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Review #1, by Dinthemidwest Around the World, Wizarding Style

7th March 2017:
Clever and funny!! The only funnier thing you could have done would to have put Neville at Clocker's!! LOL! Laughing. He certainly would stand out in Branson!

Author's Response: Wow. Almost nobody reads this story. Nobody reviews it.

Thank you!

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Review #2, by maraudertimes Around the World, Wizarding Style

12th December 2014:
Okay, so I just started reading for the Gryffie Gift the Person Above of You or whatever and - "No Nargles were harmed during the writing of this story." Okay, you're cracking me up before it really starts! :P

Anyways... On to the actual review!!!

OMG Neville! I haven't read about him in a while! I really loved this! Neville seems the same but so different! The whole him being inebriated and not really realizing that he was actually telling this random muggle Rick all these secrets was really relatable (?) in that I could totally see that happening. Not really relatable, but you know the word, yeah? I don't... I've been doing calculus all day... *sigh*

I normally don't get behind Luna/Neville ships because I'm very big on canon and also other reasons, but your characters were so cute *squees* I thought Neville's reaction to Luna's... ah... needs (?) was hilarious, especially since he's the kind of guy to just sit down and snuggle while watching a game of Quidditch or something herbology related. :P

The end was really great, with Luna showing up and being her dreamy self. The whole description of her was amazingly spot-on and I could really imagine her! It's strange, but I really, honestly, truly saw her in my mind's eye. I don't know why, but your description of her was perfect! And then what she did to save Neville the trouble of the Ministry and such by Obliviating the bar patrons was really well written and I can definitely see that happen - especially because of the whole Statute of Secrecy and what not!

The ending where he doesn't remember anything was absolutely hilarious! I loved the whole concept and the fact that everyone is a bit disoriented after Neville and Luna leave them slightly worse for wear because I feel like it's really well written and definitely believable.

This was a great little story and I'm glad I got the chance to read it! Amazing job!
Lo :)

Author's Response: Hi! And thank you for the gift!

Neville's a little older, a little more world-weary and a lot more cautious around dreamy, blond witches after his experience. I'm glad that you saw similarities with how you remember him. I can't think of the right word, either, but I get what you're saying.

I always like to imagine that Neville and Luna gave it a shot after the war and things just didn't work out between them. There were no hard feelings, they stayed friends. Perhaps the difference in libidos was part of the reason why? ;)

I'm tickled pink that you could visualize her like that. She's pretty intimidating to write. Even when I'm writing her, I never feel like I know everything that's going on inside her head.

Rick will definitely recall this visit to Branson as the time that he had one too many in the bar. Because he won't remember anything else that happened there.

I'm really happy you enjoyed it! Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #3, by Gladis Gudgeon Around the World, Wizarding Style

8th August 2014:
Review Tag
Sorry that took so long, my internet broke. The story was amazing, really creative. I liked how the main character observed Neville. It could have used some more Luna in my opinion, but that's just a personal preference. 10/10
Gladis Gudgeon

Author's Response: Glad you liked it. Thanks for reading and reviewing.

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Review #4, by tribble Around the World, Wizarding Style

10th April 2014:

Haha I loved this, the humor had me chuckling just a little bit and I love the way you've written this out. Your characterization of Neville is brilliant, girls going after him because he is no some kind of hero but he doesn't like it. In the end Neville is always just Neville and nothing is going to change that.

And I loved Rick, some of his phrases just made me have a little laugh to myself and I thoroughly enjoyed this. Also Luna a another brilliant character and how you showed her is just like good ol' JK herself.

You did a brilliant job wit this. It is fun, quirky and overall rather brilliant. Right on!

Author's Response: Hi, there. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Challenge entries aren't really my forte, so it's good to hear that it played well.

Thanks for reading and reviewing.

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Review #5, by TheHeirOfSlytherin Around the World, Wizarding Style

24th March 2014:
This was a lot of fun to read. Rick's reactions had me chuckling the whole time. Crazy things can happen when you decide to talk to random people in bars; he got a load of things he didn't get... or believe. :P

Neville and sex is an odd thing to see together in my head. I don't know why, but he's so sweet and nice and, yeah he helped Dumbledore's Army and he killed the snake, but he's still just Neville in head. But the fact that he was running away from it was very Neville. So it was awesome and funny to read.

And then Luna comes and Rick has just had enough. Good job she obliviates him. I wonder just how much trouble Neville might have gotten in for telling him all of this. :P

This was a really fun read!


Author's Response: Ha! I'm always amazed when somebody finds good things to say about my House Cup challenge entry. I literally -- this is the honest truth, not one of those exaggerated literallies -- threw this story together in four hours of off-and-on writing, took two hours to edit it, had one person proof it and then posted it. Since then I've fixed maybe two typos and took out a reference to something that WTM and A-wiz reminded me that I'm not allowed to reference. Maybe I should speed-write everything.

Rick was based on several of my uncles. Amiable fellows, all, given to enjoying a beer or five and listening to other people spin tall tales.

