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Review #1, by prettywishes Romania

30th December 2013:
This was such a gem! I loved how Charlie didn't see though his plan enough to realize that he was probably going to get caught running away by choosing to travel by flying carpet, he just cared about getting there.Very fun to see a bit of a 'run away' story, I feel like it was something the Weasley boys would have done quite a few times. My favorite quote was"his mum would have killed him if heíd have died running away from home." Very honest! Nicely done.

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Review #2, by HollyStone73 Romania

13th July 2013:
I really liked this. I was always kind of bummed that nothing much was ever written about Charlie in the books so this was really neat to read. I absolutely love how he bartered with the old hag to get himself the carpet, but him being arrested was just too funny. I could totally see Arthur bailing him out and then promising to try to keep it from Molly! LOL! (I do love those Weasleys!!) This was all very well written and such a unique perspective to take on the whole travel theme. Great job and fun to read!

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Review #3, by ShadowRose Romania

13th July 2013:
Hello there!

This is a really fun story - I've never imagined Mrs. Weasley being 100% okay with Charlie working with dragons since she's such a protective mother, and you definitely portray that here.

I love how passionate Charlie is about dragons - it really shows his convictions, and that he loves it so much to run away from home for it. The debate he has with the hag in Knockturn Alley also speaks volumes about his character - he knows how to get what he wants and use people's weaknesses to his advantage. He's definitely well-characterized here, and I enjoyed getting to know him.

I like that Arthur's kind of the middle man here - he understands Charlie's dream but doesn't want to upset Molly either. I'm glad that he sees how much Charlie wants this, and agrees to let it happen.

Overall, this was lots of fun to read - great job!

-ShadowRose (Taylor)

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Review #4, by ginerva_molly_weasley Romania

13th July 2013:
This is sweet and the title fits so perfectly.

You can just imagine Molly's stern voice when he tells her that he wants to go to Romania for the Summer. She is a very homely lady so with her eldest son already having moved out you can just imagine how much she will want to keep her children close to home so she won't have to let them go. I can see where she's coming from because he's working with Dragons and wouldn't be able to use his wand so if ever he got into trouble then he wouldn't be able to defend himself but it was arranged by McGonagall so surely she should have realised it was going to be a very good opportunity for them.

Charlie is so passionate about his dragons that you can see why he's running away. He's running away for his dream which I think is very admirable of him. Whilst he knew he didn't have Molly's permisison he knew that he had to do this for his future career so I loved his bravery. It shows that he is truly a true Gryffindor.

The interaction with the woman is interesting as again he shows his age beyond his years with being able to negotiate himself out of the sticky situation. Also where did he get his 10 galleons from? The Weasleys surely couldnt have had that kind of money for pocket money?

Arthur bless him knows how overbearing Molly can be so I do like when he sympathises with his son. He makes him see sense in a rational manner and knows how much this means to his son so its nice that even though Bill has been arrested for being seen by 10 muggles he will still support him as much as he can in his dreams which shows his true father like figure.

Also this explains why he was so good when Ron and Harry flew away with the car! He'd been through it before with Charlie.

Well done

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Review #5, by SilentConfession Romania

13th July 2013:
I really loved this! Charlie is such an unrepresented character in fanfiction and the books and it's great to see him feature in your one-shot. I like how you played on his need for adventure and life. This seems very Charlie like i'd imagine. It would have to be for a guy who wanted to work with dragons. I also loved how he got the carpet. It was quite clever to be honest and I was like 'go Charlie! you barter with that hag!' Brilliant.

I liked the humour in this. It was sly and subtle at times but it seemed to fit in with your characters. It also goes really well with your writing style which is very smooth and almost poetic in a way. But I feel that way with almost all the stuff that you write as the tone of your writing voice just makes it easy to like the story itself.

It was funny to see such a determined boy to get to the Dragons and trying to even make himself look like a Dragon keeper before hand by thinking of how hard they must be to keep up with the job. It was a nice touch. Showed that he was just a teen, especially with his sheepish answers after being caught and him admitting he ran away because of a row. It was all very true to life.

Great story! I really enjoyed reading this a lot!

