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Review #1, by fwoopersong8 Ibiza

2nd December 2015:
Hahaha, this is awesome! :D :D :D
My favorite part was Bellatrix shrieking "If you carry on like this I'll send rumours about you to a tabloid!"
Really this was all awesome. Sneaky Lucius.
I caught a couple typos, like "he wanted to be an internationally superstar," but other than that, good.
Keep up the good work! :D

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Review #2, by Karou_Marauder Ibiza

11th July 2014:
Hi there!

Voldemort as a fashion model, and Snape as a clothes designer... I honestly never thought I'd see something like this! This was hilarious. :D

I love how their biggest rivals are Harry's Hipsters, and that Snape's wearing a Luna Lovegood t-shirt. That's so funny.

I did spot this tiny little thing though: "into the living room already to vent" I think you mean "all ready"; that would make more sense to me anyway. It's only small, though.

I knew it! Snape flipping his hair back and forth was very funny, especially when he splattered grease everywhere. I had a feeling it was a reference to that song.

Voldemort in fluorescent pink speedos...the books will never be the same.

And Quick Ways. I think I know who you mean ;)

-Karou :) 2014 House Cup Review

Author's Response: Hey karou!

Bahaha yes the last HC gave me minimal time to write this so my mind went a little crazy in reaction to that hence the craziness. I'm so glad that you liked the little rivalries between the fashion houses as it was a lot of fun to include!

Thanks for pointing that out to me, I'll go and fix it after responding to this!

Yes, Snape would definitely rock out to I whip my hair back and forth if he knew the song in those days. PINK SPEEDOS FOR THE WIN THOUGH!

Hmm, yes, I think it was rather easy to pick up the little hint there ;)

Thanks for a fab review though! :D


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Review #3, by MissesWeasley123 Ibiza

2nd January 2014:

For day 7 of the 12 Days of reviewing. I'm so slow today it's actually depressing. This is #6 and I'm doing it on my phone too. #mythumbshurtalready #yesiusehashtagsinreviews


After Snapshots and this, I am convinced that you must start stand up. This is great.

I loved how even though it was crazy and so AU, you managed to keep the characters so true and real. Snape was just like how he was in the books, except.. Well awesomer because fashion and Snape lol.

Voldy was the bomb. Or maybe Bellatrix was, I don't care, it was still great. Both of them. Your humour was not forced, ever. I think it truly does come naturally for you which is an amazing talent.

AND THE GERMAN! That was gold. Honestly, how do you write this?!

Excellent job Kiana!

Author's Response: ahahaha letmet♥u.ur2awesome4words.

I know that day dragged on for ages for me too so it's ok #ifeelyou ##srgr8 #soistxtspeak

Bahaha, I can't make jokes in real life, only when writing. Or when I do make jokes no one finds them funny so it probably isn't a good idea.

Wah, for craziness, it's so much fun! Snape was always a fashionista, with that greasy hair look and the angry face. He's still one step ahead of us all :P

Yay for you liking them, though I don't want Voldy to be a bomb because if he blew up it would be a bit horrible being covered in him :P

Erm, I think it was mainly desperation to write something for the cup and help my house so this was born :P

Thank you for such an amazing review, seriously, ur2gr84.


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Review #4, by soufflegirl99 Ibiza

20th August 2013:
This was such a funny one shot! I loved it! It's so quirky and unique, and the way you portrayed each death eater was so fluffy and not-scary, it was awesome! :)

Firstly, the whole setting of Ibiza is so comical and original. I would never in a million years picture death eaters hanging out there. The plot was so funny, and my favourite bit was definitely when Voldemort was doing the conga. How you managed to include that in the story, and make it believable is just incredible!

The pace is quite fast and engaging, and I loved how much detail you put in to the description. It certainly made it more believable and realistic, and the line in german added a really nice touch to the story as well :) I love it when people include foreign languages in their stories!