For some reason, I've always thought that the idea of Neville and Luna having a very brief, very physical relationship after the war was hilarious. I can picture her being completely uninhibited and Neville being constantly freaked out by that but also feeling too lucky to let it stop him. And then one day it just gets to be too much for him and the next thing you know, he's holding down a barstool in Branson, Missouri.

Luna cleaned up Neville's mess for him, which was nice of her. But I'm sure he'll pay a price once he wakes up. ;)

I'm glad you enjoyed it. I think this story has given readers more enjoyment per minute of effort on my part than anything else I've ever written. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #6, by MEW Around the World, Wizarding Style

3rd March 2014:
Hi again...

I'm usually very short of speech, but when I read the other novel-length reviews I started to feel guilty XD
Especially because "Heading out to the Highway" truly is the best fanfic i've read so far.

For a few days I had trouble writing, because I couldn't get my canon of SB right... and he's my second main character!
After I read this, I wrote 35 lines to describe Sirius and now I can go on writing my story.

I got to your page because I noticed you where a man. Not that I like stories written by women less, but it feels like 90 percent of this website is written by women and I wanted to see a fanfic written by a man and I was not disappointed at all! It was exactly what I needed, a man's POV.

about the story.
All the reasons why I love Sirius Black so much really shine out in this story. His temper, his daring and hazardous personality... I sometimes wonder if it's a good or a bad thing JKR ever wrote about him, because i'm not sure if I'll ever get married because no man can compete with my imaginary husband XD :S
Your story really reminded me of that, it's a great additional story to his canon.

I could SO imagine him "pulling the scariest face he can manage and say BOO!"

How do you come up with those great expressions??
Remus the furry w...?
I won't quote the other superb sentences, because I think you know very well which ones those are. :P
I'm really jalous of your English...

(my father has a Jag MK2, though not an ascot tie and no tweed thankfully :P)

I always thought he loved his little brother despite their parents driving them apart. He made no secret of hating his mother and father, but I felt like he didn't hate his brother, and hide for Harry he mourned his death. I made me wonder if Regulus is more like Sirius than Sirius knows...

Thank you for writing this great story, now I can write in peace! (though still envyous of your vocabulary)
love - MEW

Author's Response: Hi, there!

So I'll get this out of the way right up front: I honestly don't mind you using this story to say what you needed to say about Heading Out on the Highway because this was a House Cup challenge story and therefore kind of a throw-away in the great scheme of things.

I'm really glad you like my version of Sirius. I like to make him complex and interesting without being overly sentimental or emo. I'm never a fan of the "I love you, man!" Sirius. He comes from a completely dysfunctional home where I'm sure affection was rarely expressed in any form. I doubt he has the emotional vocabulary to be "I love you, man!" Sirius.

The female-to-male ratio on HPFF might actually be more than 9-1, if I think about it. It's interesting that you find it driving a different perspective. I don't really think of it that way, but then again it's my writing, so I guess I'm not in the best position to judge.

I'm actually American, not British, so I synthesize a lot of my better lines by reading authors who are British and running the results past my British beta reader who lets me know it anything sounds completely stupid.

Your father has much better taste than the antagonist of this story, and I suggest you do your best not to let him backslide. ;)

I doubt Sirius hated Regulus at all. I think he was disappointed in his brother and, by extension, in himself for allowing things to get so bad between the two of them. The main difference between the two of them, in my opinion, was that Sirius had the strength of character to reject the foul things his parents stood for from a very young age while it took Regulus longer to see the Dark Lord for what he really was.

I'm really glad that you enjoyed it! Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #7, by adluvshp Around the World, Wizarding Style

17th February 2014:
Hey! Here for review tag!

So, this was absolutely hilarious! I loved your plot concept - Neville's encounter with a Muggle and the muggle wondering what on earth Neville was talking about. It was amusing to read his thoughts on how he felt Neville was kinda off his rocker and it made me smile.

I also enjoyed Neville's story, of how he was travelling the world but was, ahem, being "ran all over" by girls because of being a hero after beheading Nagini. It sounds believable and I can imagine Neville not liking it too much.

I absolutely enjoyed Luna's entry towards the end - you managed to keep her completely in character too! The best part of the fic was Ric's bewilderment of course which your narrative followed so smoothly.

I especially liked the ending too - of how everything went back to normal without Rick remembering anything and the way it ended similarly to the beginning.

All in all, this was a very good read and I really liked it. Great job!


Author's Response: Hi!

This was a lot of fun to write and it came together in about 4 hours time, so I'm really glad that you liked it.

Poor Neville never expected that being a hero was going to be so difficult. Nor did he expect traveling with Luna to be such an, er, exhausting experience. So when she manages to track him down, he's legitimately scared.

