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12th December 2013:
Ho ho ho and hello! I bring good news and lots of reviews, my dear MrsJaydeMalfoy, because I am your, ahem, SECRET SANTA. I have brought a tent and enough food for a month because I will be camping out on your author page for the month of December and showering your stories with lots and lots of love and festive cheer! Yah! Starting with this lovely little story here at the top of your page.

Aww, aww, aww! ROMIONE ♥ OK, I admit I don't usually read a lot of Romione, even though the pairing's alright with me, but I loved this! I loved the idea of a road trip, and I especially, especially LOVED how you wrote Ron and Hermione as parents, but with Rose and Hugo still being fairly young, so there's plenty of chance to focus on the two of them. THEY'RE ADORABLE ♥ I LOVE how supportive Ron is toward Hermione; she's usually such a strong character, and the start of the story with her in tears and holding that old photo gave me all of dem feels. You've definitely shown very different sides of the characters, sides that we don't really see much of in canon, or even in fanfic. Hermione is more vulnerable and lost here, and Ron as you've shown us, certainly does have enough sensitivity and compassion to understand her plight, and to console her in such a lovely way.

Also, LOVED the little exchanges between them, especially about driving. It's a clever nod to canon, to the epilogue in DH where it was mentioned that Ron failed his driving test (but Confunded the Muggle instructor ahahaha ♥ Ron).

And of course, I simply adore the idea of Ron and Hermione going off to a national park, taking a trip to nature, to somewhere calm and peaceful and pretty and just having a normal vacation like normal people. There's something so serene about the whole experience, and the image of them and their children sitting by the lakeside after the rain is wonderful. I could see it all.

Well, I LOVED this story! HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND MERRY XMAS, my dear! And, I see from a status update that you're also GRADUATING!?!? CONGRATULATIONS! ♥ ♥

I will be back soon!

Santa Badger Claws

Author's Response: OH Teh/Santa... what am I going to do with all of your wonderful, squee-worthy reviews?!?

(Well, the first thing I should probably do is RESPOND TO THEM!) *Headdesk* I'm really sorry it's taken me so long to get to this!!

This review. I just can't even. ♥ Thank you SO much! I really like Romione as a couple, but honestly, I don't read much Romione, either, so it really, REALLY surprised me when this plunny popped into my head. I needed SOME kind of travelling story for the House Cup theme, and I actually took a somewhat similar road trip one day... and then immediately came home and wrote this in one sitting!

Thank you so, so much for your amazing compliments; I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed it! And (belated) Happy Holidays and Merry Xmas to you, too! And thank you for the 'Congratulations'! :) ♥

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Review #2, by Remus The Trip

8th October 2013:
Heya! Perelandra here from the forums delivering my review! :D

A Ron and Hermione fic is just what I need right now so I'm excited to read this!

No. Wait. This is making ME sad. No! It's making me think of when my dad.NOPE! I refuse to think of that. Haha!

This was a very lovely piece. I love Hermione's emotions; they felt very real to me to the point that I got a little teary eyed. Ron here, however, was fantastic.

He was a loving husband and very supportive. Willing to do anything to make Hermione feel better about the situation, even willing to help around the house in order for her to get her special time. Overall, Ron and Hermione felt very in character in their adult selves.

Rose and Hugo acted just like the fuzzy kids they would be. Being in a small car, trapped by their car seats, really makes kids go crazy with boredom. Hermione's line about turning the car around made me giggle.

I guess the only CC I have (and by this point I'm nitpicking) is that it felt a little bit rushed towards the end. Perhaps adding a bit more detail and description can help slow it down a bit. But like I said, at this point I'm nitpicking so no worries. :D

Anyway, I believe that's it! Thank you for the lovely read!!

Until next time!


Author's Response: Hey there lovely! Thank you so much for your amazing review, and I'm sorry it has taken me so ridiculously long to respond to it!

Aww, I'm sorry that this made you think of something bad that happened! :( I really hope it got better by the end! *hugs*

I'm glad you thought Hermione and Ron were good here! I really wanted them to be in-character, so I'm glad it worked out that way! And the same with Rose and Hugo; I'm glad it was realistic!

