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Review #1, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Travel Bug

10th April 2015:
"I've always kind of thought it'd be sexy to see you dress up as a snake charmer."

^ Ah! Gagging. This was marvelous. I've never read a story where Blaise has been so...happy! I loved their back and forth and why he wouldn't go to this country or that country. I was really expecting him to just lay down the law and say no to traveling all together. I was plesantly surprised when he said Greece. I LOVE Greece! Blaise kind of reminds me my boyfriend though. Doesn't want to travel and makes up these ridiculous remarks as to why. His favorite one is because it's too hot or too far and there are people. People! I mean really.

I was surprised when he proposed to her at the end. It was a sweet surprise though. I have a warm and fuzzy feeling now for Blaise and Hermione. I might have to search the archives for some more of them. Thanks for an awesome story!

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Review #2, by Helga Hufflepuff Travel Bug

8th March 2015:
Hello dear!

Heehee I will not be surprised if Hermione's books take up at least a portion of every room in the house! That's just who she is.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting some sunlight, but I also understand the love of home. That's why when I designed my common room, I made sure there was always sunlight in the homey type of room.

"Plus, I find it funny how uptight you get about it." In non AU, I can hear someone (maybe Ron if he was a bit wittier) saying this to Hermione about something like this! Although I don't see non AU Hermione as being as strict to routine as Blaise.

I enjoyed how the vacation turned into a honeymoon; even before Hermione knew what was happening! But I'm glad it turned into a honeymoon. The proposal at the end was a lovely surprise!


Author's Response: Thank you Helga for your review! I thought it'd be funny to explore a man with a lot of the stereotypical Hermione traits that fanfic often displays. I find that I often read about her being neurotic and one-dimensionally bossy. It was nice to pair her with someone that made her seem like the relaxed one in the relationship! I really enjoyed that part of Blaise.


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Review #3, by Rumbleroar goes roar Travel Bug

20th September 2013:
I got such a sense of cosiness with the description at the start of this story. It really made me want to cuddle up with a hot chocolate on a rainy day :) Yet, this soon changed to a feeling of wanting to go on holiday as the story continued. Haha!
Aww this was such a funny, cute story. Really enjoyed it. I love the part about not liking snakes haha. Especially, "And you were in Gryffindor, but I don't think you'd shove your head in a lion's mouth or lock yourself in a cage with one, would you?" Touche, Blaise. ;)
Yeah... I think I've just developed a love for the Hermione/Blaise ship!

Author's Response: I'm so happy! I like Hermione with snarky men. I think it balances out her personality. Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #4, by magnolia_magic Travel Bug

31st July 2013:
Hi Amanda! You did such a great job with this pairing. I've never read it before, and I'm glad your story was my first experience with Hermione/Blaise :)

I absolutely love the way you've written Hermione here. She's still herself, I can tell, but age seems to have mellowed her out a bit. I love that she has to convince Blaise to go along with her wanderlust, and I LOVED their interactions together as a couple.

Your Blaise is my absolute favorite portrayal I've ever seen of him. Granted, I haven't read much Blaise at all, but there's something special about the way you write him. It's hard for me to put my finger on, but he's perfect for Hermione. I guess just the fact that he's a real person is what makes him so likeable. He's not a "brooding Slytherin" type. He's funny, he loves habit, he scolds Hermione for not using a coaster! He's like a little old man :) You've made a really loveable character out of him.

The proposal was so cute! I love how Blaise just read her mind about a summer wedding, and knew the perfect trip for them to take on their honeymoon. You did a great job of showing how in sync they are as a couple.

I loved this! You really made me believe in this pairing, and this story is written so well. Awesome job, Amanda!


Author's Response: I'm glad you gave a Blaise/Hermione submission a chance! I like thinking about non-canon relationships. Thank you for the lovely review!

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Review #5, by teh tarik Travel Bug

27th July 2013:
Hello there, fellow Badger!

This is the first Hermione/Blaise story I've ever read, and I've got to say, thanks to your excellent characterisation, attention to detail, smooth writing and absolutely heartwarming fluff, I honestly love this. ♥

You write the characters so confidently and with such clarity; I was pleasantly surprised at what a rounded three-dimensional character Blaise is. He's meticulous, a perfectionist, you've shown with the bit about the coasters. That really made me smile; you've made him such a relatable character. I love the banter between him and Hermione, and how unadventurous he turns out to be, yet he willingly does what Hermione wants, and honestly, I get the feeling that despite his meticulous exterior, he does Hermione very deeply and very passionately. And it's such a beautiful relationship they have, here in your story.

And Hermione's characterisation was lovely as well. She's much less rigid and uptight than she was during her teenage years, and she's more relaxed and dreamy, which is a lovely side to her character.

The buildup of the narrative to the proposal scene was very well done, very smooth and when Blaise got down on his knee, I was honestly so surprised - as shocked as Hermione must have been. The flow of the narrative was so perfect and so clever, and of course, that was the perfect ending for such a lovely fluffy piece as this.