I loved the nod at sunburning english, hahah! And the whole little thing about Voldie's Vanity made me laugh so much! The roles you gave each of them was really witty, and I particularly liked how over dramatic everyone was. It fitted in perfectly with the task, and the last paragraph ended it with the same light hearted and humourous tone it had begun with.

The resentment in Lucius ( hahah I thought his role as Bellatrix's hair expert was awesome) against Snape was very well played out, and all the odd things Snape enjoyed from his drink on the plane to his Luna Lovegood couture shirt was original and a tad on the barmy side. The band "Harry's Hipsters" is pure genius as well!

Overall, a really awesome one shot that I thoroughly enjoyed reading! 10/10!

Sophie :D

Author's Response: Sophie!

I'm so glad that you loved the setting! I honestly thought people would question my sanity when reading it, but no one has so far so I can still live in hope! Erm, the only thing I can say is probably desperation when I'm insanely tired.

Yeah, I guess the pace was meant to match their flow of thought in the way. I'm so glad that you loved the description though as this was rather different to my usual, so a lot more fun! I love that too!

Of course I had to include the nod, it wouldn't be true to the Ibiza tradition otherwise! I'm so glad that you loved the roles, because that's the best thing about AU, you can really make them your own.

I'm so glad that you liked each of their own roles, because I was worried it would only be me! Thanks for this amazing review, Sophie, it really made my day :D


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Review #5, by Pheonix Potioneer Ibiza

15th July 2013:
This is hilarious! I don't understand the whole "Ibiza" thing, but this is wonderful, truly wonderful.

Voldemort in a fashion walk. Yup, everyone will be attracted to the guy with slits for nostrils, bloodshot eyes, pale skin, and bald. Totally.

Wow. There biggest worry is a tan. Voldemort REALLY should have kept the handsome Tom Riddle look. I also hoped if Severus is doing this stuff, that he washed his hair. That would be useful.

Voldemort is hilarious. Really hilarious. He's worried about limited foot room. Hey, Voldy, you lived in a forest for 13 years!

I don't have enough time to comment on every funny thing on here, or else it would be pages long. But this is really, really entertaining, and I love it so much!

Author's Response: Yay you still liked it without knowing what Ibiza is! It's pretty notorious in the UK so that may give you the gist of it!

Don't put him down! He's trying to tan by going to Spain so he should get some points for that!

I know! That actor was really good looking in the films and then later I was just like ew! Maybe a tan will change it all?

That's a perfect reason to be worried about it as he had all that space! Airlines line Quick Ways really do have limited footroom!

I'm so glad that you liked this one-shot, this review really brightened my day!


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Review #6, by Courtney Dark Ibiza

13th July 2013:
House Cup Review thingie! Wooo!

I really, really enjoyed this story! It was so amazingly funny, and I haven't read that many parodies, so it was definitely a new thing for me!

I think the way you portrayed all the characters was excellent, and I loved all the strange little ideas you came up with that just really made this one-shot that much more hilarious. The idea of Voldy competing with Harry in the fashion business was great! And I actually laughed out loud when Snape insisted on Lucius putting sunscreen on his back!

I just have to say the line: “How dare you defy his wishes?” Bellatrix shrieked. “If you carry on like this I’ll spread rumours about you to a tabloid!” was absolutely perfect! I really enjoyed Bella's section, too, especially her line about the hair curlers.

Great story, I really enjoyed it!


Author's Response: Hi there Courtney!

You should read more parodies, they're so much more fun and unusual compared to most stories!

I'm really glad that you liked my portrayal of all the characters, as it was fun to do make them do mad things! Everyone seems to love the sun cream line, even if it is a little strange :P

I think I liked Bella's section the most too. I'm not really sure why, but I had the most fun writing it!

Thanks for the great review!


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Review #7, by Wistful Ibiza

13th July 2013:
I'm not sure what I can say.