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Review #6, by Siriuslover177 Romania

13th July 2013:
Goodness, this was such a good one-shot!
I could totally see Charlie doing something like this. He is so strong-willed that he would do anything to be with the dragons, because he loves them so much.
I really liked how his father is going to help him, and not tell his mother about him running away, and getting arrested.
This was a really nice story!


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Review #7, by Roots in Water Romania

12th July 2013:
Hello there!

I definitely enjoyed this "silly little one-shot". Charlie Weasley has always been such an interesting character for me and here's a one-shot with him as the main character... And it's about his desire to become a Dragon Tamer, to boot!

I think that you did a fantastic job with this one-shot. Your description was great- it was very easy to visualize Charlie in each of the situations he found himself in.

As well, I really enjoyed your characterization. Charlie's determination and love for his job was crystal clear. Furthermore, his immaturity was also present; his mother had good reasons for not letting him go (even though I agree with him that it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity) and he shouldn't have chosen a magic carpet bought from a hag in Knockturn Alley as his method of traveling over water/high above land. He could have been hurt a lot worse than he was.

Speaking of which, the turn this story took was unexpected, but ended up working out so much better. If Charlie had managed to go all the way to Romania, the story would have had to have been much longer in order to cope with the fallout.

As it is, I really liked Arthur's role in this. It demonstrated his role as a father in a very good light and fit in beautifully with what we know of him from the books: slightly scared of his wife and more indulgent of his childrens' follies.

I think one of my favourite parts in this one-shot is the concluding line from the first section, the one about Charlie having to find some trainers before he left because the window sill was too cold. It made me laugh - it was such a well-placed bit of humour!

All in all, I think that you did a fantastic job with this one-shot. Everything flowed smoothly together and formed a very well put-together story. Great work! :D

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Review #8, by marauderfan Romania

12th July 2013:
I liked this! It was great to see Charlie's early interest in dragons, and I loved that he decided to run away on a magic carpet in order to get there. He was quite the rebel!

Your descriptions of flying the carpet were great, I liked how when it stopped it was like the scenery stopped and not him. I guess flying a carpet wasn't quite as easy as Charlie thought - lucky someone stopped him when he fell!

My favourite line was this: "his mum would have killed him if heíd have died running away from home." Haha! I think it was in character for Arthur and Charlie to try and keep it a secret as well - after all, in CoS when Harry and Ron stole the car Arthur had no desire to tell Molly about it, so I think it could have happened in this case too. But I have the feeling that after the end of the story, Molly finds out about Charlie (and Arthur) running away ;)

Great work, this was a fun story!

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Review #9, by MrsJaydeMalfoy Romania

12th July 2013:
Haha! I really liked this!

First off, you don't find very many Charlie-centered stories, so that Charlie's the main character in this is amazing enough. On top of that, the stories that you DO find about Charlie are normally later in his life; this is the first story I've read about Charlie at such a young age, and I quite like it! I think it's good to see Charlie in his rebellious, teenage years.

I think Charlie probably DID have an obsession with dragons from childhood, so that was very beliveable. And I certainly believe he would run away if his Mum denied him the opportunity to go see them! :P

And oh Arthur! He always struck me as the "fun" parent (which admittedly isn't fair to Molly, but that's just how it is). I can totally see him keeping Charlie's secret to avoid both of them getting into trouble. But if Molly ever DID find out... oh boy!

I'm quite worried about what will happen when the Hag doesn't get her rug back! But surely she wouldn't report Charlie... that would require her to deal with the Ministry!

All in all, a great one shot! I really enjoyed reading it!

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Review #10, by HeyMrsPotter Romania

12th July 2013:
I really enjoyed this, I think you've captured Charlie's rebellious side perfectly. The interaction with the Hag in Knockturn Alley made me laugh, I liked how quick-thinking Charlie was in getting the price down. I particularly loved the scene at the end between Charlie and Arthur, both were brilliantly in character; I can totally imagine Arthur keeping their little trip secret from Molly, she's certainly a force to be reckoned with! Spelling, grammar and flow were great too. Well done!