I know this is an AU piece, but still I was wondering where was Ron and what happened to him. :P Harry was mentioned (very briefly) in this fic, so it sounds as though him and Hermione are still good friends, but I heard nothing about Ron. But no worries, this is AU after all, and a very well-written one, too.

I really enjoyed your story! This is a fantastic House Cup submission and it has just the right amount of humour, sweetness and fluff. Great work.


Author's Response: Thank you so much! I appreciate it! :) I wanted it to be a sweet read.

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Review #6, by ginerva_molly_weasley Travel Bug

13th July 2013:
Hermione and Blaise?

I did not see that coming! Also Hermione and Blaise
getting married? Another twist for the books!. Your
writing is fantastic through this and I loved the
speech and the description in there. Hermione's
longing to go on holiday was shown very well by her
interest in the travel books but also reeling off the
list of names where as I think you also showed
Blaise's stubbornness well particularly when he gives
a reason why they can't go to each of the

The kind of proposal at the end was just perfect. He
had just conceeded to something that she wanted
so then when he asks her to marry him it is just
adorable! He does it in the most perfect way
possible and I love the way he telols her about her
own wedding saying that they're going to have a
short engagement and get married in the summer
turning their trip to the Mediterranean into their

I loved it!!!

Author's Response: Hello!

It seems to be a trend in the reviews of this story that Blaise and Hermione together threw people off. It's kind of nice, though, that readers didn't realize off the bat that it was a story about the two of them. I think more readers gave the pairing a chance simply because it snuck up on them. :)

I know it isn't canon, but I tried to make it reasonably believable. I have always liked the idea of Hermione with Blaise because he wasn't described in the books as being one of Malfoy's lackeys. He was more reserved. And I'd like to think he's fairly intelligent, so he could have been an intellectual equal for Hermione once he grew up and got over any prejuidices.

I'm so glad you enjoyed the proposal, because I wanted it to be romantic but not insufferably fluffy. I hope it was as clever as I thought it'd be! :)

Thank you for the kind words!


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Review #7, by Haronione Travel Bug

13th July 2013:
Hi, Haronione here for the house cup review-a-thon!

I really liked this one shot. It was really sweet and enjoyable to read. Your descriptions were strong and the balance of these with dialogue was great.

I felt your characterisation of both Blaise and Hermione was fantastic. From the glimpses we see of Blaise in the books I could really see him becoming the man you described in this fic. I loved the relationship between the two, they seemed like a really cute couple. I also loved how you didn't make them perfectly matched, and that you had Hermione thinking about the things about Blaise that she didn't love so much but had to tolerate to enjoy the loving relationship they have. It made the relationship more realistic. Although I'd be intrigued to read a fic about how they did get together ;)

I absolutely loved the ending :-) I think a proposal from the man you love is a good alternative to a holiday!

Really enjoyed reading this, well done! Xx

Author's Response: Hi Haronione!

Thank you tons and tons for reviewing this story! I'm happy that you enjoyed it. I really wanted the dialogue and descriptions to be strong. Often, I find that my dialogue is robotic and not-so-believable. I wanted it to flow nicely in this story, because so much of it was simply back and forth banter.

I really wanted to capture a realistic side of Blaise that didn't seem too OOC or too farfetched as a person for Hermione to be with. I didn't want it to be a perfect relationship, just a reasonably realistic one. And maybe someday I'll write another oneshot about them as a prequel or something. That way you'll see how they got together.

Thank you again!

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Review #8, by Cassius Alcinder Travel Bug

13th July 2013:
Here for the House Cup!

So here I was, waiting for Ron to come home, and it turns out it was Blaise, you got me there! That's a really good way to sell the ship for those who wouldn't ordinarily read it, and by the time we've realized its Blaise, we're already willing to give it a chance.

You did a good job of capturing the romance, one could really feel the tension. It also makes a lot of sense that Hermione would want to go to Australia since that's where she sent her parents, but Greece seems like it would be a good compromise.

This had a nice flow to it and the appropriate amount of fluff. Good work!

Author's Response: You are not alone in having thought my leading man for this story was going to be Ron! And I didn't even do that on purpose! I agree with you, though, that it worked out in the end in having people give a ship they usually wouldn't read a try. I'm glad you enjoyed it and feel I captured the romance. I wanted it to be romantic without being insufferably fluffy. You're right about my reasons for picking Australia to start off with! Thank you for all the kind words :)

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Review #9, by Athene Goodstrength Travel Bug

13th July 2013:
Hi! Here from the HC Party :)

Well, I've never read a Hermione/Blaise before, and thanks to your sneaky writing, I didn't know I was until halfway through! Haha. Despite the fact that my personal OTP is Ron/Hermione, this was a very sweet, well-written one-shot. I liked the setting and am very envious of Hermione's library/window seat!

I did think it was a little odd that you didn't mention the boyfriend by name to begin with, and was going to suggest that you could just say it was Blaise from the start... But then I thought about it, and if I'm honest I might not have read the story at all if I'd realised this was the pairing. It was a surprise to me to realise I'm so close-minded. So I'm glad in a way that you kept the boyfriend's identity a secret for a little while, because I enjoyed this story.