Would, "AHAHAHAHAHAHA," upset Mr. Voldie? I'd be terribly afraid to do something like that.

This was really, really fanastic. I'm honestly laughing too much to find the words to talk about this. It's going a bit like, "and Bellatrix -she's omgomgomgomg *giggles* WHIP MY HAIR ." I'm not being exactly cohorent. But I'll say this - this was not at all boring or dull at any point. You had me reading (very giggly) to the very end without a pause. And it really was absolutely epic. So I'll just sit here and laugh for ten minutes before reutrning to give a proper review.

*laughs for ten minutes*

I can't really remark on the reality of this situation, could I? As it's no doubt likely that Voldemort actually played the crucial part of Voldie's Vanity in the books, eh. But the world you have created - the absolutely hilarious world - has confounded me. I could almost believe this all really happened. Almost but not quite. Voldemort's 'despair' at Snape leaving him, Bellatrix behavior with the baby. Ohmygod. "Infernal child, do not play with my hair." I was just imagining the little baby immediately stock-still at Bellatrix's command.

Snape's sense of smell impaired? I love this.

LOVE this.

Thank you, m'dear, for the laugh.

House Cup 2013

Author's Response: Hi there Wisty!

I would hope he wouldn't be but he can PMS about things at times, so be careful!

I liked reading your thoughts, it was a lot more interesting than something composed because it's your natual reaction. I do it at times too and it's quite fun to review like that.

*joins in laughing*

I couldn't believe it happened either when writing it, but I think that about most things so I'm starting to get used to my warped reality. It's even becoming quite fun! Bahaha, the baby's too macho to listen to what Bellatrix has to say.

Thank you for this truely wonderful review!


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Review #8, by HollyStone73 Ibiza

13th July 2013:
Oh dear me!! This was soo funny! I have not yet had the pleasure of reading any parodies so this was a good place to start. I love that Snape was the muse! LOL! What an unusual and dark line that must be! Lucius's jealousy and trickery still very much seemed to be in line with his personality. I think was I liked the most was that you still had Snape defect to "the other side".

This was so original and unexpected. A super great job! You definitely caused me more than a few giggles. Very well written and fun to read!!

Author's Response: Hi there! You really need to ge into parodies, they're so much fun to read and write! Of course Snape was the muse, he's very attractive and his attractiveness is so great others realise it and want him to join them!

I'm so glad that you loved it, it means so much to me! I really hope this encourages you to read more parodies as they're a lot of fun!


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Review #9, by PolyJuice_ Ibiza

13th July 2013:
Oh my Rowling. I'm dying. I think I'm dying. Am I dying? I'm dying.

I have absolutely no idea what to say, but I'll try. Oh dear. :') So I loved the idea that Snape was Voldy's muse and the bit about Ibiza just..worked.

I loved how even thought it was parodyish you still managed to keep the writing level up. I've found that ever wonderful writers can some times have poor sentence structure and descriptive words and just poor writing in general in an attempt to make that the humour. I really liked how your stayed away from that path, depending, instead, on your wit and talent to make it a parody.

Loved it! Sorry I wasn't really coherent, there wasn't much I could say other than flat our fangirling (Which is suppose isn't to bad so: sque)


House Cup ~ 2013 ~ Slytherin

Author's Response: Hi Liz!

Don't die on me, I'll feel really bad! Yay it worked, I was so worried people would just want me committed!

I'm glad that you found my writing level was ok because I have seen that done before and it did strike me as odd. So yay for it not being like that! I found it coherent so don't worry about that! Yay I'm being fangirled, that's awesome!

Thanks for this great review!


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Review #10, by Calypso  Ibiza

13th July 2013:
Ahahaha this made me laugh so much! Where did you even get the idea for it?! It's so wacky and awesome.