I completely understand what you said about rushing. This piece was for the House Cup and I was struggling for a really long time to find a topic, and then when I did find one I wanted to go ahead and get it written as fast as possible; I wrote this all in one sitting! Perhaps that's something I can go back and edit later! :) Thank you so much for the CC! ♥

I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thank you again!!


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Review #3, by Faith100z The Trip

26th July 2013:
Hi Jayde!

I loved this! I thought both Ron and Hermione's characterizations were really great! I feel like Ron suggesting the trip and trying to make Hermione more spontaneous is something he'd really do, if that makes sense. His wanting to drive the car was a really great touch as well! :)

I thought the whole thing was really realistic too! Hermione's threats to Rose, the way the park was basically closed, how Rose and Hugo were fussy in the car. It just made it really believable and genuine, I loved it! Awesome job!

- Faith

Author's Response: Hi Faith!

Thank you so much for this lovely review, and I'm sorry I've taken so long to respond!

Aww! I'm really glad you loved it! Thank you so much for your comments about the characterizations! ♥

I'm glad you thought it was realistic, believable and genuine! Thank you SO, SO much for this amazing review! ♥

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Review #4, by typewriter The Trip

25th July 2013:

This was absolutely lovely. I thought you were spot on in capturing the feelings of someone in grieving. I loved that you wrote Ron very in-character, and he didn't know exactly how to comfort his wife at first. It's kind of nice to know that despite years of marriage, he still doesn't always know what to say – especially to Hermione. Though he did a much better job at holding his tongue instead of putting his foot in his mouth, which was a nice change. I generally don't read stories that are Ron/Hermione shipped, but the story behind this one made it all perfect. It was nice to read about a couple who are so in-tune with each other. Well done!


Author's Response: Hi Amanda!

Thank you SO much for this lovely review! And I'm sorry that it has taken me so long to get back to you about it!!

Aww! I'm glad you thought it was lovely!! Thank you for your comments about Ron's characterization, as well as the portrayal of someone in grieving. They really mean a lot to me, and I'm glad you thought Ron had a nice change here.

This is my first Romione story ever, so to hear you say that you liked this one, despite the fact that you don't really read Romiones, really makes me feel good! THANK YOU! ♥

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Review #5, by Akussa The Trip

18th July 2013:
Hahaha that was so great!

I love how you took me on an emotional trip, first being sad and feeling Hermione's pain at loosing her father and then the pure joy of having Ron be Ron and manage to make us laugh with his attempt at doing good. I absolutely loved how you presented Ron; the good husband trying to ease his wife's pain like that.

Mostly though, I love the fact that, in true Ron and Hermione fashion, things didn't go as planned and the trip was a disaster instead of the romantic trip to remember a lost one. That was believable and very much in character for the both of them.

Good job otherwise, I didn't really spot anything that seemed wrong when it comes to spelling or structure. I highly enjoyed this story :)

Author's Response: Hey there dear!

Thanks SO much for this amazing review! And please forgive me for the crazy amount of time it has taken me to respond to it!

I really appreciate your comments about the emotions, as well as the portrayal of Ron! :)

Haha! It does seem to be characteristic for something to go wrong with those two, doesn't it?! I'm glad you thought it was believable and in-character!

Thank you SO much for this amazing review! ♥

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Review #6, by Avanell 2 The Trip

13th July 2013:
Very cute story! Enjoyed it :D Love how Ron really was her rock and let them enjoy/appreciate the trip down memory lane :D

Author's Response: Aww, thank you, dear! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I agree, Ron really WAS her rock, and I thought that was just so fitting of him, you know?!?

Thank you SO much for taking the time to read and review!! ♥

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Review #7, by Lululuna The Trip

13th July 2013:
Hi! :)

Aw, this was so cute! I'm really glad I got to read a story written in an unusual, Post-Hogwarts/Pre-Next Gen. era. It was so refreshing, and really interesting to see Ron and Hermione as young parents. I think you wrote them really well: I loved the dynamics between them, in which they're both loving and attentive to each other but also easily annoyed, and of course Hermione still bosses Ron around. Hermione's annoyance and going into dictator-mom mode was great and reminded me of family events when I was really young. Also, little details like how Molly loves minding her grandkids and how Rose wants to go play with Al were great in creating a family dynamic and adding rich detail to the story.

