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Review #1, by aroundabouts Hugo

23rd January 2018:
I'm so happy you updated I almost removed your story from my currently reading because it's been a year and it's one of my favorites. Please continue

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Review #2, by Alice Hugo

22nd January 2018:
I'm very glad you are back I love your Roxanne! what a dramatic chapter with Hugo - where is James? How does he know about the baby? So many questions. He's obviously become a troubled character from his new found abilities.
Welcome back, waiting patiently for more!

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Review #3, by HarryGinnyLove88 Coming Home

27th June 2017:
Ha i knew they still have feelings each other :)
I hope for a miracle that James still alive. I really hope so they can marry and have kids :)

Author's Response: Oh yeah they did! :D Mmmm maybe that will happen? Maybe not? :P

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Review #4, by HarryGinnyLove88 Cody McIntyre

26th June 2017:
James missing? Hope he is okay.
Abigail and James dont end up married?
Why thought?
And william where is he?

Author's Response: Oh James :(
So many questions I want to answer but I can't! :(

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Review #5, by Rosie_Posie Not Alone

30th April 2017:

This was a great chapter (and I love the story sorry for this being my first review!). Poor Roxy missing out on her dream because she is now pregnant but I hope it just leads to more good stuff for her and Jason (plus she can always play after having the baby!).

Sorry to hear of your father passing.

RP x

Author's Response: Awww that's okay! As long as you're reading it and loving it that's fine with me :D

Thank you so much xx

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Review #6, by Claire Evergreen The morning after

1st April 2017:
Hey, Tammi! Here for CTF!

So it's been ages since I read chapter one of this, but it's definitely a testament to your writing that I was able to jump right back in without feeling like I missed anything!

I'm pretty sure I said this in my last review, but i love the balance you've struck between 'traditionally' feminine traits and more 'strong female character' traits. Both Roxanne and her mom are such a good balance of the two. Also, I love your Angelina. I feel like she gets kind of thrown to the side and treated as more one-dimensional, but even in this little introduction, we get a lot. I know gardening shouldn't be seen as a feminine activity, but it is, at least in my experience. But you quickly balance that out with the comment that Roxanne is her mother's child, which says a lot about her character.

You really have a way of crafting characters that makes them all stand out. Even the small characters that don't really have any big roles make an impact on the narrative. I'm excited to see more of Roxy's teammates and how they'll all fit into the the story in the long run. I love a good Quidditch story and yours certainly seems to be that!

I'll definitely be back for more!


Author's Response: Oh wow! Thank you so much! :D

You say such wonderful words, and I just can't stop grinning whenever I re read them :D

Thank you so so much!

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Review #7, by luna1306 Tests

6th December 2016:
Yay she's pregnant, but no she's pregnant.
Now they're probably going to offer Jason the position so that's good but it's so sad for Roxanne!

Author's Response: It's like you read my mind! :P Thank you!

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Review #8, by madness Tests

9th November 2016:
WHAT! Oh she's gonna be so mad

Author's Response: Yep, she really is :P

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Review #9, by madness Final

21st October 2016:
Pregnant? Loved the update!

Author's Response: Yep! Thank you :D

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Review #10, by navya He's back

28th June 2016:
Yas. write unspeakable that would be so cool also obessed with this story.. *_*

Author's Response: I do need to write more of the unspeakable! I'm sorry it's been so long.

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Review #11, by o Beat It

14th June 2016:
Neat and on the rocks??
They contradict each other !

Author's Response: What's done is done :D I meant neat as in no mixer I.e. Coke/tonic

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Review #12, by Burli Coming Home

13th May 2016:
I'm with William in that on. Still in denial. James can't be dead. He just can't. So no. He is in hiding and will appear when everything is over. That's what will happen. Or at least in my head ;-).
Loved the Harry Info. I always thought I was the only one that couldn't be bothered to find matching socks. But now I can say that I am like Harry. Hurrah!
Great chapter, if a little sombre, as it should be. Can't wait for the next one.

Author's Response: I think we're all with William on this one. Mmmm are you right? I best get writing quicker :P

It's nice to know that we're all more like Harry than we thought :P I'm too lazy to find matching socks too. Hurrah!!!