Voldemort as a fashion designer is just brilliant- he's certainly got the ego for it! And I loved his Death Eaters as his entourage- Lucius being his hair-care expert, and Snape paid to be his muse is just hilarious. It's kind of clever, because the fashion world is famous for being cutthroat... just not Voldy-style cutthroat!
Also the names of the fashion labels... Harry's Hipster in particular made me giggle...!

I just loved the scene with Bellatrix on the aeroplane, quibbling over who gets the window seat! I think the juxtaposition was what made that bit so amusing, with Bella doing her evil sadist talk to an air hostess, and having to deal with all the little ins and outs of Muggle life... And to be honest, just the image of Bellatrix in hair-curlers is enough!

I did notice a few typos; you might want to have a check through...

I didn't think I'd be able to imagine Snape getting drunk until I read this. Lucius is a meanie :P Voldemort doing the conga oh my goodness, and I loved the random German partiers. I think that was the great strength of this actually, the randomness.

Ooh sassy Snape! It puts his position as a double agent in the books in a very different light. I hope he has more luck with Harry :P And actually, I sort of found myself wishing Voldemort well too, which was very surreal!

Anyway, I really enjoyed reading this! Great job!


Author's Response: Hi Bethany!

I'm so glad that you loved all of the set up, it was a lot of fun to write. Thas fashion industry was quite easy to fit around them as they're all so bitter and competitive like the people in it!

Of course the window seat is awesome, why else would the quibble over it? I quite like Bellatrix as a muggle. Though I based her on my old history teacher who was muggle Bellatrix. I'm so glad I no longer have her!

Yeah they should be edited out now!

Yay for randomness, there needs to be more of that in life! I'm glad you saw it as a strength as I was worried it would be to cluttered and chaotic.

Yup, I hadn't thought of it like that until another reviewer mentioned it but it is fun to look at Snape's betrayal in that way!

Thanks for this fabulous review, Bethany!


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Review #11, by ginerva_molly_weasley Ibiza

13th July 2013:
Haha first of all can I please comment on your Authors note, Britain Germany and other sunless countries? That is completely brilliant and I salute you!

Also your story is well hilarious! I love a bit of comedy and Voldemort but with Voldemort, Bella, Lucius and Snape what more could you ask for? You have created a wonderful AU universe with the fashion designers instead of sides of a war which I think is a stroke of brilliance on your part. I love the rivalry between the two fashion labels and making it so Harry's fashion label is at more fashion weeks than Voldemort also shows that Harry has the upper hand even in this universe which is great!

Voldemort in the travel agents is something I had never thought I would see. His demeanor and just style of speech is perfect but in the muggleverse then it just seems hilarious.

I love Bella on the plane in particular. What would have possessed her to even hold the baby in the first place. She has no motherly instinct and I love how she basically just dismisses the idea of ever having children. I loved it because it's just so true. She is so wrapped up in her own problems and so messed up a child would be well, just a disaster!

One thing I wasn't so sure on was when Snape thought of Lucius as a 'sneaky slytherin' for their little incident together. I thought to some extent that was not completely representative as Snape was a Slytherin himself so he probably wouldn't have associated the sneakiness with being a Slytherin if that makes sense?

Also Snape deserting Voldemort for Harry is again fantastic as it seems to flow so well into the story!

Well done!

Author's Response: Hi there! Of course you can comment on my author's note, I'm so glad that you liked it!

Haha, I'm so glad that you liked the universe! I had so much fun writing it, I'm almost tempted to have another foray into and explore the rivalries and hatred even more because it was such fun here!

Yup, Voldemort's actions are pretty funny to write. I almost wish that he had to go and live in the muggle world for a while as a wizard because that would be great!

I'm not really sure, I imagined that she had more forced into her hands as opposed to being offered to hold it. That child would be far too scary for its own good and would probably bite people's ankles in the playground or something.

I get what you mean now. I suppose Lucius was angry at not getting it himself at first so took his anger out on Snape in that way.

