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Review #1, by MalfoyMannor Happy Endings

10th June 2015:
aww the end has happened :( but I really enjoyed reading this fanfic :)

I love how everything ended :) especially with the mirror

the reminiscing part made me sad though cause what you wrote is so true.

To end my rambling, I enjoyed this story a lot :)

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Review #2, by MalfoyMannor Victory and Defeat

10th June 2015:
yay she finally got rid of Radley.

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Review #3, by MalfoyMannor Christmas Surprises

10th June 2015:
Dani and Oliver !! :):)

Dani really needs to get rid of Radley now.

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Review #4, by MalfoyMannor Two of Cups

9th June 2015:
aww this chapter is cute and fluffy.

I love how they both picked the same card :P love is in the air :p

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Review #5, by nargles Happy Endings

25th March 2015:
This was such a cute story! I loved it.

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Review #6, by my_voice_rising The Dementor on the Train

13th February 2015:
Jeez, I turn my back for a minute and suddenly there are
30 chapters to this fic! I have so much catching up to do
♥ Hope you've been well, lovely.

Can I just say again how much I love retellings of the HP
books with minor characters as the MCs? So excited to
read on! (Nice CI, by the way.)

Agh, so cute! All of the characters squished together in
the car, listening to the radio... Obviously it's a bit
of a dark moment, with hearing about Sirius, but it's
still such a cute picture. You have a very nice cast of
characters started up here and I love reading about their
group interactions. The arguments about Quidditch were
cute... Sweet Oliver has no idea he'll be playing for
Puddlemere one day!

I like their teasing of Percy, and how Penelope already
seems like such a good fit for him, with the "important
tone" she takes when speaking about him. We all have
those friends who are dating a person we don't like, and
you've done a great job interpreting it here. I'd
forgotten what happened to her in the Chamber of Secrets
and it makes a very interesting addition to her

One teeny, tiny thing that isn't super important: I think
JKR calls her the Trolley Lady. ;) I only bring it up
because I have a soft spot for her and her minor
character-ed-ness (it's a word.) As I'm typing this I'm
realizing how insignificant it is, but all I'm doing is
gushing about this story and now I've had my tiny bit of
concrit and can go back to gushing.

BRAVO! *Standing ovation* When Penelope talks about how
Oliver is annoying and then lists reason that aren't
really reasons to dislike someone, Dani defends him! And
she's so nonchalant, too--it's clearly not a big deal. I
don't know if you did it on purpose but you've totally
taken the trope of "I hate this male character for these
really flimsy reasons that don't stand up and solely
exist to prolong the buildup to our romance" and turned
it on its head. I don't know if it was intentional in
that way but seriously, well done.

Really nice chapter! I can tell that the romance between
Dani and Oliver will take its time and not be rushed.
Glad I picked this fic back up after so long, especially
now that there's so much to read. Can't wait for more

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Review #7, by QkStephen Happy Endings

4th January 2015:
that was a very heartening story

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Review #8, by marauderfan Happy Endings

6th November 2014:
Hi Courtney! Wow, so this is the end! I have really enjoyed reading this story - it was well paced, had awesome characters, a brilliant plot with the mirror, and was just generally a fun read! Cute ending - so optimistic and fluffy. I definitely feel the end-of-school nostalgia radiating off the page and it makes me remember that stage of my life too! Anyway, this story was such a great read and I adored all the characters. Well done on creating a brilliant story, I'll miss reading it! And congrats on finishing! :D

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Review #9, by Fonzzx Happy Endings

28th October 2014:
I ADORED this story. I'm so sad it's over. It's so different from any other HPFF story, I really enjoyed it, but I'm now wondering what happens to Dani and Kat and Bran? Do they all go back to Hogwarts to fight or is it just Oliver? What happens to Penny when they start investigating muggle borns? Do Kat and Angus make it work? Do Dani and Oliver? I guess that's the sign of a good story, that it makes you wonder about the characters afterwards!

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Review #10, by coleridgeandco Reflection

9th October 2014:
Just so you know, it's your fault I'm procrastinating!

This story reminded me why I love Oliver/OCs so much and I read it all in one go!

Can't wait for an update!

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Review #11, by Fonzzx The Last Match

10th September 2014:

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Review #12, by EvilSoul The Last Match

10th September 2014:
wi awesome :D Angus and Kat

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Review #13, by Brightest Witch Careers Advice

25th August 2014:
OMG, I just read your entire story today and I looove it!!!

Dani and Oliver are just so cute together!!!

And Dani still has one more wish left... I wonder what will happen...