The back-and-forth conversation about places to go was funny and sweet, and the proposal was a really nice surprise! Kind of wishing I had Hermione's life right now...

The only thing I noticed was a missing comma in the first paragraph, after 'sewed by hand'.

Very enjoyable! Well done :)



Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing this story! I didn't mean to be so sneaky about Blaise being the lead man in this story, but it definitely turned out that way, didn't it? Like you said, I think it worked out well in the end, because people were tricked into reading a pairing that they had never read before. I'm glad the conversation was quick and fun -- that was what I was hoping for. Thank you for pointing out the missing comma. :) This story wasn't able to see a beta before being posted. It has now, though, so I'll be updating it when I can.

Thanks for the lovely comments!


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Review #10, by maskedmuggle Travel Bug

13th July 2013:

I really, really enjoyed reading this story! I loved the plot, and I was definitely really surprised to find out it was a Hermione/Blaise pairing! When I saw this: "All right, you can have the window seat as long as you don't claim a whole room for your books," he had chuckled" I thought it was a very Ron-like comment, but then when you started talking about the her boyfriend liking routine and hanging up his robes on the coat I was like.. this seems like very strange and unbelievable behaviour for Ron. I think the concept of a Hermione/Blaise pairing is naturally a little hard to believe, but taking it as it is, the way you portrayed their relationship here was very sweet. Through the way they interacted with each other it was also very apparent that they were in love, so terrific writing on your part!

I liked how you incorporated the idea of travel here - and how Hermione really wanted to travel but Blaise wasn't so keen. The dialogue between them was almost amusing to read about - how Blaise kept rejecting all of Hermione's suggestions with "Too spicy", "Crowded" and "I don't like snow". I love the way Blaise proposed though! How he said whether it could wait after the wedding and Hermione was like.. who's wedding? and he was like.. Ours. I find that just so particularly clever.. and I loved that they managed to agree on a destination - Greece after all.

- Charlotte/maskedmuggle
House Cup 2013 Ravenclaw

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review! I didn't originally go into this story wanting to hide Blaise's part in it, but it definitely turned into a sneaky mind trick, didn't it? I realized after I had written the first 1,000 words that I hadn't included his name into it for some reason. I had to go back and include it! Then I realized that it may be construed as her being with Ron. Though, I did put Blaise down as a character in the story information, and I put the story as Hermione/OC. I wasn't trying to be too sneaky! Haha, but I'm glad that you didn't know it at first. I think many readers who wouldn't normally give an OOC pairing like this a chance will be tricked into reading it! :)

I'm glad you liked the dialogue, because that is always tricky for me. Sometimes I feel like I'm sounding like a robot when I write it. I wanted it to be fun and quick, so I hope that was how it read. Thank you for the kind words!


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Review #11, by BluebirdBrigade Travel Bug

12th July 2013:
Hello! Here for the review-a-thon!

Oh my god that was just so adorable and sweet and full of love! I am such a sucker for romance so naturally this made me sit here with a grin on my face and I think at one point I hugged myself. Embarrassing, I know. You totally shocked me when I saw it was Blaise with Hermione as I didn't really check the pairing before I started reading and automatically assumed it was Ron. I actually quite like them as a couple - perhaps more so than I had suspected I would. They are really alike but still have differences that make them a really interesting couple.

I love the spin you put on the theme of travel and the way they discussed it was both humorous and sweet. Blaise really got on Hermione's nerves there with his constant criticisms of the places she wanted to go to. I loved how this slowly morphed into a proposal which was so perfect and, unlike most proposal stories I've seen, very realistic. It was almost like Blaise plotted this, it was slick just like I would imagine a proposal from Blaise being - and believe me I've dreamed about it.

There were some really gorgeous relationship moments such as the routine that they're sunk into that they still haven't tired of and the way that Blaise disapproves of Hermione leaving the cups on the ledge because of the rings it makes. You made my heart squirm, I was totally devoted to this one shot and them as a couple. I should probably read more Blaise/Hermione stories - they seem far more likely than Dramione's.

This really was an awesome story, I didn't see a single Grammatical or Spelling error which was superb. You really struck me in the feels and ah, I just downright adored it. I don't think I have any CC to give you ahaha! Loved the descriptions and the originality you brought to this oneshot, it really kept my focus and attention throughout with the short bursts of comedy meshed with the romance and the adorable antics. Really great story!

Maz :)

Author's Response: Thank you for saying all of these lovely things! I'm a sucker for romance, as well, so I often write it. I have yet to write a non-romantic story (maybe I should, for the challenge of it). Blaise/Hermione is definitely not a popular pairing, especially considering how he was in school. But I like to imagine up different love interests for Hermione, since she's my favorite character, and Blaise seemed like a chance for her to have an intellectual equal.

I'm really glad you enjoyed the ending, because I was worried it wouldn't be well-recieved. I thought it might be too cliche, but in the end I wrote it because it went with the nature of this story --- light and quirky. I'm glad I got the relationship moments right. I didn't want it to be sappy. I wanted it to be realistic. I agree that Blaise and Hermione sound more realistic than Draco and Hermione.

Thank you for the lovely review!


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