Thank you for the lovely compliments and great review! ♥


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Review #12, by nott theodore Ibiza

12th July 2013:
Hi Kiana! I'm here reviewing for the house cup :)

I've been looking forward to reading this since you mentioned you were writing it, and it was absolutely hilarious! This is the only parody I've read so far in the house cup entries but you write it brilliantly, as always. I was laughing from the very first line to the very last!

How do you come up with these things?! Voldie's Vanity and Harry's Hipsters, with Snape as a muse and Lucius as a hair stylist? It was just so funny that I couldn't stop laughing all the way through. Some of the mental images I got when I read this were side-splitting. (If you hadn't noticed, I'm already running out of ways to say funny, so bear with me here!)

You know, if they didn't have magic and weren't able to fight, I can totally see Voldemort and his Death Eaters being complete divas in the fashion world or dealing with the celebrity lifestyle. And the fact that they went to Ibiza - I mean Snape, Lucius, and Voldemort, the three pastiest men in the series went to Ibiza - was amazing. Crazy, but brilliant. I don't know how you come up with it!

Some of my favourite lines:
"The cries grew so loud, that even Voldemort broke away from his conga chain to find out what was going on." Oh my gosh, Voldemort doing the conga!!!
"Of course, my muse is calling me to Ibiza. It is the party island for British people aiming to tan and that is what I wish to do." Hahahaha!

I could go on and just quote the whole story back at you, but I'm going to leave it there for now :P

There were a few typos in this and I'd recommend giving it another read through, but they weren't anything major at all.

I want to see this story made into a film of some sort! It was just so hilarious! You've got a real talent for parodies and writing humour - would you care to share a little bit of it, please?

Sian :D

Author's Response: Hi Sian!

Yay you liked it and laughed! I'm surprised not more people didn't do one because I find them more fun to write than usual stories, I did find another Voldemort parody by Cassius Alcinder and I really recommend it!

I'm not really sure how I come with them. I guess my train of thoughts is alliteration is awesome let's used as much as possible, also let's make it as weird as possible because that's fun too. :P

I wouldn't be surprised if more pale people in HP went to Ibiza. I mean, Scotland doesn't really give you the same tanning opportunties, does it? Bahaha they probably had a great time!

Yeah, those lines made me crack up too! Of course Voldemort would do the conga it's a fun thing to do.

Some other picked them out for me. It's a punishment for being an incredibly lazy editor. One day I will give into having a final read through!

I guess the only thing I think when writing them is what that's the craziest thing they could do and write it. Thank you for these lovely compliments Sian, they really made my day!


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Review #13, by Siriuslover177 Ibiza

12th July 2013:
Oh. My. Goodness.
What did I just read?? Haha.
That was just so amazing, weird, and I don't even know!
The plot was so creative! I cannot believe that you came up with that! Great job, really.
Really good writing as well.
Laughing so much from it!


Author's Response: Hi Sarah!

You just read a one-shot which will hopefully help take Ravenclaw to victory in the house cup :P I'm so glad that you enjoyed it as it was fun to write! Thanks for the great review :D


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Review #14, by LilyEPotter Ibiza

12th July 2013:
Hi! Here for the House Cup review!

Oh my goodness, I was laughing while reading through this story! The images were a complete 180 from their typical mien in the stories. Well, except for Lucius squealing. Ok, maybe he didn't exactly squeal in the books... It was also hilarious when Snape just up and quit on Voldemort to go work for Harry. Priceless!

Great story!

Author's Response: Hi there!

Yay I made you laugh al the way through! I'm glad that you found that the images were different as that was what I was aiming for! Harry is giving Snape the chance to travel the world, so of course he would leave! Thanks for the great review :D


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Review #15, by LittleLionGirl Ibiza

12th July 2013:
Oh my Merlin! This whole thing was hilarious! I have heard of Voldemart but this is actually an amazing and creative spin off of Harry Potter! I enjoyed how everyone seemed to be a diva excluding Bella. Amazing job!