I modeled Rick after several of my uncles. Sort of an amiable if not exactly open-minded fellow.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #8, by ReeBee Around the World, Wizarding Style

17th January 2014:
Hello! Haha, this was quite the story! Loved it! My first Neville/Luna actually :)

Loved the characterisation :D awesome job! Neville! Aw! So cute! Haha, I could imagine Neville complaining about these things! And since I'm not British, I was just as curious as Rick about some of the phrases! They made me laugh anyway!

The description also made me laugh! Rick! Oh god! Hilarious guy! :D I also liked how you included the first paragraph at the end! I actually loved this! Lol!

And the plot was super interesting and original and the flow was good! I quite lived the characterisation! I'm a sucker for those 'moments' with strangers! Loved this!

Great job! Not much to say except that it was hilarious! :D great job! :D


Author's Response: Hi, there!

I wrote this for the House Cup challenge last year. It was a lot of fun to throw Neville into a completely frivolous, funny situation. And being able to involve Luna like that was just the icing on the cake.

Rick was modeled loosely on my uncles, so I know the character pretty well.

I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #9, by milominderbinder Around the World, Wizarding Style

24th November 2013:
Hiya! Review tag.

I adored this! I don't quite know why, but something about it was just so quirky and imaginative and very satisfying to read. It was really funny, and I loved getting this view of the magical world from an outsider's eyes.

Neville and Luna were hilarious to read. I always liked them as a pairing in the films but I've never actually read any fic where they're together, so this was a nice new experience. Obviously they're quite different here to their canon selves! Haha, but I did kind of think it was in the realm of believable differences, you still kept the basis of each of their personalities in tact while working with the plot, so that was awesome, well done!

Some of my favourite quotes were:

He stuck out like a sore thumb in Branson for any number of reasons. The knit cardigan covering his button-down shirt, the British accent, the way he kept trying to order some girly drink called buttered beer... it all pointed to the fact that he wasnít from around these parts. Strictly speaking, not many people were actually from Branson, but this guy was in a class by himself.

"First we went to Norway, then Austria, Egypt, Gabon, Madagascar, Mumbai, Angkor Wat, Xinjiang, Uluru, Kauai... wait, maybe it was Xinjiang then Angkor Wat. Where were we looking for the Moon Frogs... Anyway, it's all kind of a blur. Seems like yesterday I was in South America, but now here I am."

It sounded like English, but Rick didn't have a clue what Neville was trying to say.

That was the great thing about Branson, as far as Rick was concerned. Everything always went according to plan.

Overall, well done! This was a super fun and quirky story that I really enjoyed :D


Author's Response: Hi, there!

I wrote this in such a hurry for the House Cup event that sometimes I forget it's there. I actually just went back and read it again so I'd remember what you were talking about.

I also really enjoyed the outsider's perspective when I was writing it. Rick has so little in common with Neville -- magical vs. muggle, American vs. Brit, etc. -- that it was really challenging in places to try to decide what he would and wouldn't pick up on.

I've always enjoyed the idea of Neville and Luna having a thing for some amount of time, even if the two of them didn't end up together. They both operate on totally different wavelengths.

I'm glad that you enjoyed it. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #10, by 800 words of heaven Around the World, Wizarding Style

3rd November 2013:

This was... very amusing! I found myself laughing and smiling all the way through. It actually reminded me a lot of the prequel that JK Rowling wrote a few years ago for World Book Day, where we get to see the wizarding world from muggle eyes.

I actually adored Neville here. It was a lot like Neville... but not at the same time. It's difficult to explain, but whatever he was, he was adorable and I loved reading about him and his adventures with Luna!

I must commend Rick for putting up with a "nutter" for as long as he did! That takes some fortitude. Whilst the miscommunications due to magic were amusing, the culture clashes took the biscuit!

I really enjoyed this! Awesome stuff!

Author's Response: Hi, there!

I'm not familiar with the prequel you mentioned, but now I want to look it up. Sounds interesting.

For some reason, I always think of Neville as being kind of overwhelmed when I think about Luna. I do think the two of them would have made a good couple, at least for a while. Then something like this probably would have happened.

Rick was loosely based on several of my uncles. He finds Neville interesting for a while, then it just gets out of his control.

I'm really glad that you enjoyed it. Thanks for reading and reviewing.

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Review #11, by Cannons Around the World, Wizarding Style

3rd November 2013:
hey, review tag.

I'm back again with hopefully more 'meat' this time. I do feel a slight sense of de ja vu though.

Anyway as I said before I really did enjoy this little one shot and it is very different from anything I have read before.

I enjoyed reading your disclaimer at the beginning although it was much funnier reading it the second time around after finishing reading.

It was funny reading a crazy Neville but unnerving at the same time. Luna has turned very demanding in this but its so funny when reading and then realizing it was Luna.

I liked the way you had Neville explaining things to Rick as if he was a wizard as it made for some great lines, although I am still a little confused as to why Neville is acting SO oddly that he would talk to a muggle like that, especially after the war, but it was for a challenge I think you said so I guess that explains it.

Anyway, as I said, it was a funny, enjoyable, bizarre read.


Author's Response: Hi, there.

