to you though. I liked seeing Angelina- I feel like she's a character that never really gets mentioned, so I really liked getting to know a little bit more about her. I really hope we get to see a bit more of her in future chapters (and that she gets better!)

Again, wonderful chapter and I apologise for taking so long to get to this. If I haven't scared you away with my slowness, then feel free to re-request!

x Ely

Author's Response: Thanks for the reviews!

I'm glad that you liked the bit with the young Weasleys. I loved writing it, they're so much fun.

That's a really good suggestion. I'm currently going through edits, and I'll make that change when I get to this chapter (ugh, editing is so difficult!)

I love Angelina!! She probably won't show up too too much in this one, but enough for me to not feel guilty.

Yay! I'm probably going to go re-request right now:D

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Review #13, by MidnightBlue_x Birthday Surprises

5th February 2014:
Hi! This is ElysiumJayne from the forums here to do your reviews.

First of all, I want to sincerely apologise for the fact that it's taken me over a month to get to these reviews. To be quite honest with you, I've just been incredibly lazy lately, especially where HPFF is concerned. I'm so sorry that I haven't gotten to these before now, but let's get started on those reviews anyway.

I have to say, I've actually really missed reading your story and I didn't even notice how much until I started reading again. I think the story and your writing style is very easy to slip into and it's very enjoyable to read. I absolutely adore how you write Hermione and Neville and all the others. I'm really interested to see how things are going to progress for each of them from here. I'm especially interested to see where you take things with Jeremy, I sense that he might become more important alter on? I might be wrong, though.

Anyway, this was a really nice and simple chapter- I liked it. I can't wait to see what's going to happen next! Sorry again for taking such a ridiculously long time to get to this!

x Ely

Author's Response: Don't worry about the delay! I'd honestly forgotten about them, so this was a nice surprise:) And I'm also incredibly lazy. Almost all my requested reviews start with some form of "sorry I took so long".

Things... well things will progress:). I'm glad you like Neville!

Jeremy is important:) I wouldn't've introduced him if he wasn't ;)

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Review #14, by toomanycurls Hoggy Warty Hogwarts

4th February 2014:

I hadn't thought about the thestrals now being visible to so many students. :( Way to start off with a poke to my feels. Then there's Neville who has put up with the sight of them for the last 7 years - he really is such a brave guy.

You're doing an excellent job pulling in realistic reprecussions of the battle. It's not just poof, fixed but you're not glossing over what they'll have to deal with for the castle and students.

:D Of course Neville has the grace to clap for a Slytherin student.

It's quite significant that Hermione is a bit out of words to say to Ron and Harry at the moment. Hermione hasn't seen insider trading laws I suppose. :P

I really like that I can feel the relationship tension between Ron and Hermione already. You do a great job showing her as an independant person. Harry is quite frustrating (while absent) because of his isolationism. I LOVE Neville in this story - he was robbed of his chance to shine in DH and you're giving it to him here.


Author's Response: Yaaay!!

But a poke in the feels is the best way to start it off!!

I'm glad that you thought the way I've portrayed the castle and everything is realistic.

Neville. He's my favorite. I need to write more Neville.

There is tension between Ron and Hermione, but there's also a lot of love. Harry is extremely frustrating. I honestly don't really like writing him (I mean, we already have seven books), so that particular plot point is nice for me:).

Neville. Hearts everywhere. He doesn't shine as much in this as I wish he could, but I've tried to give him some really nice moments and he'll come in later, as well.

I'm really happy that you're reading my novel. You're gonna be so mad.

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Review #15, by love_is_magic_ May: Part I

2nd February 2014:
Oh my goodness, where to even begin.
Okay, I guess I'll start by saying I loved loved loved it :) Now I suppose I should tell you why.
Firstly, the whole thing was just written so well. I honestly struggle (as you know) with making things make sense. (

Author's Response: Hey, just wanted to thank you for the review once again! And it's no problem about the issues you had posting. All reviews are appreciated, regardless of medium:)

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Review #16, by Rumpelstiltskin Unexpected

1st February 2014:
Hai! I'm here for our swap (and because I have some serious catching up to do).

Well, that's certainly a downer. If I were expecting to be woken up with cuddles, and instead was woken up by an owl biting my fingers, I would be miffed. Seriously!

Then, oh Harry. He's still not doing too well then, is he? :( Post-war issues, oh how I love it when you hurt me! I understand why Ginny would want to know, but it was probably best not to get her hopes up. Harry needs a sirius hug (literally :p).

Oh yeah, explaining death to a child is difficult. Until a certain age they don't understand much past they wont be able to see the person/animal again (which you explained perfectly). I remember when my little cousin's dog died and my auntie had to try to explain to her what death was -_-, it's never a fun conversation to have.

The funerals, the memories of those people who are now dead...and oh the feels. Rumpel's going to need hot chocolate after this one :(. It's just all so...sad.