Author's Response: I'm so glad that you liked it! It was so much fun to write, especially Bella because I could still keep her evil traits in there! Thanks for the great review :D


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Review #16, by purplepotter77 Ibiza

12th July 2013:
I'm purplepotter775 on the forums from Ravenclaw, here for the House Cup!

omg, Voldemort and Harry owning rival fashion houses! Snape as a muse! Luna Lovegood couture shirts! Lucius as a hair expert! (that reminds me of how I used to pronounce his name as 'luscious' when I first read the books.)

This story made me laugh so hard! The sight of Bellatrix with a crying baby and Lucius rubbing sunscreen onto Snape's pasty legs is just hilarious. I love how you've written each character! They all seem so much like they are in the books, only with all the ridiculousness and humor added in.

There's not much else for me to say except to repeat that this was hilarious and I loved every bit of it! :D

Author's Response: Hi there! Yay for being a fellow Claw!

I'm so glad that you enjoyed all of their roles! It was so much fun to write as I can imagine them being like that. I thought Lucius had cool hair in the films so it seemed to fit here.

Yay I made you laugh, there's always the worry that I won't actually when writing parodies! I'm so glad that you found them in character too!

Thanks for this brilliant review! ♥


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Review #17, by marauderfan Ibiza

12th July 2013:
This was FABULOUS. I was already laughing after reading the first two words: "Voldemort strutted". The idea of the super pasty characters like Voldemort, Lucius and Snape going to tan and get on a party boat in Spain is really great. And I love that they're fashion designers. If Voldemort hadn't decided to be a Dark Lord, I think he could have made it as a designer. :D

What I think you did the best is that all the characters still have their same personalities, just exaggerated. Bellatrix was particularly good - just as clingy, and I'd imagine she'd be a reckless driver haha. I loved it when she told the "infernal child" to stop messing up her hair. And Snape changed his loyalties to Harry. It was perfect!

I want to quote back all the parts that I loved, but then I might just be pasting the entire story in the review. So, well done! This was so fun to read. :D

Author's Response: Hi there!

I'm so glad that you liked it so much! Bahaha it's funny seeing pale people attempt to tan so I couldn't help but include it. Of course they're fashion designers, who wouldn't want to be one? After all, he did invent the dark mark!

I'm so glad that you found they still had the same personalities as I was a little worried they were too OOC! I wouldn't have mind if you quoted things back, I enjoy reading it!

Thanks for an amazing review,


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Review #18, by Roots in Water Ibiza

12th July 2013:
Hello there!

Oh man- the summary certainly sets this story up to be hilarious! Severus Snape- the muse. I can just imagine it!

Okay, after reading the story, the first thing I will say is that you did a fantastic job of keeping the essence of the characters while still putting them in an absolutely absurd situation. Voldemort was still his grumpy, "superior" self; Bellatrix was still clingy and vicious; Lucius was still looking for every possible way to climb the social ladder and Severus was still intolerent of slights to his dignity.

I liked how you still had Harry be Voldemort's enemy, this time as a rival fashion designer. "Harry's Hipsters", "Voldie's Vanity" - I like the alliteration.

I think that you did a good job of describing each scene. There were plenty of smaller moments to laugh at as well as larger ones, which is great, and the narration of those moments was very well done. It's funny how inept they all are. :P

I did notice a few typos, that you can fix should you choose to edit this. To begin, the phrase "learnt from attending London Fashion Week" would flow better it phrased like this: "learnt it while attending...". As well, with "remarkable well" it should be "remarkably" and with "accoriding to plan" it should be "according".

Snape's abandonment of "Voldie's Vanity" is interesting because, in a way, it mirrors the books. After all, Snape did become a spy for the Order and worked to save Harry's life. He did leave Voldemort.