Awesome chapter!!! I can't wait for the next update! :)

Author's Response: Hey there!

You should know that this review absolutely made my day when I saw it, and made me smile so much - so thank you so, so much! I really appreciate reviews like this!

I'm so happy that you are enjoying the story, as much as I enjoyed writing it. It has certainly been a bit of a roller coaster ride - Dani hasn't really made the smartest possibly choices throughout the story, despite being a Ravenclaw!

And I absolutely love writing the Dani/Oliver interactions, so I'm glad you like them as a couple, haha!

I hope to see you back here soon!


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Review #14, by marauderfan Careers Advice

24th August 2014:
Kat could probably get away with marrying some rich bloke, killing him and taking all his money. -- AAHAHAHAHA... I love this. Brilliant. Such snark, but it's even better because it's TRUE. :P

Why is Dani second guessing herself?! God, just when I thought she was done being oblivious to feelings. I think Angus needs to wear a sign around his neck that says "I fancy Kat!" Maybe then Dani will catch on.

Oliver and Dani's goofy banter is always amusing as well.

I love how you illustrated that feeling you get at the end of school when you realise you're about to go into the real world and you feel wildly unprepared for it. Especially the contrast between optimistic 15-year-old Dani wanting to be on the Holyhead Harpies, and then slightly less naive 17-year-old Dani realising that she might need to set more realistic goals, or at least stepping stones along the way to her rather loftier goals. So... working with the Chudley Cannons, I'm interested to see how that will work out or what her friends will say about it. It sounds fine for a job for a 17-year-old who's just out of school, but then where does she go from there? I suspect she hasn't thought that far ahead yet. Flitwick didn't seem to be that helpful either - perhaps Dani is brilliant enough for a Ministry job, but say she doesn't want to work in the Ministry? So many things to think about. I feel bad for these Hogwarts graduates who have to figure out what they're doing with their life at 17. I'm older than that and still have no idea what I'm doing with my life. :p Anyway, I could relate.

This was a great chapter, as always! Looking forward to more!

Author's Response: Hey again!

I am so glad you mentioned the whole feeling at the end of the school year thing, because that's one of the main things I was trying to show in this chapter. Younger Dani, still with two years left of school, was super confident in her fifth year, but now that she's about to leave school...well, the whole world seems much more real and difficult and scary, and I think she's only just seen this.

Thanks for yet another awesome review - you are seriously amazing!


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Review #15, by marauderfan The Next Step

15th August 2014:
I liked Penny's POV. You really showed just how much her studies matter to her as it was the primary thing she thinks about for the duration of the chapter. Also... man, am I jealous of Penny for having an interview opportunity literally fall in to her lap like that. If only it was that way in real life. I've been waiting for an owl to drop by with a job offer too. :p

And ugh, Percy. Why exactly does Penny like him? As much as she defends him for being 'great once you get to know him' and all, she is noticeably irritated by some of his behaviours here. And I think it's such bad form for Percy to be so self centred that he can't be proud for his girlfriend, he feels like he has to outshine her. But also, it is very Percy-like to do that, especially at that point in his life, so well done writing him. Anyway, I'm starting to wonder how long Percy and Penny will last. Awesome chapter!

Author's Response: Penny's studies are definitely a big priority in her life and I wanted to show that - and her concern about her future - in this chapter. Penny is the type of person that doesn't just care about boys and parties and popularity and I definitely wanted to show that! And yeah, I'm super jealous of Penny, basically getting a job just like that! Why can't these things happen to me in real life?

I don't know why exactly Penny likes Percy. They are both definitely intellectuals who care about their grades and futures, but as this stage in his life, the only person Percy really seems to care about is himself.

Thanks for another great review!


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Review #16, by Fonzzx The Next Step

29th July 2014:
You have Percy down to a T. Poor Penny for having to put up with him! Although she doesn't seem to mind too much.

Author's Response: Haha, thanks! Percy is so much fun to write, because he is just so pompous, bordering on ridiculous! And yeah, I don't really see why Percy and Penny go out - Percy just doesn't seem to appreciate Penny. And he should, because that girl is awesome!


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Review #17, by AlexFan The Next Step

29th July 2014:
I actually felt irritated along with Penny when Kat took away her practice paper. It's so irritating when people act like they know better than you and it's like, "How about you stop?" Sometimes I want to hug Kat and sometimes I want to slap her, it's a difficult relationship.

Percy was also insufferable (but then again, he is Percy after all so it's not like I could've expected anything different). Even from Penny's point of view I don't really understand why she's going out with him, I mean, Percy's constantly talking about himself and when he's not, he somehow MAKES it about himself. It's one thing to not like being outshone by someone but he could at least be happy for Penny and throw some praise her way about how she definitely deserves this opportunity.

