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Review #1, by Infinityx Nightmares

9th January 2014:
Hi! I'm here for the review swap!

I really enjoyed reading this. I think you've characterized Cho really well. The emotions she's feeling are really strong and they've been portrayed brilliantly. I love how she's so depressed but she wants to appear strong. That detail about her sorting was a very nice touch as well. Her character is very touching. I almost cried while reading this.

Usually, nightmares are about death eaters torturing loved ones and the such, so I absolutely love the way you introduced Cedric and Harry into the story. Your descriptions were extremely vivid and I could picture every scene so clearly. The confusion she felt about her love for Cedric and Harry was depicted brilliantly.

I think you've done a really good job of casting a little light on Seamus and Marietta's lives, instead of focusing only on Cho. It gives a very well-rounded feel to the story. I love all those little details you've given. They really give a great insight to the desperation and terror that all the characters are feeling.

I love the mention of Luna in the story as well. It's such small things that add some extra meaning to the story and I think it's excellent.

This was an extremely powerful story and I loved reading it. Good job!

- Erin

Author's Response: Erin!

Thanks for the great review! The compliments are so pleasing!


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Review #2, by patronus_charm Nightmares

8th January 2014:
Iím so sorry about how long it took to write this review, but alas itís finally here :p

I thought that you really got into Choís mindset here, with her fear of losing Cedric and Harry then battling with real life too and I couldnít help but want to hug her because it was so horrible what was happening to her and it seemed as if everything was immersing her with no escape at all.

One small thing I would suggest would be sorting out your spacing, as it was rather tedious to continue scrolling down all the time and it jolted the flow of it from time to time.

I really liked how you drew on their houses to point out the way that they coped with everything and it was a very refreshing way to show things. Almost with all her knowledge Cho wasnít able to equip herself with the real life struggle and that was a really interesting point that you showed there.

I liked the sound of hope at the end and with Marietta trying to pull her through this because it does make me thing that happiness could be on the way for Cho and a chance to start her life again. I really enjoyed this one-shot as it was really poignant and touching to read!


Author's Response: That's perfectly alright!

Thanks for the great review! I'm relieved that you enjoyed it!



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Review #3, by 800 words of heaven Nightmares

16th August 2013:
So this is really awkward, because you said you were only requesting one review, and here I am, very, very late! I am really sorry about that, and I hope that you requested from someone else, or at least got some feedback. As a writer, I know how important that is.

I adore the way you've opened this! It really helped to set the mood for the piece. I loved how in the first two paragraphs, we don't even know who it's about, and then - BANG! Harry's killing Cedric! Woohoo! You really captured the weird state of dreaming with the way Cho described Marietta's intrusion into her nightmare. It really added some realism.

I really loved this line here, "She woke with the taste of screaming on her tongue, her throat sore and hoarse." What amazing imagery! Awesome job!

I liked the little looks we get into the lives of Seamus and Marietta. It really captures what life was probably like for those hiding in the Room of Requirement during that time. Also, I have a much clearer understanding of the overall landscape of this story, which is a great reflection of your talent, as you use the details to paint the much larger picture.

Cho's characterisation is very good. In a very small number of words, you've managed to create a rather well-rounded character. She's grieving in her own way at her own pace, but she's a little selfish, too, thinking that because she looks like everyone else, she blends in, and therefore no one notices how she suffers, but doesn't quite realise that everyone is suffering for different things. However, she's still being courteous, not wanting to wake anyone up, or worry anyone that she's hurting. She's a little hypocritical at times, but her flaws just make her more human. You've painted a very relatable character!

I also really liked the way you described Cho's feelings for Cedric and Harry. I think it was a very realistic portrayal about what loving people is all about, and that it's perfectly normal to be attracted to someone, yet still mourn the loss of another.

I wasn't expecting the ending to be as upbeat as it was, but I'm glad that it was. I hate sad endings!

This was a little piece of wonderful! Amazing work!

Author's Response: Aw, thanks! This review made me smile. I'm glad you think it's well written. And I don't mind that it took you a while- I'm not very fast to reply on my RR Thread either.

Thanks for all the feedback!


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Review #4, by anonymous Nightmares

21st July 2013:
gr8! its well written and deep. however, cho graduated at the end of harrys sixth year since she was a year above him. therefore she wasnt at hogwarts with the carrows. in the DH, it says she ENTERED THE ROOM, with michael corner, if my memory serves me correctly. also, i doubt cedric hated harry. they werent frnds, but they werent enemies either. and cho's dream was freaky, but then, dreams often are. i think u got the rest correct though. i like emotional readings... i dont think the rating should be mature, though. theres nothing inappropriate (except 4 the darkness of chos thoughts, of course :P). u r a good writer, methinks.