Your conclusion was nicely done. Of course Voldemort's attitude would be "every man for himself" at this point. Too sick of their company, he just abandons them... I wonder how long it will be before Bellatrix tracks him down.

All in all, I think that you did a good job with this one-shot. It was definitely funny to read. Good work! :D

Author's Response: Hi there!

I'm so glad that you found that everyone was in character. I did realise it was a bit out there with the whole fashion designer thing, but hearing this assured my fears!

Of course the rivalry would continue on into the fashion world, it would be weird if it didn't!

I think I almost prefer writing the smaller scenes as opposed to the larger ones because you can be more subtle there and see what they pick up on, so I'm glad that you liked it so much!

Thank you for pointing out those typos, I was feeling very lazy due to the heat when posting this and resisted a final read through but I'll go and edit them in!

I hadn't actually thought of that when writing this, but now you mention it, it does fit and I'll pretend I did it intentionally :P

I'm so glad that you liked this story and thanks for this fabulous review!

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Review #19, by Athene Goodstrength Ibiza

12th July 2013:
Hi Kiana! Here for the HC party :)

Your mind is utterly intriguing. This was such a random idea, but I love it so much! The Death Eaters *are* a stylish lot, after all...

I honestly don't know where to begin. You have to love any story where Lucius Malfoy rubs sunscreen into his shapely legs and then has to do Snape's back for him, right?! It's so perfect that Bellatrix, of all people, would end up in the seat with the crying baby...

I was giggling the whole way through this, but then you just killed me with Voldemort's pink speedos.

I can't believe I just read a story where Voldemort's greatest nemesis is deep-vein thrombosis. I loved it, you crazy girl.

- Sarah xo

Author's Response: Hi Sarah!

Yay my mind's intriguing! I'm not entirely sure where this came from but it seemed to be more fun to write about than Newt Scamander, so I just went with it!

I'm so glad that you loved all the parts about it, it was far too much fun to write about! I'm sorry about the speedos line, I just saw the opportunity and it seemed to be too good to miss.

Bahaha someone picked up on thrombosis, I thought no one would! I'm so glad that you loved it! Thanks for the great review :D


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Review #20, by MrsJaydeMalfoy Ibiza

12th July 2013:

When I read the summary, I knew this was going to be a parody. But even knowing that did not prepare me for the hilarity of this (and I mean that in a GOOD way)! You had me chuckling from the first line. I mean really, that line is just brilliant! I just got this mental image of what you described; Voldie with his sunglasses and hat.. *dies*

I have to admit I laughed really hard when Snape flung his hair around and soaked everyone with grease! It also sparked my "Eww" reflex too, lol. Gross! :P

You've got all of these baddies just acting like little divas... I LOVED the finger snapping! And the fact that you related it to fashion made it even more hilarious... Voldie's Vanity and Harry's Hipsters?!? Bahaha!

All in all, I thought this was hilarious, well-written and just a great twist on the 'Travel' theme! Great job, dear!

Author's Response: Yay you were unprepared in a good way! I'm so glad that you liked the first line because I have to admit it made me chuckle too :P

I know that was my reflex too, but the mental image of it was so funny at the same time I decided I would test the strength of you and include it in here anyway :P

I would totally finger snap if I was evil as them, but unfortunately I'm not so I have to stick to side glares :( I'm not really sure why I ended up relating it to fashion, it just seemed like a fun thing to do!

Yay, I'm so glad that you enjoyed it, it means so much to me!


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Review #21, by HeyMrsPotter Ibiza

12th July 2013:
Can I just start by saying this is HILARIOUS! This is the first parody story for the house cup I've read and I thoroughly enjoyed it :D

My favourite lines:
"Snape pouted his lips and waved his hair around causing droplets of grease to spray everywhere while doing so"
"His Luna Lovegood couture shirt was ruined"

I'll stop now before I quote the whole thing to you!