The International Magical Office of Law makes it sound like the people working there are part lawyer and part Senate (or is it House of Commons? I always get the two of them mixed up). I think Penny made an awesome career choice, getting a say on magical law sounds really interesting, and the fact that she might get to travel is great as well, she'd get to see all of these brand new places and learn about different cultures.

Author's Response: Hey there!

Your reviews seriously never fail to make me laugh or smile. I loved your comment 'Sometimes I want to hug Kat and sometimes I want to slap her' because I think that's how many of the characters, especially Dani, view her.

I don't really understand why Penny is going out with Percy either. I mean, they're both intelligent and care a lot about grades and jobs and so on, but at least Penny is a kind person! Percy doesn't seem, at this point anyway, to care about anyone but himself.

Thanks so much for the review!


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Review #18, by MuggleMaybe St Mungo's

27th July 2014:
I really don't know what Dani's last wish will be. But I can't wait to find out! Favorite character... Probably Oliver. And I quite like Angus, as well. Least favorite... Penny? I don't know. I like them all!

I love Dani and Oliver together!

Author's Response: Knowing Dani, her last wish could be absolutely anything at all! And how could Oliver not be your favourite? Haha! He's so much fun to write - he was always one of my favourite parts of the first three original HP books, and I couldn't help writing a story that involved him heavily!

Thanks for the review!


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Review #19, by Gryffindor Chaser St Mungo's

21st July 2014:
Can't wait for the next chapter! I love this story so much, great job and please, please don't stop writing any time soon! Can't wait for a little more with Dani and Oliver. The library section was great with how Brandon reacted. I hope that Kat and Dani start appreciating each other a little more. Such a great story line, I feel as though I am a part of it. Great work and I look forward to the new chapter.

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so much! Unexpected reviews like this seriously make my day - and I'm not just saying that! Haha, don't worry, I definitely won't be stopping writing any time soon!

I'm really glad you're enjoying the story - I absolutely love writing Dani/Oliver scenes and the library scene was a lot of fun!


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Review #20, by marauderfan St Mungo's

17th July 2014:
I loved this chapter and all the fluffy scenes with Dani and Oliver. And Bran haha, what with him walking in and being all "ugghhh" but I think he handled it well, like he just teased them a bit like any best friend/brother will do, and left it at that.

I loved the "reunion" between Kat and Dani. I was glad to see Kat's sarcasm again and the two of them joking and being happy for once. I figured Oliver being there would make Kat happy, only because she'd been dropping hints basically throughout the whole story that she thought Dani and Oliver would get together, so yeah I bet that cheered her up! :P

Aw, the end though, Kat can see what's going on with other people a lot more than she can see what's going on with her own relationships/friendships as it's obvious she's never noticed a thing with Angus. And she thinks she's too good for him. Uh... hm. I wonder what will happen when she gets back, if Angus will seize the moment and ask her out, or if Kat will (possibly) notice some change in his behaviour. Also "that's why Angus can't possibly love me - at least, not anymore." -- Anymore? I wonder if she DOES know something. Hmm...

Awesome chapter! :D

Author's Response: I can't deny that I absolutely love writing the Dani/Oliver scenes, because it took them such a long time to realize their feelings towards each other and get together! And now that they are...well, I'm going to make the most of it!

One of my favourite things about writing this story is actually the bond between Kat and Dani. And yes, I definitely think you're right about Kat being happy to see Oliver there - she's very perceptive when it comes to people, though this doesn't seem to be true when it comes to herself.

Thanks for another awesome review!


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Review #21, by Fonzzx St Mungo's

16th July 2014:

Author's Response: Hahahahahaha! I really love writing Dani and Oliver scenes now that they're together - it's so much fun!


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Review #22, by AlexFan St Mungo's

16th July 2014:
EHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE I'm so happy that you updated! I thought I was going to end up staying up into the wee hours of the morning wondering about Dani and Oliver but I'm so happy that I didn't have to!

Yes, they've finally made it official! I look forward to more cutesy Dani/Oliver moments and I'm also super excited to see what her last wish is going to be! Hopefully once she gets her last wish over with the last horrible thing will happen and she can move on with her life. But, I highly doubt that it's going to be that clean cut, something dramatic is bound to happen.

