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Review #1, by Already There tea shop.

21st August 2013:
Love this story, especially the slightly creepy vibe Maya gives off, even though you still really feel for her and want her to be with James. It's really cool.

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Review #2, by redraven tea shop.

14th August 2013:
Dear Lumos Nox,

That was so much fun! Haha I love Maya's voice, I got such a clear sense of her character and really enjoyed seeing things from her point of view. She did get a bit repetitive at times, echoing many of the same ideas of awkwardness, but the tone was spot-on. Please please write more one-shots with her!

Just so you know, I caught two typos: towards the beginning "He hasnít shown any sign of falling in love with 'my' anytime soon" at the end "maintained my reputation as a 'brilliants' employee".

As for Rita Skeeter, her character was much more confusing. I do think you made her come across a little too harsh. The assignment she was working on, a gossip story about James, would not warrant such a serious approach. I think she should be much more subtle and take advantage of Maya's flustered state to probe her with questions about James. If she comes across as an admirer of James as well, then Maya would be much more likely to spill the beans. Afterwards, of course, she should realize that she just talked to someone she shouldn't have.

Hope that helps! Great story!

Yours truly,

Author's Response: Hi redraven!

Haha I love Maya too and yes she is quite repetitive, being an awkward teenage girl who's one priority is JAMES SIRIUS POTTER (pwoar!)!

Thank you for the typos, though I only found the first one, and not the second. But that might as well be a problem on my end.

The thing with Rita Skeeter is that she's very intimidating. Being the reporter that she is, I'm not sure that she'd take very kindly to being given an assignment that involved teenagers. And who knows? Maybe she's tried and tried before and was unsucessful. The reality is that she wanted someone who would give her information and when she found Maya, she was not going to beat around the bush. She was straightforward - gave Maya options and told her what would happen if she didn't do as told.

And with Maya, if she had seen Rita as a threat (if Rita had come across as an admirer, like you suggested) I'm pretty sure she would have been more reluctant to give out information. I mean, she did want James all to herself so she would have obviously given false information. Which was why Rita didn't exactly go for that approach.

To be honest, I think Maya was just really flustered because a reporter - Rita Skeeter to be exact - was in her tea shop without the intention of leaving with a cup of tea. She was not prepared for a reporter to enter and question her about the one thing she didn't feel comfortable talking about, her weakness.

But thank you so much for the review. I hoped I explained Rita Skeeter more so she doesn't seem confusing anymore! Thanks again!

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Review #3, by AgentGalini tea shop.

11th August 2013:
Gosh, I really liked this story. Kinda dissapointed it's a One-Shot, since I have a lot of questions about what's going to happen. Maya's so funny, I loved her -plus, I laughed so much at the times where she messed up in front of James, especially on the whole Elgar-thing. I'm really wondering how James will react when he finds out about the things Maya's said to Rita about him. So, maybe, just maybe, you could change this to a WIP? Anyway, AMAZING!

Author's Response: Aww thank you so much! Glad you liked Maya. She really is unique - at a better way to put it! Previous comments have said I should turn this into a WIP as well, but I'm not so sure about it. But, I will be writing a sequel to this soon so keep an eye out! ;) otherwise, thank you so much for leaving a review!

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Review #4, by BluebirdBrigade tea shop.

15th July 2013:
Oh lord, I felt so sorry for her! Poor girl, to have Rita hounding her for information on a guy she fancies. I was a bit disappointed that she ended up telling her the information she wanted to know but Skeeter was threatening her! I know this is a one-shot but I really want to know what happens next! I wonder whether James will find out and he'll get mad. I hope he doesn't get mad...I hope he doesn't find out.

God, I wish this wasn't a one-shot! You should make this a WIP. I thought you made the character really humorous at times and I liked her little internal monologues ad I really giggled when she talked about how Elgar - I think that was his name - was actually a figment of her imagination. Anyway, it was a really good story! Awesome job!

Author's Response: Haha! I know right! Poor Maya! But she fell under the pressure! Rita Skeeter can be quite intimidating when she wants to be. I do plan on making a sequel for this, where we'll see just how Maya tries to get rid of the guilt. Thank you for leaving a review, it is appreciated!

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Review #5, by Pheonix Potioneer tea shop.

15th July 2013:
When she was hiding under the cabinet and panicking, I was inwardly laughing so much. I was laughing so hard when she was blabbering about flying around in Madam Puddifoot's being a ninja. Also when she was thinking about sleeping under James's bed. I've never thought about that with my crush before!

I don't think James likes Maya. I think he sort of got the hint, at least some of them, but I think he just chose to ignore it.

How does Rita know so much?! I guess Maya is pretty obvious she has a crush on James.

I really want to know what happens, I'm sad that this is a one-shot. Keep writing other stuff, please!

Author's Response: Haha so much love for wacky Maya. I can tell you that she is glad to have them (when she's not cowering under counters and fighting imaginary ninjas in her head that is)! How does Rita know so much? I don't know. All I know is that she is a conniving reporter who seems to know everything! A sequel will be out soon that might answer your questions ;)

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #6, by Harry and Ginny tea shop.

15th July 2013:
haha loved this fic! will you make a sequel please?^_^


Harry and Ginny

Author's Response: I will actually! Watch out for it! And thanks for reviewing!

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