This was my story for the House Cup, so it was definitely different from the type of thing I normally write. It was fun, though, and definitely low-stress.

Overwhelmed Neville and Libertine Luna are characters that have danced in the back of my head for a long time. It was fun to get to do something with them. Rick is a character loosely based on several of my uncles.

I'm glad that you enjoyed it. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #12, by Rainpixie Around the World, Wizarding Style

7th August 2013:
Haha this story is funny! I'm glad i stumbled upon it. But really though, who knew that Neville would become the hottest? (On screen AND in print). I like Neville and Luna together. I wish they had ended up together! Although I guess Hannah Abbott is as fit as anyone.

Author's Response: Hi, there!

I'm glad that you stumbled upon it and enjoyed it. It was a lot of fun to write. I find that my imagination can take Neville and Luna to a lot of places together. I definitely understand why they weren't right for one another in the long run. Neville's a little too down to earth. But it's fun to imagine the two of them having a little fling after the war.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #13, by HollyStone73 Around the World, Wizarding Style

13th July 2013:
Hee Hee!! Drunk Neville! That is definitely something I would like to have seen in the movies! I love how he claimed that the sorting hat should have been the hero instead of him. Oh and Luna? I loved what you did with her! Super awesome! This was very well done and super fun to read. Poor Rick being all confused and stuff only to have his memory erased! LOL! Very original and unique take on the challenge. I liked it a lot! Great job!

Author's Response: Hi!

I'm really glad that you enjoyed it. It was a lot of fun to write and to take a few, erm, liberties with the characterization of Neville and Luna.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #14, by Roots in Water Around the World, Wizarding Style

13th July 2013:
Hello there! It's been a while since I reviewed one of your stories... Too long, in fact.

To begin, I really liked your "disclaimer". It was funny and it fit in well with the mood of the whole story.

As for the story itself, well, I found it more amusing than unsettling or totally bizarre. It was quite amusing to see Neville drunk and talking crazy talk about his adventures as a wizard. Poor Rick... He had no idea how to handle him!

I really enjoyed how you wrote this story from the point of view of a Muggle. It made the whole story even funnier because he was unable to understand who Neville was and why he was talking about magical things. If it had been written from the point of view of another wizard, or even Neville himself, it would not have had the same effect.

Neville's confusion even in telling his own life story was quite funny as well. I felt just as confused as Rick did when Neville turned on him for "accusing" him of leaving Luna behind. The sentences about Rick not even understanding what Neville was saying because he was using British slang really added to the effect as well.

I'm actually quite curious to know what Neville was really talking about when he talked about Luna wanting to "have it off". I imagine that it was about Luna wanting to discuss all sorts of potentially non-existant magical creatures, but I'm not sure. Rick's confusion confused me!

The characterization of everyone in this story was very well done. Rick was a great narrator and both Neville and Luna were easily recogizable from their personalities in the novels. Neville's ramblings about how he didn't want some of the responsibilities that came with being considered a hero fit in very well with the Neville we know and love from the books and Luna was, well, very Luna. She's a difficult character to write but you definitely managed to capture her spirit here.

And now, to complete my method of no order whatsoever in a review, I will say that I really liked how you introduced the interaction between Rick and Neville. There poor Rick was, trying to help Neville out- he didn't know what he was getting himself into. He made an innocent and completely common remark that, unfortunately, was not so common among Wizarding folk. And it was all downhill from there. :)

All in all, I really, really enjoyed reading this one-shot. You definitely seem to have a knack for writing funny stories- for writing stories of any genre, really. You certainly did a great job with this one! :D

Author's Response: Hi, Roots!

The thing is, this is the first thing I've written since Slytherin Career Day which wasn't meant to be anything other than funny. OK, technically it was meant to earn points for the House Cup, but that's neither here nor there. If somebody got a good laugh out of it, that was all I was after.

What's with the quote marks around "disclaimer"? I don't know what things are like over in Hufflepuff, but in Gryffindor we take the welfare of Nargles and other dubiously extant magical species *very seriously*. ;)

Writing a story from the PoV of an American muggle, especially one of the southern persuasion, is something I've always thought would be really funny. There's enough culture clash there to power a small city. Drunken Neville seemed to me like a fairly straightforward extension of the Neville we see near the end of DH. A Neville who's more or less been pushed past the point of worrying about things like propriety and his own safety. This is a Neville who's seen and overcome so many dark and dangerous things -- Snape, the Carrows, Nagini, Greyback -- that being drunk in a bar in a strange city on another continent doesn't really bother him very much.

Rick was loosely based on several of my redneck uncles. OK, maybe it wasn't actually *that loose*. He rationalizes things and responds to Neville pretty much exactly the way I'd imagine my uncles reacting. He has a certain swagger, an attitude that says, "I'm going to help you and you'd better pay attention because I know what I'm talking about."
In this case, of course, he doesn't really have any idea what he's talking about. So the fun begins...