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Review #11, by Athene Goodstrength Romania

12th July 2013:
Here from the HC party! Well, this is the first entry I've read, and what a delightful story it was too. I do have a passion for all things Weasley, and it's always lovely to come across a writer who understands their relationships, mindsets and environment the way you do.

It was really fun to see bluff, affable Charlie being a bit of a thoughtless, moody teenager. I knew it couldn't just be Ron who was a bit of an awkward teen! Haha.

That said, I really love Charlie's firm determination, and his innocent delight in zooming about over Europe. His motivation for running away isn't just about the typical mother-son argument, but he really cares about these dragons, which I thought was so sweet and so in-character.

You're really very good at incorporating gentle humour and magical terms as if it's your own world you're describing - you seem so comfortable in the magical world that I was reminded of JKR's style of writing.

I laughed out loud at the line about Molly killing him if he'd died - it felt very Weasleyish.

I really enjoyed this story!

Athene xo


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Review #12, by Ron 4 Hermione Romania

12th July 2013:
What an interesting one shot, I like the idea of Charlie trying to run off to Romania to be with the Dragons, it fits in with what we know about him now, working with Dragons. I also liked the fact that he had sneaked off when his mum had told him not too, it reminded me of the Deathly Hallows when they hear a noise and they think it's Charlie going off to re grow his hair.

I thought the idea of him trying to sound more confident then he felt when talking to the hag added a nice realistic touch because I don't know how many 16-almost 17 year olds could talk to someone in a place like Knockturn Alley, especially someone as nice as a Weasley.

Ah, good old Arthur coming tot the rescue! I thought you had his characterisation perfectly, from him not wanting/going to tell Molly to him volunteering to go with Charlie for a bit, it's just so Arthur and it made a lovely end to the story.

This is a lovely little one shot, I don't normally read a lot about Charlie as he seems to be often overlooked but I think you've wrote him perfectly. Great job! :)

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Review #13, by patronus_charm Romania

10th July 2013:
I didnít think this one-shot was silly, I really loved it!

Charlie as an angry/angsty teen was brilliant! The whole idea of him running away via a flying carpet was amazing. I think the fact he was doing it so he could go and work with dragons like heís always dreamed of made it even better because it showed why he never really came back to the Weasleys in the books and fits in with his rebel image.

The descriptions in Paris really were great! I was laughing all the way through when he was pondering whether to speak en FranÁais or not :P Then the way he recalled all the landmarks was really sweet and showed this was a decisive decision because it had background research, and wasnít done on a whim.

When Arthur turned up it was lovely. I almost felt that he was proud of his sun for escaping away on a muggle artefact. Charlieís so lucky in that respect because I donít think my dad would be anywhere near as calm in that situation. I think thatís another reason why I love Arthur because he understood this was what Charlie needed to do and didnít yell too much even if he had broken the law!

Aw this one-shot was really great and it was nice to see a bit more of Charlie in fan fiction as we donít often see him!


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Review #14, by Wildmoon Romania

8th July 2013:
This is a really great piece. Lots of little terrific moments in there that kept it light hearted, like running away after he finds his trainers!

I especially loved the arrest, since that's something we've never really seen before. It's hard to take a one-shot and add significantly to our universe, but that really was brilliant! And I can totally see Arthur covering for his sons like he did, that's characterizing him perfectly.

Well done!

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Review #15, by academica Romania

8th July 2013:
Hi Mel! I really need to get back to WAT once I remember where I left off, but for now I decided to stop by your HC entry for this month's Review Battle :)

This was super cute. I felt like you did a great job characterizing both Charlie and his dad, and I can definitely see that they have a lot in common. Arthur is probably so proud that his children did so well as adults, especially Charlie the adventurer. I liked how he was able to talk Charlie down from his original plan and successfully balanced his love for Molly and his acceptance of Charlie's maturity. In turn, I can easily see how the younger kids like the twins could have gotten the idea that it's okay to be a little crazy and go for your dreams like Charlie--even if your mother says not to do it :)

I liked the imagery and your funny little lines a lot; they added a real spirit of life to the piece. It was also cool how you combined the theme of actual travel (on the carpet) with more of a future sense of travel (Charlie's eventual relocation to Romania).

Nice job, Mel!

♥ Amanda

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