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Review #1, by MissMdsty According to Plan

30th August 2013:
Hello there! I'm here with your review for the Review Exchange!

This story caught my eye since the beginning, I haven't read a story from Peter's POV in rat form. How he managed all those years is something I will never understand.

I liked that you captured the whole atmosphere surrounding the Weasleys and their hectic home life. It's never easy when there are so many people to organize and when you put Fred and George in the mix, it's a recipe for disaster.

I didn't quite get what the crocodile deal was, but once I realized it was Charlie I think I laughed for a solid 5 minutes, just picturing him walking about like the one in Peter Pan. At least Charlie didn't tick.

There were a few things I really loved. One was the line "This never happened when Percy was my owner". Apparently, Ron was a big part of why things always happened around Harry. The second was how Ginny reminded Scabbers of Lily and he felt that little twinge inside that maybe was remorse. And lastly, the fact that the spell to make something yellow didn't work on the rat, because maybe it was a human?!? Really, a house full of wizards and nobody caught that!

That reminded me of a picture I saw online some time ago, with Molly handing Ron the rat at the beginning of the PoA movie and it was captioned "Ron, don't forget the important plot device!"

All in all, this was a very original idea, having this written from Scabber's POV and I loved everything you did with it. I think you captured the Weasleys as a whole perfectly, but still managed to keep their individual personalities.

One thing I spotted was this:

“The ministry will sought this out,” - I think maybe sort it out? Sought this out has a strange ring to it.

Good job! I really enjoyed it!


Author's Response: Hello! :)

Haha, I have to agree with you there! I wouldn't be able to cope with being so small, and missing out on all the awesome things that humans do.

Thank you! I did try to capture the family atmosphere, and I loved writing each character in the Weasleys. There's such a range of characters in that family, and it was so much fun to write each of their characters! Fred and George are brilliant, and they make the tone much lighter in stories, and their inventions are genius!

I was thinking of that crocodile when I was writing about it! But most certainly NOT a man eating crocodile! I felt so sorry for Charlie when I was writing it, it seems like the embarrassing type of thing that always seems to happen to the Weasleys!

Thank you -- I always thought of Ron not like Harry's 'sidekick' but as a person in his own right. Hahah yeah, that always seemed strange to me in the book when I reread the first one! :P Hahah that sounds like an awesome picture!

Thank you very much for such an awesome review! Yes, "sort" works much better ;)

Sophie :D

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Review #2, by starryskies55 According to Plan

13th July 2013:
ahaha, this was interesting!

Great concept, telling the story from Pettigrew/Scabber's point of view, I liked all the references to Death Eaters and Pettigrew's life. I enjoyed reading this a lot! I think perhaps there was a bit too much going on - them getting lost, and croc!Charlie and swamps and Erumpets, but it was quite well written.

Scabbers/Pettigrew's voice was very funny, I liked his sarcasm and he was just so done with the Weasley's getting stuff wrong all the time!

So well done on a great entry for the HC from a fellow Gryffie!

Author's Response: Hahah thank you! I've always been interested in Pettigrew's life as a rat, and I thought that life form his perspective as a rat would be really fun to write (which it was :P). Thanks! Maybe I'll cut out an event or too, and just focus on the smaller ones! :)

It was awesome trying to write in his POV, and I imagined him as quite a dry and sarcastic person, with a slightly bitter at times view on life. I really enjoyed writing all about the Weasleys up close, and in third person as well! They do just keep getting in to trouble!

Thank you very much! Wooo Gryffindor!

Sophie LD

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Review #3, by KiwiOliver According to Plan

13th July 2013:
Here for the HC :)
This one shot is so, Weasley!
The Ron being grumpy, Ginny obsession over Harry, Arthurs rubber ducks!

This line:
George cleared his throat too. “Merlin’s big hairy -”

Made me laugh out loud :p It's brilliant and 100% George :)

I love the amount of detail put into the entire chapter, and the fact it's told from the point of view of Scabbers makes it really original! :) I love it!

Your characters are perfect, the plot was fun and exciting :) I loved every single bit!

Author's Response: Yayyy! Gryffindor! :D

Hahah I think that's the best compliment you could give me, thank you! I did try to keep them in character the whole time, with my and the books perception of them in all their actions and dialogue. It was really great fun to write about them!

Thanks! Fred and George are awesome, and definitely some of my favourite characters! They make every situation more comical and light hearted!

I tried really hard to put detail in to it, so I'm glad you picked up on that! I though it'd be quite cool to write from Scabbers' view, and have a rat/human's narrative running through the course of events.

Thank you so much for such a brilliant review, and also for doing it for the Lions! I'm really pleased you enjoyed it!

-Sophie :D

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Review #4, by AlexFan According to Plan

12th July 2013:
Another story about the Weasley's going to Egypt! I love the fact that it was told from Peter's/Scabbers' point of view.

I loved the amount of detail that was put into this one-shot and I think you captured how chaotic traveling can be perfectly. I definitely know what it's like to check and double check that you've brought everything.

I totally forgot about the fact that wizards and witches would need passports as well. For some reason I just never thought about that as part of their travel but it occurs to me that they would also need them.

I love how in character everyone was. Especially the twins, they were my favourite people throughout this entire thing. I felt so bad for Charlie because he got turned into a crocodile.

Trouble really does seem to follow the Weasley's everywhere that they go.

Anyway, I really enjoyed this and I thought it was really funny and entertaining!

Author's Response: Haha thanks! I thought that doing it from a pets point of view would be quite interesting to do, and Scabbers' is so fascinating as a character to explore, because he's like a human and rat!

Hahah me too! I always have to check everything at least twice, and I guess I had to include that with the Weasleys' too, as it seems the sort of thing Molly would do too!