I noticed a couple of errors,
accoriding instead of according
"“Food and drinks can no longer be served when the plan is about to land" the e missed from plane
"Have you quiet recovered, Severus" should be quite

All in all, I adored this, it was witty, funny and a brilliant read. And Voldie in bright pink speedos was just a stroke of genius!

Author's Response: Hi there! I actually came across another Voldemort parody story by Cassius Alcinder and I really recommend it!

Hehe, those lines were a lot of fun to write so I'm so glad that you liked them! I wouldn't have minded too much if you had quoted everything as I like seeing what you liked.

Gah the silly typos are the bane of my life so thanks for pointing them out for me! I've already edited them in! Here's a secret, Voldie's favourite colour is pink and the only reason why he wore black in the films is because Umbridge had already stolen it!

Thanks for the brilliant review!


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Review #22, by ShadowRose Ibiza

12th July 2013:
Hi Kiana!

I seriously cannot get over how creative this story is - I never would have imagined Voldemort and Harry as rival fashion designers, but it sure makes for an awesome story!

I really like how you kind of "diva-fied" each character's personality - almost like you combined each character with a little bit of Gilderoy Lockhart, haha. :P Bella's now a clingy groupie, Severus is the muse who changes brands, and Lucius is constantly jealous of Snape's relationship with Voldemort. I was laughing as I was reading this about how each character's original traits were only exaggerated in this story.

Also, I understand the Fliegerlied thing! :P I was doing a weird little Intro to German class last summer for the fun of it, and while we didn't actually learn any German, we did learn how to Flieg. :)

Overall, I thought this story was hilarious. Great job Kiana!

-ShadowRose (Taylor)

Author's Response: Hi Taylor!

I'm so glad that you find it creative as opposed to strange because I was a little worried about that!

Everyone needs a dash of Lockhart as it would certainly make the world a more fun place as a result of it. I'm so glad that you picked up on their unique personalities as it was a lot of fun to give out!

Phew, I was worried it would just be me :P I thought it would be fun to make Snape do it because him pretending to be a plane would be funny!

Thanks for the great review, Taylor :D


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Review #23, by charlottetrips Ibiza

9th July 2013:
Holy Salazar!! You had me cracking up through the who hole thing at the utterly over the top ridiculousness!! :D

Some random thoughts:

How can Voldie wear sunglasses without a nose?

Love the diva fight between Lucius and Severus!

Severus will never tan!

Bella was a perfect groupie with the sullenness to match.

I just keep seeing Voldie sauntering around with his skinny tallness and thin limbs. Ah, it brings many smiles.

And yes, Harry would be a hipster.

Author's Response: Woo, I'm so glad that you found it ridiculous! That is the best thing in life.

Voldie can wear them due have plastic surgery reconstructing his nose.

Those two are secretly in love!

He can dream of not burning :P

She's the groupie everyone wants to be!

Voldemort is a very attractive man so it better be smiles about that.

Harry was already hating on Voldie when a fetus, so of course he's hipster!

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Review #24, by Wildmoon Ibiza

8th July 2013:
OMG! This is great. What a creative imagination you have!

I particularly love the part about Malfoy worrying about the color of his hair and putting sunscreen in it. How very Gilderoy Lockhart!


Author's Response: I'm so glad that you called it creative as opposed to strange, it makes me feel normal for once! I may have used Lockhart as inspiration in that part :P Thanks for the review! :D


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Review #25, by WitnesstoitAll Ibiza

8th July 2013:

I'm still rolling about laughing. This was hilarious. I literally don't know what else to say and really want to be able to leave a decent and substantial review, but everything about this was so perfectly ridiculous that I'm at a loss for words. Parodies aren't easy to do, but you did fabulously with this!!

Good work!

Author's Response: Bahaha, I would much prefer to make you unable to write a review because of laughing too much than actually getting one! I think I just have a very strange mind, which is quite worrying, but great for writing parodies! I'm so glad that you liked it! ♥


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