I wasn't sure what people would make of Luna. Her quirks were obviously exaggerated a fair bit for comedic effect in this, *but*, in a weird sort of way, I could actually see her behaving like this. After all, she's the girl who didn't really have any friends until her fourth year. Then the war is over and she's all on her own with this guy who fancies her and she sort of fancies him. And this is Luna we're talking about. She doesn't have the type of emotional hang-ups that plague us mere mortals. It's all just biology to her. That's the way I rationalized it, anyway. Your mileage may vary.

I'm not sure what else I can say. I'm really glad that you enjoyed the story. Oh, and "have it off" means what Rick initially assumed that it did. It has nothing to do with housekeeping. ;)

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #15, by DracoFerret11 Around the World, Wizarding Style

13th July 2013:
Hello there! This is DarkRose from Ravenclaw on the forums here to review for you for the House Cup 2013! :D So, let's go over things:

First of all, I loved your disclaimer at the beginning! It made me laugh. :) Now, thoughts:

Plot: This was quite comical! I felt really bad for Rick! He definitely bit off more than he could chew. For the longest time I was confused about why Neville was telling a Muggle all about wizarding society and I was about to spaz, but Luna (of course) came in and wiped everyone's memories and fixed it. But speaking of Luna! What a plot! I think it's really funny that she, uh, won't leave Neville alone, ;) , but I can barely imagine that. The story was funny though, so it didn't bother me TOO much.

Characterization: I felt so sorry for poor Rick. Muggles really get confused when wizards happen upon them. I loved the ending though. That really tied it all together. Neville was pretty in-character for me. I didn't mind him. I felt bad for his predicament, but it still made me laugh. Luna, on the other hand, was quite out-of-character for me. I couldn't really imagine her acting that way. And by the time she showed up in the bar, I was a bit afraid of her! She stunned Neville! Who does that? :O

Descriptions: I might have liked to see more details about how things looked, sounded, smelled, felt, etc., but I think how it is right now isn't terrible. I just think more descriptions would help bring readers "into" the story more. :)

Emotions: I could totally feel Neville's panic and I felt so bad for him! Poor guy! What a situation to be in! And I think you portrayed Rick's discomfort really well. Definitely believable.

Overall, great job! Have a great day and good luck with the House Cup!


Author's Response: Hi, there!

I'm glad that you enjoyed it. It was a lot of fun to write. Rick was loosely based on some of my uncles. He seemed like a perfect foil for poor, drunken Neville. The two of them come from such different worlds. They're pretty much never going to connect on any level whatsoever.

I really would have liked to have gone into more detail, but this all came together fast. I feel weird about editing House Cup stories in a way. Part of the point is that you write these things under pressure of time, so to go back and pretty it up after the fact... it feels almost like cheating.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #16, by FredWeasleyIsMyKing Around the World, Wizarding Style

13th July 2013:
Hi Dan!

Reading this story again - well it's just as good as the first time! I find the whole concept really amusing and it just makes me laugh so much.

I like that you chose to tell the story through Rik's eyes. His amusement and fear for Neville's sanity is really funny and I love how he tries to take the mick of him a little - like asking if he ever fell of a broom - and then gets surprised when Neville has a genuine answer.

Neville in this is also just fantastic. Drunk Neville. It would have been funny to have seen more of him! It's just something you wouldn't see in the books which gave you such a good oppertunity to make the most of it and you didn't waste a word. His complete innocence and the fact that Riks sarcasm is totally lost on him is kind of sweet to read. Yet through all this you still managed to keep Neville's character well enough so he's recogniseable.

I love how he recounts his story with complete disregard of the fact he's speaking to a muggle in his inebriated state. You got so many details that we could relate to as well as adding a few new ones for us to read. I'm not surprised Rik is a little alarmed!

Ok keeping the review as 12+ as possible but Luna is quite the little minx in this isn't she? Still, I couldn't help but laugh at the whole situation. You wrote it really well. She actually scared me a little when she came in and just stunned him too. You've made her a bit of a bad girl!

I think the one of the best parts of the story though was the memory part. Having the story start as before but with Neville and Luna completely missing and the unsteady feeling they both had was just perfectly done - I loved it!

Well done on such an awesome HC entry Dan - I really loved it!

Lauren :)

Author's Response: Hi, Lauren!

Poor Rick is completely out of his depth in this conversation. So is Neville, for that matter. They're two people who come from such different worlds that they're never going to connect on any level whatsoever. That's a big part of what made this so much fun to write. ;)

I'm glad you thought that Neville was recognizable. I worried a bit about that because I knew that I was stretching both him and Luna for comic effect. His blatant disregard for the Statue of Secrecy was partly because he'd had too much to drink and partly because he was sort of reveling in being a rebel at that moment. He had just escaped from Luna and made his way to America, after all.

Luna is... different, for sure. The thing is, while she definitely never behaved like this in the books, in a way I can kind of see it. Neville is pretty smitten with her, after all. For a girl who never really had friends until her fourth year, that must have been a novel experience. And as far as the other part, well, Luna has a certain emotional separation from the rest of the world. It's just biology to her. And when she stuns him, I tend to imagine that she was thinking of his departure like he was challenging her to an intercontinental game of hide-and-seek.