It's so odd, seeing them back at school. It is even more odd that Harry and Ron aren't accompanying Hermione for the school year! It kind of gives everything that pseudo-normalcy feel (and it's eerie -- in a good way).

Penelope Clearwater, Professor ;), awesome.

I think Hermione's struggle might have something to do with post-war stress that she's dealing with :(. Poor Hermione.

That is a ridiculous tedious task. The castle is going to take forever to rebuild that way O.O. It makes sense, with all of the enchantments placed on it. It is still tedious. Well, the castle does need to be rebuilt for Hogwarts to continue.

Oh. :( Great chapter, but I don't know whether I should be happy or sad...I suppose I should be both (it's an odd sort of feeling).

Also, there is definitely an improvement from the last time I read a chapter...someone has been editing :D!


Author's Response: Haha, don't worry about feeling like you have to read everything that I post :p

Ugh, I'd be annoyed!


Even to a bright child like Hermione, death is a really difficult topic.

I think there are less feels in some of the later chapters... maybe more... maybe the same, but different.

Yeah, it's really weird writing Hermione at school without Harry. We only ever see Hermione from his view, so I'm like... what does she DO during the day?!

Clearwater. Yup.

Hermione's got lots of post-war stress, yup!

Building the castle will be both a tedious task and a point of plot.

Thanks for reviewing!
I've been doing LOTS of editing. Just up till 5 or 6... but I'll be taking advantage of the short queue! today!

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Review #17, by toomanycurls Platform Nine and Three-Quarters

1st February 2014:
Yay for review swapping!!

Hearing about Hermione's 7th year and her road to love with Ron will be quite exciting for me!

I like the grief and tension at the train station. Molly's desire for Ginny to take a year off felt especially realistic to me. The hint of George spending a lot of time alone made me so sad. I imagine he's struggling the most (or close to the most) with unbearable grief. I am kind of curious what the employment pool did with so many un-qualified witches/wizards after the Battle of Hogwarts.

Hermione's perception of all that has changed is quite moving - especially her observation that people now hold a deep level of respect for Neville. :D and it's quite awesome that Neville and Hermione are head boy/girl!!! I can see how after going through everything last year, getting a badge would seem a bit empty.

Oh I have a feeling that this year will be quite complex and hard for her (and everyone else).

I'm so excited to be in yer novels, readin' yer werds.


Author's Response: You had to start my novel! I'll have to keep swapping with you to force you to keep reading:)

It's a bumpy road. And this story isn't just about her and Ron. There's a bit more to it. I do have a short story that I'm writing which is purely their story, though.

George's struggles are detailed in later chapters:)

Neville, yay!

Yay for readin' me werds!

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Review #18, by Dylan May: Part I

30th January 2014:
This story is awesome and you're awesome at writing kay bye!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for taking the time to leave me a review! I will keep writing! I hope you keep reviewing :)

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Review #19, by LightLeviosa5443 Birthday Surprises

16th January 2014:
This is getting funny, everytime I finish reading a chapter and am about to hit review I check to see if someone has beat me to posting, and each time they do. Oh man oh man.

Well, I'm leaving a review anyways because this chapter was fantastic.

The flower so interesting and so like Neville to give her something like that. I really loved the characterization you showed in this chapter. I enjoy seeing Ginny and Hermione being so close and really sisterly. It's a nice touch and something I wish that we had had more of in the real books.

Your characterization of Hagrid, btw, is like, spot on. Loved it. I loved the way that you did his dialogue, the way he acted. It was just brilliant.

xoxo Sarah

Author's Response: You're so nice!! I love getting reviews from you! (I'm pretty sure you're like half of my reviews. haha, that's okay!)

Yeah, some people always portray Hermione and Ginny as sort of friendly, but not really friends. I like to think that they're pretty close. They both always wanted a sister:)

Ahhh thank you! I was so worried about Hagrid! He's so hard to write!

Thank you so much!!

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Review #20, by LightLeviosa5443 Finding a Place to Sleep

16th January 2014:
BvB Review Battle!

Wow! So this chapter was much different from what I was expecting. I expected Ron to get mad at Harry and for Harry to concede and go with Ron. That is not what happened, and I kind of loved it.

There was a sort of scary madness to Harry that made me want to bundle him up and strap him to a bed until he came to his senses. The scene in the cafe with the couple was probably the strongest part of the story. I was really wrapped up and involved in the story by then, and I think I was just as surprised and confused and crazed as Harry was when he realized the woman wasn't Ginny. But then the chapter ended and I came back to the reality of not being Harry Potter.


Great chapter, I loved it. I love your characterization, and the flow of everything. I love how Harry is so emotionally damaged, and Ron is as loyal as ever. I hope we see Harry make a turn around soon! It's sad seeing him like this!

xoxo Sarah

Author's Response: Awww, thanks so much for the review:)
I'm glad that it wasn't exactly what you thought would happen... that's hopefully not the first time you'll be surprised by events ;)

To be honest, we won't see much of Harry at all for a while.
Thanks for such a nice review, I hope you keep reading!