Author's Response: Thanks. Yes, I know Cho wasn't there in the book, but in the movie, she was. So, I went along with that part. The whole Cedric hating Harry is my opinion, you don't have to agree. I've seen a couple of others agree with me on it though. I rate most of my stories mature, just for precautionary measures. I'm glad you think I'm a good writer.

Thanks for reading!


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Review #5, by TheHeirOfSlytherin Nightmares

16th July 2013:

I really enjoyed reading this, even though it's kind of sad. It's always interesting to read about bits of Hogwarts era from another character's point of view and Cho's always intrigues me, being the girl Harry liked first. Her thoughts and feelings for Harry during DH is something I worry about; I'm not a big Harry/Cho shipper, but because of Cedric, it makes for a good story.

I really like how you portrayed that! Comparing Harry and Cedric. You've shown how much she cares for both and can't have either; it's bittersweet.

The only thing that made me really sad was Cedric hating Harry. ;( I wanted to give them both hugs.

Great read!


Author's Response: I'm so happy you enjoyed reading this. Cho has always intrigued me as well, so I decided to write a bit about her. I'm not a Harry/Cho either, but I felt that I needed to know more about Cho, so I wrote a bit about that. I'm glad you thought I portrayed the whole comparing Harry and Cedric. I felt that they were two entirely different people, but Cho still fell for both of them.

I'm glad you enjoyed reading this!


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Review #6, by Athene Goodstrength Nightmares

16th July 2013:
Hey! This was really enjoyable! (Well, sad, but enjoyable!)

The dream sequence is so well-written, it really sucks you in straight away, and I had very vivid images of it in my mind. I never really thought about life in the Room of Requirement before, and this was an interesting and realistic take on it. I liked Cho's feelings about Marietta's relatively easy sleep, and I liked the little touch of Ariana smiling at Seamus.

This line seemed a little oddly worded - "Ginny Weasley already thought enough weakness of her as it is.", and the lines are all quite spaced out, so maybe you could have a look at the formatting? But otherwise, very enjoyable. Well done!

Author's Response: Hey! I'm so happy you find it enjoyable! The dream is my favorite part of the one shot. I'm so pleased with the vividness of it. Thanks for enjoying the parts about Marietta as well as Ariana and Seamus (I just had to add this! It seemed adorable!) And yes, that line seems a bit oddly worded... I'll go through and touch that up! The lines being spaced out is probably from how it automatically double spaces it, and it keeps adding to the space between the lines. I'll fix that up too! Thanks!


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Review #7, by Trundlebug Nightmares

16th July 2013:
This is great; I love lost moments and you even wrote about Cho who is so overlooked. It's always better with a claw in the story.

Your writing was great here and I enjoyed the broken style of it; it really added to the emotional nature of the story. The dream at the beginning was pure gold, with enough imagery to make it frightening and confusing like any good nightmare should.

It was very interesting to read and consider Cho's thoughts about Harry, Cedric and other things in the story. Since they were all written in Harry's POV, we really miss out on so much. All of JKR's characters were so well thought out that she could easily rewrite all the books a hundred times, from different perspectives, and we would enjoy every word of it. You have demonstrated that here, and that is awesome.

I really enjoyed your little one-shot, and I feel like I understand Cho a little better having read it. Thank you for writing it; it was a real pleasure to read.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reviewing this! I'm glad you liked this. And yes, it is always better with a claw in the story. I myself am very pleased with the dream as well. I was always interested in Cho's thoughts on Harry and Cedric as well, so I decided to write about it! And I completely agree, JKR could most definitely rewrite the books in every single character's POV.

Again, I'm so happy you enjoyed it!



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Review #8, by SiriusAura92 Nightmares

7th July 2013:
I really liked this story!
The description of Cho's pain was written beautifully and I love how you showed her concern for her friends dash in without taking away attention from the centre point.

My one critique about the story (Sorry but I'm a complete berk when it comes to Canon) but Cho had long since left Hogwarts by this stage and probably didn't return until the final battle. (Only in the book, I'll concede as I think they put her there in the films)

My OCD on stuff like that aside, This is an expertly written story.
Great job and defo keep it up :)

Author's Response: Thank you! Writing this, I was well aware of the fact that in the books, Cho had left. BUT she was in the movie, so I figured it'd be okay. I can't stand stories that don't go along with the saga either, but while it doesn't go according to JK, it does go along with the movie. I'm glad you liked it. I've been waiting for a review on this. Thank you!


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