Poor Rick! He has no idea what's happened. Actually, maybe that's for the best.

I'm really glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #17, by maskedmuggle Around the World, Wizarding Style

13th July 2013:

I thought this was a really unusual story, definitely, but it was also very engrossing to read! From the start I thought it was incredibly bizarre to see Neville so incredibly drunk.. and then to find out the blond girl was Luna? She seemed a bit too crazy to be Luna, to be honest :P

I liked how Neville was drunkenly recounting his holiday travels to a complete muggle and not realising all the magical details he was giving away - of course leading Rick to think he was absolutely crazy. I do think that all that stuff about Neville getting so much more attention from women now is also very realistic and believable, and I can believe that Neville would start to question it all. Anyway, I really liked Rick's characterisation - he seems like such a nice, easygoing muggle and I liked how he took the time to speak to Neville.. pity he doesn't remember too much of it! So yeah, I did think this was a very bizarre story, but at the same time it was also lots of fun to read! :)

- Charlotte/maskedmuggle
House Cup 2013 Ravenclaw

Author's Response: Hi, there!

This was a fun story to write and I definitely exaggerated Neville and Luna's personalities a little for effect. That said, if the two of them were traveling around the world, trying to move past the all of the stress and depression from the war so that they could get on with their lives, I could see them getting a bit wilder than they were in the books.

Neville and Rick were two people who were destined not to connect on any level. The chasm was simply too wide. That's a good thing for Neville, since he pretty much smashed the Statute of Secrecy to bits. Rick was loosely based on several of my uncles. OK, maybe not *that* loosely. ;)

I'm glad that you enjoyed it. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #18, by patronus_charm Around the World, Wizarding Style

12th July 2013:
Hi Dan, I thought I would come and check out how the enemy house was doing :P Just a really minor thing, I adored the nargle warning!

Oh man, I couldnít help but feel sorry for poor old Neville! ♥ When I went to New York, I found it hard dealing with their accent at times, so I dread to think how hard it was from someone from a Southern State! I really loved how you chose that though, because it did create a really interesting mix which made me laugh!

I never had Neville down as a traveller, but the fact he was with Luna sort of justifies it. Iím hoping that was a nod towards Neville/Luna stories, if so, you should get an automatic point for that! I really like how he did come out of his shell with the travelling though because it showed how far he had come because I donít think Neville could have normally dealt in a situation like that and come out unscathed.

The cultural differences in this one-shot was great! I think the most obvious one was the order in which drinks were offered with tea being offered second and having to ask how they drank it. It added greatly to the travel theme. Well, maybe that was just me but I liked comparing the cultural differences in this one-shot, mainly focused on tea drinking I have to say, but it really was a nice touch.

I think my favourite part was when Neville just couldnít get Rickís insinuations and kept on thinking that he was magical too, it just made me laugh so much! I couldnít help but feel sorry for him again, because though he is a lovely person he isnít always the quickest person when it comes to things like that. Iím glad you did a little follow up to what happened after Luna and Neville left because Rickís bewilderment really added some humour to it!

I really liked this one-shot, and it was something different to read!


Author's Response: Hi, Kiana!

What are you suggesting? That Nargles were actually harmed during the writing process? Perish the thought! I don't know about you snakes, but cruelty to Nargles is **severely** frowned upon in Gryffindor. :p

New York accents are particularly tough for the uninitiated, I imagine. A funny thing about regional American accents is that the "gentrified" Southern accent is actually closer to an aristocratic British accent in terms of pace and emphasis than any other dialect. But the diction is very different. Hence Rick and Neville's struggle to communicate.

In my mind, Luna would have taken this trip no matter what. Neville just happened to be at a point in his life -- the war was over, his parents' fate had been avenged -- where he felt like getting away from Britain for a while, plus he had a thing for her. He was definitely more bold after becoming a leader and a hero during the war, although Luna turned out to be a little more than he could handle.

The cultural differences were almost as much fun as the language barrier. It's not *as difficult* as it once was to find hot tea in the rural U.S., especially with the whole anti-oxidant fad, but it can still be a challenge. And if anyone ever offers you "sweet tea", just walk away. The stuff is chilled sugar water that's been dyed slightly brown.

I don't think that Neville thought Rick was a wizard, he was just too drunk to care much about the Statute of Secrecy. It was Neville's little act of defiance, building on the "rebel" image from the war and celebrating his escape from Luna.

I'm really glad you enjoyed it! It was fun to write, a nice little break from Detox. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #19, by SilentConfession Around the World, Wizarding Style

12th July 2013:
This is such a bizarre story and a weird take on Neville. I think I like it as i've never really thought what he might be like drunk but if i were to imagine it I think it would be very much like you've done it. I can't imagine what would be going through Rick's mind as he's hearing all this stories which he clearly think are complete rubbish. If someone walked up to me and talked about brooms and magical swords and cutting snakes heads off it would be absolutely ridiculous to hear.

