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Review #1, by Mrs. Claus Guardian

22nd July 2015:
Hello dear, I'm Mrs. Claus. You should know my husband, Nick, or Santa. Now, I've been charged with the task of handing out gifts for this new "Christmas in July" tradition. Seeing as you've been gone for a bit, or so I've been told, I thought I could do add this as a welcome back present as well.

My, this was a real page turner...or scroller, I suppose. I could really see this playing out as I read, and the characters felt so alive. The way they talked, acted, thought just seemed real. I never felt like there was any rough spots or awkward wording, it all flowed so smoothly.

The plot was also something I haven't seen before. It was original, just like the rest. In fact, this could be a start of a publishable book, and I absolutely love that! Such a lovely job, I'll have to recommend it to my husband. He could use a bit of downtime, and this seems like something good to hold his attention.

Now, here's a clue for you to pass along: Seek me not in the realm of light.

For my last clue, tell them to look in a story by ad astra, as she hasn't posted hers yet.

Now, the month is almost out, and I must be going! Till next year, and have a very merry Christmas in July!

Author's Response: WHAT IS THIS?? I mean thank you for the lovely compliments Mrs. Claus. They are much appreciated :) But WHAT ARE YOU SAYING? Clues? Is the a House Cup thing I don't know about? Nothing makes sense!!!

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Review #2, by teh tarik Guardian

1st August 2013:
Maggie! ♥ Oh my goodness, Maggie. This story. This. I don't really have a lot of words, but this is easily one of the best House Cup entries I've read so far, if not the best. Honestly, this is such a complex and compelling story, and is exactly how a Founders Era fic should be written. The small details here and there really give a very realistic sense of the physical and the historical setting, and your characters! Gaah! your characters are absolutely fascinating. They're complex and endearing, and both childish yet wise. Sorry for all the fangirling; I'm still a little speechless here.

First, Godric. Right, your portrayal of Godric (and Helga as well) is now my official headcanon of these two. He is such a responsible and yet curious boy, wanting to be a good son to carry on the Gryffindor legacy and maintain his family's honour, even though he is beleaguered by a condition (having magical blood), which sets him apart from his household. (It's interesting, but are you implying that Godric is Muggle-born? This is such a fantastic idea!). But there are other nuances to his character as well; his weakness is his pride, and he's aware of the divide in their social status, which sometimes causes him to belittle her own abilities and intelligence - not intentionally and certainly not maliciously, of course. Helga couldn't understand; she was only a girl, and a common one. These are such telling lines, and details like these really give a good sens of the social class divisions and mentalities. His relationship with Helga is very intricately written and incredibly well-thought-out. You've captured everything so convincingly, from the budding awkwardness and coolness between him and Helga as they slowly grow older to the resentment and bickering and the increasing gap in their understanding of each other.

That final part where Helga is immobile and sick, which leads him to carry her back down the steep path and take the broad path as she'd originally advised was so so good. The encounter with the seer was very interesting as well; the seer didn't so much as reveal any information, but instead gave him and us the readers, something to think about, something to reflect on about the futures of both these children - after all, we know that these two are going to be half of the great Founders of Hogwarts. And my absolutest bestest favouritest part was Godric when he was given the one chance to ask anything at all about his future, and he chose to ask something so simple and childlike and absolutely compassionate as "Will Helga be all right?" ;KALSHJPIUASJDLKHA ← sorry, I got too excited. You've depicted their friendship so beautifully! I sort of guess that these two will be firm friends and nothing more...maybe because I know you ship Helga/Salazar (and so do I :) ).

And HELGA OMG. SO MANY THINGS about Helga just made me smile. Helga had always had a sense of where to find things, without knowing exactly why. Hufflepuff :) She's so wise and yet instinctual and with a bit of a temper as well. But he saw no resentment in her eyes as she looked at him. Helga forgave easily. Such simple beautiful lines, and very characteristic of Hufflepuff herself, who is known for her tolerance and compassion.

It's such a shame that this fic doesn't have as many reviews as some of the other House Cup entries; it certainly deserves them! I would say it's because of the length, but honestly, I enjoyed reading this very much, every word of it. Your narrative is so smooth and graceful and your characters are written with such empathy. Amazing work, Maggie. I can't wait to read your other longer works! ♡ ♡

teh ♡

Author's Response: teh. I am speechless. Actually, I've been speechless for a few days now, but I think it's high time I attempt to respond coherently to this review :)

As you might have gathered, it was really hard to cram this story into 5000 words. I had to cut some things, so I tried to stick with the most necessary physical details to keep. And description has never been my strongest suit. But I am so happy I was able to set a good, clear scene for you! That was one of the main things I was nervous about with this, so it's great to hear I pulled it off reasonably well :)

And Godric. I did not expect to feel so close to him as I was writing this. You've got it right on: he does want to be a responsible leader, but he's got this fantastical side that he struggles to keep down. And such pride. I imagine that these characters are the same Godric and Helga that appear in my other Founders fics, and Godric's pride plays a bit of a role in Down Comes the Night. (And to answer your question, yes, he is Muggle-born :) )

I'm so glad you liked Helga! She's my favorite! I wanted to give her sass and compassion all at once. And she does have abilities that other people don't quote understand (like her innate sense for finding...Puff pride!) And yes, she and Godric remain best friends. Of course, I have to leave things open for Salazar to come along :D

You're probably right about the length turning people off from this, but I sort of expected that :P. I'm just glad you enjoyed it so much! Thank you again for all your kind words...I'm just completely giddy over this review! It's such an honor to hear praise from you, since I'm so in awe of your talent. Alskdjdjk thanks again!