The whole premise of the trip: to re-visit a place Hermione had been with her late father, was very sweet and poignant. I love how uncertain and really human she came across, and her uncertainity and disappointment that the trip wouldn't be what she imagined. Also, it was a great touch that they took Muggle transport, and I loved how Hermione wouldn't let Ron drive. The last line was a great punchline to the story and really summed up their relationship in a few light yet powerful words, I loved it! :)

Anyway, this was a great little read and I really enjoyed it and reading about the Granger-Weasleys. The characterization was so spot-on and the writing clear to read and well-flowing. Lovely job, my dear! :)

Author's Response: Hi there, dear!

Thank you so much for your thoughtful, amazing review, and I'm sorry it has taken me this long to respond to it!

Aww! I'm glad you thought it was cute! I agree, you don't see many fics about Ron and Hermione as young parents (although I'm sure there's some out there), so I kind of felt like this was uncharted territory when I was writing it. I'm glad you liked it so much!

It really makes me happy to hear that you think I wrote the couple very well. This was my first Romione so I wasn't sure how it'd turn out - I'm glad you liked it!

I'm glad that you thought the whole idea was sweet, and that you liked the ending! As for the muggle transport, I had just taken a road trip a day or two before writing this, and I literally got the inspiration for this while I was on that trip, so that really had a lot to do with it! :P

Thank you so much for the compliments, and for this amazing review! ♥

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Review #8, by HollyStone73 The Trip

13th July 2013:
This was cute even if it was a little sad. I felt so bad for Hermione, but I loved that Ron jumped in to the rescue. The spontaneousness of the trip so seemed like something he would do, and I could see Hermione stressing out about it. LOL! I do wish that there were more details and that they were able to partake in more muggle types of recreation, but it was all neat anyway. Great job! A fun little story.

Author's Response: Aww, thank you! I'm glad you thought this was cute, but sorry that it was so sad! :(

It's hard not to feel bad for Hermione in this, but Ron definitely saved the day! He's so sweet! :P

Haha, I can see Hermione stressing out about almost anything! :P

Thank you so much for the constructive criticism. You're right, there weren't many details given (I was rushing to try and get it done on time!) so that's definitely something I'll consider going back and fixing!

Thank you SO MUCH for the review! ♥

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Review #9, by Beeezie The Trip

13th July 2013:
Huh. This was an interesting take on the prompt, and not one I've seen in any of the other stories. I wasn't quite sure where you were going with it, but I ended up being pleasantly surprised!

When I started reading and saw that the focus was on Hermione's loss of her father, I have to admit that I almost clicked the back button - I've already read a few fics that tugged at my heartstrings, and I wasn't sure if I could do another one. I'm glad I kept going, though, because that didn't turn out to be what this one was about at all.

You walked a very fine line between portraying real, sincere grief without letting the story itself end up being very sad, and I think you did an amazing job with it. Yes, I absolutely felt for Hermione, but the story didn't end up consuming me with sadness, because you also turned it into a real opportunity to show Ron and Hermione's relationship with each other and, to a lesser extent, their children, which was decidedly not depressing.

This was actually probably one of my favourite depictions of Ron and Hermione's relationship I've ever read. You didn't make Ron a different person - his repeated attempts to convince Hermione to let him drive come to mind - but you did show a different side of him, and I think that that's important, for two reasons.

First, people often act a bit differently around their significant others than they do around other people. Second, this is presumably set a good chunk of time after the war, and Ron has presumably grown up since then. It makes perfect sense to me that we'd see a bit of a different side to him when he's comforting his wife, and I really liked the way you extrapolated who he was in canon to who he might be later in such a realistic and enjoyable way.

My only suggestion is that I thought you could have included a bit more detail here and there, mostly in description. In the beginning, for example, when Ron comes home, I thought that their interaction would have been stronger if you'd added some more detail. As it was, I had a vague idea of it in my head, but that was it, and it was such a powerful scene that I would have liked to see more about what they were doing, not just how they were feeling. Ron wiping away her tears was a nice tough, and I would have liked a bit more of that sort of thing.

