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Review #1, by Kristina1990 Surviving

19th May 2016:
Me again!

As you can see, I have decided to read all chapters in a go. That's how much I enjoyed it!

Peter is... an extremely accomplished liar. A jerk. Dishonest. A little piece of... Ok, glad I got that off my chest. Already the last chapter had me feeling a little funny about him, because he was so... normal towards the Order and all the while his thoughts revolve only about what information to sell off next. Sirius thinks Peter is brave. But all Peter is a deceiver. For not saying what he really thinks, for pretending to be someone he is not in front of the people that really love him. And he is weak, because he keeps telling himself he is not responsible for the deaths of the people he has betrayed. A really great portrayal of Peter! :)

This was a wonderful insight into the lives of the Marauders and co. You can be proud!:D

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Review #2, by Kristina1990 Fighting

19th May 2016:

Wow, what a fight! These scenes are filled with adrenaline and speed. The opposing sides actually interact with each other beside casting spells and curses. The best part is when Sirius and Rosier decide to use fists instead of wands and they still find the time to exchange "little pleasenteries". It makes sense, of course, that they all know each other (somewhat) and I tend to forget that the Death Eaters are actually people.

I can understand that Lily and James have no interest of staying locked up at home while everyone else risks their necks to defend their values. It would irk me as well to be hidden off somewhere, not being able to stand up for myself. I get Sirius and Dumbledore, but I want to see THEM in the same situation and take their own advice.

Great chapter!

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Review #3, by Kristina1990 Hiding

19th May 2016:

I can't believe this chapter didn't get many reviews! You have written it so well and it's a lot of fun to read. It definately deserves more attention!

I love the way Harry is portrayed. He is such a happy and loved boy and clearly the son of James. Having Harry crawling around with the Invisibility cloak on him is an absolutely hilarious idea. Especially if it takes two (or three, actually) to catch him again.

The feeling of war clearly hangs above all of them and drags down the mood, despite Harry's happy babbling. It stiffles everything and although they try to be cheerful, it's more than obvious that the pressure is very, very high.

So yes, I repeat. I really love the way you put your ideas into words :).

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Review #4, by GinnyPotterForever Surviving

8th July 2013:
First off, a very well written story. It fits right in with the rest of your fics, and I love that.

Nice one with Harry and the cloak situation, made me laugh:-)
You make Peter a good character until you write from his point of view - which is brilliant, since no one was supposed to doubt him. It's confusing at times - once or twice I asked myself whether Peter had already turned to the Dark side at this point, then I remember from White Flags that he turned a long time ago. It doesn't make sense why Peter would walk alone at night until he tells us himself that he has no one to be afraid of.

The fight in the second chapter was good:-) most convincing I've read in a while.

You even manage small details like Sirius not being there for Harry's birthday and Bathilda Bagshot:-) your attention to detail is magnificent.

You must think I'm stalking you - please don't;-) it's just keeping a casual eye on you while trying not to be overly obvious about it.

Awesome stuff!!

Author's Response: Thank you! :D I thought it was a good way to fill in some of the space between Trainee and the last chapter of White Flags. :) And it was also a good way to set Innocent up some more - with a bit of Marlene, and to give Sirius and Dumbledore a bit more history, and some Order in there too. :)
Haha, I enjoyed that part. :) Harry's so fun to write. :)
I actually found Peter's chapter so interesting; by this point, he's been spying for nearly four years, and he's quite an accomplished liar, so no one but Peter really knows what's going on. :S Yes, I really enjoyed showing Peter as not afraid to go out alone, or answer the door, and liked that Sirius saw it as bravery. :S
Thank you! Believe it or not, it was't supposed to have been a fight; I'd intended to end it when they were leaving Remus'... I'm so glad I wrote it, though. :P
Yes - I love details, and as a result, I generally cram lots into obscure places in the stories I write. :) I also get so excited when people like yourself notice them! :D
No, not at all! Observe all you want - I love your reviews! :D
Thank you!

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Review #5, by nitwit_blubber_oddment_tweak Hiding

6th July 2013:
I love the direction this story is going in, and your voice is amazing! So far, it's really fun, and refreshing, although I can tell that the plot will get much darker soon. Dun dun dun...
Keep up the great great great work! I hope to see your writing again soon!

Author's Response: I'm glad you like it. :D Thank you! :) Yes, this was a pretty light-hearted chapter compared to what's coming up; there'll be a Sirius chapter next, and that'll show some of the less pleasant sides of the war - the loss, the stress, the fear... :S Dun dun dun indeed!
I will! :D The next chapter will be up tomorrow. :)
Thank you so much for the review!

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