Of course Kat thinks that she would know if Angus would have a crush on her. It's always easy to see when people like your friends or someone else you know but we're completely blind to the affections directed at us by people that we know. I feel a little bit bad for Kat because not only does it sound like Angus wouldn't have a chance with her, but it also sounds like she doesn't think that she's good enough for him or something. I mean, she's a difficult person to get along with, that much I can see quite clearly, and she seems to have issues with staying faithful but Kat's a good person at heart.

I absolutely loved how no one was surprised, well, except for Bran, that Dani and Oliver were dating. And I really loved how Bran didn't get all caveman on Oliver about staying away from his little sister and ordering Dani around and telling her who she could and could not date. I like how he's letting her live her life and make her mistakes and he isn't being overbearing. Although I have no doubt that if Oliver were to ever hurt Dani (which he wouldn't) Bran would probably kick his butt.

So anyway, brilliant chapter and I look forward to the next one and Kat's recovery.

Author's Response: I have to admit, I really enjoy writing those fluffy Dani/Oliver moments - its so nice to have a bit of drama free time, when nothing bad is happening!

Wow, I feel like I should give you a cake or something, or at least a pat on the back for that paragraph you wrote about Kat and Angus' affections, because that is EXACTLY how I would sum up Kat! And I definitely think you're right - she says that Angus knows he could never have a chance with someone like her, but also I think she knows, in a way, that she isn't the right person for him. I think that SHE thinks he deserves someone better.

Haha, thanks for making that comment about Bran, because I really do grow sick of the stereotypical protective older brother in stories! I didn't want to make Bran like that at all - and I hope he doesn't come off like that!

Thank you for the amazing review!


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Review #23, by StarryKnights Holding On

13th July 2014:
IM SO GLAD THEY FINALLY GOT TOGETHER! wonderful chapter cant wait for the next one

Author's Response: YES! IT FINALLY HAPPENED! I'm so happy you liked this chapter, thanks for reading!


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Review #24, by AlexFan Holding On

10th July 2014:
House Cup 2014 Review

Okay so I'm writing this as I go. I feel like someone is going to be dead by the end of this story with the way that this is going. I hope that Kat gets better as soon as possible because everyone is really suffering without her around.

Okay, so I noticed that you said that Bob would pay Kat's hospital bills but see the thing is that in the UK (and in Canada), unless it's a private hospital or something like that, they don't actually give you a bill that you have to pay since you're paying for it through your taxes. And it was never mentioned in Order of the Phoenix that Mrs. Weasley had to pay any kind of bill after Mr. Weasley was let go from St. Mungo's. With the amount of treatments that Mr. Weasley went through in the book, if Molly had to pay St. Mungo's then it would've probably cost her a lot more than she could afford.

If Dani wanted to know how to deal with Acromantula, I think Harry and Ron would be able to give her some really good advice in that department since they have quite a bit of experience with it lol.

Oh my goodness, I totally forgot about Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle dressing up like Dementors to try and distract Harry! That was interesting to see from someone else's point of view.


I have just become a thousand times happier having read this now! Brilliant job on it and I'm so excited for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Hey there!

Hmmm, thanks for that point about the Hospital bill, I completely forgot about that! And you're write, Mrs Weasley would never be able to afford to pay the bill for Mr Weasley's injuries. Perhaps since Kat is in a private ward it would have cost a little extra?

YES! FINALLY THEY KISSES! It only took more than 20 chapters of Dani being completely oblivious! Haha.

Thanks for the lovely review!


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Review #25, by marauderfan Holding On

10th July 2014:
Oh, Harry Potter Ė my brotherís best friend, you know, who has incidentally visited my house on one occasion -- Haha, this is Percy to a T. I love the way you write him, he's so delightfully obnoxious and self-important. It is absolutely no surprise that the twins take every opportunity to make fun of Percy if he says things like that. Ha.

Bravo on writing the Quidditch match, btw - you write Quidditch very well. For a moment I was really wondering which team was going to win. (Then I remembered that I already knew, since it's a pretty important point in PoA haha.)

Dani finally figured out that Oliver likes her! Hooray! She's been so oblivious up until this point that this is a big step. Oliver's nervousness and stuttering was kind of adorable, haha. And yay they kissed!

I'm glad Dani is starting to feel better- though I expect she'll be pretty nervous until Kat comes out of hospital, which will hopefully be soon. And I hope they find a way to destroy the mirror soon!

Awesome chapter!

House Cup Review 2014

Author's Response: Hello again!

I absolutely love writing Percy - it has always been so tempting for me to write a novel from Percy's point of view, but somehow I've never gotten around to it.

I'm so glad you think I write Quidditch well, because I always worry it's going to turn out so boring - but with my two main characters completely Quidditch obsessed, I could hardly leave the matches out!

Thanks again for the review!


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