Overall, though, this was a lovely story, and I really enjoyed it. :)

House Cup 2013 - Ravenclaw

Author's Response: Hi Beeezie!

Thank you so much for this lovely, thoughtful review! And I'm sorry it has taken me such a ridiculous amount of time to respond to it!

I'm glad you thought this was a different take on the prompt, and that you were pleasantly surprised. To be honest, I wasn't sure where I was going when I wrote it... :P I just sat down with an idea and wrote the whole thing in one sitting!

Aww! I'm sorry that you'd already read so many heart-wrenching stories before you got to this one! Thank you for continuing to read, though; I'm glad it turned out different! I know how you feel... sometimes reading too much depressing stuff at one time can really get you down!

It was really important to me that this not be entirely sad. Yes, there had to be some sadness in it, but I wanted the overall mood to be different. And I'm glad it worked out that way, in your opinion!

Aww!! ♥ Yay for this being one of your favorite depictions of Ron/Hermione! Thank you so much! This was my first Romione ever, so I can't tell you how good it makes me feel to read that!

And I'm super-thrilled that you thought Ron was realistic and in-character. I wanted him to still be himself, while being a wonderful husband (because of the circumstances), and I'm glad that worked out and that you liked it so much!

I completely understand what you're saying; description is definitely something I need to work on in all of my fics. Thank you so much for the tip, I can't tell you how much I appreciate it!

Again, thank you SO MUCH! ♥

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Review #10, by ShadowRose The Trip

13th July 2013:
Hello there!

This was such a cute story - I love me some Ron/Hermione. :)

Poor Hermione was obviously very distressed, but I love how helpful Ron was in trying to calm her down and help her out as much as he could. It really shows how much he cares about her and knows how to make her feel better. I just wanted to hug him, the adorable little thing.

That definitely sounds like a typical car ride with little children - they're ten times more stressful than any other car ride you will ever take. :P I love that Hermione wanted to do things the Muggle way, so that it would be like the way her Dad did things.

I like the dual meaning you have going with the "trip down memory lane" in that it's both looking back at past memories, and a physical trip as well.

I also love the little references to Ron wanting to drive - it makes me think of the scene in the Epilogue where they talk about Ron Confunding the driving examiner. It definitely seems realistic that he would want to go get his license after this trip, haha. :)

Overall, this was fun to read - great job!

-ShadowRose (Taylor)

Author's Response: Hi Taylor!

Thank you so much for your amazing review, and I'm sorry it has taken me so long to respond to it!

Aww! I'm glad you thought the story was cute! This was my first Romione ever, so I was a little worried with how it would turn out!

Haha! Hug Ron all you want! I thought he was really adorable here, too (although he had his annoying moments). :P I really wanted him to come across as a good husband, considering the circumstances, so I'm glad that showed!

Haha! Yes, the children! It's really funny, I haven't taken a car ride with small children in a long time, so I'm not really sure where that bit came from, but I've received a lot of compliments about it, so thank you! :D

Haha. Thank you for your comments about the title. I really couldn't think of anything else at first, and I really didn't like the title. I thought about changing it, but when you and one other person made comments similar to yours, I decided to keep it. :) Thank you!

Haha! I actually had to do a bit of research about that scene, to figure out exactly when Ron got his license and make sure that him not having it now wouldn't conflict with Canon! :P I'm glad that tied in well together, thank you!

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Review #11, by academica The Trip

13th July 2013:

This was just lovely. It was so nice that the Weasley family made a good memory out of what could have been a disastrous waste of a trip. It reminds me of that inspirational quote--"It's not the destination that counts, it's the journey."

I loved your characterization here. Hermione was clearly under a lot of stress, and it was good that Ron was able to help calm her down. It just shows that they're perfect for each other. I also loved how Ron was able to come up with the perfect way to help Hermione grieve and remember her father. So often Ron is portrayed as being either totally vapid or really impulsive and emotionally dysregulated, and yet here he came across as beautifully caring.