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Review #3, by marauderfan Guardian

26th July 2013:
Aww! This was really wonderful. I've never read anything about the founders as children before so this was really fun to read. I think you did a great job with their characterisation - both in terms of their age in the story as well as who they become in the future.

I love the little details in their friendship that makes it so realistic for children of that age - the secret lark call, going on "adventures", and of course the slight rift that comes between them because Godric is two years older and trying to be a grown-up.

You wrote their personalities so well. I love how Helga was a gypsy and a traveller, what a neat idea. And I liked it when Helga got all smart with Godric and told him that maybe the seer was a lady! Good for her ;)

I also really liked the way you wrote Godric. I'd never thought of him being a Muggle-born, so that was an interesting touch. And I can already see those classic Gryffindor traits coming out in him - his worry about the family honour/ a bit of superiority, what people think of him, and learning to wield a sword at a young age. And how he takes care of Helga at the end.

Most of all I loved the way they rely on each other - they each have their strengths, and trust each other (ok, Godric insisted on going his way at the fork in the road, but he did know she was right!) But you've hinted how they learn to get over that and become leaders, showing a glimpse of how well they'd work together and appreciate each other's strengths as they go on to found Hogwarts in the future.

Altogether this was a wonderful story, great job!! :)

Author's Response: Hi! Thank you so much for the great review! It was a fun experiment to write from the perspective of kids :)

Writing Helga was great fun. I wanted her to be a little sassy! And Godric is in that place between child and adult. Those growing pains kind of strain his friendship, and I hoped to show that as realistically as I could. I'm glad you could see some of the traits in him that will come to define Gryffindor house. I did want this story to be mainly about growth for Godric, and the beginning of his journey to become a leader. I'm so glad that message came through for you!

Thank you again for coming by! This was such a lovely review :)


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Review #4, by ginerva_molly_weasley Guardian

13th July 2013:
Ooooh I expected this to be completely a founders story but I was pleasantly surprised when it was just about Godric and Helga.

Their relationship is an interesting one. Originally I thought it was also going to be a romance story so I loved the fact that they were almost like a brother and sister as this really threw me and my assumptions. The idea that Helga was of the travelling folk is also very interesting as that isnt an idea which is explored much in the wizarding world and I almost hadn't really thought about it.

The hermit is very foreboding and I love that air of oracleness he has to him which is wonderful! Also when she gets ill I love when Godric takes Helga back to him as it shows he trusted the hermit rather a lot.

Well done. I really enjoyed this! I don't read founders very often but when I do its nice to find a little gem!

Author's Response: Hi! Thanks so much for coming by! Yep, I imagine Godric and Helga as best friends, and I have been wanting to explore their childhood together. I wanted it to have kind of a fantasy feel to it, so it was a fun experience writing it! Thank you so much for your kind words; I'm very glad you enjoyed this!


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Review #5, by maskedmuggle Guardian

13th July 2013:

Wow I really loved this and I'm actually really impressed that you made a Founders era story so realistic and believable! It definitely felt like old times (as in, in the proper era and everything if that makes sense) and I really liked Godric and Helga's characterisation and the innocent and youthful portrayal of their friendship.

I thought the way they knew about the magic was really interesting, particularly with the Hermit and the Seer - it all feels so real! I also liked how Helga had the innate ability to tell which path it was, but because Godric didn't believe in it, it resulted in trouble and how in the end he had to rush back to take the right path. All that stuff about destiny.. if only Godric knew :) The last couple of lines in the story were also just really powerful. I thought your description throughout the story was awesome, and this was all around just a really well written piece! :)

- Charlotte/maskedmuggle
House Cup 2013 Ravenclaw

Author's Response: Hi Charlotte! Thank you for coming by! I love to write Founders, and I couldn't think of a better way to incorporate travel in a fic than to send someone on a quest! I've never written from the POV of a person this young, so I'm glad it seemed authentic. And I'm so glad you liked the style :)

I sort of made the details of this up as I went, so I'm glad you liked them. I wanted to have a strong fantasy element. And I'm SO happy you mentioned Helga's navigation skills! Hufflepuffs are great finders, after all ;) I'm just thrilled you liked this...thanks so much for your time!


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Review #6, by Siriusgirl Guardian

12th July 2013:
Great story. Love the writing for Godric and Helga (our lovely founder). It's interesting to see where they began. I'd love to see where this story goes. Great job!
Badgers for the cup!

Author's Response: Hi! Thanks so much for reviewing, and I'm glad you liked this look at Godric and Helga as children. It's an idea I've been wanting to play with for a while! Thanks again for your kind words (and go Hufflepuff!)


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