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Review #1, by RosieWeasly11 she's coming for you

15th July 2013:
awesome xx evil veela lol xx

Author's Response: aha, ikr! thank youu xx

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Review #2, by EnigmaticEyes16 she's coming for you

14th July 2013:
I really loved your intro to this story with the legend, that was really cool. Although, I did notice that you say in the beginning that it's sunny, until you go too deep into the trees, then a couple paragraphs later, you say the moon is out and you can see it's light through the trees, and those two don't really correlate since it doesn't seem like time has passed that fast...

I liked the ending even better though. I got goosebumps just reading it! I love how you add the little girl to the legend, like now this woman has a daughter who'll grow up and be just like her. I'm still not sure what they are though, a vampire makes sense, but they don't really need poison. Unless they have some sort of paralyzing feature in their saliva or something, that's a possibility. I'm really curious to know what she actually does to the people finds. This was a very interesting story! I've never read anything like it before.


Author's Response: Holaa!

I don't know, I think I was watching something on TV or I read something, but it inspired me to have a legend and some creepy women like sirens (they're not sirens, though) that kill men. I know, I have such a cheerful imagination. Ah, thanks for pointing that out :P I'll go and fix it as soon as I can.

Yeah, the girl and the woman are sort of ... colleagues, I guess? They both get a share of the men. Whatever they do to him. They're actually Veelas, but not like Fleur's grandmother (I'm sure she was a lovely Veela), mine are kind of like vampires in a way, but not at the same time. It's kind of hard to explain. But think of them as dark, evil, man-soul-sucking Veelas. :D

I might do a sequel, but I doubt it. Keep an eye out though :)

Summer x

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