House Cup 2013

Author's Response: Hi Amanda!

Thank you so much for this sweet review, and I'm sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you!

Aww! I'm glad you thought this was lovely! You're right, it's good that they turned what could have been terrible into something positive. And THANK YOU for posting that quote! I think that would be a PERFECT addition to the story summary... I'm going to have to look up who said it! (Even though I know you weren't suggesting a summary, I'll be sure to credit you!)

I'm glad you loved the characterization! I've never written a Romione before, so I was a little worried with how it would turn out!

I really wanted Ron to come across as a wonderful, caring husband here, especially considering the circumstances. I agree, I don't read too many fics where Ron is portrayed in a good light. And even though sometimes in the series I really disliked him, I still think he's a great friend and would have been a great husband, too.

Thank you SO much for this amazing review!! ♥

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Review #12, by ginerva_molly_weasley The Trip

13th July 2013:
Awwh this is super sweet. I love to think of Ron and Hermione as a young couple with the young children. Most people write them much older when Rose and Hugo are at school or when they're just married so its lovely to read something so different.

In this story I think you've really shown Ron's caring nature. Most of the time he can appear tactless and not really on the same wavelength as everybody else but here you've really shown that he does love his wife and that he would do anything to make her happy. I like where he wiped all the tears from her eyes it made me smile.

I also like how this story looks upon the death of Hermione's father but it would have nice to see about her mother, maybe Ron asking whether Hermione would like her mother to come or even clarifying if her mother was still alive even though her father was not.

The trip in itself looks like any other muggle family trip with the arguments on the way there particularly if they weren't used to being stuck in the car for so long. I also liked how Hermione used that such common phrase for her own family. It made me smile quite a lot!

I also like how things didnt go as well as they could have done but they still enjoyed their little holiday.

Well done

Author's Response: Hi there, dear!

Thank you SO much for your amazing and thoughtful review, and I'm sorry it has taken me such a long time to respond to it!!

I'm glad you thought this was sweet! I agree; although I'm positive there are some out there, I haven't read very many fics where Ron and Hermione were a young couple with Rose and Hugo very small, either. I kind of didn't really know how to portray them as parents; it felt like uncharted territory, if you know what I mean! :P

Ron really does appear tactless a lot, but I wanted to make him very understanding here, considering the circumstances. They still had their moments of bickering, because it's Ron and Hermione, of course, but I really wanted it to be more loving and tender here. I'm glad that came across!!

You're absolutely right, I should have at least mentioned Hermione's mother. That's one of those things I didn't really think through as I was writing the story, and now it's turned into a plot hole... :P Thank you for pointing it out! I really should go back and edit!

I had taken a road trip just a day or two before writing this, and it, like most road trips, turned out to be quite frustrating... so I had some inspiration for that part! :P I'm glad it made you smile!!

Things never really go according to plan, do they? :P It was really more about the trip and remembering her dad anyway.

Thank you SO much! ♥

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Review #13, by maskedmuggle The Trip

13th July 2013:

Aww this was definitely a really sweet fic and I loved Ron/Hermione in this! I really liked how the "trip down memory lane" was literally a trip in that they physically travelled to Phelps National Park, but how it was also a trip where Hermione reflected on past memories. The background with her dad is really sad, but it was great to see Ron helping her to try and move on with the loss.

I thought Ron's character here was definitely very sweet and considerate, and it's a surprising change from his Hogwarts insensitive self, but one that's fairly believable considering everything that they've had to go through together. I definitely really liked how caring Ron was and how thoughtful he was! But his characterisation still felt really Ron, such as his insistent desire to drive the car! :) So, a really lovely and nicely written fic :)

- Charlotte/maskedmuggle
House Cup 2013 Ravenclaw

Author's Response: Hi Charlotte!

Thank you for this amazing, lovely review, and I'm so sorry that it's taken me until now to respond to it!

I'm glad you thought this was sweet, and that you loved Ron/Hermione in it! This was my first Romione ever, so I was a little nervous about it!