Thank you so much, more is on its way!

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Review #13, by Asia Official

18th March 2016:
I always look forward to seeing that you updated! I love your writing and this story that you created is truly amazing!!

Author's Response: Aww thank you so much, and I'm sorry it's been a while between chapters. But, I've just planned it all out until the end, so hopefully updates are quicker.

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Review #14, by Gi9 Official

18th March 2016:
I always forget how much I love this story until you post another chapter! I love it! I want a Jason and a Winston of my own!

Author's Response: Awww I'm so glad that you love it, and I'm sorry for the wait between chapters. I want a Jason and Winston too :D

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Review #15, by Ninja in Training Boyfriend material

5th January 2016:
:( poor hugo - please make him better! Winston is so cute and totally should have his own story...

Author's Response: I'm so mean to him :( YES! I SHOULD WRITE A WINSTON SPIN OFF!!!

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Review #16, by Ninja in Training Semi-Final

5th January 2016:
Naaw that was cute :) he saved her head!

Author's Response: Jason loves her too much to see her get hurt. :P

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Review #17, by Ninja in Training The Press Conference

5th January 2016:
thank you for getting rid of the ban - it was annoying me - James is still alive right - the bond thing did work? Please tell me that is what Sian was telling Roxie! Because if she was saying that it was rubbish i shall be sad...

Author's Response: The ban has gone! (it wasn't much use anyway, they didn't listen to it haha) Oh James... I wish I could say!! I really do!

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Review #18, by Ninja in Training Never Can Say Goodbye

5th January 2016:
Well that was an emotional roller coaster - such emotion - even though he (probs) isnt dead

Roxie is being silly with the ban thing - like screw it already!

Author's Response: So much emotion jam packed in this one! Roxy didn't listen to the ban anyway haha

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Review #19, by Ninja in Training Hugo

5th January 2016:
This William's character needs to go away - burn him with fire :) thankies

Author's Response: He does! Richard Williams is horrible and needs to spend forever in Azkaban and on fire!

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Review #20, by Ninja in Training What happened?

5th January 2016: you not? If he's dead I may be forced to stop reading next gen fic altogether because this is not ok... so by not all is as it seems, im hoping that what you mean is that he faked his death sherlock style...

Author's Response: *hugs you tightly* I'm sorry!!

And have I?. Maybe I have. maybe I haven't?

Thanks for reading and reviewing!! :D

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Review #21, by Ninja in Training Wasps v Arrows

5th January 2016:
Well that was unexpected...loved it though!

Author's Response: Quite unexpected! Thank you! :D

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Review #22, by Ninja in Training The Article

5th January 2016:
DRAMA! was it his sister? :D umm please can we have more of the unspeakable so we know what is happening?

Author's Response: SO MUCH DRAMA!!! I really need to update that, you're right! :S

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Review #23, by Ninja in Training The Stalker

5th January 2016:
Loving how it all ties in :) Poor violet - shame they don't know about James' mission to get him to arrest him :D

Author's Response: There's so many things connected in my little world haha :P Violet needs hugs and James does need to stop that guy!

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Review #24, by Ninja in Training He's back

5th January 2016:
Yay that he's back :) although annoying that it's been several days - really - they should have sent out a letter but oh well. One teeny tiny thing, can't owls find anyone wherever they are? that was my understanding anyways. Love the chapter as always - more on the Unspeakable please :)

Author's Response: Yep, he's back! and yeah they should have, silly family! Don't they realise that people were worried? They can, but James couldn't be found.

Thank you so much!! Yes, I will need more poking to make sure that I'm working on that story!

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Review #25, by Ninja in Training It's The Falling In Love

5th January 2016:
Well they don't hang around do they??? Like theyve not even been on a date and she's using the L word? I feel like that went a bit too fast but I love it anyways :) Can James please come back soon and go and sweep abi off her feet please and thankies!

Author's Response: They really dont, but once you know, you know. :D Awww James and Abi! Abigail is coming up, don't you worry! :D

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