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Review #21, by SkyEcho Platform Nine and Three-Quarters

13th January 2014:
Hi Kenpo!

You have a great start to your story here! I think you've really captured the atmosphere after the war really well. It was so sad to read those little mentions of those who've passed - yet the inclusions don't seem forced or out of place. I really loved how you showed the deep bond between Ron and Hermione. When Ron writes the letter to Hermione so that she'll receive it when she gets to Hogwarts, I thought that was just about the sweetest thing :) It was also nice to see Neville in his new leadership role. Hermione must feel a bit out of place with all the new changes - and I like that the reader feels those things right along with her. I can't wait to see what happens next!

-SkyEcho *Hufflepuff, 2014*

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the great review:D

I'm so glad that I was able to convey that much, and that you didn't think it was cliche or over-dramatic.

Neville. I love Neville. I'm really trying to show how he's changed into a leader, but at the same time isn't a completely different person.

I can't say thank you enough times!

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Review #22, by Jas Hogsmeade

12th January 2014:
Argh this story is actually so amazing!Please keep writing! i actually love Hermione's teaching classes! Anyways i cant wait for the next chapter to come out! :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much!!!

I've got chapter 11 ready to post! It'll probably be up later this month because I'm currently editing the first ten chapters (I notice so many typos and they bother me so much), and I want to finish editing before posting anything new. I hope you keep reading even after the really long break between updates! Thanks again for the review:)

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Review #23, by LightLeviosa5443 Unexpected

10th January 2014:
Woah, poor Hermione. That must be a real awful change, not being able to do the spells that were once so easy for you. I hope she gets them back soon, I can't imagine a broken Hermione for long. She's not the type to let something like that sit.

Oof, what a crummy way to rebuild the castle. I hope they find a good way to get around the problem! Our tower needs to be rebuilt! Had to throw that one in! ;)

I'm really really liking this story. I'm totally adding it to my currently reading so that once I write these next couple of chapters (because I went to go get tea and upon smelling it was struck with inspiration) I can spam review this story and read all of the chapters!

Yup. That's gonna happen. Get ready.

xoxo Sarah

Author's Response: Hermione has gone through a lot. You're right, she isn't the type of person to just let it sit:)

The tower will be rebuilt. Can't give away how:)

Yaay! Feel free to spam me with reviews. You're so sweet:D

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Review #24, by LightLeviosa5443 The Shopkeeper

10th January 2014:
This chapter was wondiferous!

I really enjoyed how you went through Ron's daily life. Especially being confused for Fred, and then the awkwardness, and then the realisation that he's Harry Potter's best friend. It was a good transition and was very believable.

I think the scenes with George are very powerful. Some people show him breaking down, some people show him perfectly fine. I think yours is a more believable medium between the two. Obviously losing a twin and the war in general is going to have emotional affects on someone, but I think Fred and George were definitely closer than the average twins. So I like how you portrayed him dealing with loss and what now.

Oh Bill and Fleur, so cute. Molly is too funny, I love love loved the clock scene too. Uh oh. Harry is in twubble! You go Ron! You get him!

xoxo Sarah

Author's Response: Haha, thanks:)
I love Ron. He's my favorite. I always wonder what it's actually like to be Ron, since we see him through Harry's POV.

I'm glad you thought George was believable.

Harry definitely is in twubble.

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Review #25, by LightLeviosa5443 Hoggy Warty Hogwarts

10th January 2014:
Ravenclaw BvB Review Battle!

So much fun!

So, I kind of forgot how much I liked this story, because so much goes on, and I keep reading so many different stories with these swaps. But I love this. I honestly have only ever seen one other story set with characters going back to school after the war, and it only had one chapter up. This story is refreshingly nice and incredibly believable.

I really appreciated the details you put into the story, and that you took into consideration the magic that built Hogwarts. I felt like the story would've been a tad unrealistic if they had rolled up to the castle and it had been as if the war never happened. It takes more than a few months to rebuild a castle.

I also really liked how you had the characters react to the thestrals. That's a detail I honestly probably wouldn't have thought of. We read the books in Harry's POV, so seeing the Thestrals was kind of a norm. Clearly not so much for everyone else.

Neville is so cute. Are Hermione and Neville prefects? Is Ginny a prefect? Are you going to introduce a headboy and head girl or just leave that blank?

Sorry, so many questions. This story is just so intriguing.

I love reading your stories.

They're fabulous. This story was fabulous. Excuse me while I go read every other chapter you've posted because I enjoyed this one so much.

xoxo Sarah

Author's Response: Ahhh, I came on here and saw that I had reviews from you:D. I've been meaning to spam you with a bunch of reviews... ;)

I'm glad you think this story is believable!
Hermione and Neville and Head Girl and Boy.
Ginny, Luna, Anthony, Jeremy (OC), Hannah, and Ernie are Prefects.

You're too sweet!! Thank you:D!

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