I absolutely loved the differences you portrayed between the american and britishisms. It was hilarious because it made his explanations so much better. I just keep feeling bad for Rick that he has to deal with poor Neville and has to try and understand what the heck he's trying to say. It just makes the whole thing so much more difficult and funny to see the barrier between them. I couldn't stop laughing at the whole entire thing.

Great job! I really appreciated reading this and this really funny take on Neville's and Luna's personality and what they experienced after the war. 'm so used to reading angsty stuff that I think it was a good break for me to read this!

Author's Response: Hi, there! Sorry to have take so long to respond!

Poor Rick obviously doesn't believe what Neville is telling him. He just can't decide whether Neville is pulling his leg or completely crazy.

It was fun to try to figure out little cultural differences that would throw the characters for a loop. This is the first time I've ever written a story where I take a British character and drop them into the middle -- very nearly the geographic center, in this case -- of America. Maybe I'll do that more often.

I'm glad you enjoyed the story. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #20, by BluebirdBrigade Around the World, Wizarding Style

12th July 2013:

Holy Harry Potter did I love this. I had no idea how this was going to go actually, I was quite surprised to see Neville - although I should have guessed it was him from the cardigan - and I found Rick very entertaining and I loved his inner comments and the moment when he realised that Neville was actually being serious about the whole brooms and witches thing was really funny. Your knowledge of locations was really impressive and I'm ashamed to say I only know about half of that list, I've never been very good at geography.

I really laughed at that bit where Neville got het up about the question he was asked. At first I was as confused as Rick but by the end of it, oh lord, talk about getting the wrong end of the stick. A lot was revealed there - I didn't realise Luna was, Neville seems really worked up over that. I loved the 'I'm just a man, you 'ear me, I'm just a man' because I imagined him saying it uber dramatically and then throwing his head into his palms and Rick just looking totally confused.

Neville is so adorable in the books, its funny to see the changes you've made to him as he's grown up but there are still elements of the child he once was. I loved the way he recounted the story of the first lesson of flying incident. I was almost waiting for the 'why is it always me' when Luna walked in. She was kind of badass here and kind of scary, I almost feel sorry for Neville. I love the way she just knocks him out and then is like 'aww he's so cute when he's asleep!'.

Probably my favourite part was the way you then added the section at the end where it's as if it all never happened because his memories from the event are gone, it was really awesome and that last line made me smile. It really tied everything together and how nothing is ever really how it seems. Awesome story and I never saw one spelling or grammatical error! I'm blown away, yet again.

Maz :)

Author's Response: Hi, Maz! I will get some of these reviews responded to tonight!

Rick was loosely modeled off of my redneck uncles. OK, maybe it wasn't so loose. Anyway, it made him pretty easy to write. As far as the locations, well using Google plus being a regular Jeopardy watcher carried the day.

Ha! You know, I thought a lot about Luna and what she and Neville might get up to if they were left to their own devices. On one hand, everyone thinks of Luna as this naive, sweet, pure little flower of a girl. But on the other hand, she has this nearly complete emotional disconnect from the rest of the world. Also, she tends not to care about other people's morality and behavioral norms. So I imagine that once she gave it a try, if she liked it, then it's all just biology to her and she wouldn't see any problem with repeating the exercise as often as she liked.

I did twist Neville a bit and turn him... hmnnn, I don't know if "dark" is the right word, but I definitely took him past the sweet, innocent little boy.

The last section with post-obliviation Rick was sort of a late addition. I'm pleased with how it turned out, so I'm glad you liked it. :)

Thanks so much for the wonderful and encouraging review. I really, really wasn't sure about this story going in. I guess I did OK.


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Review #21, by Jchrissy Around the World, Wizarding Style

11th July 2013:
In your question on if we found it amusing, unsettling, or bizarre -- can I choose all of the above? :P

I really loved that you wrote all this through the eyes of a nobody in a place that seems like a nowhere. It was so funny to be inside Rick's very confused brain as Neville yammered on about things he ought not be yammering on about.

You know, I really don't think Mr. Longbottom would be one to hold his liquor well, and after this I think it's a pretty safe bet that he certainly can't.

I love that they chose to take the trip together, even if maybe it was a bit more than Neville could handle ;). And Luna, sweet innocent Luna... well, let's not go there.

The sort of camaraderie Rick was offering Neville, surely having been in the 'too much too early in the day,' really made the story. Here he is, a good ol' down home boy off seeing the sites with his wife, and deciding to befriend and chat an odd looking fellow... and what does he end up with? Tales about things he obviously thinks is rubbish, a conversation with one of the wizarding world most famous people as of late, and obliviated all because he wanted to be nice and chat. HAHA.

Throughout I couldn't decide if I felt worse for Neville or Rick. Poor Rick is trying to decipher between Neville being off his rocker and just intoxicated, and poor Neville is just trying to blow off some steam, ahah!