Thank you for your comment about the title! I honestly couldn't think of anything else, and I really didn't like the title, and thought of changing it. But now that I've read your comments, I think I'll keep it just the way it is! :P

I agree, Ron was a little insensitive at Hogwarts, and there were times when I didn't really like him. But I wanted to make him as wonderful a husband as I could, given the circumstances. I'm glad that worked out, and that he was still very "Ron"!

Thank you SO much!! ♥

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Review #14, by Siriuslover177 The Trip

13th July 2013:
Wow, this was a very powerful story.
I could feel how sad Hermione was, and how much she truly missed her dad.
Once they found out that the rain made it impossible to fish and hike I instantly felt bad for her.
But how you made it a day of talking and remembering, that was very smart.
This was a very nicely written chapter.
I really, really liked it.
Great job.


Author's Response: Hey there, lovely! ♥

Oh wow... I am really flattered that you think this is a powerful story! There are really no words to express my gratitude for that compliment!

I know, it's kind of hard not to feel bad for Hermione in this. But thankfully, she's got Ron and their children their to ease her pain somewhat. :)

*Blushes* Thank you! I'm glad you liked that it was more about talking and remembering, and that you think it was nicely written! ♥

Thank you SO, SO MUCH for reading and reviewing!

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Review #15, by DracoFerret11 The Trip

13th July 2013:
Hello there! This is DarkRose from Ravenclaw on the forums here to review for you for the House Cup 2013! :D So, let's go over things:

Plot: This was so sweet! Just reading it made me tear up a little. I can't imagine life without my dad. Ack! No! Too heartbreaking! Blahhh. Okay! Back to reviewing: I really think this was a sweet idea. You definitely showed Ron and Hermione in a good light as they handled a situation that many families have to go through. And the idea of going to a special place to remember someone you cared about is really wonderful.

Characterization: Hermione and Ron were absolutely perfect. I rarely like Ron in fanfiction (heck, I wasn't even that fond of him in canon), but I think your Ron was really great. I loved how he cared for Hermione and how he dealt with the kids so she could try to relive this experience with her dad. He was such a great husband and father and I really loved that that's how you showed him. And Hermione was so sad, but so her, you know? Very believable.

Descriptions: I wish I could have seen things more, if that makes sense. I would like more details about how things look, sound, smell, feel, etc. The only scene that I really felt like I could "experience" was the one with the screaming kids in the car. That even stressed me out! And I'm not even really there. ;) Well done! But other details could help bring the rest of the story to life.

Emotions: I loved that I could see how Hermione was feeling throughout the story. Her emotions about missing her father were so realistic. My grandpa died nearly thirteen years ago and my mom still gets choked up talking about him. That's something that never really goes away, but you showed that there can be times that you remember good things too and I really liked that.

Interactions: I mentioned that I loved how sweet Ron was to Hermione. That made me smile. :) And I especially liked that she wouldn't let him drive! Haha! So realistic for their characters. Great job!

Overall, you did really well. Great job with the challenge and good luck with the House Cup!


Author's Response: Hi, Emily!!

Thank you so much for this detailed, amazing review! I apologize that it's taken me so long to respond to it!!

Awww! I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you tear up! :( But I'm glad that you thought the idea was wonderful, and that Ron and Hermione were shown positively!

♥ Thank you! I know what you mean about Ron... I'm sort of "on the fence" about him myself, if you know what I mean. :P I tried to make him as wonderful as I could, while still being 'himself', given the circumstances. So I'm really glad that worked out! And I wanted to squee when you said I wrote Hermione believably! Thank you!!

I completely understand what you're saying; I really could have put in more description. In fact, I need to work on that in all of my stories, not just this one. :P Haha! The kids stressed me out a little bit just writing them! :P

For me, Hermione's emotions were a major part of this story, so I'm glad that you could tell her feelings throughout! My grandpa died this time last year, so I kind of had a recent experience to help me with the emotions that go on when you lose someone... I felt really "in tune" with Hermione here. And you're right... that never really goes away, but there are moments when you think back on the good times and smile.