It doesn't seem like the sort of thing the Ministry would do -- just let people go in and out of the country without some sort of ID -- so I thought the most logical thing was to include passports for wizards too! Thank you! I love Fred and George too!

Thank you very much for stopping by with such an awesome review!

-Sophie :D

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Review #5, by magnolia_magic According to Plan

12th July 2013:
Hi! Here for the review-a-thon! I have to say that I'm really impressed with what you've done with this. I loved reading it because there's just so much there...all the detail you give us about where the Weasleys are, what the surroundings look like, sound like, feel like. I always love it when authors give a lot of descriptive detail, because it really paints a great picture :)

There was so much going on in this oneshot--crocodiles, pyramids, Erumpets--that I have a hard time choosing my favorite part! But even though the Weasleys have some pretty exotic adventures, I liked the very beginning best, when they were home getting ready to leave. I just thought you did a fabulous job showing us the chaos of such a large family, and their interactions were so in character. Fred and George teasing Percy, him grumbling back; Arthur taking the back seat and letting Molly take charge of all the madness. That kind of thing. It made me smile, as I could just imagine them saying the very dialogue you give them. Wonderful job!

I loved the mention of the portable swamps...so that was where Fred and George got the idea! That was a fun tidbit to add, and it made me think fondly of that moment in OotP when they made their escape from Hogwarts :)

I really enjoyed reading this! Awesome job!


Author's Response: Hiya! Yayy reviewathons!

Thank you! :) I love writing about the Weasleys, as they're such a versatile and interesting family to explore, and their range of characters from the studious serious Percy to the hilarious Fred and George makes them fascinating to write about! I wanted to describe the scenery well too, so people could see the same image as I saw in my head, and also to make it more realistic!

Hahah I certainly crammed it with stuff! I thought it would be quite Weasley-like for stuff to go wrong, and so I thought a course of events happening and wacky solutions might help them on their way. :P I did enjoy writing the start the best, actually! Just setting out the scene, and slowly revealing Scabbers as the narrator.

I thought, what better for a crocodile than a portable swamp! It's probably the sort of thing Fred and George would use it for anyway, and it helped break up the attention from Ron. That was the exact scene I was thinking about when I wrote it, actually, so I'm really pleased you mentioned that!

Thank you so much for dropping by with this brilliant review!

-Sophie :D

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Review #6, by nott theodore According to Plan

11th July 2013:
Hi Sophie!

I know I've already read this but I really wanted to leave a review and have the chance to talk about it in more detail, because it's a really lovely story to read.

First, I think you have a really original and interesting concept in telling this story from Scabbers' point of view. Normally you wouldn't think of an animal narrating a story, but of course Scabbers is actually a human in rat form, so while he's still clearly Ron's pet, he also has the knowledge and experience that Pettigrew has. It makes sense that he would be able to name all of the family and have detailed opinions and memories of each of them, since he's been with them for so long.

I'm really impressed with your characterisation in this story. You're dealing with a lot of well-known characters here but each one is consistent; Molly fusses, Fred and George are mischievous, Percy is bookish and rule-abiding. They all seem to interact with each other in a very believable and realistic way as well, which is quite difficult to do.

I really liked the humour element of this story, because even though it's a horrible thing that Charlie turned into a crocodile, I couldn't help laughing about it, especially with Bill's girly scream and Percy fainting at the sight of his brother. I was laughing quite a lot at different points in the story (who can't laugh when Fred and George are around?) and Scabbers' comments at times were really amusing.

You also managed to do something amazing with this - I actually liked Scabbers/Peter Pettigrew in this story! I'm majorly impressed that you managed that, because the only time I seem to like him is in a well-written Marauders story, but I did like his character here. His short comments which are interspersed throughout the narration are actually quite endearing (except for the Death Eater one!) and I found myself warming to him as a narrator and a character too. He definitely did something favourable when he helped Ron and Ginny escape the Erumpent! Good rat! ;)

The only suggestion I have would be that Scabbers/Peter could have more of a reaction when he hears Arthur talking about Sirius Black. We know that his health started deteriorating from the point his breakout became common knowledge, so a little more fear at that point and perhaps a few more remembrances of it during the story would enhance Scabbers' narration even more.

Great job, Sophie! I really enjoyed reading this!

Sian :)

Author's Response: Hi Sian! Gah, this review is so awesome! Woo go gryffindor!

Thank you -- the idea came to me when I was eating cheese the other day, and I realized if I did do it for the House Cup, I could do it about the Weasley's too! I imagined Scabbers as a bit dry and sarcastic, but still quite attached to the Weasleys, even without him realizing.

Awh, you're so sweet! Thanks! I tried to capture all of their general personalities, and try to contrast and compare them -- because they're a flavoured bunch, The Weasleys, with a rang of personalities which makes them immense fun to write about!

I wanted it to be some muggleish animal that could be in Egypt - I read the other day there are quite a lot of crocs around the River Nile in Egypt, so I thought Why not? Mainly, also, because I happen to think the alliterationg of Charlie crocodile is funny too!

Yes, I found Scabbers quite challenging at times . He must be battlign with himself, because truly I believe he must've been nice once upon a time. He wasn't against James and Lily all the time, because other wise no body would've liked him. Plus, i didn't want to focus on his betrayal too much, because I figured as a rat you'd have more important things to think about. I wanted to make him do something kind of honourable, but then not too brave - something kind of gryffindorish, but then I guess, with the attitude of a Slytherin if that makes sense?!

That's an awesome idea! I will definitely try to do that, after the word cuont doesn't matter! Thank you so much for such a lovely review Sian - it made my day! Gahh, I'm squishing you through the computer screen right now. :)

Sophie :D

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