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Review #1, by MissMdsty The Big Day

18th July 2013:

This was so cute and fluffy and romantic it put a big smile on my face! My face is hurting from smiling so much!

First, I loved how nervous Rose was in anticipating what Scorpius would be doing for their anniversary. It was so sweet to see how after 5 years they still keep the passion alive and they have such a lovely relationship! And it's so typical for Ron to be the one who still has a problem with Draco after all this time!

The whole proposal idea was very romantic and so well written, it felt like I was there with them! Although I did suspect that he would be popping the question, the moment was so romantic and sweet it made me squeal and do my own little happy dance. Yes, I too do the happy dance when I am happy!

I also love Rose/Scorpius as a pairing and I could see that you took your love for this pairing and put it into this, with so much detail and emotion that it made my day just a little bit brighter!

The spelling and grammar were very good and all in all it was a very enjoyable read! Good job and keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Hi there,

Scorpius, after all that time, is still unpredictable and surprising Rose. Rose usually has no idea what Scorpius is going to do or say, which is a big factor to how their relationship is working. Ron will never forgive Draco, and therefore his hatred goes down to Scorpius, it's quite funny!

I felt that it was predictable, but I don't think the one-shot would have been complete if he did not propose and it was just the perfect even to do it!
Thank you so much for your kind words, they mean a lot to me as an aspiring author! Hearing that I'm able to convey what I think and my emotions to my readers is exactly what I wished would happen when I wrote this. I was skeptical about this one shot as I had never written a one shot beforehand, but I will probably give it a bigger chance now that it seems I'm able to do it.
- Jess :D

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Review #2, by maskedmuggle The Big Day

18th July 2013:

This was so beautiful!! I really loved this and enjoyed reading it. I thought the way you wrote it was just brilliant because I got such a great sense of how in love they were! I liked the whole situation/plot you had here - that it was their 5th anniversary and every year Scorp liked to plan out something - he just got even more attractive :P The whole dinner sounds so perfect as well - I think you did an awesome job characterising both and writing their dialogue, because they really did seem very in sync and I could feel the chemistry! I really liked the proposal at the end - it felt unexpected and surprising, which actually doesn't quite make sense since they did feel like a couple that was seriously in love.

I might say perhaps that the only crit I had would be the ending - it feels like you didn't spend enough time on it? Like, after all the planning and preparations Scorpius has done on this night, and every other night, he seems like the type of guy who'd do some sort of speech or action (you know, maybe describe him standing up and pulling Rose up too, then kneeling?), not just say it so casually in conversation? But maybe that's just the vibes I got off his character throughout this fic that makes me say so. I think that the casual approach also works in this story, but I do think it's a little bit too abrupt of an ending? All in all though, this was such a fun fic to read! Really well written :)

- Charlotte

Author's Response:
Hey Charlotte,

Thank you for the compliments! This was my first one-shot, I usually do novel type of stories, and so it is great to know that even something quite short was still considered to be well written as I actually thought it was too rushed.
As for the speech, the whole preparation of their anniversary really shows how much he loves her and he didn't think he could word it so quite well without going on for hours and hours, so instead he acted it out and showed her because I've always thought Rose was the type of girl who wanted it to be seen then spoken - although I should have written a speech for her, it would have been adorable.
Overall, thank you for your kind words and critic! I always love knowing what people think of my writing and my ideas, waking up to this just shows that the day is going to be fabulous!
- Jess

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