I'm glad you thought the interactions were realistic for their characters, too! :)

Thank you SO, SO much! I can't tell you how much I appreciate this review! ♥

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Review #16, by marauderfan The Trip

12th July 2013:
Hi Jayde :)

This was a lovely one-shot. I really enjoyed Ron and Hermione's bickering throughout the whole thing, particularly Ron wanting to drive! And then how sweet Ron was about visiting the place just so Hermione can remember her father. I think you write Ron and Hermione very well!

I also really liked how you focused on mundane things, like Rose kicking the seat, old photographs, and the fishing area being closed - for some reason, that made it much more real.. like the little things keep happening, life goes on, and the fact that they made the trip in the first place was the important part. (I'm not sure if that made sense, but I've been staring at a computer all day reviewing for the HC so forgive me! :P ) Anyway, I really liked this, and I think you did a great job on it.

Author's Response: Hey there dear!

First off, let me just apologize A LOT for being so tardy in this review response! Thank you so much for reviewing!!

Aww, thank you! I'm glad you thought this was a lovely one-shot! I'm glad you liked the bickering, too! I wanted it to be more of a tender moment, but still with a little normalcy thrown in, so I'm glad that worked! :) Yay! I'm glad you think I write them very well!! This is my first Romione ever, so I can't tell you how much it means for you to say that!!

Thank you for saying that the mundane things made it much more real! Life does go on even when terrible things happen, and although I didn't specifically try to convey that message, I'm glad it came across!! :)

And you're absolutely right, the fact that they made the trip is what's important! Haha! It made complete sense to me!! :P

Thank you SO much for this amazing review! ♥

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Review #17, by LilyEPotter The Trip

12th July 2013:
Hi! Here for the House Cup review!

This is such a heart-breaking story! Both in that Hermione is dealing with her father's death and also with Ron's idea to go to the park where Hermione's favorite trip was.

The ending was great - Hermione not letting Ron get away with trying to drive. :)

Great story! (and now to go find a tissue)

Author's Response: Hi there dear!

Aww, I'm sorry that it's so heart-breaking! I never really thought about it, but it really is kind of heart-breaking that Ron came up with the idea to go to the park... it's so sweet and sad! :(

Haha, I'm glad you liked the ending! And I'm sorry you've got to go find a tissue! :( *hugs*

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!! ♥

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Review #18, by LittleLionGirl The Trip

12th July 2013:
Wow. That is all I have to say- I was on the verge of tears the whole time and I do not cry. This story expresses grief in a clear and believable way. I can see a trip like this actually happening and it is quite amazing.

Author's Response: Awww, I'm sorry you were almost crying! :( I'm glad you think it's believable, though!

Thank you SO much for taking the time to read and review!! ♥

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Review #19, by patronus_charm The Trip

12th July 2013:
Hi Jayde!

The range of emotions in this one-shot was really great, though I liked that grief/sadness was a constant, underlying which. It almost made a full circle with the structure of the story with us having it in the first section and then returning to it in the last. I really connected with Hermione’s pain over her father dying and I thought it was brilliantly done.

Ron was the wonderful husband I imagine him to be in this one-shot with him suggesting that they go off to the national park. I really liked how they were reuniting her with her father through doing that and then the excitement they began to feel was almost tangible, and then for it to be taken away from Hermione with it being closed was horrible.

I thought the idea of their family lives was really great. It made sense for the children not to be grieving completely as I can imagine that someone that age would find it hard to deal with grief and not fully understand it. The small cameo appearance from Molly was lovely and the exact grandmother I imagined her to be.

I really loved this one-shot, and I thought it captured Hermione perfectly in what must have been a devastating time for her!


Author's Response: Hey there Kiana!

First off, I'm sorry for the very, very ridiculous amount of time it has taken me to respond to your lovely review!

I'm really glad that you felt there were a range of emotions here. I wanted it to be mostly sad, but not entirely, so I'm glad that worked out! I didn't really intend to make it a full circle, but I see what you mean; it sure turned out that way! :P

I tried to make Ron as wonderful as I could in this, while still being Ron (I hope that was evident with the constant wanting to drive!) :P And I agree, it was so sad that it was taken away from Hermione, but I like to think it worked out in the end. :)

I'm so glad you loved it, and that you think I captured Hermione perfectly! Thank you SO much for this amazing review!! ♥

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