I really, really enjoyed this, Dan. We haven't gotten a comedy from you since Snape, and I forgot how good at humor you are!

Author's Response: Hi!

You can certainly answer "all of the above". I'm still trying to sort that one out, myself.

Aside from the fact that Rick was such a huge cultural contrast to Neville, he was also a pretty easy character for me to write. I just thought to myself, "what would my redneck uncles say and do in this situation?" The ball rolled downhill from there. ;)

Like you said, Rick really does want to help Neville, at least at first. He has that "christian charity" thing going on in his mind, along with a modest dose of the mostly harmless conceit of believing that he knows enough to fix another person's troubles. Boy, does he get more than he bargained for, though. Aside from Neville confusing the daylights out of him, he gets his brains rearranged at the end.

I'm still kind of torn about the way that Luna comes off in this. The thing is, I really can see her behaving in a way close enough to how Neville describes her that it would only amount to a small amount of drunken embellishment on his part. She tends to be emotionally disconnected enough that I think it's all just biology to her. I did really enjoy her appearance at the end.

I wish I could write more comedy. Honestly, it's harder for me to write than the angsty stuff because it's so rare that I come up with a genuinely funny thought that is both compatible with HP characters *and* ToS-compliant. You're familiar with a lot of the non-compliant thoughts and I'm sure you'll agree, nothing good could come of those. ;)

I'm really pleased that you enjoyed it! Thanks for the lovely review.

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Review #22, by nott theodore Around the World, Wizarding Style

11th July 2013:
Hi, Dan!

I couldn't stop laughing all the way through reading this. Right from the disclaimer at the beginning of the story until the last sentence; you've got such a funny piece of writing here, and it's really great.

First of all, it fit brilliantly with the theme of travel, Neville and Luna trotting the globe to look for all these different creatures and take a well deserved holiday after the battle. I have a soft spot for them as a couple, and it's always interesting to see what stories people come up with for the same theme!

The idea of Neville being drunk in a bar in America is actually hilarious, possibly because he becomes quite a serious character towards the end of the series. I've never imagined him drunk before, but I thought the way you portrayed him here was great - he keeps coming out with things he knows he shouldn't be saying, but at the same time he's still Neville.

One of the aspects I loved in this story were the contrasts you drew between Neville and Rick and the differences between British and American cultures. It really added to the comedy, especially when Rick was struggling to understand what Neville was saying despite the common language, and just the little details like the way we drink our tea.

Then, as if the English slang that Neville was using wasn't difficult enough for Rick to understand, the poor guy has to listen to a crazy drunk Brit ordering strange things ("some girly drink called buttered beer" - brilliant!) and telling him impossible and sincere stories about magic as though it actually exists! I really felt sorry for him, and his bewilderment was quite visible - I'm pretty sure if someone started telling me about pulling a magic sword from a talking hat, and flying on broomsticks at school, I'd nod and smile and then get away as quickly as I possibly could. I loved the way Neville knew that he shouldn't be telling Rick all of this, but he was either so drunk or driven to a point where he didn't really care what he said. Or maybe he was just being deliberately mischievous and trying to see what the guy's reaction would be...

I thought your characterisation of Luna was great as well. The way she's so calm about finding Neville after he's run away from her, putting it down to Nargles, and then dealing with the Muggles that Neville has been over-friendly with - it fits well with the character we see in the books, so serene all the time, even in the heat of battle.

The whole story was just so vivid! I could picture every single thing you mentioned really easily, especially when Neville jumps off his stool to try and hide from Luna. I can't think of enough synonyms for 'funny' and 'hilarious' to do this justice, but I really loved reading it!

Sian :)

Author's Response: Hi, Sian!

I'm really glad that you got a good laugh out of it. Aside from 5 points, I felt like that was the most that I could hope for. At least I got the Travel angle pretty well covered. I never feel good about one of these deals where you only have a couple of days to try to get an idea to fit in with a theme. All that said, I'm pleased that you enjoyed it.

I also have a really soft spot for the Neville-Luna pairing, although I could see why it wouldn't work out in the long run. Poor Neville seems to have gotten the worst of the deal here, though.

Rich was an easy character for me to write. I just thought "what would my uncles say or do in this situation." With that in mind, Rick's thoughts and dialog pretty much wrote themselves. He is a huge contrast to Neville. And he can't make heads or tails of most of what Neville's trying to tell him. I got a kick out of imagining Neville's gleeful, drunken rebellion against the Statue of Secrecy. He's such a rebel on the inside, it just doesn't come out all that often.

Ah, Luna. I felt a little weird about what I did with her character in this. Not the part where she was being completely nonplussed and matter-of-fact when she was talking to and eventually obliviating Rick, but rather all of the things that she and Neville were up to while they were traveling. The thing is, I actually *can* imagine her being that way. It's just biology to her, after all. Still, it feels weird.

Ah, this was such a sweet review! You really made me feel loads better about this story. Thanks for all the kind things you said and taking the time to say them!

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